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Neopets Poems

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Pteri Day Special

The Press Shopkeeper
by corrina404

Beyond the end of the creepy path,
Where citizens once exacted their wrath,
A shopkeeper sells her wares,
And discusses the town’s affairs.

Buy the paper and read the news,
Learn who fell for the latest ruse,
This Neovian press has prints,
Plus gossip, rumour and hints.

Mystery and intrigue not just in books,
Be aware if you start to get looks,
Don’t let her hear your private story,
Tomorrow it will be her allegory.

Somehow she avoids detection,
Daily she practices deflection,
Never the subject of scandal,
Being covert she can handle.

Her shoppe the centre of a restored city,
Uniting all with stories so witty,
Customers expect the extra tea,
With their morning paper delivery. 

For the shopkeeper with so much to say,
Have a happy Pteri day!

A Very Merry Pteri Day
by gerr410

It's a merry day indeed
when all the Pteris come out to play.
They start emerging from their comfy nests
to celebrate their special day!

Gliding through the skies of Tyrannia,
the Pteris stretch their ruffled wings.
They soar high above the Tyrannians below
as they laugh and squawk and sing.

When they land, the Pteris' tummies rumble.
How could they forget?
To celebrate requires a hearty meal,
perhaps some worms or a slice of Giant Omelette!

As they guzzle down their favourite foods,
the Pteris lick crumbs off their beaks.
Their rotund, bloated bellies rumble no more,
so now there's room for fun times to seek.

"What should we do now?", the Pteris ponder.
"Should we go and spin some Wheels?"
But Pteris are far from mediocre and monotonous,
so this is quite an awkward ordeal...

"I've got it!", one of the Pteris shouts.
"I know where we should go!"
"A concert would round out this merry day perfectly."
So they all fly toward the west of the Plateau.

At the Concert Hall, the Twisted Roses play,
and the Pteris stomp their taloned feet.
They have fun rocking out for the rest of their special day
while they swing their feathered tails to the beat.

Pteri Flying Championships
by alagfalaswen

We’ve all been waiting ages
for this championship to near,
They’ve honed their tricks and quick wing flicks -
At last, it’s that time of year! 

Even the Golden Pteri
spectates this grand event;
Not even fear of Black Pteri’s leer
can effectively prevent

The crowd from gamely swarming 
The hallowed racing grounds,
Or stem the cheers of volunteers
as, from the Neopian towns - 

Pteris of every colour,
Size, origin and age,
Soar easily to cries of glee
To land on the sporting stage. 

After quick organizing,
some disgruntled few grips and snips,
The whistles blow, and off they go - 
In the Flying Championships!

Tyrannian Sky
by annascorpian

Wading through the lush jungles, 
Wandering around the barren plains
On land, Grarrl and Tonu are in charge,
Up above the Pteri reigns.

Exploring an ancient land, 
Awe and excitement everywhere.
Take a break, grab some omelette,
Spin the wheels if you dare.

As I adventure the Pteri swoops down,
I don’t know whether to smile or frown.
His feathers glimmer majestically, 
His eyes smirk gleefully, 
Is he here to soar peacefully? 
Or will he play a trick on me? 

Hearing a sound in the distance, 
I cast my eyes away from him as quick as a flash.
Although I had heard Pteris can be jokers,
I did not expect one to steal my cash! 

Though he squares and chortles with his friends, 
It is clear that there is no intent, 
He revels in his successful prank, 
Then returns the money, no harm was meant.

So up in the Tyrannian sky live nature's finest joker,
On the ground, you may feel wary,
Understandably, they are quite scary.
Just remember they are here to have fun,
Soaring above the Tyrannian sun.

The Black Pteri
by parody_ham

Woe to all who hear the call
Of misery incarnate
Pteri Black as night, they say,
Of ghostly wood desolate.

His wailing cry, and eyes that spy
An unsuspecting soul
Lest he claim you as his own
Amidst his long patrol.

Doom and gloom upon the world
He croons in morose tiding
Until his final judgment call
All of time is biding.

“Fight me if you dare!” declares
The taloned, onyx spectre
His jet-Black feathers pierce the night
And shine like a reflector.

Woe to all who hear the call
Of misery incarnate
Pteri Black as night, they say,
Of Haunted Woods desolate

Down For Maintenance Pteri
by treeword

Many things give me the creeps,
But nothing is quite as scary,
As opening up
To the Down For Maintenance Pteri.

With his beady red eyes,
That mock my instant sorrow,
Knowing I may have to wait,
To play my dailies ‘til tomorrow.

Oh, we’ve all seen his fake tears,
Pretending to understand our despair,
While he holds the site captive,
Supposedly in some type of repair.

With his flapping Red wings,
Feathers all a flying,
He thinks his frenzied concern,
Will keep us all from crying. 

We know it’s not truly his fault,
He’s just the face of the site,
But seeing his snarky little beak,
Zaps the day's true delight.

Because our obsessions reign true,
The thirst for Neopets is strong,
And if he thinks we have other hobbies,
Well, he’s very, very wrong.

We’ll continue to curse him,
We’ll wish him an untimely demise,
We’ll hope he’s redrawn,
Into a hundred Batterflies.

Oh, It must be hard to realize,
That when you disappear,
The entire Neo community,
Breaks out in a raucous cheer!

Pteri, Pteri
by tythered

Pteri, Pteri everywhere
Flying here and flying there
Playing tricks with laughing squawks,
Even on the cranky Krawks!

From Tyrannia they fly,
As feathers dance across the sky.
Looking for some new best friends
Who will fly with them until the end.

They cross the sea and over the hills,
Above Terror Mountain, getting chills,
Searching for friends to accrue,
Could it be me, could it be you?

When they've found their heart's desire,
So many new friends now acquired,
They'll settle down and build a nest
Pteris really are the best!

Pteri, Pteri everywhere
Flying here and flying there,
Swoop down here so I can say,
Have a happy Pteri Day!

A Pteri's First Flight
by askyrem

Darkness dissipated and lights blinding newborn Pteri,
Breaking off the shell of a Baby Pteri,
A morph of life unlike any other.
Looking up at the clear blue sight,
Hoping to join the rest,
Flapping their wings in the boundless skies.

Lacking strength yet brimming with resolve,
He works on flapping his wings,
Yet they were close to non-existent.
The struggle is real,
With no end in sight,
On the journey to flight.

Other larger Pteris chanced upon the sight,
Laughing manically at his pointless struggle.
Yet determined the Pteri is,
Never bothered by the annoying hiss.
Taking the disgust and jeers as songs,
A music to the ears instead of woe.

Days and nights passed,
What may seem like an impossible dream,
Comes closer to an actual reality.
The Pteri's spirit starts to soar,
Heightens each moment day or night,
The power of will comes to light.
Softly and deftly, baby steps it is,
Harken towards the spirit that sharpens,
Sensation stirring everlasting.

Grasping and feeling it,
It no longer seems like a fantasy.
The senses awaken and the soul burns bright,
The time is now after growing up,
To leave the abode of birthright behind.
Living as he never did before,
Flapping his wings of pure beauty,
Let the little one start to soar.
Chirping the majestic tune,
Flying where he longs to be,
With newfound freedom across the boundless skies.

Baby Pteri Bath Sponge
by pixie_tea

Baby Pteris have soft, delicate feathers that fall out easily when being too rough,
They want to stay clean like all the other Pteris ---- how can they do that they would ask... now that's tough!
To all the Baby Pteris out there, I've got you covered!
The Baby Pteri Bath Sponge is what they could use... was what I discovered.

No more shedding of feathers for you little ones,
Now that's removing a lot of the burden in tons!
This cute sponge is shaped just like a Baby Pteri,
And it's the best-selling product this year for Pteris, so no more need to be wary.

Older Pteris can enjoy this product too,
Both Baby Pteris and older Pteris can use this bath sponge to stay clean and be as good as new.
The sponge will definitely help with removing dirt and exfoliating and at the same time be as gentle as the softest cloud,
No more shedding of feathers, dirt, grime, or flaky feathers--- now say that again proud and loud!

All they have to do is mix the sponge with soap lather and gently rub the sponge on their feathers all over,
After bathing or showering with the help of that sponge, the Pteris will feel as clean as the freshest clover.
But remember to replace the bath sponge, my dear Pteris, for hygienic purposes,
Or else other Pteris can smell you and they may spray you with hoses.

Golden Pteri: The Comeback!
by profebest

Flying across the sky of Meridell,
Between the clouds, a Golden Pteri was seen.
Never before seen faded from the scene,
It's going around the sky was barely seen twice.

Lookin' for something desperate, it seems,
Another Pteri known as the Champion- 
was walking back into the Battledome,
When noticed the Golden Pteri went-
directly to him.

The Golden Pteri flies overhead and suddenly-
It's raining Neopoints from the sky.
5,709 Neopoints to be exact. He must like you.
Pteri Champion was happy with that amount.

Taking the Neopoints changed the destiny-
to a Battledome shop to buy a weapon.
An Aisha known as Lisha was walking by
the same area as Pteri Champion did.

The Golden Pteri flies overhead-
but the Aisha wasn't a Pteri.
He flew away, very far away,
Lisha was confused, so kept walking forward.

Could this be the return of Golden Pteri?
Only way to find out this Random Event-
It's to be super lucky and have a Pteri.
As active from your Neopets.

Happy Pteri Day!

The Pastel Pteri: A Flamboyant Friend
by _brainchild_

This Pteri certainly delights!
No finer bird will be in sight.
The colours are a sweet Pastel,
Which suits the creature very well.

From aqua-coloured head to toe
Plus Purple, Pink, and Indigo,
This lively bird is beautiful!
Her hues enchant---they're never dull.

Her plumage is so soft. Why, I
Feel like I'm touching clouds o'er sky!
The feathers are so shiny, too.
This glimmer is adorned by few.

This Pteri Day, if you pursue
A friend anew, then, just for you,
This vibrant Pteri shall await--
The avian pal is so great.

L’essort du Pteri
by kali3333

Rouge Pteri prend son essort
Et dans un dernier effort
Vole jusqu’a Meridell
Ou il arrive a tire d’aile

Son plumage est tout luisant
En bleu il est bien séduisant
Mais c’est bien sûr en camouflage
Qu’il resplendit sous les nuages

Ses deux ailes sont toutes bleues
Ses yeux clairs sont malicieux
Le ventre est teinté de turquoise
La tete est verte et ardoise

Il repart vers Faerieland
Et change sa houpelande
Pour prendre la couleur faerie
Dans laquelle il resplendit

C’est la préférée des enfants
Mais aussi des adolescents
Qui jouent à se déguiser 
Avec des costumes de fées

Waiting For The Golden Pteri
by chrisy_chan

Oh flying overhead I long to see see,
A flash of gold,  my destiny,
I’ve heard the tales of wondrous gifts,
and my spirits sure could use a lift. 

The coins will come raining down,
riches sprinkled ‘cross the ground.
Left for you to gather up,
fill your pockets, fill your cup!

I dream of the day, I see the sight,
I wish I may, with all my might.
And then one day, high in the sky,
that flash of gold is finally mine.

The speck grows bigger, ever near,
soon there will be nought to fear!
But he does not seem to slow for me,
oh surely, this cannot be!

My Pets are at my side, we wait,
please I need this prosperous fate!
but no Pteris are with me on this day,
and so, alas, he flies away.

The Pteris' Nest
by swordlilly

Deep in the heart of Tyrannia,
Unseen on any map,
There is a quiet mountain where
Trees curve around a gap.

When you sneak inside, you feel
A sudden warmth and hush.
The cave is filled with jagged rocks;
The moss is soft and lush.

You hear a steady dripping sound
And turn to see a pool,
Greenly bubbling on the cavern floor,
Nurturing and cool.

The eggs are nowhere to be seen,
But when you look above the trees,
There's the merest hint of a flicker--
And distant tremors shake your knees.

A slow unease descends on you;
You feel you've stayed too long.
On the way out, you put the leaves
Back where they belong.

And as you turn to watch the sky
You cannot help but see
Two shadows fly in arcs above,
Graceful, strong and free.

by tangey_zumi

A grim feeling comes over you
As the Black Pteri warns of despair.
“Evil to befall in Neopia,
Everyone best beware”

To the terror of Neopets everywhere
This creature monitors the skies.
Their warnings are unwelcome 
Sending Neopets running to hide.

It’s unknown what the Pteri may know
About a pending catastrophic event.
Their intimidating appearance
Suggests that their words are a threat.

I can’t help but wonder, if long ago
The Black Pteri flew with a flock.
Maybe it's pain in their shriek,
Reminiscent of a time that’s been lost.

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