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Neopets Poems

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Jetsam Day Special

The First Pet I Ever Saw
by midnightfrost444

"What's that?" I asked a friend, aloud
It was the first Pet I'd ever seen.
She'd shown him off, she was so proud,
Of that shark-like creature on the screen.

His look was sleek, his colour: Blue.
A Jetsam was what he was called.
He was a little scary, true.
But one look and I was enthralled.

His birthday is on the 16th day,
Of the month of Collecting, is the same as mine.
And to create a Jetsam, the only way,
Is to do so at just that time.

That's what brought me to Neopets.
That was the reason at the start.
Since then, I'd say I've no regrets,
I've loved this place with all my heart!

Other Pets have since come and gone,
But the Jetsam will always be first to me.
And as the days keep coming on,
He'll stay in my heart, I guarantee.

So cheers to the Jetsams on Jetsam Day!
I hope our birthday is a blast.
And if you need to find me today...

I'll be off creating a Jetsam at last!

Eat Like a Jetsam
by decaf0n

A great way to celebrate Jetsam Day:
To indulge in their dietary way
Eat lots, that is, and get filled to the max
And why not do it with Jetsam-themed snacks?

Perhaps you'll start with a little hors d'oeuvre
Treat before meal, now that's what you deserve!
How about Crackers shaped like Jetsam Fins?
Two Cheddars, Veggie, Whole Wheat--all are wins

Now something more filling for your main course
A Jetsam Sandwich is what I endorse
Cheesy, Gooey, even Strawberry too
Maybe Spotted Chocolate's what you're into

To wrap up your meal you might want dessert
A little Fin Cookie surely won't hurt
Though maybe a Mousse Cake is more your style
With Pumpkin, Vanilla, and Chocolate, you'll smile

Now you've had enough to make Jetsams proud
Chocolate, Jellies, Cakes--your head's in the clouds
Regardless of your gastronomic choice
With so many Foods, you're sure to rejoice

But while you're eating, have just a quick pause
Take care with Petpets near your Jetsam's jaws
Because with enough to make your Pet bloat,
You'll find you're gonna need a bigger boat

Spectre the Jetsam: a CHEAT! story
by honorrolle

You’ve successfully beaten the cheat-iest cheaters, that Cheat has ever known, 
Ready to win more battle cards now, you press play again with a groan. 
Up pops Chuffer Bob, Fernypoo, and last but not least, Spectre, 
The Jetsam card shark is bound to make it a challenge and make you a card collector. 

Round one goes smoothly, everyone plays a nice game no suspicious activity abounds, 
Round two is a little more dicey with intuition and a Fernypoo’s skepticism is in mounds. 
Round three and the card pile is growing still, 23 and counting you see, 
And when ole’ Chuffer Bob says he’s laying down four Kings, I grin with maniacal glee. 

Because what do I have in my hand but two kings of my own, his cheat is really quite clear, 
But quick as a shark bearing down on his prey, Spectre accuses ole’ Chuffer with cheer. 
I pout in my corner, wanting the Neopoints the correct accusation would have won me, 
But quickly I divert my annoyed disposition to a nervous bounce of my knee. 

For what must I do this round, what to do? I have to lay 8, 9 or 10s!
But the problem is, I have none of those, and these players are far from my friends. 
I need to control my bouncing knee, or I’ll give away my bluff for a mile,
So I confidently and calmly lay down my two kings as 8s with a smile. 

A pin drop could be heard in the room we played Cheat in, I’m not sure anyone breathed, 
But I hid all my tells, and I gazed at Spectre, while beside me Fernypoo did seethe. 
I almost had them, I really almost did, for ole’ Chuffer Bob readied his card, 
But Spectre the Jetsam roared an accusation so loud my eardrums were marred.

I was caught cheating at Cheat! The lowest of lows, I felt I could suffer that day, 
But I’ll never forget the clever Jetsam that triumphed at cards we played. 
Once my pride recovers, I’m excited and ready for round two that's inevitably beginning, 
I’m ready to beat the sharky Jetsam and do my part of the winning.

Baby Jetsam
by agedbeauty

Jetsams as a whole
Look like a combative lot
With big bitey teeth
Even as a tiny tot.

They're big and full of muscles
Built for plotting and for huddles
They look quite intimidating
And don't look built for cuddles!

But there's one exception
To this intimidating rule
The Baby Jetsam is quite cute
Even with a bit of Baby drool!

Yes, I dare you to take a peek
At this Baby fishy friend
And not want to give it a hug
And play peek-a-boo and pretend!

Today on Jetsam Day
It's totally okay
If you don't want to pat
Most Jetsams as they play.

But I encourage you, 
To offer each Baby Jetsam a tasty treat!
Despite what they grow up to be,
Baby Jetsams are truly rather sweet!

A Journal of the Jetsam Journey
by chai7705

I shall retell the tale of a Neopet
Some may call it their long past plight
Of an appetite both wet and whet
The story of the Jetsam just looking for a bite

In the Year of One, this Pet was discovered
In Maraqua, their native home
From front to back, in spikes, it was covered
Always hunting, they roamed and roamed

Jetsam was this Neopet's name
Though it's not so obvious now, true
As their famous shark-like frame
Did not appear until Year Two

Their puffy lips turned to sharper snouts
They lost the spikes all down their backs
Their fins doubled in amount
But they still always prowled for tasty snacks

News came out one fateful day
Of Evil Jetsams on a mission
They preyed on Flotsams, innocent at play
And that's when Flotsams became Limited Edition

Their hunger was far beyond
Any other's wildest dreams
They devoured Neopia's oceans, seas, and ponds
They gobbled Neopia's rivers and streams

But the Jetsams soon met their fate
When the water all dried up
Even with the Petpets that they ate
Their numbers simply couldn't hold up

So in the summer of the Third Year
Those Evil Jetsams found their competition
It was themselves and their hunger - once feared!
Finally, Jetsams were now Limited Edition

Though Jetsams still have a reputation
Of being scary, fearsome Neopets
To allies, they give a donation
Of their mighty, powerful assets

They'll fiercely fight any foe
For a friend that they adore
Yes, even a Flotsam that they know
Can find safety in a Jetsam's shore

They still have voracious appetites
And might sneak a Petpet snack
But Jetsams have come a long way from being frights
To now trusty Neopets who'll have your back!

The Jetsam and Baby Blu
by maculose

There lived a Jetsam who was mad.
His attitude was mean and always bad.
Neopets and Petpets would try and avoid,
So they didn’t upset him or leave him annoyed.

A Baby Blu swam and was not aware.
It did not notice that danger was close and near.
The Jetsam jumped out to chomp on this meal.
The Baby Blu shrieked and it let out a squeal.

The two of them swam around and around.
The Baby Blu hid. There was no meal to be found. 
The Jetsam just shrugged and took a quick rest.
The Baby Blu peaked not trying to jest.

The Baby Blu saw something on the Jetsam's left fin.
It looked like it hurt, whenever he’d swim.
It swam to the Jetsam as quiet as can be.
It wanted to help him and help him be freed.

It soon arrived and saw a sharp shell.
It then saw another stuck in his tail.
It wrapped around each shell real tight,
And began to pull with all of its might.

Both shells came out with such ease,
But the Jetsam woke up and grinned with his teeth.
Instead of making the Petpet his meal,
He patted it gently and was glad to be healed.

Jetsam Ace
by therainbowsheep

Welcome to the Cosmic Dome!
Jetsam Ace smirks.
He's determined to battle 
Those with this premium perk.

Though he's a space pilot,
Experienced in the skies,
He can fight too,
As well as he flies!

Protective red helmet,
Fancy space suit to match,
Jetsam Ace is prepared!
You won't even land a scratch.

Equipped with the finest,
Zapatron 4000 & Apple Jelly Shield -
Jetsam Ace will fight till the end,
Until his opponent yields!

Every once in a while,
To his shock, he will lose!
Reluctantly, he awards a prize
Though his ego is bruised. 

Maybe some Space Faerie Cereal,
Or a Rocket Fizzy Drink.
But the luckiest of them all,
Win Nerkmids, in their pocks they clink!

Challenge this fierce Jetsam,
The strong Jetsam Ace!
Let's see who wins,
This big battle in space!

Fighting Fish
by eleganza_lights

Here holds a tale of Jetsams of many,
In the depths of Maraqua with water of plenty.
Natural predators, they like to attack,
Find yourself with one, and make sure to fall back. 

Though Mr. Irgo you will find quite helpful,
If you’re in the forest, lost and frightful.
He will sell you items of great gain,
To fight the monsters with little pain.

Then there’s Spectre who is hard to best,
Win against him to pass the test.
Cheat he may but he is undefeated,
High and mighty and slightly conceited.

Finally Jetsam Ace, a skilled pilot to boot,
Green, red and brown in his fancy spacesuit.
Is he a hero or working with Sloth?
We may never know unless he gets caught.

Hope you have learned a lesson or two.
Be wary of Jetsams through and through.

A Plushie Dream
by tatyanne

In the expanse of the ocean where mysteries lie,
There swam a Jetsam with a dream in his eye.
A mighty creature with a curious twist–
How he yearned in a different form to exist.

Oh, the Jetsam longed to be Plushie so dear,
To bring comfort and joy, to all who draw near.
With fluffiness and a cuddly embrace,
He would surely bring a smile to your face.

He eagerly dreamt of soft Plushie cuddles,
With other Plushie Pets he gladly would huddle.
To leave behind his menacing reputation,
Transforming into a creature of pure adoration.

The Jetsam set out on his quest so great,
To find a way to change his fate.
He searched for the Paintbrush far and wide,
In hopes of painting his Jetsam hide.

Through coral reefs and seagrass sway
He sought the Fountain Faerie, night and day.
His heart filled with hope, his spirit bright–
Seeking a transformation, with all its might.

Lo and behold, soon Naia appeared,
With shimmering tail, delicate, revered.
She listened to the Jetsam's heartfelt plea,
To become Plushie, so soft and cuddly.

She whispered to him a Faerie Fountain Quest–
Right away he went searching at her behest.
With a Coral Flute he soon returned,
And she granted his wish as he had yearned.

The water from the Fountain, a magical spell,
The Jetsam transformed, oh, he felt so swell.
From a fearsome figure to a Plushie Jetsam sweet,
He’s the happiest Neopet you’d ever meet.

The Master of Cheat
by brooklyn3223

Around a table, four Neopets sit
A game of Cheat they play.
A large pot of Neopoints piled at the centre
To be won on this Jetsam Day.

The end is within sight,
Spectre holds only two cards in his hands.
If he can just fool the others
His master status will withstand.

He narrows his yellow eyes
Watching Little Timmy lay down his cards.
“Two Queens” Timmy softly mutters
While putting up his guards.

“Cheat!” Miss Fernypoo exclaims
Making Little Timmy flush.
She reaches for the pile of cards
And turns them over in a rush.

Her face slowly turns into a frown,
As a smile spreads to Timmy’s face.
“I was not cheating”, he says with pride
Pushing the pile of cards to her place.

Spectre’s turn, what luck!
He can choose any card he likes.
But to play both cards might be risky,
They aren’t the same value, yikes!

He decides to take the risk
Placing both cards on the table.
“Two twos,” he says with vacant expression
Hoping the others will accept this fable.

His opponents gaze at one another,
Back and forth they shift their eyes.
Not a single word was uttered
As Spectre leans in to take his prize.

He’s shocked, no one has called his bluff
As he pulls the Neopoints close to his heart.
When suddenly the other Neopets stand
And give him quite a start.

They smile at one another,
Turn to Spectre and raise their hands.
His friends shout “Happy Jetsam Day!
To the best Cheat player in all land!”

Jetsam, l’histoire d’un grand coeur
by werdesy

Aujourd’hui, mes chers amis
Les Jetsam sont à l’honneur
Laissez moi donc vous parler de ceux-ci
Nos chers requins aux grands coeurs

Hélas, ils ont de grandes dents
un sourire espiègle et de grandes nageoires
Tout se passe dans leurs mâchoires
Ne vous inquiètez pas! Il n’y a aucun précédent

Les Jetsams sont si sublimes
Il est nécessaire qu’on les souligne
Un grand coeur nos amis ont
Allez, chantons leurs une chanson!

Ce sont les rois des Neopets marins
Dans l’Océan sous les palmiers Hawaïens
Ils sont plus sociales que les flotsams
Également très jovials, ces Jetsams! 

Joyeuses Fêtes des Jetsams
Nombreux sont les neopets qui sont venus célébrer
Cette espèce édition limitée
De quoi faire jaser tous les fans!

The Chocolate Jetsam's Dilemma
by roxanna203

Hello, I'm a Jetsam named Jack,
And I have a problem that's whack,
I am made of Chocolate, you see,
And love to swim out in the sea!

But does Chocolate and water mix?
This is the beginning of the conflict!
I have not swum since my new Paint,
Afraid of the result feeling constraint!

Days go by as I look at the ocean,
Pondering hoping to set it in motion,
Sighing as each day that passes by,
Almost on the verge of about to try.

The consequences weigh heavily,
Not sure if I am prepared mentally,
Courage is something this Jetsam lacks,
Unfortunately having a heavy impact!

Time flies and it's now been a week,
I have come up with quite a technique!
Affirmations -  it goes a long way,
And I have built up the courage today!

Without hesitation, I jump into sea,
This Jetsam does not melt - I'm in glee!
Of course, I won't melt - that's not TNT!
They thought of everything so I don't leak!

I am Jack, the Chocolate Jetsam,
Proud of my new colour and then some!
Happy Jetsam Day to my fellow swimmers,
Let's go out in the sea and glimmer!

A Jetsam's Smile
by quillweave

Let me tell you of a treasure far beyond compare,
Seldom seen its gleaming sheen, a sight precious and rare,
Toothy and wide and full of pride above a pointed chin,
Who but the Jetsam could possess that bright and winsome grin?

A Jetsam isn’t one to smile often, you might know,
Blunt and gruff and very tough so rarely do they show
Their teeth they sheath kept underneath a glower and a frown,
To make a Jetsam laugh is tricky even for a clown.

But there’s a secret to this sight, one that must be earned,
A chance to win that lovely grin instead of being spurned,
It’s not a joke that can provoke nor is there a toll to pay,
To see a Jetsam smile there is but a single way.

For though a Jetsam’s countenance is stern and cold at best,
They keep their deeper feelings much closer to the chest,
And should you wish to see this fish give you a friendly beam,
You must become someone whom they a friend would deign to deem.

For only for the friends they value dear do Jetsam smile
Such loyalty and trust must not be won through wit or guile,
So with a heart that’s true and by seeing what’s within,
You may be honoured with a friendly Jetsam’s winsome grin.

The Mutant Jetsam: A Spooky Pal this Halloween
by _brainchild_

The Mutant Jetsam is so mean,
Quite perfect for this Halloween.
The scary shark sure will unnerve.
For spookiness, he really serves.

From glaring eyes to balled-up fists,
This Neopet just can't be missed.
His teeth are sharper than a knife,
So sure to conquer any strife.

His tentacles are slimy. Why,
All six of them are never dry.
The suction cups are perfect for
Adhering to the ocean floor.

This Halloween, if you will need
A spooky pal, a lovely breed
Is this one---Mutant Jetsam stuns!
He's frightening and a lot of fun.

The Jetsam, Spectre
by tazmiko

Losing all your Neopoints,
In the game of Cheat,
Is really rather easy,
Once you and Spectre meet.

He is the ninth opponent,
The final monster boss.
A Jetsam cold and heartless,
Whom you don't want to cross.

Watch out for this Red Jetsam,
That wild gleam in his eye.
Be wary of the swindle,
Or wave your cash goodbye.

They say that you will know him,
By the anchor on his face.
This Jetsam is a master,
Of coolest coup de grace.

He calls himself the master,
At Cheat! he is the best.
Keep your wits about you,
and your cards close to your chest!

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