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Neopets Poems

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Neopets Birthday Special

A Neopets Birthday Bash
by i_lovee_icecream

Bake us a cake,
And don’t be late!
Wear your party hats,
It’s a special date!

It’s a birthday bash,
For Neopia’s twenty-fourth.
Put banners up,
From South to North!

To many, Neopets has always been,
A sanctuary of fun and hope.
When their reality is sad or dull,
And they’re at the end of their rope.

Log on and play,
The Neopets way:

A game of Meerca Chase,
Or Slorgs in Space.

Go to the NC Mall,
For your birthday surprise.
It’s so much fun,
It’s not hard to surmise.

Why so many players,
Are here with us today.
After years of devotion,
They come to say:

“Thank you for twenty-four beautiful years,
Of our sweet, nostalgic escape.
Here’s to so very many more,
Come whatever changes to its landscape.”

Log on and play,
The Neopets way:
Explore Neopian lands,
Shop at merchant’s stands.

Whatever you do,
Make sure to say,

“Happy birthday,”
To Neopets today!

It’s a birthday bash,
For our favorite site.
Bring your party streamers,
And grab a candle to light!

by bqueen6430

The date was November fifteenth
The year, Nineteen-ninety-nine
When was born
Its gold stars began to shine

It started small at first
A tiny corner of the internet
The cacophonous sound of dial-up
A din we never will forget

They gave us Lupes and Shoyrus
Zafaras and Aishas too
The Battledome came into being
New lands made their debut

The site continued growing
And there were changes along the way
But many of us early Neopians
Remain here still to this day

Some went on to be prolific writers
Others programmers writing code
From things we learned to do on Neopets
Real life talents were bestowed 

What is it about these pixels
That keep us in the game?
The pets, the items, the avatars?
The goals for which we aim?

I don’t think it’s the Neopoints
Or the trophies we display
No, I’d say it’s the community
The Neofriends we made along the way

So here’s to a bright future
To the game that’s not slowing down, not yet
Here’s to many more years together
Happy birthday, Neopets!

Neopets, A Lifelong Friendship
by lacievali

Cheers to Neopets, 
Our long-time friend
We started playing when we thought childhood would never end,
But now 24 years have passed us by…
And Neopets has stayed faithfully by our sides
Exploring Neopia,
Year after year
We hold those memories oh-so dear
We’ve grown, we’ve changed - and Neopets has too!
But Neopets has grown with us as time has flew

At times all we had was our Neofriends,
And we are grateful for a happy place that never has to end 

Happy birthday Neopets, and here’s to many more
Thank you for being our Neofriend for at least 24!

Twenty-four and Plenty More
by decaf0n

Come on, everybody
It's time to celebrate
Let's get together
Throw a party
With Pets, Friends, and Cake!

Grab a Party Whistle
Plus Party Supplies
A nice Gift Box
Some big Balloons
Let's have a grand ol' time!

Just a couple of things
To round out our decor
Birthday Streamers
Birthday Hats
And Goodie Bags galore!

Next, we'll need some Toys
This will be a hoot
Birthday Top
Paddleball Game
And Birthday Whistles to toot!

But every bit of prep
Just isn't the focus here
Here's the deal:
It's you, Neopets--
And here's to many more years!

Never Grow Up
by boyciewoycie_

“Neopets is for kids” I say 
Why would I want to play? 
“Neopets is for kids” I say
So why won’t the urge go away? 

To go to Faerieland and spin a wheel
To dodge some ice creams with such zeal 
To train up Pets at the Training School 
To paint a Kougra at the Rainbow Pool 

To find some treasure at the Forgotten Shore
To deposit Neopoints, more and more,
To add some Stamps to my collection
To buy some goods, what a great selection! 

Neopets isn’t for kids, it’s for everyone
There’s no upper age limit on having fun! 
Neopets lets you customise, befriend and play
Never grow up, it’s better that way.

An Unexpected Birthday Celebration
by maculose

A gate appeared and what a sight.
The magical gate was rather quite bright.
Several villains slithered through.
There was another gate that also seemed new.

Through the second gate, there was more that came,
But these Neopians were not the same.
They were heroes and heroines, mighty and brave.
There were several looks that they all soon gave.

Lord Kass and Jeran grabbed their swords.
There was so much energy. No one was bored.
Hubrid Nox and Magax were about to fight.
They wanted to see who had the most might.

Vira yelled, “Let us begin!
Let’s see who’s the mightiest and which one will win!”
They all lunged forward, ready to fight.
There was a sound that led to a sight.

They all paused as a platform was raised.
There was a giant cake that was beautifully glazed.
They looked at each other not sure what to do.
Not fighting or arguing would be something new.

Two Faeries walked forward and waved both their hands.
Illusen and Jhudora seemed like two friends.
Sparks appeared, and a message was seen.
‘Happy Birthday’ was glowing in midair and gleamed.

“It’s Neopets’ birthday so lay down your arms!
We must all celebrate and do no harm!”
The two Faeries yelled to all of the others.
“At the end of the day, we are all sisters and brothers.”

They all looked around as they both made good sense,
So they walked towards the cake that was fluffy, not dense.
They shared the cake. This was the way.
They could always fight on another day.

Neopet’s 24th Birthday
by spukl1

I woke up this morning to colours big and bright,
There was Birthday confetti all over the site.
It is Neopets' 24th Birthday, oh what a day!
I can’t wait to explore, shop and play!

I grabbed my balloons and donned my hat,
Then I dressed up my little Maraquan Korbat.
It is the day to party and celebrate,
Find us in the Game Room, we will be up late.

Now it is time to cut the cake,
Blow out the candles and hug a Draik.
Neopians wait all year to delight in this special day...
To give thanks to TNT and that Neopets is here to stay.

Neopets is the best place around,
24 years later, it still takes the crown.
Neopets has raised me from little to big,
I remember the days when Pets couldn’t wear a wig.

Cheers to celebrating the 24th year,
Neopets is a place I truly hold dear. 
Happy Birthday! This day is always a blast, 
24 years have certainly gone by super-fast!

Crunchy Snot Birthday Cupcake
by precious_katuch14

When a birthday's coming up,
But your budget's quite tight,
You can still serve up cake
With an interesting bite.

It's a nice shade of green,
With a candle on top.
What's the icing made of?
Oh, it's made of...snot!

A Crunchy Snot Birthday Cupcake!
You can buy scores and scores!
All your hungry guests
Can come back for more!

A delicious, crunchy crust,
Complemented by a salty tang,
Then it melts in your mouth,
And the taste just goes bang!

They're easy to find,
And cheap to boot.
Just don't think about how
They came from someone's snoot.

Forget fancy fondant,
Or exotic couscous.
All you really need
Is icing made of mucus!

Now you can celebrate
And save your Neopoints too,
With these cheap cupcakes
With candles and green goo!

The Best Birthday
by tatyanne

The sun smiles warmly on my face,
And I rub the sleep out of my eyes.
Today will be one of the best days,
And I marvel at how quickly time flies.

I came to Neopia as a little child,
And cheer it brought to my heart.
I then visited every once in a while,
And it feels like I never did depart.

I get up and run down the stairs,
And birthday cake for breakfast it is.
I throw confetti high up into the air–
Joyfully out of my house, I whizz.

Everyone greets me with a big grin–
There is song, dance and cheer.
The warmth swells from deep within–
How I hold this Neopian world so dear.

I shall play all of my favourite games,
Like Spinacles and Jelly Blobs of Doom.
In Faerie Bubbles I need great aim,
And spend hours on Toybox Escape too.

For lunch, I eat more birthday cake,
Because it is the 24th Birthday feast.
I hop and skip, leaving confetti in my wake,
And my celebrations shall never cease.

Today I shall hug all my Neopian friends–
Together we have such wonderful fun.
I hope this celebration never ends–
It is an amazing time for everyone.

There are parties held everywhere,
And I go around to attend them all.
There’s more birthday cake isn’t there?
We are all truly having such a ball.

The evening comes and draws to a close,
And I drift off contentedly to sleep.
I think of what I enjoyed the most–
These are the memories that I will keep.

I hope that one day my children too,
Will visit Neopia and love it here.
I hope they will love the game as I do,
For a great many more years.

Happy Birthday Neopets!

Ode to Neopets
by tkprtyrhd

When the work day is done and I'm sitting alone,
There's still one place I know I can go.
A place with friends and Pets I hold dear,
a world of games, funny outfits, and cheer.

24 years we've called this place ours
a technological delight with magical powers. 
Though the game has changed, its meaning stays the same, 
a place we all go, Neopets is the name.
Delightful realms and stories to unfold,
our favourite Pets provide fortunes untold. 

Our Pets may be hungry but they have learned 
even if we should forget, we always can return.
To our Pet friends and guild friends the thing that keeps us here
Is the bonds forged, the relationships we hold dear.
Fighting for Faerieland, Meridell, or Fuzzles in space,
Neopia needs us and we'll always have a place.

Let us celebrate our home on the grandest of days
24 years young and still running the race.
Neopia, we know you're the best place to be
a secondary home where all species can go.

A Little Celebration
by 9kas

On the fifteenth day of storing each year
Neopia celebrates its birthday with fanfare. 
Cheers, parades, and booms of fireworks -
the sights and sounds saturate the air. 

Neopets and Petpets, young and old
all gather together in celebration. 
But one young, timid Shoyru wonders:
does she really have to join in this occasion?

Wary of the crowds she hesitates
to join the pomp and circumstance. 
Instead, she prefers to be by herself
in her quiet Neohome, if given the chance. 

Perhaps she will use this day to rest,
fervently avoiding the noisy affair. 
So bit by bit she drifts off in slumber
as parades continue in boisterous fanfare.

Hours later, as light turns to darkness
the Shoyru’s small Faellie flutters to her. 
Awaking the Shoyru she proudly presents
a dainty cupcake, topped with a sparkler. 

So as the clock soon strikes midnight 
the celebrations outside reach an end. 
Peace at last, the Shoyru can enjoy
a little celebration with her little Faellie friend.

Birthday Petpets
by therainbowsheep

Birthday Petpets are so festive -
Decked out for today's celebration!
Rainbow sprinkles and pink frosting
Are this colour's foundation.

The Meepit, Warf, and Hasee
All resemble sweet cupcakes.
So realistic in nature,
They look like actual bakes!

Kookith, Flowper, Feloreena:
All don fine party hats,
Tempting all to join,
A fine party at that!

Kadoatie, Quadrapus, Ukali:
Covered in delicious frosting.
To them, being sugary sweet
Is a pleasure and never exhausting!

Feeble, Bowla, Harris 
Choose to look like cookies.
Their fine icing and sprinkles
Proves that they're not rookies!

Erisim, Doglefox, Lutra
All blow on festive streamers.
These loud and energetic Petpets
Are totally party schemers!

Each Birthday Petpet is unique,
In terms of various traits,
But all are eager to celebrate,
There is no time to wait!

Happy Birthday Neopets
by theguy2020

The most grand event of the year,
One that is truly filled with cheer,
Everyone must have a day of happiness and joy,
Perhaps treat themselves to a brand-new toy!

The Neopets birthday has finally come,
It's time to start playing the drum,
Musical fun will play,
For the entire birthday!

Laughter and joy will be in the air,
Most importantly though fun will be everywhere,
The Toy Shop, Bakery, Food Shop you name it,
Even Uni's Clothing may have a new birthday fit!

There will be lots of goodies to bake,
Probably even the most splendid cake,
Don't worry you can indulge in your heart's desire,
Only today can some of these goods be acquired!

Candy and toys galore,
This is the holiday everyone adores,
It will bring out your inner child,
All the fun will truly make you go wild!

Make sure you cherish the good memories made,
But fear not as the happiness and joy will never fade,
We have a lot to look forward to coming soon,
Attendance is mandatory and everything starts today at noon!

Celebrating Neopia for Another Year
by actiontal

The Altadorian Sun was shining with all of its might 
To offer Neopia a birthday cheery and bright 
All the Pets would lead a parade  
To wish Neopia a happy birthday 

Like Sloth’s satellite, their spirits would soar
They’d eat cake and wear hats and cry for more 
Their fanfare would be such a sight to see
Pets of all colours, huddle ceremoniously 

Some float, some fly, some on land, others in sea
But one thing is for sure for the Pets that be
They’re celebrating Neopia and all of its whims
They love their homeland, they’re filled to the brim 

Their presence is a present, so let them eat cake 
When the night is over and when they awake,
They’ll count down to the next year
The birthday of Neopia, that they hold so dear 

They’ve marked their calendar and they’re all set
To make this birthday the best one yet
So celebrate Neopia and TNT 
And let us all cheer so ceremoniously!

Happy Birthday Neopets!
by greencheese79

Neopians come out!
Make some noise, let's shout!
There's confetti and streamers galore!
Yes, it's that time of year,
So it's expected you cheer,
For Neopets is now twenty-four!

How 'bout some cake,
It's been just freshly baked,
With layers that reach to the moon!
There's enough to go around 
Nothing tastier is found,
But remember to grab your piece soon!

And as an added treat,
On this day you will meet,
Generosity from the NeoCash Mall.
Yes just for today,
There's a free goodie bag,
To be claimed by one and by all!

It did not take long,
For this community to grow strong,
And it grows stronger every year.
And now here we are,
We have come very far,
And for this, we must celebrate and cheer!

So Neopians come out!
Make some noise, yes shout!
There's confetti and streamers galore!
It's that time of year,
And it's expected you cheer,
For Neopets is now twenty-four!

Happy Birthday Neopets!!!

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