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Neopets Poems

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Symol Day Special

The Symol Hole’s Most Enthusiastic Adventurer
by heathernel193

Beneath Meridell's gnarled tree vast in size,
A Petpet, eager, with wonder in its eyes,
Into the depths of the Symol Hole she did dive,
To seek treasure and adventure, to feel alive!

With courage in her heart, she ventured down,
Into a dark and secret world where prizes abound.
Dropping down with a CANNONBALL!!!, she took a chance,
Hunting for treasure far below the entrance.

Diving bravely in, she explored the tunnel's way,
Excited by her adventure deep in the ground's soft clay.
As she ventured further into the Symol’s abode,
The dirt started to shift, the walls did erode!

Further into darkness she hurried, in search of treasure's gleam,
But as empty darkness persisted, so ended that dream.
Sometimes it would happen this way, just silence in the earth,
But other times, she would find treasure of immense worth.

But in the end, adventure was her greatest reward,
For with excitement like this, how could she ever be bored?!
Even empty-handed she was without sorrow,
Exclaiming "Wasn't that fun? Maybe we can do the same tomorrow!”

A Symol Friend
by rotten_cake

I heard a scuffling, quite concerning
The quick movement of dirt, quite unnerving
As I sat peaceful -
In my little Neopian home

I jumped to my feet, 
I jumped to my chair,
And out came a Symol
Right through the dirt floor,
Of my little Neopian home

He looked quite delighted
He waved his dirt-laden paws, quite excited
"I hope you accept guests" he squeaked
"That was quite the feat, 
and frankly, I'm quite beat"

Before an argument could
Emerge from my mouth,
I saw his lovely little dirt-covered snout
A tiny nose made of stone
Twitching whiskers
And a face that could never hold a frown

I decided at once I must keep him,
To love, pet, and feed him
In my little Neopian home

Come On Down to the Symol Hole
by truebrony

Come on down
To the Symol Hole!
It’s fit for Petpets
Both big and small!

Down you’ll go
Through the deep, dark caves…
Go even further
If you’re feeling brave!

What will you find?
Only time will tell…
Maybe a prize
That’s delightfully swell!

Your Petpet could get lucky
If they’re in the right mood,
And find some Vile Swamp Water
Or some Fancy Petpet Food!

Or maybe you’ll get something
Simple yet sweet,
Like a few Neopoints
Or a level increase!

No matter the prize,
You’re sure to have fun!
So come on down to Symol town,
There’s room for everyone!

Adventures Unholed
by mizuyo

In the heart of Meridell, a hole so deep,
Where the sly Symol loves to peep.
Watching Petpets leap and dive,
Into his lair, where mysteries thrive.

Ein, the Ukali, White as snow,
With Yuijie, his Draik, ready to go.
A Plushie owner, soft and kind,
Together they seek treasures to find.

Down went Ein, swift and bold,
Into the depths, where stories are told.
Emerging with glee, a photo in paw,
Of a castle, grand, without a flaw.

Yuijie squinted, taking a look,
Realizing it wasn’t just any book nook.
Secrets of Meridell and Brightvale entwined,
In that photo, a map, they did find.

The Symol giggled, watching with glee,
As the duo realized, an adventure it'd be.
Off to explore the lands of old,
With a castle’s secrets, waiting to be told.

So if you're near that Symol's space,
Know that treasures, you might embrace.
But it's not just items that you might find,
For in Meridell, adventures unwind!

Busy Symol
by beckyx191

Symol digging here and there,
digging, digging everywhere!
How many holes, is he aware?
I ponder this as I stare.

As he digs, he makes a mess,
his body showing less and less.
What's he doing? I couldn't guess,
it's something that I must address.

He really is in quite a hurry,
though it's cute to watch him scurry.
I wonder what has made him worry,
to make him dig in such a flurry.

Maybe he has other things to do,
that make him want to see this through.
I really haven't got a clue,
but now I really wish I knew!

"Oh Symol!" I stop and shout,
"What is all of this about?"
"I'm a Symol" he blurts out,
"and Symols dig, without a doubt!"

A Farming Friend
by brooklyn3223

The farmers of Meri Acres
Wake early to harvest their fields.
But when they arrive with tools in hand
They find they have no yields.

The Yellow Kacheek scratches his head
“I had hundreds of potatoes planted here”.
How could all of their crops have vanished?
How could all their hard work just disappear?

Suddenly they hear a noise,
Shuffling from down beneath their feet.
A small brown head pops up through the dirt
A pair of dark, glistening eyes they meet.

“It’s a Symol!” the Pick Your Own Gelert shouts,
As the burrowing Petpet eyes them curiously.
“They must be the ones who have eaten our vegetables!”
The Yellow Kacheek says furiously.

“It seems to me that they are just hungry”
The Orange Wocky interjects.
“Perhaps if we offered them a snack
The next harvest we can protect.”

The group follows the Wocky farmer
To where his giant Marrow sits.
Together they work to cleave it into pieces
And haul away the bits.

Along the edges of Meri Acres
They start to place this feast,
And watch as the hungry Symols make their way
Their numbers continue to increase.

As the Symols gorge upon this meal
The farmers look out upon their empty rows.
“Those holes they’ve dug are aerating the soil”
The Yellow Kacheek bends down to show.

“It seems that they have helped us”
The Orange Wocky exclaims with a smile
“Perhaps if we continue to offer them a snack
They will make it worth our while!”

The Winter of a Symol
by mynel_mel

He dug a hole as deep as he could
His claws in the dirt felt right at home
The ground was where his species lived
And Symol dug a hole in the shape of a dome

There, he made his bed and stocked up some food
And prepared the space for the cold winter days
He was ready to sleep, eat, and not leave his hole
Until the frost was gone, and he'd feel the sun's rays

And as Symol predicted, winter came in a hurry
The wind became chilly, the first snow came around
But Symol was prepared, nothing could get to him
He was safe, warm and fed in his hole underground

Symol saw the signs as the weeks came and went
As the food pile got smaller and smaller with time
He was fine as long as his belly was full
But when the forage was over, out the hole he would climb

And from under the ground, Symol saw some roots growing
It was the sign he expected, it was finally spring!
He sniffed flowers out there and decided to leave
And was eager to hear the Beekadoodles sing

When he came out to land, he took a deep breath
Filling his tiny lungs with the warmth that had come
The world happy and green was reflected in him,
A young Woodland Symol with the greenest of thumbs

Inside The Mysterious Symol Hole
by superkathiee

What lurks beyond the surface
Of that Mysterious Symol Hole?
Pets send down their best friends
And yet, they still don’t know 

When Petpets reach the surface, 
After visiting the lair of the Symol
What horrors or treasures they saw
Down there, they never tell a soul

Pets approach their Petpets gently,
Sit them down at Merifoods stall 
They offer their buddy a treat 
At the ready to console 

And still, the Petpets do not disclose 
What they encountered in the Hole
Despite the urging of their owners 
The truth, they maintain control

Sometimes, they bring back an item:
A book, Dirt Friend, Buried Bone 
But when their owners press for more
They shrug, say I don’t know 

The Pets get together and whisper 
In hushed tones, they take a poll
What secrets are the Petpets keeping?
Is hiding information their goal?

Others think it’s a safe haven 
Much like a leisurely stroll
They think the Petpets want a break
From their owners who cajole

If one thing’s for certain, it’s that
Our Petpets play a vital role 
Of keeping the secrets of the Symols:
That’s something we’ll never know

A Woodland Symol’s Nose
by maculose

A Woodland Symol was searching hard. 
He was crawling around in the yard.
This Symol was different from all the others.
He wanted a flower like all of his brothers.

Woodland Symols love their nose. 
A pink flower sits there doing a pose.
This Symol’s nose was rather plain,
So he wanted a flower all the same.

As he searched and searched, he had no luck,
So he turned around with his little tail tucked.
He began to leave but heard a sound.
It was familiar so he turned around.

It was another Symol missing a flower.
His nose was scrunched like he ate something sour.
In his hand, he had two shells.
They were brightly coloured and were quite swell.

He took the shells and some string,
And tied the shells and made some bling.
They both placed one on their nose. 
The shells were more beautiful than a rose.

The Woodland Symol was glad now.
He looked at the other and did a bow.
“We might be different or unique,
But that’s a good thing. Don’t you think?”

A Symol of Every Color
by i_lovee_icecream

Underground, they are found,
Digging through the soil.
What colour they may be painted,
Only the light of day unveils. 

Are they painted Halloween,
In green hues, dressed like Edna?
Or are they transformed Robot,
With lightbulbs for antenna?

Digging, unearthing, diving;
Moving beneath us underfoot.
Making intricate tunnel systems,
The work, an expert’s output. 

Painted Darigan and Mutant,
Menacing at first glance.
But were they Dung or Tyrannian,
You wouldn’t stand a chance!

Cute little smirks,
Portrayed across their face.
But subterraneously,
They’re off on a race!

Whether Cloud or Pink or Blue,
There’s nothing you can do.
To stop a Symol of any colour,
From the chase of the shrew.

Spotted, Sketch, and White;
Chocolate, Black, and Disco.
So many colours to choose from,
All scurrying below.

Starry, Island, and Dirt;
Yellow, Desert, and Woodland.
A Symol of every colour,
I can’t help, but be a fan!

Gwyl's Great Escape
by gumgum101230

In the depths of a jewellery mine,
A tiny Symol sighed.
How could Gwyl prove his skill or worth
Despite his lacking size? 

There was one way he could think
To impress the rest of them:
He must squeeze through the tightest spaces
To reach the largest gems! 

His size allowed him to crawl
To the deepest corridor.
To his delight, he found that the cave
Had massive gems in store! 

He diligently hacked away
With his Lightmite by his side,
But suddenly he became trapped
By a massive rock slide! 

He then began to panic,
Crying out in dismay.
Right when he thought all hope was lost,
His Lightmite led the way! 

As he emerged from the jewel mine,
The others, mouths agape,
Knew they'd go on to always tell
Tales of Gwyl's Great Escape.

Light in Darkness
by 9kas

In a mysterious hole in Meridell,
lives a little Symol, all alone. 
A life of darkness, of quiet, of peace,
the world above, to him unknown.

Day by day, and night by night
Petpets descend to the Symol’s delight. 
But just a fleeting moment after
the guests are once more out of sight.

Resigned, the Symol lets out a sigh
Alone again, surrounded by dirt
The silence grows as he flops in surrender,
as darkness envelops him with comfort.

Moments later he hears a flutter,
the buzz of wings as the Petpet shudders. 
A Flightning Bug, small as can be,
wary of shadows that loom down under. 

But wait - peculiarity hits his eye:
a hint of glow catches the Symol’s sight. 
The ‘lil bug trills with glee and leaves
a gift for his new friend: a Jar of Sunlight. 

Enamoured, the little Symol stares in awe
at the wonder from above, illuminating the Hole.
One day, he hopes, he will visit the source
of the joy he has found, in a world of unknown.

The Mysterious Symol Hole
by coyote90

Oh, Symol Hole, where do you go?
What do your endless caverns show?
How far does the tunnel lead?
These are the answers that I need!

Do you hold an elaborate maze?
That is sure to leave one in a daze
Or are you just one long straight line?
Either answer would be fine.

Are your caverns far and vast?
Or can you traverse fairly fast?
Is the journey an ordeal?
An answer would be quite ideal.

What mysteries are there to find?
Is there something left behind?
Oh, Symol Hole, what do you hide?
You know, in me, you can confide.

What other secrets could there be?
Oh, Symol Hole, can you tell me?
What ancient stories do you hold?
I hope it's tales of silver and gold!

Are there treasures hidden deep?
Or is there a place for one to sleep?
Please, please! I have to know!
Feel free to answer, yes or no!

And if you think that I am done,
I'll let you know I've just begun.
I can ask you things all day.
I'll keep seeking answers, come what may!

Symol Hole
by abetterworld

The mysterious Symol Hole
In the land of Meridell,
Grabs the attention
Of your Petpet very well.

You might think
It’s nothing special, 
But it calls for a Pet,
With lots of potential!

It can be rather scary,
Quite dark down below,
With curiosity or fear,
Best to climb in slow!

Sometimes Pets will
Cannonball or bellyflop,
They are quite brave,
Not afraid to drop!

Once they explore,
They’ll jump back out,
Empty-handed or not,
Symol Hole is fun no doubt!

Going in the Symol Hole
by theguy2020

Deep in Meridell is this hole,
You might've stumbled upon it while on a stroll,
It is as mysterious as it can be,
However, checking it out is always free!

If you are a curious being this may be your calling,
Just go down slowly as you don't want to start falling,
Those who venture in say there's nothing to worry about,
So really you shouldn't have a doubt!

There is one thing you know though,
To fit in smaller you'd need to grow,
In other words, you are too big to fit,
But that doesn't mean you should quit!

Your Petpet can help you here,
You can still wait outside and cheer,
They will be able to search and find anything you may be looking for,
It'll be quick so they won't think it's a chore!

What's the incentive to search the Symol Hole you may ask,
You can find prizes and it is quite a simple task,
Some are exclusive and quite rare,
It's time to head on over there!

On Symol Day, the window you can enter to get a prize is much wider,
Don't worry it's completely safe as there's not even a Spyder,
What better way to celebrate than to bring your Petpet and visit,
I sincerely hope the prizes you win are the most exquisite!

Spring Symols
by therainbowsheep

Not all Symols are found,
Dwelling underground.
Some Symols instead pine,
For warmth and bright sunshine!

Spring Symols, a mossy green,
For gardens are notably keen!
They roll around in the grass,
Enjoying the outdoors en masse.

Their nose, a dark pink flower,
Makes them the star of the hour!
These cute, burrowing creatures,
Have notable Spring-themed features.

Their soft, leafy exterior
Makes them rather superior,
To hide and camouflage -
Their appearance, a seeming mirage.

But mostly, they do not hide -
They garden and plant with pride!
Taking care of the land,
They lend a helping hand.

Wherever Spring Symols go,
All plants and flowers grow!
Under their caring touch,
Gardens thrive so much!

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