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Neopets Poems

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Xweetok Day Special

Mutant Me
by 9kas

Peculiar, grotesque, weird, beastly
are oft-used words to describe me.
But is my outward appearance the thing 
that determines the Xweetok I may be?

Uneven, unsettling, amber eyes 
may haunt you deeply in your dreams.
But unlike the Lab Ray Scientist’s glare
my amber eyes bring warmth, it seems.

Hairless, worm-like, long, pink tail,
just like an Almost Gummy Rat.
But like the strawberry flavoured confection
a hint of sweetness lies under the bad.

Crooked, misaligned, big buck teeth,
my sneer seems sinister as Heermeedjet’s.
But if you’ll simply look past the smirk
a sheepish smile is my secret asset. 

Ragged, battered, torn-up ears,
a Lupe’s chew toy, savagely bitten. 
But amidst the exterior of imperfection 
is a perfect companion waiting to listen. 

Peculiar, grotesque, weird, beastly. 
It’s true - after all, I’m a Mutant Xwee.
But I hope someday you will discover
my big heart of love that you cannot see.

Mall Xweetok
by agedbeauty

Today is Xweetok Day
So let's head to the Mall
There's a Xweetok there 
Who has stuff for one and all.

This pretty Xweetok -
Well we may not know her name
But I promise if you shop
You see her often, all the same!

If you want to know what's popular
And you want to know what's hot
Head to the NC Mall - 
This Xwee will show you all the merch she's got.

Yes, she'll give you a heads-up
On what everyone is buying
Did you want a cookie, or
The new capsule everyone is trying?

Some of what this Xwee will show you
You might find surprising
Look at all the Lukewarm Pizza
That everyone is buying!

But this Xweetok 
Will also clue you in
You might want to grab some cookies
Or a cute Hue Brew Potion.

Regardless let's give thanks
To this pretty Xwee on Xweetok Day
For who doesn't love shopping -
Hip hip, hooray!

The Amateur Insider
by theguy2020

A rather mysterious Xweetok,
Never has time for small talk,
Always seems to disappear,
The Amateur Insider is one sneaky peer!

Moving in the shadows quietly,
Belonging to a secret society,
Years back she joined a group called the Sway,
Fighting for their cause everyday!

Even though one second she's there and the next she can't be seen,
There's no reason to think she's mean,
Probably busy completing an important task,
Her personality is her greatest mask!

Wearing a long black dress,
She does her best to avoid the press,
When in trouble she can always escape,
The last thing you'll see is her dark purple cape!

She can use her purse to do some damage,
More than you'd think she could manage,
Underestimating her will be her enemies demise,
One could say this is part of her disguise!

Be careful if you fight her in the Battledome,
Her turf is like her home,
She may use any advantage to win,
After she beats you she'll have a mighty grin!

The Great Xweetok Chase
by maculose

A Xweetok ran with the speed of light.
She was Biscuit and ran with all of her might.
There were several others as happy as can be.
They all screamed, “You can’t catch me!”

The one that chased was Blue and slow.
He tried really hard and wanted to show.
Most of them pointed and started to joke.
All of the insults are what they would poke.

“Why are you playing? You are not fast!
You should just take a nap over there in the grass!”
This cut the Xweetok really quite deep.
He did not respond nor uttered a peep.

He began to sit and started to cry.
The Biscuit Xweetok knew what to try. 
She quickly ran up and pretended to fall.
She then just laid there trying to stall.

The chasing Xweetok smiled real big.
He quickly jumped up and did a fun jig.
He ran real fast and tagged the other.
She was now it, time to tag another.

She ran as fast as she possible could.
She tagged the others like she knew she would.
They were all out and she was so proud.
She ran to the other and cheered really loud.

“This is my friend, so you should all be nice.
I would recommend you take my advice.
If you are mean, then I would beware.
I will tag you all and I do not care!”

The others left. Then there was two,
The Biscuit Xweetok and one that was Blue.
They sat there all day with the biggest smile.
They had so much fun and it had been quite a while.

A Xweetok to Suit You
by decaf0n

If you want a Xweetok
As your next Pet
You'll find a favourite colour
That's a sure bet!

You've got the basics
Red, Blue, Green, Yellow
But maybe your taste is different
Somethings flashy, or mellow

There's Biscuit or Chocolate
If you're feeling sweet
Stealthy or Robot
Now those look pretty neat

You might pick Fire or Magma
For something a little hotter
Then Water or Maraquan
If you're feeling underwater

RoyalBoy or RoyalGirl
If you want elegant
Perhaps even Transparent
But that seems a touch delicate

Halloween, Wraith, or Ghost
There's something spooky
Darigan or Mutant
Those're a mite kooky

Whatever your own taste
You're sure to find
That one special Xweetok
That's on your mind!

The Xweetok Style Specialists
by chai7705

When you're looking for all the latest of trends
And fashionable pieces to wow all your friends
Look no further than the NC Mall
In the "Popular" section, you'll find them all

A darling Xweetok, fur brown and mane Red,
Will show you both hottest and coolest threads
Her fresh wig of curls and magenta dress
Show that she knows her stuff when it's time to impress!

Or every Summer, there comes another Xwee
Who can help with your seasonal sunny shopping spree
Look for the Xweetok with shades worn on top
With bright Yellow mane that really show stops!

She brings all the wears best for warmer weather
Whether heathered in yarn or leather with feathers
But usually she brings some stylish swimwear
Or cute summer shorts and skirts with a flair

Whether popular and hot, or styles of the season,
This Xweetok pair are the best beyond reason
Though the species is known as the friendliest Neopet
These specific Shopkeepers raise the bar that's been set

For your NC needs? See these Xweetok gals
They'll smile and be your fashionista pals
There's nobody better to trust with your attire
These two sweet Xwees are the fad pros you desire!

A Sonnet for Lyra Xendrik
by i_lovee_icecream

A radiant Xweetok in desert garb,
With crimson hair and an azure pelt.
Lyra Xendrik wields hidden barbs,
Weapons galore on her sashed belt.

She trained her days away in scorching heat,
To meet the approval of her warrior father.
So that any enemy she faced would know defeat,
And all could see she was not one to bother.

Lyra stole her father’s prized scimitar,
And met the likes of Aurrick the thief.
She did not trust him that day at the bazaar,
But their friendship grew in common grief.

Lyra is an Xweetok combatant, a marathoner;
She will bring her Qasalan family great honour.

Xandra the Xweetok
by roxanna203

As a younger girl in Faerieland,
Xandra the Xweetok had a best friend,
A Light Faerie whose name is unknown,
But one she dearly appreciated.

Xandra had wonderful memories,
Throughout her childhood,
But mostly due to her Faerie friend,
They swore to stick together to the end!

But Xandra noticed the injustice,
In the place she calls home,
And decided upon herself to serve,
What she thought the land deserved.

Crashing the city in the sky to the floor,
Knowing it would devastate the mass,
But she only cared for her Light Faerie,
Thus she turned her to stone - hiding her away..

Seeing Through the Wonder of Xweetok
by darthtingle

If your Xweetok has a nimbus
or slight translucency,
my friend! You're in great shape.
There's but eight things it could be.

Ghost Xweetoks, for example,
sport thrilling ghastly looks
with darkened mane so ample,
they fill the spooky books.

Your Xweetok might be Glowing,
a state self-evident,
with an aura all surrounding
from secret past events.

Or your Xweetok might be Jelly!
Bright green and sort of wobbly,
With slippery back and rubbable belly,
such bounceable camaraderie.

The Xweetoks called Transparent,
have nothing left to hide,
their love is for them inherent
as you can see from their insides!

It could be Ice (or Water!),
this Xweetok that you've got.
Two states of matching matter --
but Snow, I'd bet, it's not.

Your Xweetok might be Sketch,
I don't mean odd or sus,
I mean its lines are etched
in showy fashions obvious.

But the Xweetok best of all,
the most inverted of the lot,
is the Xweetok called Dimensional,
whose eyes shine forth white-hot!

For all these lovely Xweetoks,
their advantages transparent,
Go look them up! Go seek them out!
And make yourself a Xweetok parent.

A Maraquan Dream
by tatyanne

One beautiful morning not long ago,
The sky was illuminated by the sunrise glow.
My Xweetok and I, we made our way,
To a great adventure, on a glorious day.

Bubbling with excitement and great elation,
The Rainbow Fountain was our destination.
Naia greeted us with a welcoming smile,
And fulfilled our dreams in a short little while.

My Xweetok jumped into the magical well,
While Naia uttered her mystical spell.
My Xweetok emerged, Maraquan now,
And Naia gave us a rather pleased bow.

We said our thank yous and goodbyes,
And I looked into my Xweetok’s sea blue eyes.
Right away we went to the nearest sea,
Where she could swim, wild and free.

Brightly coloured – with yellow, orange, and blue–
She was filled with joy, through and through.
Gliding through the waves with effortless grace–
Watching her put the biggest smile on my face.

At the end of the day she got back on land,
And we went back home, hand in hand.
I am so glad we could follow her dream–
Together we make such a wonderful team!

Charming Xweetoks
by tyunitorn

Xweetoks will come out to play,
Whether or not it is their day.
They love to jump, to run, to chase—
Never would they turn down a race!

Xweetoks can climb the tallest trees,
In forests they dwell, and find their glee.
Next time you decide to look towards the skies,
You may spot their wide, curious eyes.

Xweetoks have the softest fur,
And when cozy, they love to purr.
A wonderful match for a good cuddle,
Sometimes in piles, they love to huddle.

Xweetoks are a friend to all,
No matter if you are big or small.
Do not be shy, it is a start—
Their sweet smiles will warm your heart!

The Lone Xweetok
by taledespereauxia

Within the forest glade,
A group of Xweetoks played
Their laughs and sounds of cheer
Were heard from far and near

One lingered outside the group
As others ran in a loop
Chasing each other all day
Was an endless way to play

Wanting to join, but scared to try
The lone Xweetok tried not to cry
Making friends should have been breezy
But was anything but easy

They all noticed something whack
One was absent from their pack
Playing some games was not fun
If they missed even just one

All the Xweetoks gathered close
To support their friend the most
They did all to empower
So their friend would not cower

Day by day, bit by bit
With promise not to split
Their friendship grew stronger
Lone Xweetok no longer

The Baby Xweetok, Always Sweet
by _brainchild_

The Baby Xweetok, oh so cute,
Is someone to adore.
Her gorgeous fur, which shines to boot,
Is soft. No one ignores
Its texture. Oh so comforting,
Its hues of lavender
And cream will make you want to sing.
For sadness, it's a cure.

Her stripe bears shades of gorgeous blooms---
Their scent adorns the fur.
Of course, the baby's rich shampoo
Bears sweet perfume. So pure,
It shall enthrall the noses of
The souls whose luck shall bring
The scent of floral bliss. They'll love
Perfume of lovely bling.

So, if you meet a Baby Xwee,
Be sure to greet her soul.
She's such a joyful treat to see,
So wondrous as a whole.
You'll love to pet her silky fur---
It radiates pure shine!
Its scent shall also please for sure---
The blooms are so divine.

My Twin Flame
by milesinl

My Xweetok, he is stealthy,
in light he can’t belong.
It’s often hard to notice him, 
when the night is long.

But even though his long dark fur disguises him in shade,
his bright, sharp, emerald eyes cut worse than any blade.

But behind those warning signals, 
behind his hardened stare,
flames flicker in his heart,  
with love he wants to share.

So if you see my Xweetok, and fear you’ve met your end,
Arson, my Pet Xweetok, would love to be your friend!

A Xweetok Came In From the Cold
by notsokitty

Soft snowy evening
Chilly wooden floor
Curled up by the fire
Is the home that I adore.

Wrapped in warmth and comfort
Sweatered socked and snug
Seeking the heated sofa
And my steaming cocoa mug.

But my hurried steps are halted
All plans come to a stop
For curled up in my lovely couch
Is an unwanted, wild Xweetok.

"Excuse me friend," I try to say,
"But if you would not mind
That’s my spot there on the couch
Now move if you’d be so kind?"

With a silken stretch of sinews
The Xweetok merely sighs
"It’s too cold out there for me," it says
"And this spot is warm and fine."

"I know," say I, "for you can see
This house and couch are mine
I did not invite you in, my friend
So move your furred behind."

The Xweetok sadly begins to slink
Out through the nearest door
I settle into my dearest seat
But it seems colder than before.

Through the window a whirl of white
Frigid ice and snow
And a shivering wild Xweetok
Eyes reflecting the fire’s glow.

I wrapped myself in blankets
And sipped my sugared drink
But the room still seemed so empty
And eyes of ember did not blink.

It seems now I have a Xweetok
Where before I was alone
And though my sofa grows more crowded
Now it feels more like home.

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