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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Random Poetry Day Special

Villainous: a Villanelle
by 9kas

Purple and black, evil stirs from within. 
My demeanour of wickedness begs one to ask:
Am I Neopia’s most maleficent villain?

Once Darigan’s general, I was merely his minion,
Until his disappearance allowed me to surpass. 
Purple and black, evil stirs from within. 

The Three whispered, my heinousness has arisen.
My power soared, followers gathered en masse.
Am I Neopia’s most maleficent villain?

With newfound power I had but one vision:
To destroy Meridell, shattering them like glass.
Purple and black, evil stirs from within. 

Destruction galore, Meridell soon be fallen. 
Skarl bewitched a pure corruption masterclass. 
Am I Neopia’s most maleficent villain?

So have my story in the Gallery be written:
Villainous am I, the mighty Lord Kass. 
Purple and black, evil stirs from within. 
I am Neopia’s most maleficent villain.

Neovia's Two-Headed Hissi
by therainbowsheep

Deep within Neovia's swamp lands,
The two-headed Hissi stands.
His Red coat glimmers in the distance,
Indicating his existence.

Imposing and tall, he blocks the path -
Attempting to pass will incur his wrath.
Unless you're willing to listen...
For he has an interesting proposition!

With a grin, one head tips his hat,
And casually invites you to chat.
The other head suggests a puzzle game,
To travel on, victory you must claim.

One head blatantly lies,
You can't see it in his eyes.
Who knows what's true?
No one has a clue.

The other head is sincere,
No need to distrust and fear.
Identify who to trust,
In order to pass, you must!

So here is my suggestion:
To solve this puzzle, ask lots of questions!
This Hissi though clever and bold,
Can be defeated and will fold!

Autumn is the season for Skeiths
by bittersweet52

Autumn is the season for Skeiths
The time of the year they love best
It's the season for cosiness as days grow cold
To eat comfort food and then rest

Skeith Day is in autumn, and fitting it is
For Skeiths love the crisp autumn days
Finally, the heat of summer is gone
And they can wake from their lazy haze

The sun sits lower in the sky
And somehow that makes Skeiths more alert
Their bulk keeps them warm despite the chill wind
Definitely a fun little perk

Everyone is preparing for winter and cold
Hoarding food and getting things done
The season of sharing and caring is here
There are always great parties and fun

Cooking and baking, the smells fill the air
Who doesn't love these aromas of spice?
For Skeiths who like eating all sorts of things
This season is especially nice

Grateful for Neofriends
by agedbeauty

Today is a special day
And I have much to be thankful for
As I log in to Neopets
And reflect once more.

Sure, I love my "stuff" - 
The things tossed in my SDB;
The lovely stamps and 
The Petpets in my gallery.

And yes I love my Pets,
That I've worked hard to dress
I'm thankful for each one - 
For I think they're the best!

But if I had to pick one thing
To reflect on in gratitude
There's surely only one choice
For my Neopian interlude

You see, today I am thankful
For each and every Neofriend
For every gift they've sent
And every Neomail they've penned

But more than that, I'm grateful
For the opportunity to know each one
I never knew I could love online friends so dearly
But I love you all a ton!

So today as we feast
And we give thanks in our heart
Neofriends, I love you
Neopets is just the start!

An Attitude for Gratitude for Neopets
by i_lovee_icecream

On this day,
We give thanks. 
Thanks to Neopia,
And all its ranks. 

Neopets and its places,
Avatars and their faces. 
Stamp collecting and gallery making,
Gathering items, there’s no faking!

We all possess,
An attitude of gratitude.
For this site,
And all its fortitude. 

Celebrating together,
No matter the weather.
Painting our Neopets,
Customizing without frets. 

Dressed for the holiday,
From head to toe. 
Robed festively,
Ready for the snow!

Thank you, TNT, for all you do;
Your dedication to us is not new. 
We are so grateful for Neopia,
It’s our very own nostalgic utopia!

Tale of the Water Faerie's Orb
by roxanna203

Hey, come closer to listen,
About an orb that glistens,
With the hue of the ocean,
And a variety of emotions...

The Orb of the Water Faerie,
Is magical despite the contrary,
Many say it is a useless ball,
Who dares to tell the truth to all?

The Orb contains two teardrops,
Powerful sources that do not stop,
If unleashed into the world,
Disaster will be unfurled...

It happened many moons ago,
Tides were wild or so it was told,
The sea was angry and hard to calm,
Neopets observing felt the qualm.

A Water Faerie came from under,
She knew this was no ordinary blunder,
Two tears rolled down her face,
As she chanted at a rapid pace.

"Turbulent waters be no more,
Bring serenity just as before,"
She repeated numerous times,
As an orb-shaped with the rhymes.

The ocean became less aggressive,
As the orb in size grew excessive,
The Water Faerie sealed the spell,
Once the sea silently bid farewell.

Neopets rejoiced no longer afraid,
The Water Faerie slowly began to fade,
A potential hazard was reabsorbed,
In what we know as the Water Faerie's Orb.

The Money Tree
by greencheese79

Gentle breeze, waving leaves, an ever-present smile.
New faces draw near, many more will appear. 
Staying for a short while.

Majestic in size, welcoming eyes, branches fan out in embrace.
Spreading his care to all who are there.
Painting fresh smiles on everyone's face.

Hearty chuckle, watching the bustle.
The charity brings him much joy.
Neopians donate their stuff, there's more than enough, 
Like food and Neopoints and toys.

The donations of his fruit spread along his vast roots.
Neopians are free to take what they want.
But please be a friend, there's a limit of ten,
And mind the ghosts who may come and haunt.

He takes in the fun, as his leaves do the sun,
Though he has very little to say.
His smile broadens wide, he winks his right eye.
It's enough to enrich one's day.

The Thankful Ixi
by maculose

An Ixi was about to enjoy a meal,
As this day was actually quite a big deal.
It was meant to give thanks for all she had.
Sitting alone actually made her really glad.

Other Pets were always mean.
There was no reason or so it seemed.
She was painted Grey and did not care.
She was used to it and was named Blair.

Blair was thankful for her health,
As she did not have the highest wealth.
She was happy to have some quiet and peace.
She was about to eat her wonderful feast.

As she began, she heard a noise.
It came from outside and wasn’t her toys.
She opened the door and saw a sight.
It was a shivering Symol covered in fright.

She felt really bad so she let him in.
“Come inside and get out of that wind!”
Blair grabbed some blankets and wrapped him up.
She poured some cocoa into a warm cup.

“Please help yourself to all this food.”
The Symol was then in a completely good mood.
Blair did not want this day to come to an end,
As she was now thankful for a brand new friend.

Happy Twenty-Fourth Birthday, Neopets!
by darthtingle

Four and twenty mark the onward sweep
of stories told and ventures made
in such a pleasant world where leap
forth -- Neopets! from hill and glade
to game, store and trade.

March on the plots! Write on the tales!
That livens these November ides,
and let no Pet or Petpet fail
to ponder each on every side,
what holds the future's tide.

Bruce, Buzz, Chia, Blumaroo,
Jetsam, Kiko, Kougra, Krawk --
We celebrate the years for you!
We bring you Nerkmids, Neggs, and socks!
For being brave and true.

'Tis no small comfort brought to bear
on gamers cross the clocky globe
whose shops and albums, galleries fair
-- thematic depths we've hardly probed! -- 
stock many hard-earned wares.

Tuskaninny, Skeith, Techo,
Yurble, Lupe, Moehog, Kyrii --
The more you see, the more you know
what makes our every owner cheery
in the shared pursuit of Neo-glory.

Let's celebrate the twenty-fourth,
a starry new age for starry new starts!
May players new and old come forth
to vie for trophies with passionate hearts
and show forth every art.

Your quests so fair, your fashions true.
Neopia! Live on yet more!
Mayhaps -- perhaps! -- another war,
or festival you have in store
for one plus twenty-four.

Two Pteris of Doom
by decaf0n

Once on a stroll 'cross Tyrannian lands
To spin a Wheel and get some Omelette in hand
I was met by a dark, ominous one
Before the rest of my dailies were done

It's said no one knows what seeing him means
But I think he foretells evil scenes
For it was on this day I came to believe
That the Black Pteri is reason to grieve

Red, beady orbs, into which I stared
"Look into my eyes and sink into despair"
Though looking back, I should've hid
Look into them is what I did

In them, a vision, a message I saw
Of something terrible to slack my jaw
A Pteri of Doom, this time feathered in Red
Knowing what would come, I felt only dread

Then the Black Pteri brought sweat to my brow
"Nothing and no one can help you now..."
And though hearing this was fresh and new
With my next refresh, I knew it was true

Face to face now with one of Red and Yellow
His words were enough to shake this fellow
What now? Simply wait? Do I pay penance?
No more: "Neopets Is Down For Maintenance!"

An Athletic Techo
by theguy2020

"Wizard" Windelle is his name,
Carrying Meridell's offense brought him to fame,
This Techo is a seasoned veteran who has many tricks,
Careful for his shot as he has many powerful kicks!

Yooyuball is one of the many things he is good at,
You can show your support by grabbing a Meridell hat,
Their most notable forward on the team,
As quick on his feet as a lightning beam!

Captain of the team for fifteen years,
Whenever he takes the floor the entire crowd cheers,
They know success is likely when he is in his groove,
A winner throughout he doesn't have much else left to prove!

Winning the gold for Meridell would be his dream,
All that's left from a perfect resume it would seem,
He managed to help them get second twice,
Simply couldn't get lucky when rolling the dice!

His motto is to never quit,
Until Meridell wins he won't rest even a bit,
Gold is coming for them soon,
"Wizard" Windelle can take this team as high as the moon!

Blumaroo Blumaroo Blumaroo
by kellyclark1115

Let's take a walk through the park,
it's a beautiful sunny day!
Through Neopia Central, we go,
for its Blumaroo Day today!

Here the Blumaroos gather,
Baby, Transparent, Faerie, White,
Tyrannian, Plushie, Silver, and more,
it really is quite the sight!

Come hop along this path,
let's sit under this tree.
It's so hot outside,
I almost wish I was at the sea!

Rumour is Chef Bonju is coming,
I'm excited to try his food!
And if he doesn't...
well, that's just rude.

There will also be souvenirs,
a special 2023 edition from Roo Island!
Last year had sparkly ones,
I bought a pretty diamond!

I wonder what they have planned,
I know it will be fun!
Let's have a great Blumaroo Day,
from me and everyone!

Jubjub Mysteries
by wizzy13_7

Jubjubs, Jubjubs, big balls of fluff —
Two eyes, two feet, and a whole lot of puff.
Rumoured to be the benevolent cousin to the Fuzzle,
yet, about Jubjubs, there is still one remaining puzzle.

Scholars everywhere have pondered this question,
researching and theorizing to the point of obsession.
There is but one thing of which Neopia is still unsure:
What lies underneath a Jubjub’s fur?

Could there be little arms and hands hiding underneath,
to grab those pesky things out of reach in secrecy?
Or maybe tiny retractable wings lie under their pelts,
strong enough to fly but too stealthy to be felt.

Or perhaps they are hiding a pouch on their chests —
a convenient pocket to store snacks, supplies, and the rest —
Long skinny legs always crooked at the knee,
Or a jetpack, short button nose — a million things, there could be.

What I know for sure that every Jubjub has
is a mischievous grin, impish look, and pizazz.
Playful rascals with joy in their hearts and cheerful chatter,
it’s not what is on the outside but on the inside that matters!

The Fluffy Doglefox
by triarthrus_eatoni

Once there was a Doglefox,
Who's fur did ever so shine.
He trotted to and fro a lot,
and was he ever sublime!

His shaggy mane covered head to paw,
and his tail was a puff of fur.
He left onlookers in total awe,
and he was proud of himself to be sure!

With a twist of the wrist of his gist,
he parted the hair of his face.
When he wandered the pathways of mist,
did his fur-ever stay out of place!

There once was a run-in with Balthazar,
who attempted to eat the small Doglefox!
Though his jaws didn't get very far,
as his fur was as strong as an Ox!

So give a cheer to the dear little leer,
that's found against his lips.
He travels without any fear,
as his fur was strong down to the tips!

Every time was a moment of glory,
for the furriest, shaggiest Doglefox.
With the way he strutted down the quarry,
He certainly was the talk of the walk!

Never forget the Fluffy Petpet,
who was as strong as a sheet of steel.
And even when he got wet,
his fluffiness was always surreal!

On a dreary day
by ohneee

On a dreary day, 
I come to Neopets to play.
Check on all my Pets,
Make sure they're all set.

I'll then do my dailies,
Then work on some avvies.
Restock the shop,
Checking Wizard non-stop.

Chat on the boards,
Because I'm so bored.
Responding to others,
Helping one another.

On this dreary day,
All I can say,
Is that Neopets is a home,
When I'm all alone.

Le Grundo des étoiles
by werdesy

Dans l’au-delà de Neopia
L’univers est à son comble
Nous comptons des millions d’étoiles
Une espèce, les Grundos, vivent dans la pénombre

Ses Neopets de l’espace sont mignons
Grandes antennes et gros pieds
Un petit ventre rond
Un grand sourire au lèvre collé!

Dans l’une des galaxie
Le Grundo des étoiles y est présent
Il traîne de nombreuses étoiles autour de lui
Pour sauver les habitants extra-Neopia du noir omniprésent

Il donne la bonne humeur à tous
Sur toutes les planètes qu’il est, on l’acclame
Le Grundo des étoiles est notre héros
Il mène et fait règner un calme

Je suis l’heureux propriétaire du Grundo des étoiles
Il voit la vie en rose
Ses grands yeux illuminés
Bien clairement, il aime prendre la pose!

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