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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Faerie Festival Special

The Faerie Festival Begins
by truebrony

The Faerie Festival begins,
As all the Faeries prepare
By getting themselves ready
For this beautiful affair.

Fyora dons her dazzling crown,
Jhudora sits on her thundering cloud.
Illusen combs her earthen hair,
Naia sings as soft as air.

Kari brings her charm and cheer,
Aethia grabs her sword and shield.
Mira lights the sky with stars,
Kaia dances with grace and charm.

Now the dazzling lights are on
And Faerieland is glowing!
The Faeries are here to welcome you,
Their smiles are surely showing!

Fyora's Festival Advice
by x_hollisterjuicy

Shop doors open wide in early morning light,
Faeries and Shopkeepers have been on duty all night.
Customers shift anxiously, all lined in a queue,
Today starts the Faerie Festival, summer is through.

Neopians are waiting to offer help and seek reward,
The crowd grows hushed as Queen Fyora steps forward.
From the market square she offers this advice,
Our magic can be shared - for just a small price.

To help us make our spells, all we ask is this,
Fetch a few ingredients - here, we’ve made a list
Items of all rarities, treasures from each land,
Food, beauty, plushies, magic, furniture, and sand.

Each Faerie needs a hand and will bestow her own gift.
(Except the Grey Faerie, we’ll give her a lift.)
Be it level, strength, health, or defence you seek,
You may be blessed them by the Faeries,
We’ll be here all week!

A select lucky few will win the best prize of all,
A visit to the Rainbow Fountain, 
Just heed Naia’s call.
Paint your pet a new colour, no Paint Brush required.
Go ahead, do your quests - before we get tired!

Mysterious Faeries
by vivixh

They sure can be quite mysterious,
Maybe even somewhat imperious.
Living high up in a cloud, 
They might have forgotten how it is for us normal crowd. 

Toys, clothes, cards and books.
They send us out to search.
While they watch us from their high perch.
But to pay I cannot use just my good looks.

Although one elusive Faerie likes to donate for free,
As fleeting as she is, we cannot even see. 
She leaves a grey-green sea of stuff,
And disappears in a blur

We have been told it is the Dung Faerie,
But one faerie leaving so much stuff?
Is it really just one Dung Faerie strewing,
Or is it multiple faeries' "doo"-ing...

The Rainbow Fountain
by kaitlinhoneybee

I bathed in waters
Once, so sheer and crystalline
My soul did rise up

Cleansed myself of I,
Turned askew to view the sky; 
Cerulean charm 

Each wave refracted 
A different story back 
Ribbons of the sun 

Chartreuse–summer grass 
Orchid blossoms, autumn looms 
Winter primroses 

My soul landed soft 
On its feet, like a feather 
Wisps of who I was 

Whispered under the 
Clouds; I heard them singing out 
My name, silver notes 

A lone melody
Rang out in the sky, carried
On the backs of birds 

The water, mirror 
Reflected, unfamiliar 
Myself back to me 

I slipped off the clouds
Scared, I grasped at the sky; It 
Could not hold my fear 

The birds, they caught me 
I flew beside the sun; And 
Sang the harmony 

In rhythm, returned
My soul to my chest, I saw 
In the mirror: me

Light Faeries
by neoreturnee

Light up Neopia,
Light Faeries unite,
Not even tonight,
Darkness fades with their light!

Blessed upon the light,
Abilities for battle,
Reflect with the light!
Static cling with the light,
And positive thinking,
Are yours for the winning,
If you battle with light!

Do not fear the dark,
When you are in the light,
Get ready to embark,
The journey in sight,
With the Faeries' light!

The Wraith Resurgence: Queen Fyora's Fight for Faerieland
by _brainchild_

The Wraiths are coming! What to do?
This situation, grim,
Has turned our skies from cheery blue
To storms so black and dim.

I, along with fellow kind
Of wings, must wreck the ones
Who trashed our festival. A bind
They crafted stole our sun.

Kaia stays in such a trance,
Yet help is what she brings!
Taelia also takes a stance,
Opposing those who sting.

The kind Neopians have gathered
Ectoplasms. She
Shall mix them up to fight absurd
Behemoths, evil fiends.

Therefore, no other cauldron will
Be smashed on royal gaze!
These rotten vandals have me filled
With anger o'er the haze.

The fights are tough, and beasts are mean,
But we must wage a fight.
They are the worst we've ever seen,
Yet we are full of might.

Eventually, we have prevailed!
Us faeries are relieved.
Despite the fact we were assailed,
A win has been achieved.

There may be quite a rotten mess,
But we will all rebuild.
For victory, we feel quite blessed---
We dance around, so thrilled.

Pirate Candychan Chantey
by miraday

Avast ye, and listen to this chantey
Of me journeys and me hearties.
I be the only Candychan on the sea,
From Krawk Island to Faerie City.

Aye, it were a hard life as a stowaway,
Swayin’ in the hull by the water’s sway,
Plunderin’ for crumbs ’til the day I say,
“Cap’n, can I fancy ye in a parley?”

I toted me skills ’n showed me wings
And the cap’n said, “Ye can string
Up the mast with ease, then swing
The sails and fix the rigging!”

Promoted I was then, aye, it’s true:
Once a Candychan, now a pirate too,
’N no deckswabber, one to boot
With taff’ta breeches ’n velvet suit.

I be the lookout for Warf’s Wharf
’N other surly pirate on the surf—
When they’re spotted, I yell forth,
“Ahoy, ‘ere’s a battle ‘fore we port!”

It’s me pirate life, always on duty.
This Candychan’s no sailin’ newbie.
This chantey’s about the beauty
Of buccaneerin’— and all the booty.

Faerie Quests
by theguy2020

Faerie Quests are exciting,
They will help your pets excel at fighting,
Usually aren’t that hard to do,
But that’s something most Neopians already knew!

Many give your active pet Battledome stats,
You should celebrate by getting a faerie themed hat,
If you’re training agility and need some speed,
The Air Faerie is the one you need!

The WaterFfaerie will bless you with defence,
So don’t skip her quests if that makes sense!
The Fire Faerie will make you stronger,
I can already tell you can’t wait for this event any longer!

Queen Fyora provides one of the biggest rewards,
Truly a reward worth working towards,
The Fountain Faerie can paint your pet,
One of Neopia's most sought out events yet!

The faeries work very hard to help out,
This will be an exciting event without a doubt,
Many are looking forward to celebrating the faeries,
Next time you see one she might even ask for some berries!

The Faerie's Name
by andrehmf98

"One's magic is bound
To their wings state
In case of broken wings
Get a name you can relate"

Knowing the rules
A Faerie with fallen wings
Turned Grey without magic
Seeking their name in all things

The Faerie searched far and wide
And then searched near and tight
And then searched some more
For a brand new name to incite

After searching for eons and eras
A lovely name finally found
As he regained his wings
With a new name he was crowned

He finally renewed his colours
And his elements, and his pride
For now he surely is a Faerie
With a name true to his heart

Don't Mess With The Faeries!
by annikkiadepp_

Today we celebrate all the faeries,
whether they are good or bad
We gather round and we tell stories,
trying to decide who’s the most rad

Perhaps Fyora, queen of Faerieland?
Her appearance sure looks grand
However, she sells overpriced stuff:
10m for a book is quite rough.

What about Illusen? the gentle one
lovers of animals and wilderness
While I admit she may be fun,
her life sure looks like a mess.

The same goes for Jhudora:
end this rivalry already!
She surely emanates a scary aura
and her nerves are never steady. 

While each of them has flaws,
together they’re invincible
And we all know this because
they can beat every criminal.

Good luck to all the adversaries,
who stand in the way of the faeries.

Celebrating the Faeries
by shutianlei3333

All of the faeries do much good,
Helping in any way that they could.
They give Neopoints to those in need,
And are great role models indeed.

The faeries are precious like gems,
And once a year, people help them.
Each faerie has her own quest,
And everyone tries their best.

During the festival, people cheer
When they see the faeries appear.
The faeries all look very grand,
And everyone wants to shake their hand.

People do their quests even at night,
And also when the sun is bright.
That's how to show the faeries gratitude,
So let's keep up a positive attitude.

Happy Faerie Festival!

Ilere of the Woods
by _cherry_kisses_

Some say she is haunted
like these skeleton trees.
Some say she is deadly
as the Snowager’s freeze.

Some say her green, glowing
eyes are not to behold.
Some warn of her wrath
against wandering souls.

Her history twists
with curses and lies,
yet she carries compassion
she can’t quite disguise.

She gave Sophie refuge
in a lowly swamp place,
but others still ran in terror
upon viewing her face.

Some were unkind,
and some were afraid.
She lives among darkness
and the Graveyard of Games.

Draped in her dark green cloak,
she pens her long tale of woe,
like a song deep in the wood
where no one will go.

If you look close enough
in the folds of midnight,
you might see her wings,
pale leaves in moonlight.

Whether villain or faerie,
she’s misunderstood.
Most know only her name:
Ilere of the Woods.

Open the Gates!
by i_lovee_icecream

Open the gates! Open the gates! 
The Faerie Festival awaits!
Open the gates! Open the gates! 
There’s no time to hesitate!

The castle must be adorned,
In ribbons and banners galore.
All other activities are adjourned,
Let’s decorate more and more!

Open the gates! Open the gates! 
The Faerie Festival awaits!
Open the gates! Open the gates! 
There’s no time to hesitate!

What is that I see?
A quest made just for me?
Is it from the Soup Faerie?
Here’s a smoothie of islandberries!

Open the gates! Open the gates! 
The Faerie Festival awaits!
Open the gates! Open the gates! 
There’s no time to hesitate!

Wow! Two points in defence?
Save it for the future tense,
Let the festivities commence!
I can barely handle the suspense!

Open the gates! Open the gates! 
The Faerie Festival awaits!
Open the gates! Open the gates! 
There’s no time to hesitate!

Nereid the Water Faerie
by roxanna203

The ocean waves brandished the shores,
The salty air in particles it adores,
Nereid the Water Faerie peaked her head,
Breaking the surface tension ahead.

Her blonde hair glistening under the moon,
She glanced around whistling a soft tune,
The coast was clear and she sang louder,
This song was one that made her prouder.

It was a song many Water Faeries sang,
Thinking of childhood memories she sprang,
Out of the water making a loud splash,
Leaving the waves she broke to crash.

She thought of her friend Marina on land,
Excited for Faerie Festival she planned,
Reminiscing on their underwater escapades,
She giggled thinking of all the barricades.

If she was being completely candid,
She was even excited to see, granted,
The malevolent The Drenched Sisters,
With their many pranks, such tricksters.

Faerie Festival is a celebration day,
The gathering of old friends come to play,
What a joyous occasion for everyone,
Come and join in all the wonderful fun!

Faerie Fest, Prepare For A Quest!
by lesslynope

A festival today,
for faeries play, 
and many things to see. 

Head to the land 
of faeries grand!
What surprises will be?

Many activities 
of fae privities
can all be expected. 

Games and food
can be viewed 
if you have elected.

If you have lucky
a faerie so plucky
may ask of you a favour. 

If this sounds new, 
here's what to do!
These tips are a saver!

While it's scary 
when a faerie 
swoops down from the sky. 

Whether of light
or dark like night,
Don't worry nor be shy. 

It may be a quest, 
don't be stressed, 
if completed, a reward. 

Grab an item, or two, 
it's just what you do, 
and see what you scored!

It may be a stat,
or a Neocash hat, 
something to bring joy. 

It's quid pro quo
to on a quest go
in the faeries employ!

If a quester not, 
don't be distraught
there is plenty to do. 

With events daily
participate gaily
And try something new!

Visit a plush Grundo
who may give a hundo
from a festival long past. 

Grab soup for free,
Wing It with glee, 
you're sure to have a blast!

The Fountain Faerie glides up to you...
by cpssgh1004

While travelling Neopia I was once asked,
By Naia the faerie, long at last.
Finally a Fountain Faerie Quest I was given,
Never have I ran to the shops, so driven.

Rumours of a most wondrous reward at the end,
Made me forget how many Neopoints I was sure to spend.
I turn in the item as I had been asked to,
Then Naia says, "Next time you visit my fountain, I'll have a little surprise for you".

Approaching the fountain, I wonder what it could be.
Seeing the streams of colour made me jump with glee.
A waterfall of rainbows against clouds so white,
Never have I seen colours quite this bright.

Naia says you can send your Neopet in for a swim,
but be cautious if you do so on a whim.
You'll be able to select a new colour for your Neopet,
So make sure you pick one that you won't regret.

Seyueru takes a dip looking sad, glum and grey,
And emerges invisible, looking perfect for her new custom- HOORAY!

The Tooth Faerie
by therainbowsheep

Faerie Festival is here!
For all our faeries we cheer.
Of note, the Tooth Faerie is a gem
Though if you do not floss, she may condemn!

She flutters this way and that,
To collect fallen teeth and to chat.
She may give you Neopoints or her avatar -
Extra prizes if you're a brushing star!

Younger Neopians adore her antics,
Though older ones grow a little more frantic
No one wants to be reminded to floss,
Those encounters make Neopians cross.

Oblivious to the negativity, she still smiles
And continues offering dental tips in style!
Appointment reminders and advice galore,
With the Tooth Faerie, so much is in store.

A society with healthy, happy teeth is her goal
So she excels in her tooth faerie role!
Her dedication truly stands out,
Of her commitment there is no doubt.

Start of the Festival
by ennyra

Today is so very special,
Let me tell you why.
We need to gather in Faerieland,
So let's walk, swim, and fly.

A festival is starting today,
Hurry, don't be late!
There will be games and activities,
And plenty of food to fill your plate.

The Faeries can't wait to see you,
And share in their fun.
They've been so busy planning,
All year under moon and sun.

They hope you enjoy yourselves,
And tell all of your friends.
The Faeries will always support you,
Until the very end!

The Hungry Faerie Spyder
by darkhound45

A Faerie Spyder crawled down its web.
The Faerie Spyder’s name was Deb.
She was hungry and needed food,
Or else she’d be in a terrible mood.

She scurried around her little tunnel,
But nothing was coming down her funnel.
“Is there something else I should try?
Perhaps I should take to the sky?”

So Deb looked up and flapped her wings.
“I wonder what food the sky will bring.”
She began to fly but heard a noise,
So she started to land with great poise.

There was a lot of heat that was close by.
Something smelled like it was being fried.
Deb followed her nose to a camp,
Until she got to a hanging lamp.

She knew this smell, she could confirm.
The smell was yummy Tempura-Fried Worms.
She noticed an Eyrie was the cook.
He was painted Faerie and was reading a book.

She paused and turned around quite sadly,
Because she was a Spyder which was viewed badly.
The Eyrie looked up as she started to fly.
“Hey there Spyder, would you like to try?”

The Spyder was shocked, frozen like ice.
“Eyrie,” she said. “Why are you being so nice?”
The Eyrie smiled and let his hand extend.
“No matter one’s looks, everyone needs a friend.”

Lyra, Loyal Faerie
by precious_katuch14

When Faerieland fell
To Terask's might,
Amidst the darkness,
One faerie shone bright.

Lyra, Fyora's attendant,
Escaped into the halls,
Hoping to escape Terask
Within the cramped walls.

When all hope seemed lost
Lyra was the final play
To help the heroes 
Carry the day.

She provided potions
That could harm and heal.
All in all,
Quite the good deal.

She opened her doors
To weary travellers,
To allow them
To rest and prepare.

The battle against Terask
Would not have been won,
Were it not for a dark faerie
Who had been on the run.

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