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Neopets Poems

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Halloween Special

Have a Haunted Neopets Halloween!
by chai7705

On this spookiest night of all nights
If you're looking to give your friends a fright
Perhaps you'll need a certain Paint Brush
Far from cutesy Baby or cuddly Plush'

This one is all black, dripping in ooze
With a cat-eyed gaze in piercing bright hues
The Halloween Paint Brush is the one you will need
To match the hauntingly horrific theme, indeed

Acaras, Kaus, and Krawks will all scare
With skeleton patterns all adorning their wear
Boris', Hissis', and Zafaras' bones are real
More than the eerie Eyries might make you squeal

Aishas, Shoyrus, and Kois will make you revel
The bright red Usul, too -- they all look like the devil!
Shrouded in robes, Grundos and Myncis are creepers
With huge sharp scythes, just like that Grim Reaper!

There are other classics -- like vampires, too
Like Gelerts, Chombies, Grarrls, and of course Blumaroos
Frankenstein Tonus might cause you to shake
Plus Kacheeks, Skeiths, and also the Draiks!

Some say that a witch is as iconic as any
Like Peophins, Korbats, Bruces, and Lennies
Others remind us to beware of the Were-
-Buzzes, -Kyriis, and -Lupes with long hair

Even Flotsams get by with a simple white sheet
Enough to say BOO! and yell Trick-or-Treat!
Or if cute's what you aim for, something more sweet
There's the floating pump-Kiko or Jub-kin with feet!

Whatever Neopet species you may be
As long as you're some Halloween variety
Let's have a blast and enjoy this shrieking fright-fest
This terror-filled night will truly be the best!

Haunted Woods
by spukl1

In the Woods of Neopia sleeps,
A gentle giant, branchy and neat.
The Brain Tree is wise and old,
Do his quest and his knowledge will be told.

Edna is in the witch in town, 
With her power, she wears the crown.
She cooks and cleans, but still needs more, 
Bring her what she needs & she’ll settle your scores.

Spin the Wheel, what could go wrong?
Oops, you got sick, it won’t last long.
It’s a game of chance, what do you say?
Maybe you’ll win points or a pile of hay.

The Esophagor is a creepy sight, 
He is known to give Neopians a fright!
Complete his quest and he will share,
But if you don’t…. beware!

Haunted Woods, stays misty in sight,
Once you enter, you’ll need to turn off your light,
It is a special land, where darkness crawls,
But indeed, it’s the best land of all!

Trick or Treating in Neopia
by theguy2020

Trick or treating is really fun,
Hurry and don't be late or we'll have to run,
Lots of goodies for us to receive, 
If you miss out you'll be one who has to grieve! 

Neopia has plenty of spots to visit every year,
Hunting for treats is something we can all cheer,
However it's a mystery where to start to look,
If only there was a guide you could read like a book!

That's part of the fun of the event,
It is honestly time well spent,
Looking around the map to find the cool prizes,
Ones that come in all shapes and sizes!

Often the prizes will be in the form of a goodie bag,
They will be popular to collect so you may experience some lag,
The bags are typically unique every season,
Looks like you just keep finding another reason!

Collecting them with your friends can be exciting,
You guys can share the location of the treats with each sighting,
The best part is that everyone is a winner,
This activity is easy to participate even for a beginner!

The bags can be opened and have cool things,
Sometimes rare items that were fit for kings,
So what are you waiting for come on down,
Trick or treating in Neopia will fix any frown!

Anagrams of Eliv Thade
by gumgum101230

Gilly and Sophie go trick-or-treating
Every Halloween,
But this year they happened upon
A truly spooky scene! 

The friends had taken a new route
And were suddenly afraid
As they found themselves trapped within
The Castle of Eliv Thade! 

"Happy Halloween to you all,"
Eliv Thade said, beaming.
"To leave, you must solve this riddle:
What is my name's meaning?" 

Sophie decided to speak first,
Shaking with every breath:
"Since he appears to be undead,
His name could mean LIVE DEATH." 

Gilly replied that the answer
May not be so simple:
"Perhaps when he had been alive,
He always HATED EVIL! 

"Or maybe his name references
Some secret hidden clothes,
And this HEATed DEVIL is named after
The VEILED HAT he chose!" 

"Names can mean anything you want!"
Sophie finally said.
"Since we choose our own destinies,
I pronounce THEE VALID!" 

Eliv's demeanour then softened
As tears began to show;
He said, "That wasn't the right answer,
But I think I'll let you go."

Halloween Petpet Parade!
by coyote90

It's time for the Halloween Petpet parade!
Watch as they all begin to invade!
Come one, come all, and see this sight!
They'll do their best to give you a fright! 

Just look at this cute little Baby Blu!
He's all dressed up like Count Von Roo!
And don't worry, this Kookith doesn't feel crummy.
It's just a costume, he's a cute little mummy! 

The Mazzew and Symol are both tiny witches,
Watch as their antics put you in stitches.
Is that an apple trying to move?
Oh, wait, it's a Tenna! Just watch it groove! 

We're watching the Halloween Petpet parade!
Just look at them all start to promenade.
A warning to onlookers: be aware!
For they're going to try to give you a scare! 

In his costume, the Gallion sure likes to boast,
For he thinks he's so cool dressed up like a ghost.
The Meepit's enjoying his vampire disguise,
And nothing's more creepy than those glowing red eyes! 

Look how the Triffin and Gypmu both match,
Together they look like a small pumpkin patch!
And unlike the others, the Geb is quite sweet,
Looking just like a candy corn treat! 

It's the end of the Halloween Petpet parade!
Wasn't that fun?  I'm glad you stayed!
But despite all the frights, there's no need to fear,
For the Halloween Petpet parade comes again next year!

Halloween Pets
by therainbowsheep

It is time for Halloween Pets to shine!
Behold their majestic black capes.
On Chombies, Grarrls, Jetsams and more,
They are so artfully draped.

Some instead have markings,
In the form of skeleton bones.
Acaras, Eyries, Kaus,
Fit this particular tone.

There are those covered head-to-toe
In a traditional mummy wrap.
Rukis, Techos, and Unis,
Can unravel at the slightest tap!

Bruces and Chias represent witches,
With crooked hats standing tall.
Flotsams are spooky ghosts,
With sheets draped like a shawl.

For something a little more devious,
And bold, red like the devil,
Look no further than the Aisha or Koi,
Both are on another wicked level!

Pumpkins are also present,
In the Jubjub and the Kiko.
Though often mistaken for fruit,
They are known for their orange glow! 

Such diversity in colour and markings,
In features, accessories, and wings,
Tonight, this Halloween evening,
These spooky pets will make your heart sing!

A Halloween Night with Neopets Tarot Reading
by aninha_morango

It's one of the most expected nights of the year,
Mystical creatures, pranks, and goodies — it's Halloween!
"This date should be all about terror", many speak,
But a few Neopians think it should be whatever you wish.

Rumour has it there's a secret new fortune-teller,
Finding them is only the beginning of the challenge.
Unlike the known ones, which have a different method,
The mysterious figure uses the beautiful Neopets Tarot Deck.

Your curiosity makes you wonder where they could be,
Luckily, a gossipy Neopian whispers what you need to hear.
They're in a hidden place next to the famous Brain Tree,
You follow the path, so with your own eyes, you can see.

A creature with the whole body covered in black, you spot,
As you walk closer, you find a curious comfort in their voice.
They politely ask you to sit by the old wood table and stop,
There's no need to give them anything in return; that's odd.

Step by step, they explain how the whole process works,
You ask a question, pull a card, and pay attention to their words.
They warn you not to ask anything you're not prepared to know,
The answer might be tough enough to get you feeling really low.

You've made your decision; it's time to face your biggest fears,
Concentrate on your question, pull a card and prepare your ears.
"What does the Neopian World hold in the future for me?"
A card with the image of Siyana is pulled  — The Star it is.

You'll be blessed with unbelievable luck, says the Tarot Reader,
What you most desire isn't impossible; fate will make sure you reach it.
Darkness shall be far away from you; light is going to keep your path clear,
All the sorrow will fade, and only joy will cause your eyes to shed tears.

With no more questions to ask, you thank them and find your way back,
You decide to take those words as true; they somehow make you happy.
The most simple Halloween celebration is the best one you've ever had,
With or without treats, the sweetest taste is hope for the bright days ahead!

Count Von Roo’s Halloween
by i_lovee_icecream

On All Hallow’s Eve Night,
Prepare for quite a fright.
With fangs out and ready to bite,
A round of Deadly Dice, done right. 

Enter the castle of the Count,
Where luck and chance are paramount. 
Don’t hold back on his account,
Von Roo can sense your self-doubt.

“Trick-or-Treat!” you boldly say,
The Blumaroo shoots a glance your way.
He locks the door, you’re here to stay;
Hold your ground, come what may.

Roll the dice together now,
Then we’ll see who takes the bow.
Will you come out ahead somehow?
Or will your level plummet? Pow!

Count Von Roo celebrates Halloween,
Taking power from Neopets unseen.
His stare and stance are scary and mean,
From your life force, energy he gleans.

Count Von Roo celebrates Halloween,
Taking power from Neopets unseen.
His good fortune is ever so keen,
Toting your levels, this Blumaroo preens.

Neopian Trick-or-Treating
by brooklyn3223

If you go out in Neopia tonight
You are in for a sweet surprise.
If you dare to brave this hallowed eve
You will find all the Neopets in disguise.

As the sun sinks slowly down
And the moon rises full in the sky,
All the residents begin to roam 
For this is Halloween, let’s fly!

From shop to shop, trick-o-treaters make their way,
Bags and buckets in hand.
Seeking out some sweet treats and toys
From each and every stand.

The shopkeepers in the Plaza hand out candies with a smile,
Admiring all of the costumes that approach.
Another group arrives, bags outstretched
Their disguises are truly beyond reproach.

A Bruce dressed up like a witch,
A vampire Cybunny wrapped in a cape,
A werewolf Lupe with bright green eyes,
And a Zombie Draik with mouth agape.

Smiles extend from ear to ear
As the shopkeepers hand out bags filled to the brim.
They exclaim “Thank you!” and turn to leave
Heading off to the next haunt through the dim.

If you go out in Neopia tonight
You are in for a sweet surprise.
If you venture out with the ghosts and ghouls
You will return home with a prize!

The Halloween Lupe’s Howl
by maculose

Luke the Kacheek was with his friends.
It was Halloween, and there was a trend.
They told him a tale that was quite foul.
It was the scary tale of the Halloween Lupe’s Howl.

On Halloween when Pets played tricks,
A group of friends had taken their pick.
They chose a house and began to peg.
They pegged the house with many eggs.

As they stopped, they grabbed a towel.
They wiped their hands and heard a howl.
This howl startled the group of friends,
As their fun was suddenly put to an end.

The friends looked up and felt a swoop.
Jumping over them was a Halloween Lupe.
This Lupe was huge with glowing eyes.
The friends ran away like tiny scared flies.

“That’s not real,” said Luke with a shrug.
“You guys are more annoying than bugs.”
His friends pointed forward, quiet as a mouse.
They were pointing to an abandoned house.

Shaking under Luke were his legs,
As his friends gave him a carton of eggs.
“If you don’t believe us, give it a go.
Take these eggs and begin to throw!”

Luke threw the eggs and rolled his eyes.
He knew his friends had created this lie.
Luke was covered in eggs, so he grabbed his towel.
Suddenly they heard that chilling howl.

They ran away as they screamed.
They didn’t intend to be so mean.
Luke couldn’t move as he became stuck.
The howl grew closer, just his luck!

A giant Lupe began to appear.
Luke began to shake, engulfed in fear.
“Why did you throw eggs at my home?”
The Halloween Lupe asked as he spit out a bone.

Luke couldn’t talk so the Lupe opened his jaw.
He lunged towards Luke, causing him to fall.
Luke closes his eyes and let out a scream.
He then woke up... It was just a dream.

La chasse aux bonbons dans les Bois Hantés
by werdesy

Oyé! Oyé!
La chasse aux bonbons est commencée!
Rendez-vous aux Bois Hantés
Attention à ce qui pourrait vous arrivez!

À Halloween, l’ambiance est différente
Tout le monde à quitter son kiosque
Frissons garantis, il y a des tas d’Os!
Première arrêt, Edna, qu’elle est élégante! 

La parcours de passe à merveille
Nos chers Neopiens prennent confiance
AHHHH! Un arbre cervelle!
Quelle horreur! Un Esophagor qui a soif de vangeance!

Plusieurs jeux d’Halloween sont prévus!
Vient chercher des pommes dans la chaudière !
Un tour de la Roue, une malchance est attendu
Vous n’en croyez pas vos paupières !

Un parcours effrayant
Un sac de bonbon bien grand
Du plaisir entre amis
Pour cette journée bien speciale, je vous dis!

Joyeux Halloween!

Sydney's Reprieve of All Hallow's Eve
by actiontal

Kooky spooky is a Korbat’s whim
Flapping wings by stones so grim 
High in the sky is where he takes flight
Preparing his dread for all Hallow’s night 

He’s mixed his potions all year long
Things even Sophie would find strong
A madcap scientist in a madcap lab 
Speaking only to himself in his confab

Where does he plan these potions to drop?
Above the Haunted Woods, yes, full-stop 
Over the tombs and through the woods 
Across from where the Brain Tree stood 

Down the crypts and through the graves 
Preparing chemistry for a Hallowed Day 
And what should from these potions appear?
A sinister fog making everything unclear 

But the Haunted Woods is already quite scary
And the ghouls here aren't imaginary 
There’s his goal, his end in sight 
He was a mastermind, prepped for tonight 

His potions were just a ruse, you see
Just to divert attention mysteriously 
But what was his plan along the way?
And what is that hissing scratch you say? 

Taking a page from Kanrik tonight 
And risking his wings for this plight 
He swooped down to Sidney’s cart
And stole the jackpot tickets kept apart

"NOOOO!" Sydney cried, "my ticketssss!"
Too late, all he caught were the crickets
He hissed and he cursed the sky, 
And slyly smiled as the Korbat flew by

Happy Halloween!
by truebrony

Happy Halloween!
It’s time to Trick-or-Treat!
Let’s travel through Neopia
In search of sweets to eat!

We’ll wear our finest costumes
As we gather on the streets,
We’ll fill our baskets to the brim
With such delicious sweets!

The Neohomes look festive
With their spooky decorations,
Orange lights shine oh so bright
With their illumination!

Someone’s dressed as Dr Sloth,
Someone’s Commander Garoo!
These costumes sure are spooky
But they look so stylish, too!

Oh, look! It’s Queen Fyora,
And over there is Kari!
These Neopets sure know
How to dress just like the Faeries!

When the night comes to an end,
Our baskets will be full.
Let’s celebrate this Halloween
With candy and fun for all!

A Haunted Woods' Halloween
by greencheese79

One night a year, a bit to the west,
Creatures start stirring, awake from their rest.
Readying themselves for their favourite fest.
The Haunted Woods becomes more alive.

Joining the cry of a Baraga's hiss,
Sidney's token laugh at a fortune amiss.
Who knows what lurks in this eternal darkness,
For the undead are soon to revive.

The air becomes filled with sounds quite unknown,
From shrieks to screams and howls to groans.
"IIT'SS TIIIIMMME!" the Esophagor gravely moans,
Setting a course of action into drive.

But aside from the gloom, excitement's in the air.
Decorations and treats are being prepared.
Unhappy faces are exceptionally rare.
Trick-or-treating starts at five!

Sophie grabs ribbon, her Meowclops by her side.
A Spyder upon her hat hangs for a ride.
She makes sure her treat bags are properly tied.
No kiddos shall leave there deprived.

A Werelupe howls to call in the night.
The Batterflies get spooked and start to take flight.
The Woods soon light up with bright candlelight.
Halloween in the Haunted Woods has arrived!

A Toothsome Night
by quillweave

My, what tasty Pets you have!
And what a lovely evening, we
May share this sweet, festive parade
With such delicious sights to see!

For none holds hunger such as I,
The Lupe whose spirit haunts these lands,
And no night offers such a feast
To sate my belly's fierce demands! 

Is that a Blumaroo I spy?
Dripping with Custard aching sweet,
And there a Coconut smiles,
Given away by Jubjub feet,

My favourite Chia ambles past,
An Apple gleaming green and bright,
Imagine! Dipped in caramel,
What a fine meal this lovely night...

And Candy! Oh, so many kinds,
Sour, soft and sugary,
Jelly pPts wobble on by,
And oh, they smell enticingly...

A Chocolate Aisha, what a sight!
With cherry ropes for reaching ears,
That Biscuit Skeith smells freshly baked,
And not one looks at me with fear,

That’s why I celebrate this night,
When even I can wander free,
Amidst the costumes, not one spies
That there is something more to me,

I’m just another ghost, you see,
Another seeking trick or treat,
Or so I would have you believe
That candy’s all I wish to eat.

So best look twice this haunted night,
Or you might find despairingly,
Your Pets instead of treated, tricked,
And this ghost with a full belly!

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