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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Grarrl Day Special

A Grarrl’s New Colour
by maculose

A Grarrl feel asleep who was painted Blue.
He was very excited for what he would choose.
He was going to be painted don’t you see?
He was definitely as happy as one could be!

He dozed off and started to dream.
He was swimming real hard or so it seemed.
He was in an ocean with beauty so bright,
Gleams from the sun was such a great sight!

There were several smells that were new to him.
“These are all amazing! Look I have fins!”
The Grarrl had fins instead of arms.
They allowed him to swim ever so far.

He quickly panicked and swam towards the top.
“I must take a breath!” the scared Grarrl thought.
As he swam towards the top, he took a pause.
He could breathe underwater, defying the odds. 

The Grarrl then knew just what to do.
He knew what colour he wanted to choose.
The greatest swimmer was what he’d be deemed.
Maraquan was the Paintbrush of his dreams.

He woke up with haste and jumped out of bed.
He ran to his mom with no feelings of dread.
“I want Maraquan mom, pretty please?
I made this decision with perfect ease!”

The mom just smiled and took his hand.
They went to some shops that all seemed grand.
They found the Brush and quickly paid.
The little Grarrl’s day was what his mom made.

They then went towards the Rainbow Pool.
He took the Paintbrush and seemed so cool.
The Paintbrush glowed and he wasn’t Blue.
He made the right choice. He felt so new!

by spukl1

Grarrls are wonderful Pets,
but also they're the size of jets.
Grarrls are always starving,
So don’t forget to bring a meat-filled carving.

Those hungry Grarrls will eat it all,
But they also will be happy to throw a ball.
They are diverse and caring, amongst the best.
& they look super cute in a sweater vest.

Grarrls are Neopia’s prize,
They stare at the clouds & catch flies.
They aren’t picky or an uptight bunch,
& they’re always happy as long as there’s lunch!

We love this fun & happy friend,
Grarrls are loyal from start to end.
They give the absolute best hugs,
And will always be there to give you snugs.

Doctor Grotson, the Grarrl Detective
by skeletonic

On Magical Road, where the fog does roll,
Grotson the Grarrl stands, a jolly soul.
With Shylock Usulski, he seeks to glean,
The quirkiest crimes Neopia has seen!

"By Fyora!" he cries, with hat askew,
Clueless 'til the end, it's true.
Shylock smirks and shakes her head,
Grotson’s guesses are often misled.

In a mystery, deep and vast,
Grotson’s always slightly aghast.
"Why's the culprit always so sly?"
His common question, paired with a sigh.

His moustache, so prim and neat,
Twitches when they're on the beat.
But behind that proper façade,
Is a doc with quirks that are odd.

He'd write tales of their great feats,
With added drama and thrilling beats.
Shylock would just roll her eyes,
"Grotson, those are mere sly lies!"

But together, through thick and thin,
They'd laugh, bicker, lose, then win.
Dear Grotson, with his heart so grand,
The silliest Grarrl doctor in all the land!

The Monoceraptor Rap
by i_lovee_icecream

The Monoceraptor Rap,
Is the name of this poem. 
Read it in rhythm,
So that we can show ‘em. 

The power and strength,
Of the mighty Monoceraptor. 
So gigantic and big,
He’ll neva eva find a captor. 

Yo, yo, yo;
Growl, growl, growl. 
He’s stomping around,
On his Grarrl prowl. 

Sharp teeth bared,
Dripping globs of spit. 
His tiny little arms,
Help him spin fire discs. 

The Monoceraptor,
Wears a gold chain.
He rocks sideways hats,
And grills on his fangs. 

He runs Tyrannia,
On a tight ship. 
Question his style?
You best bite your lip. 

Heavy hitter,
Bar spitter. 
Watch his tail,
Ya far too frail. 

The Monoceraptor raps,
Like he fights in the ‘Dome. 
He wins every time,
You better leave him alone!

A Faerie Grarrl's Tale
by crazy_allstar

After a dip in the Rainbow Fountain
A fearsome Grarrl was quite certain
That brand-new pink and orange scales
Would be enough to take away her ails

Through Faerie City, she proudly pranced
Until she noticed how they glanced
And their mean whispers she could hear
"What's that scary Grarrl doing here?"

She hung her head in shame
Was she really to blame?
Though her scales shone so bright
She could never hide her might

"To Tyrannia I'll return,
With other beasts, where I belong." 
Thoughts were running through her head
When, suddenly, someone said:

"What a majestic Neopet!
I can't believe my eyes.
I don't think I've ever met
A beauty of your size!"
The perplexed Grarrl turned around
And did not expect to see 
A tiny, dainty Faerie Kyrii!

A friendship was born that day
And the Grarrl decided to stay
A valuable lesson was learnt:
Pay no heed to hurtful words!
With a valuable friend by her side,
The Faerie Grarrl beamed, full of pride!

Not All Grarrls are Scary
by addictive_xox

Do you know what it's like,
To be seen only one way?
For people to be afraid of you,
All night and all day?

As a Grarrl let me tell you,
It isn't much fun.
There are many things about me,
Being scary is just one.

I like to run, I like to laugh,
I like to play outside.
But for some reason whenever I do,
Everyone else runs to hide.

I figured today is my day to share,
So I can let everyone know.
Not all Grarrls are scary,
Today's the day to let it show!

Let me celebrate with you,
Let me in on your games.
Together we can have a blast,
And make today go down in fame!

For the Love of All Grarrls
by baytotheay

To love a Grarrl
is one of life’s greatest treats.
Because these mega-monsters
are really quite sweet.

These kind-hearted protectors
are known for their appetites.
And throughout Neopian history,
they’ve been soldiers and knights.

From Grarrg to Torakor,
even General Galgarroth too.
You want Grarrls on your team
if you’re planning a coup!

But there’s more to these dinos
than their fighting finesse.
Grarrls are shopkeepers,
chefs, and many are generous.

We can’t forget Rosie,
the cutest Easter caretaker.
And what about Solvang?
One of Neopia’s very first bakers!

Some Neopians may fear
these scaly reptiles,
But there’s much to love about Grarrls, 
especially their toothy smiles!

So grab a Grarrl - any Grarrl -
Baby, Darigan, or Fire.
And give 'em a hug, a big, big hug.
Today it’s required!

Gooblah's Secret Weapon
by whitefriar

On Krawk Isle lives a Pirate Grarrl,
Who’s gorged on food for quite a while,
Decades since the game first started,
Food Club is where Gooblah’s heart is,

Each and every single day,
Piles of treats he puts away,
Whether Shipwreck Cove or Harry’s place,
This Red Grarrl is Food Club’s face.

The most successful of his peers,
He’s won the most throughout the years,
Eating meats with great aplomb,
Pets bet on him at 2 to 1!

But little does anyone know.
The pressure on him started to grow,
Things he did began to change,
Soon the Grarrl was acting rather strange,

For pirates be superstitious folk,
And this one didn’t want to choke,
So every time that ol’ Goobs won,
Next time he’d mimic what he’d done,

The same seat at the contest table,
The same entry song - some shanty fable,
Pick knife and fork in the same order,
Drink only tea and never water.

But do you know his secret weapon?
For some suspense, I’ll keep you guessin’,
Like those he played with you’re unaware,
Gooblah never changed his underwear!

Rosie the Grarrl Gardener
by catchinglights

Not all Grarrls are big and mean,
Some of them are peachy keen!
Rosie, for instance, is very sweet.
This Grarrl is one you want to meet,
Because her gardening is serene.

Rosie marches to her own drum,
Instead of big teeth, she has a green thumb,
In fact, this Grarrl is Green all over,
Like a springtime four-leaf clover -
In her garden, you can always find some!

Rosie's more than just her garden,
Why this Grarrl is on her way to stardom!
At the Negg Festival, she gave out prizes,
Full of wonderful springtime surprises.
Rosie's life knows no boredom!

Her favourite Neggs are any Pastel,
She likes the Polkadot ones as well.
Finding Neggs makes her want to dance,
Rosie's amazing moves put all in a trance!
And makes all their hearts swell.

Rosie believes that kindness is best,
She'll leave the violence for the rest.
This Grarrl is very generous,
She believes only in tenderness,
And of course in being well-dressed!

The Grarrl Who Sells Tasty Treats
by _brainchild_

I'm worn out by Lost Desert heat!
I really need a yummy treat.
A Grarrl sells such scrumptious foods
So sure to uplift any mood.

Some Berry Fizzers cool me down.
They really are the best around!
The fizzy taste of raspberry
Has me within a state of glee.

Some fruits in shapes of pyramids
Are very fun for lots of kids.
Banana, pear, or strawberry
Are perfect foods for you and me.

A Cheops Plant, a classic treat,
Is something very fine to eat.
However, do not eat the leaves,
Since they bear poison, I believe.

I thank the Grarrl for lovely treats
When the warmest sun just has me beat!
So visit him this Grarrl Day---
His foods will surely cure dismay.

My Monster Grarrl
by chi11aryduff

I love my monster Grarrl
and his Niptor buddy, too
even though that little Niptor
really likes to chew

You might think he's scary
but I promise you he's sweet
even with his long, sharp claws
and his big, wide, stomping feet

He lives out in the Jungle
and seeing him is rare
He's actually afraid of most things
so please approach with care!

His favourite treat is ice cream
He'd love a Chia Pop from you, too
Just watch out for his Niptor,
she'll steal the sweets from you!

So if you find my monster Grarrl
and you think you've met your end,
there's nothing to be scared of
he'd love to be your friend!

Battling the Battle Master
by tazmiko

The Grarrl is a ferocious beast,
The scariest around.
With great big teeth and great big feet,
And a terrifying frown.

They hail from Tyrannia,
There's plenty of them there.
I once ran into Battle Master Grarrg,
He gave me quite a scare!

We challenged him in the Battledome,
My Neopets and me.
But after barely seven rounds,
he brought us to our knees.

The ferocious Grarrl laughed at us then,
And gave a toothy smile.
"You'll have to do better than that," he said.
"Better than that by a mile!"

Dear Friend Grarrl
by vanillapudding_

Her friend was a Grarrl
When she was a child.
He looked pretty mean...
But his 'tude was quite mild!

He'd scare off her foes
To protect her from fright,
She'd always sleep soundly
He kept watch through the night.

But sooner or later
As is usually the case,
That little girl grew
And left without a trace...

As the days turned to weeks
And the years started to blend,
Her dear friend Grarrl
Was there 'til the end.

Though she'd grown since those days,
Her old account went pitch black...
She knew her friend Grarrl
Would be happy SHE CAME BACK!! :)

Faerie Grarrls Are Best
by taytore

I’ve always liked Grarrls,
So sharp-toothed and scary
But none can relate
To a Grarrl painted Faerie

Her teeth are still sharp,
With her characteristic smile
But no one can match
Her singular style

With scales-coloured sunset
And feathered wings to match
Though all Grarrls are nice
She’s the best of the batch

She can glide over Faerieland
Past the rainbows and springs,
Then fly to the clouds
To observe everything

No Neopian could hate
Watching her fly
Sun gleaming from her scales,
Her head in the sky

And while I love Grarrls
Painted Fire, Ghost and the rest
I’ll always know
That Faerie Grarrls are the best

Best Grarrl Friends
by rock_urworld

There once were two Grarrl friends, so true,
Their bond was like the strongest glue.
They laughed and they cried,
And never once lied (to each other or anyone else).
Their friendship grew,
In the land of Tyrannia, 
Where the pterodactyl once flew. 

One summer day, the two Grarrl friends were blue,
They were hungry, and not sure what to do.
What’s neat about a Grarrl is that anything will do,
They could eat a whole zoo!

They walked and walked, stomachs grumbling,
Until they reached a sight that was quite humbling. 
There before them, built into the plateau, was a giant omelette bigger than they’d ever seen before.

They said thank you to whoever was listening, and each grabbed a big bite,
Not even needing to come back for more. 

The two Grarrl friends were happy as can be, 
the best of friends who have never been fuller, 
to which they can both agree!

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