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Neopets Poems

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Skeith Day Special

The Mighty Skeith
by pointman_316

Mighty Skeith who in Meridell dwells
Your bravery and power the Darkest Faerie quells
With Kauvara's magic potions, you do brew
And quests from Illusen you gladly pursue

In the Battledome, your strength is known
Against Grundo's you stand brave and bold
Terrors like Meuka you swiftly overthrow
No evil in Neopia your flames don't smold.

Patrolling the land on your wings so strong
Keeping Neopia safe all day long
From threats like Dr. Sloth you guard night and day
With courage and wisdom lighting your way.

In the Tyrannian jungle, you love to play
Seeking adventure with Petpets like Anubis
Battling Scorchios, having fun all-day
No better friend than you exists.

Cheering at Yooyuball, munching down jellies
Skipping around Neopia without a care
Joyful moments with me you do share
In our Neohome laughter fills the air.

Dearest Skeith, so loyal and true
More fun with you there's nothing to do
On journeys together Neopia we'll roam
With you beside me, I'm happily home.

Glamorous Skeith Outfit
by indulgences

It’s hard to glamorize the Skeith.
It has a grin that’s sly.
It’s smug and can be naughty too.
There’s mischief in its eye!

And yet, there does exist one look
Named “Glamorous” for Skeiths.
It showcases the Skeith’s fine heart,
The warmth that lies beneath!

The Wig’s brunette, and styled into
A curly, lovely bob.
It’s beautiful and elegant,
With hairband pink and broad!

The Dress is pink and shimmering,
With sequins that delight.
It glitters, sparkles, twinkles too.
It’s such a lovely sight!

And finally, we have the Shoes
With tiny pointed toes.
They’re pink as well, and shine so bright,
The colour of a rose!

The Skeith that wears this stunning garb
Is glamorous for sure!
Please buy this outfit for your Skeith!
It really is couture!

Ode to the Skeith heroes
by methesa

On this day it's only right
To pay respects to Skeiths' might.
Despite their laziness and temper,
They always try to do what's right.

Let's take King Skarl, for example.
His grumpiness is worldwide known.
His loyalty to people, though, is ample
As Meridell's two wars have shown.

His brother, King Hagan, is wise and a sage.
In his life, he has read many a page.
He strives for his subjects to be educated,
'Cause knowledge's the power that Brightvale created.

Another hero, from a myth,
Is also none other than Skeith.
One of the twelve, Gordos his name,
The nickname "Collector" has earned him his fame.

We shouldn't forget about our treasured Bank Manager.
This Green Skeith in his job can't be called an amateur.
Our Neopoints he tirelessly preserves.
For that he our gratitude deserves.

Today the Skeiths above forementioned, we hail,
And other heroes of their kind.
So let us bask them in attention,
And that we love them let's remind!

Skeith: The Bank Manager!
by profebest

It's great to see you again. 
What can I do for you today?
Deposit your Neopoints, Withdraw your Neopoints.
It's a brand new shiny day.

Collecting your interest-
it's a daily thing.
Travelling through Neopia Shops,
It's at your own will.

Making Neopoints must be the feel.
Good, you're here. Just in time -- 
no, no interview. You are hired.
Skeith: The Bank Manager has arrived.

Your daily interest has increased by 3%.
Seekers must have won, use that boon.
Taking care of your Neopoints-
it's my job, protect your winnings.

I received a Trading Post offer-
But I don't have enough.
Walking back to the Bank-
to withdraw all my savings.

I went and spent it-
without any regrets.
It's a beautiful day at The Neopian Bank,
Such a good day for a Skeith Day!

A Day at The Neopian Bank
by shenkuun

I am a National Neopian Skeith,
I work at the bank don't you see?
Here's your interest and your balance, 
Perhaps you'll spend it on a golden chalice. 
I manage the funds to keep the economy booming, 
When I am not, you'll find me snoozing!

Tis' a Skeith life for me, 
Just ask King Skarl, you see? 
He collects the funds and keeps the order, 
He keeps Meridell on his shoulders!
In order to do so he sets a max, 
Of the amount you'll pay in Marrow Tax. 

Tis' a Skeith life for me, 
Just ask King Hagan, you see? 
His words of wisdom and magic scrolls, 
In troves of gold, historic costs unfold. 
He keeps his ledgers clean, 
If not, it'd be obscene! 

Tis' a Skeith life for Skeiths, 
I help manage your funds, you see? 
Provide a pin for extra precaution, 
In case Neopia gets invaded by Sloth and his Martians!
Neopians are important to me, 
I watch their interests grow with glee!

The Woodland Skeith
by prulletje1852

Every morning, the Woodland Skeith
Wakes up to the song of the Beekadoodle
And the chatter of several Weewoos
He never saw this as too much trouble.

They are nested between his leaves 
In the Skeith's beautiful shrubbery
Enjoying the Petpets' pretty songs and chatter
Is for the Skeith, a huge luxury.

You see, a while ago, things were different
When the Skeith had been a Wraith.
The tiny cute Petpets were afraid of him
It had actually been quite sad.

Now, every day starts off happy
With the sun dancing on his Green leaves
With cheerful chirping sounds all around
And all the love he now receives. 

The Petpets would tend to him
Remove sneaky Petpetpets from his skin
And he would protect them in return
Always allow them shelter with a grin.

The Woodland Skeith and his small friends
Never scared by any kind of weather,
Enjoy each other's company
And all the happy days they have together!

Wise Old King
by abetterworld

In a marvellous castle,
Atop the hill in Brightvale,
The great King Hagan,
Rules the land in full-scale.

Like many other Skeiths,
He has a great appetite,
Maybe more for knowledge,
Wisdom he brings to light!

He is tough to impress,
His size might intimidate,
But he takes importance,
Of all who educate!

His desire for wisdom,
Has given him a name,
Known as Wise Old King,
Garnered Neopia's acclaim!

Sneaky Snargan's Coin Game
by aninha_morango

The Meridell Castle Treasurer keeps a colossal secret,
Snargan has been stealing money from Skarl for years!
The Skeith likes to gamble, just as do many Neopians.
If you wish, find him next to the Old Grumpy King's seat.

The tower where the gambler stays seems oddly simple,
But don't be fooled; the sneaky Skeith is full of scheming.
To play the tricky Double or Nothing, an invitation you'll receive,
If you're planning to make some money, just don't count on it.

Only a few Neopians are lucky enough to make him pay the price,
Rumour has it that his usual coin is rigged with Tails on both sides.
Snargan may get confused and switch to another one sometimes;
If the coin lands on Heads, the pile of money doubles in size.

In case you're on a lucky streak, choose between two paths:
To keep gambling and risk losing it all, or to collect your cash.
Place all of your hopes on the silver coin landing on Heads.
Otherwise, you'll get mad for leaving with empty hands.

Despite everything, visiting Snargan might not be so bad,,
It can give you what many Neopians are desperate to get.
A new shiny avatar to your collection, the game can add,
Let your winnings reach 320 Neopoints and then collect.

Go on and live the experience if you desire to play;
But I should warn you: There will be a huge crowd on the way.
From King Hagan to Skarl, Neopians from all lands celebrate,
The calendar marks such a special date; it's Skeith Day!

Leith the Skeith
by maculose

There was a bully who was a Skeith.
The mean bully happened to be called Leith.
Leith loved food of every sort.
Stealing food was his favourite sport.

One day he was walking and saw a treat.
A Usul was eating some Pickled Feet.
They were not his fave but he did not care.
He walked up and took them with a splash of flare.

The Usul cried, “This is not fair!”
Leith walked away. He did not care.
Then the Usul had a thought. 
It was a way for Leith to finally get caught.

She went home and grabbed some cheese.
With her Pickled Feet, she combined it with ease.
The next day she brought this treat,
In hopes that this bully, she would again meet.

Out of nowhere, Leith appeared,
But he was no longer someone the Usul feared.
He quickly reached out with his large hand,
And he took the treat which was part of the plan.

Leith walked home while he ate the treat.
He thought it did not taste as sweet.
He got inside and yelled really loud.
He looked in a mirror and was not proud.

Covering his body were red spots.
“How did this happen?” Leith had thought.
Then he noticed a strand of cheese.
It hung from the Feet. He was not pleased.

He went to the doctor and got all fixed.
Leith was not a fan of this conflict.
He noticed the Usul as he walked home.
He walked towards her since she was alone.

Instead of stealing, Leith reached out his hand.
“I am really sorry, please understand.”
The Usul smiled and took a stance.
“Everyone deserves a second chance.”

The Bank Manager Skeith
by tatyanne

The clock strikes midnight,
And I’m filled with delight.
To the bank, I run quickly, swift–
For the daily interest is a gift!

To the Bank Manager I will go–
My Neopoints are all in tow.
Suited up is the Green Skeith–
Stoic he is, no smile beneath.

He greets me with a nod slight–
I wonder if smile he might?
In eagerness, I deposit it all–
In shock I pause, see his face fall!

I forgot to collect my interest–
Now I’m feeling rather stressed!
Alas, it is done, it is too late–
Until tomorrow I have to wait!

I feel sad and a little dazed,
Yet he looks at me unfazed.
So I turn and leave the Skeith behind–
I’ll return with more Neopoints that I find.

There are books I would like to buy–
I withdraw some points, my, oh, my!
I’ll get a Paintbrush, or maybe four?
I will just withdraw more and more!

“It’s you again!” the Skeith cries out loud,
“No more withdrawals are allowed!”
I sigh out loud, but have to tell–
He does his job so very well.

The Bank Manager Skeith is he,
Oh, without him where would we be?

Bank Error in your Favour
by dinha_reeves

Being a Bank Manager
Is no piece of cake
There are a lot of customers
So he might make a mistake.

But the problem he'll fix
And give you the interest to collect
No customer will be damaged
By the bank's defect. 

Every single day
For thousands of Pets,
Neopoints he has to pay
With the bank's assets.

Always in his finest suit
And a smile on his face
Everyone he will salute
With all his grace.

Of your precious Neopoints
This Skeith will take care
Either you're a poor Neopian
Or a huge millionaire.

Don't forget to go to the bank
And collect your daily interest,
Your account you can up the rank
And the Neopoints you can invest.

The Power Hungry Skeith
by mynel_mel

In a town not far from Meridell,
One I can't recall the name,
There lived a Royalgirl Skeith
Whose hunger had big fame.

She loved feasting, munching, eating,
Every plate was emptied fast
In her home, at every meal,
Not a single crumb would last.

But please don't mistake her hunger
For just eagerness for food.
Her true talent, besides eating,
Was her ruling aptitude.

King Skarl was her biggest idol
Despite his royal grumpiness,
If she could decide her destiny
She would become his heiress.

And even if she had no kingdom
She had the competence to lead
Friends would always follow blindly
And her fantasy they'd feed.

Skarl may never call her daughter,
Her crowning may remain a dream
But to me, my dear Skeith girl,
You will always be the Queen.

Feed this Hungry Skeith!
by truebrony

He’s hungry, he’s starving,
So feed this Hungry Skeith!
Gather all the foods you can
Before he bares his teeth!

Cakes and pastries,
Cookies and treats,
He’ll scarf it down
If it’s yummy and sweet!

But please be careful,
And don’t let him have
The bright neon jellies
That cross his path!

They might look tasty,
They might look nice,
But regarding these jellies
I would think twice!

These jellies are toxic
And cannot be ingested!
Pay attention to this
Very important suggestion!

Place these jellies
In their proper bins,
And place them correctly
If you want to win!

Red, blue, and green
Go to their proper places.
Put them in precisely
To stay in good graces!

As long as you do this,
This Hungry Skeith will be satisfied!
So what are you waiting for?
Let’s join the assembly line!

Squishy760 the Plushie Skeith
by agedbeauty

I heard today is Skeith Day
So let me tell you all about
My favourite Skeith of all time
(And really, there's no doubt!)

You see, there's no better Skeith
Then my darling squishy760
She's soft and she is velvety
With a patch that's rather nifty.

My perfect little darling
My squishy plushie skeef
I love her and every detail
From her tail to her teef!

Squishy760 is big and
Loves to snuggle
And if you need comfort
There's just no better cuddle!

Her paws may look fearsome
But she only uses them to play
Her teeth may look ferocious
But she only points them away

Squishy760 doesn't fight or squabble
She doesn't bite or snap
And in point of fact 
Her favourite thing to do is nap!

So today I'm going to give her
A lovely little treat,
For today is Skeith Day
And squishy760 can't be beat!

Sir Pompadour the Skeith
by gumgum101230

I met a Skeith named Pompadour
Who was, I guess, a knight?
For he insisted I call him "Sir,"
Which I did to his delight.

Sir Pompadour was after the
Old Maraquan treasures.
But to protect his precious hair,
He had to take some measures.

To keep his hair smooth and gorgeous,
He could not get it wet,
So he decided that he'd rather
Enlist the help of Petpets.

I tried to voice my slight concerns,
But there was no discussion.
He parked the boat by some Petpets
He scooped them by the dozen.

He used the Maraquan Petpets
To get the sunken riches.
And if a Petpet were to struggle,
He'd laugh 'til he was in stitches.

Once we were finished with the heist,
I turned my tail to leave,
But just as he was out of sight,
I called the Petpet Protection League.

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