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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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The Frantic Moments
By Togepi_forever

As Tuskaninny Day draws near,
I start to feel a twinge of fear,
Hold back the urge to scream and shout --
Who on earth will I write about?!
I've covered Palpus once, then twice,
And no one else seems near as nice.
Little Timmy's done naught at all to admire --
Perhaps Lummock Sendent would light up this fire?
But no, I can't find out enough --
I can't write a poem on bits of fluff!
Tico Tems is long retired --
No fun in a star whose light's expired!
Lord Briartree is selfish and rude;
Fairfax the Deckhand just sits and eats food.
Lost Soul would be nice -- if I knew him at all,
But the story about him I cannot recall!
The Slushie Waitress drives me mad --
A poem about her would surely be bad!
That's it! I can't take any more!
Close the windows, lock the door,
Grab the coffee, drain my cup...
I'll say it loudly -- I GIVE UP!

How the Cragstone Tuskaninny Was Nonviolently Disabled
By Reggieman721

As Rohane heaved his sword aloft
And brandished it with fearsome glare,
A creature blocked the mountain pass
And roared into the frosty air.

The Tuskaninny, grey as stone,
Raised up a shaggy, three-pronged paw.
In show of force, it scraped against
A nearby rock with razor claw.

Stalactite teeth curled past its chin;
Its eyes were lit with feral flame.
As Rohane tensed, prepared to strike,
A voice behind him called his name.

"Just wait," said Mipsy. "Let me try."
She closed her eyes and moved her lips.
A golden globe of light appeared,
Then shadow crossed it -- flash eclipse.

The spell was cast, and Rohane blinked.
The Tuskaninny's eyes were glass.
The unstained snow revealed ahead
A safely opened mountain pass.

At Helm
By _Razcalz_

From the start, she to herself
acknowledged that he was not of
the river, nor of the lagoon,
nor of waters tamed by
another's hand.

And she acknowledged
that it would happen one day,
and so it did --
doors unbolted one night,
gold coins taken
a note saying sorry;
and so the Tuskaninny became
naught but recollections to
those at home, a lad-turned-pirate
set sail for the sea he felt
could be nothing but a calling

One wave-crest at helm,
one dance of the sea-wind
over his shoulder, one
sunrise mirrored in his eyes
-- while salt spray,
dust-like, glimmered
for a moment --
proved him righter than any
imagining or thought
could ever have done.

Ode to the Faerie Tuskaninny
By Anjie

Idle waves do slowly crest,
Caress the sunlit shore.
Lapping past the lounging form,
With haste, retreat once more.
There she dwells on boulder's edge,
To watch the ebbing sea.
From tidal flow at dawn's own light,
To when the last beams flee.

A glimmer soft of molten gold,
As tail fin doth shift.
Here, relaxed, but in the waves,
It shivers, strong and swift.
Rotund form with twin sheaths blessed,
They span, translucent, bright.
Casting hues of crimson gold,
When softly filters light.

Merry gaze the waves doth trace,
The patterns she knows well.
The place where each sand grain does sit,
The shape of each small shell.
The shore and sea belong to her,
She guards the waters well.
Hearing secrets ocean sings,
That she shan't ever tell.

Lounging form awaits the dusk,
When boulder shivers, cold.
There she slips into the waves,
A flash of silken gold.
Seeking where the sun still warms,
When all above grows dim.
Through the ocean like a flame,
Shall creature shift and swim.

A Tuskaninny Dream
By Fleaf

'Neath a starry galaxy,
Where pinpricks do shine bright,
Ocean waves provide shelter,
For many Tuskaninnies tonight.

They dream of endless, icy seas,
Where floes do drift like monolith,
And of journeys where they traverse,
Under the sky's open zenith.

Their children, sliding in the snow,
Upon which gentle snowflakes fall,
And as they lift their noses with glee,
To touch the patterns, enthralled.

Yes, the Tuskaninny live a lazy life,
But it is one filled with emotion,
For there is nothing here to harm them,
Out in the icy ocean!

Down the Cliff
By Elizafe42

Sparkling snow like leaves in fall
Gently lights upon the slopes.
Mountains jagged, cold and tall,
Never climbed by pick or rope.
Here a game is often played,
One of danger, risk, and skill,
But if mistakes are ever made,
The prices paid outweigh the thrill.

The rules here are simple, see
Lost words are yours to find
Guess a letter, (A, B, C?)
Don't rush, and take your time.
Your every guess is numbered, though,
Don't forget that as you play,
Don't lose yourself in downy snow,
Or let mind drift away.

The catch? Why yes, there is a catch,
The game's not as it seems.
If you want to know, then simply ask
The Tuskaninny green.
For each wrong answer or mistake
Or careless guess or try,
Another step, he slowly takes,
Toward the cliff top, high.

And what should happen if you lose,
Didn't guess the words in time?
The Tuskaninny holds his breath
And lingers on the climb.
Then, like canyon rock, he drops,
Down the hanging cliff.
Spectators gasp, then laugh and mock --
He lands in a snowdrift!

Fairfax the Deckhand
By Dragonstorm_75

Richly spread is the oaken board,
Food aplenty heaped with care.
The fork, a stick, the knife, a sword,
Ready to feast upon the fare.

Fairfax readies his bulging tummy,
(For a Tuskaninny, his is quite small!)
Ready to eat whatever's his fancy,
Veggies and fruits, he likes it all!

The Food Club is his delicious domain,
A second home to his sea-riding soul.
Where pirate gamblers have their free rein,
Where youthful Fairfax has full control.

"Aye," they say, "here's that sproggy,"
And they'll bet 'til their pockets lay bare.
Who shall eat well, who shall be merry,
Who will devour the heaping fare?

Fortunes lost and fortunes gained,
By peckish members' appetites.
This is for what they have daily trained,
To simply keep on making their bites.

So there sits Fairfax, not so content,
Gripping his stomach, recently full.
Of his tourney there comes one torment...
"Does anyone have any Flat-U-Less tablets?"

Ode to Goltron Mk 1
By Maggskaggs

Hailing from the Virtupets team,
A robotic Tuskaninny goal-stopping machine.
His Yooyuball skills cannot be disputed;
His athletic ability is clearly computed.

Created from cogs and a great deal of metal,
For less than a victory, he'll never settle.
His mind is focused on only the prize;
No Yooyuball player escapes his robotic eyes.

He rolls onto the field with a clink and a clunk,
Ignoring comments: "What's that piece of junk?"
He is so consistent, he'll wear you to tears.
His head is full of wires, transistors, and gears.

Although unable to process abnormal behaviour,
For the Virtupets team, oh, he is their saviour!
He keeps the goal protected time and again,
Keeping the Yooyu out of the his own team's end.

Programmed only to keep the Yooyu out of the goal,
It's hard to transition from his Altador Cup role.
Operating system crowded with Yooyu equations,
He can't comprehend concept of other occasions.

The Ice Tuskaninny
By Amethyst_81

As though a statue, made of ice,
Atop a snowy peak,
The Tuskaninny gazes out
Upon a landscape bleak.
His glossy form of pallid hue
Doth slide down glacial path.
Flippers guide him off the edge,
To dive in icy bath.

In water doth his awkward lumber
Morph to fluid grace,
Propelled to speeds by massive tail,
None dare to match his pace.
Streamlined acrobatics,
In the frozen depths below,
Skimming on the surface,
Shimmering in sunlit glow.

Quite at home in frigid lands,
He basks on bed of snow,
As other Tuskaninnies flop
And slide on ice below.
Here he'll dwell for all his days,
For nowhere can there be,
A better-suited place for
An ice Tuskaninny.

Tuskaninny of Pomp
By Philopoet

Dressed in the finest clothes,
The royal Tuskaninny is a sight to see.

In fact, he expands in width, height as well.
With that great big hat of his,
He surely grows a yard.
Bejewelled as it is, heavy.
But he carries it with swagger,
Not a hint of embarrassment.

The rest of him is also full of pomp and puff.
Great poufy sleeves, billowing.
Crimson red, clashing with purple jacket.
Jewelled-up collar, studded excessively with rubies.
He's walking wealth, the height of true fashion.

Rather old-fashioned, actually,
But don't let him hear that.
He's still the king, naturally.
His skin is the tone of ripened plums.
A high collar rests around his neck,
Allowing him to look down,
At his subjects, disdainful glance.
Very confident, demanding, sure of his will.
Let's just say when a Tuskaninny turns into royalty,
Not only does he double in size...
But his ego does as well!

The Cowardly Tuskaninny
By Kitokat_mh

Jaared was a scared young soul,
Afraid to do most everything,
Too scared to laugh, too scared to dance,
Too scared to run, or jump, or sing.
Jaared was afraid of life,
Afraid of things that he might see,
Afraid to move away from home,
He was terrified of what could be.

As time went on, his fear grew worse,
And he grew afraid of games and toys.
He stood glued in one small spot
And jumped at every sight and noise.

As sunset came and darkness fell,
Jaared's heart was filled with fright,
As every shadow made him start
And his house was swallowed by the night.

Eventually, Jaared gave up,
And vowed to be afraid no more.
As he covered both of his eyes,
No sight could scare him anymore.

Simon the Negg Collector
By Anhong_12

There once was an avid Negg collector
Who was Simon the plushie Tuskaninny, And in order to complete his collection,
He went on a hunting spree.

There was no shop that would sell
The item he needed a lot,
So he ventured into the Snowager's lair
Where it would be less than hot.

In the cold freezing cavern
Where Simon headed with displeasure,
The Snowager slept soundly,
Its body guarding its treasure.

Thousands upon thousands of riches
Were toys, weapons, and more.
Every Neopet's dream was here;
Millionaires would love what they saw.

A Super Negg was on a pile,
The one he'd been searching for.
The Snowager was lying near it,
Protecting with a deafening snore.

The Negg was up so high, Poor Simon couldn't climb toward it.
But Simon had a fine idea
And a rock was thrown at it.

As the glassy Negg tumbled down,
The Snowager had awakened.
It slithered around the cave
To see what had been taken.

Pile after pile was checked,
Until it was sure there was no theft.
Tired the beast lay down
On a little plushie pet.

By Amdazalle

Beautiful, plump, streamlined body,
Made for gracefully dancing through
The salty emerald ocean depths,

Now lies sleeping, sprawled upon a
Glistening, foam-splashed boulder,
Coloured a vibrant deep coral.

Sunlight streaming down embodies
Pure essence of light and imbues
Coral-red rocks with life, with breath.

Foamy waves seem to be listening:
Every breath that lifts a shoulder,
Earns a splash appearing floral.

Sleeping Tuskaninny: Masterpiece --
Composition of light and form,
Contours, movement, tail, and fin.

A perfect example of peace,
a place of calm against the storm,
Of waves that swirl from thick to thin.

to a baby tuskanniny
By Autotune

open your eyes to the world.
be curious and be brave,
visit many places and
ask many questions;
offer kindness and
seek nothing else,
keep a cool head and
take daring risks.
make many mistakes,
but never forget and
never lose hope.

for you I make wishes of
the sun and the sky,
the stormiest seas;
rainshine and starfire
and Neopia's moons.
the world is within
your curious eyes; so
grow up strong, and
fill up with light --
but not too fast, please,
not too fast.

Slushie Slinger Waitress
By Carrotbreath

Time to close up her shop;
The Altador Cup is done
For the year,
Her last slushie has been slung.

The Slushie Slinger Waitress
Never has a hair out of place
While serving the fans
And always has a smile on her face.

Chokato, Zeenana, and Jumbleberry,
She always serves the best,
As the impatient customers
Never fail to protest.

Peophins, Nimmos, and Hissi
Await angry in queue,
But she never fails to please
Even without a crew.

Oh, Slushie Slinger Waitress,
You surely are swell!
Until Altador Cup VI
And may your year be well.

Tuskaninnies of the Rainbow Pool
By Ktkdk

Grey-blue with big spots,
He lounges upon the shore
Eating fish he caught.

He wears a doublet;
All this royal's clothes are silk
What he wants, he gets.

There are some who say
This royal girl is garish,
But that's just her way.

Blue, green, red, yellow,
Their colours may be basic,
But they're fine fellows.

After years of thought,
Virtupets has created
The perfect robot.

I am not too keen
On meeting the type of tusk
Seen on Halloween.

Last but not least, I
Love baby Tuskaninnies --
They're so young and spry!

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