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Neopets Poems

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Lupe Day Special

A Lupey Sonnet
by bethielou

From edge to edge of Neopets there is fame,
And Lupes everywhere have made their name,
On Krawk Island's shores, Captain Scarblade rules,
And pirates serve him with their weapons and tools.

King Cotzan III in the Lost Desert land,
He is a Lupe, who lives in the sand,
Jeran, the knight, battles foes with might,
His friends beside him, always in sight.

On this special day, let us not forget,
The Lupes that history will not let,
Fade away into the Neopian past,
But be remembered as a great, steadfast cast.

Lupes have won the hearts of many with grace,
And in Neopia, they hold a special place,
Let's cherish their tales and their legacy,
And honour the Lupes, a part of Neopets' history.

Tormund the Lost - A Lupe Day Epic
by i_lovee_icecream

Lost to the annals of time,
Tormund wanders Neopia.
In the aim of stopping crime,
He plays through this dystopia.

The same missions over again,
Restart, save; restart, save.
The enemy has been slain!
For the seventh or eighth wave.

“I’ve gotta save my sister, Lucy!”
The Yellow Lupe shouts and pleas.
“She’s been captured, you see;
By the monstrous plant of Juppie!”

Tormund travels to Meridell,
Where he defeats the Raiders.
And King Skarl’s personnel,
Marks the young Lupe a crusader.

Dubbed a knight by the king,
From Squire to Sir Tormund.
He’ll throw his hat in the ring,
To give any Neopian a hand.

The Darkest Faerie sisters appear,
And possess the Skeith King Skarl. 
Tormund escapes in great fear,
And seeks help for this peril.

He meets Roberta the Acara,
Who has fallen from the sky. 
It is their mark of this era,
For their triumph to reign high. 

They travel through portals to Altador,
And awaken the four great legends.
With Jerdana’s Orb, they concur;
The Darkest Faerie finally beckoned.

Choose a Toy Lupe
by bittersweet52

Floof and fuzz of cream and brown
He quickly befriends the new kid in town
The Toy Kougra is definitely his counterpart
Both stuffy-like Toys are a work of art

The Toy Lupe was really the first of his kind
Most of the other Toys have a plasticky rind
He hopes there'll be more to add to his pack
Soft toys are something the community lacks

Plushies exist, that is certainly true
But they're not the same from our point of view
The fabric is smooth, maybe velveteen
And the colours - why are the ears and legs green?

I'm sure there's a time and place for a Plush Lupe
But come closer and let me give you the scoop
The Toy Lupe is aesthetically more pleasing to me
Just compare the two Paints for yourself and see

Honestly though, I say - you do you
Any Lupe is a good choice, even basic Blue
To our extended pack, and all of our kin
We wish you Happy Lupe Day, my friend!

Lupe (There It Is)
by actiontal

I was a Baby Lupe but now I’m full grown 
Turned into a fly guy just like stones thrown
In Kiko Lake, watch out I’m gonna take an eye
Aye captain aye cuz I’m the super fly Lupe guy 
And all the Usukis gonna scream 


I make my entrance like a ferrari 
You know I pop and lock like calamari 
With my homie, they’re a stealthy Lutari 
Only in clothing cuz they cross painted starry 
And all the Grundos gonna scream 


Neopoints stacked like Shiny Golden Cheese
We rollin it like a Skeith banker on his knees 
We countin it increments of threes 
Under trees, by a breeze, no Neggitus disease 
With all these Neopets we gotta please, scream


Tyrannian Concert Hall in the fall
Word to Rohane’s mother, make the call 
DJ Lupe ready, gonna spin it all 
King Altador the Lupe ready for the ball 
With all these Neopets to enthrall, scream


I'm Just a Baby Lupe
by roxanna203

My name is Scamper, I'm a Baby Lupe,
Everyone loves me, I'm in a troop!
I follow the older Lupes when I can,
I want to be the strongest man!

Given a red polka-a-dot scarf at birth,
This Baby Lupe wears it for all its worth,
Happily learning to howl and play,
Out in the sun for most of the day.

The Baby Lupe joins a group of friends,
They all run rapidly to the Netherlands,
Laughing and howling as all Lupes do,
All in spirit, every last bit is a true.

It is Lupe day - a glorious day for all,
Who doesn't love Lupes that stand tall,
Or are fierce, courageous, and loyal?
Having a Lupe in your family is like royal!

Protector Sabre-X
by therainbowsheep

Like all Lupes, Sabre-X is brave,
Of his courage, Tyrannians rave.
He is also loyal and true,
The fiercest protector we ever knew.

All his energy he spends,
Tyrannia he defends.
He monitors potential threats,
Leaving us in his debt.

His gift is his strategic mind -
His tactics are one of a kind.
Enemies must remain rapt,
Or they find themselves trapped!

His methods boosts Tyrannia's defense,
His voluntary militia act like a fence.
No enemies are allowed!
This declaration, Sabre-X shouts loud!

In his free time, he does even more -
He monitors Tyrannia's food store.
At the Giant Omelette, he guards
Once piece a day or you're barred!

Though he can come across strict,
His motivation is easy to predict.
Tyrannia he holds dear,
So for Sabre-X we thank and cheer!

The Hunter
by theguy2020

The leader of Altador is who he is known as,
King Altador has quite the pizzazz,
Always walking around in his proud armour, 
He is a fair king to all from noble to farmer!

His greatest enemy is corruption,
Which is why he started his great interruption,
He sought to manage kingdoms more fair,
Wanted everyone to do their share!

Saving the faeries was one of his goals,
He truly is one of the bravest souls,
He's currently looking for the darkest faerie statue,
If you had a lead let him know as he's always looking for a clue!

"The Hunter" is one of his famous nicknames,
His abilities in battle have also brought him fame,
He managed to fight the Werelupe King,
Able to escape he was with just a sting!

Skrupples, the Tyrannian Lupe
by patter_paws

Skrupples tries to be helpful, he really does.
He tries so hard, perhaps because
He knows he tends to mess things up-
It's happened ever since he was a pup.
He has big tusks that get in the way
Even when he's only trying to play.
He'll spill the milk, or spill the beans
He'll spill the coffee all over your jeans.
He'll bump into the fanciest vase that you possess,
My, oh my!  He'll make a big mess.
He'll try really hard to make you a sweet treat,
He'll try very hard to keep it nice and neat,
And you know in his heart, he meant very well,
But that treat turned out to have a bad smell.
He'll be heartbroken that his treat turned out so badly.
He'll sulk and look at you so very sadly.
But then he has another inspiration!
His sadness has turned into elation!
He sees you carrying a giant pile of stuff,
And comes over acting all gruff and tough
You hear him say, as if on cue,
"Please, pretty please, Let me do it for you!"
"No thank you Skrupples, I'll be okay...
Maybe you can help me another day!"

Lovely Lupes
by rurirawr

Everybody loves Lupes,
They're furry, cool and strong,
And travel in tight groups, 
So nothing will go wrong.

Whether they're affable, 
Towards you, it depends. 
But they're very loyal, 
Towards their closest friends. 

They'll stay close by your side, 
If you earn their respect. 
They'll follow in your stride, 
And promise to protect. 

But sometimes they can be,
Quite fun and playful too. 
So full of energy, 
As they chase after you. 

Give their fur some ruffles, 
And feed some Chia snacks. 
They also love cuddles, 
The best way to relax.

À vous les lupes
by werdesy

L’anniversaire des Lupes
Une journée qui nous préoccupe
Sortez vos minis-jupes
C’est le temps de fêter !

Est-ce que ce poème gagnera?
C’est ce que le lupe réclamera
Promouvoir la langue française
dans cette communauté anglaise

Trève de plaisanterie
sortons donc les sucreries
pour célébrer la fête de nos amis
Les lupes, des Neopets extravertis !

Ils sont forts, ils sont beaux
Ils vivent dans leur chateau
Apportez les marshmallow
Autour d’un feu nous célèberons!

Joyeuse Anniversaire des lupes !!

by ennyra

In the heart of the night,
Under the bright moonlight,
There comes a sound,
From everywhere around.

It can be frightening at first,
It sounds as if it's cursed.
But give it a good listen,
And you can find their den.

The Werelupes come out to play,
Once it is no longer day.
"Awoo!" is the call to follow,
After your fear is swallowed.

These creatures deserve love too,
I promise they'll be nice to you.
As long as you give them a chance,
They might join you in a dance.

They want to celebrate their day as well,
So grab everybody you can tell!
Lupe Day is for everyone,
They all deserve to have some fun!

The Lupes of Neopia: Heroes and Villains
by juneshower

In Neopia, there roam the Lupes,
A fierce and loyal breed,
And among them, some are famous,
For their courage and their deeds.

Jeran, a brave and noble knight,
Whose heroism is renowned,
His valour in Meridell's wars,
Earned fans from all around.

King Altador, the founder,
Of a city that bears his name,
He's honest and just, and never backs down,
In battle, he's never tame.

And Reginald, brother to Sophie and Bruno,
Resides in Neovia's haunted town,
He trusted his sister to the Earth Faerie,
And helped lift the town's curse, renowned.

But not all Lupes are heroes,
Some roam with wicked intent,
In Neopia's lands they prowl,
A fierce and dangerous descent.

Balthazar, the bounty hunter,
From the Haunted Woods he hails,
He bears a grudge against the faeries,
And Petpets, he often assails.

Captain Scarblade, a pirate bold,
His ship attacked New Maraqua,
Though defeated, he still wanders,
His whereabouts unknown, haha!

So let us celebrate these famous Lupes,
For their noble or wicked ways,
For they are a part of Neopia,
And add colour to our days.

Why Balthazar the Lupe Does What He Does
by pixie_tea

Every year Lupe Day lands on the 2nd of May,
One of the most buzzed questions for Lupe Day will get answered today!
Why Balthazar the Lupe does what he does?
I, Balthazar the Lupe, will answer that question for you... it was all just like a fuzz.

I got lost in the Haunted Woods as a pup,
So scared and hungry that anything edible would be great even maple syrup.
I saw Dark Faeries passing by and asked for help,
To my horror, these mystical creatures laughed at me and threw stones at me... I ran and yelped.

Only a pup at the time, but I haven't forgotten that dreadful day,
For revenge, I catch and sell faeries... so call me horrible if you may!
Everyone calls me Balthazar the Bounty Hunter because catching faeries is my speciality and I sell them to magic shops for profit,
That's what I do for a living... now check out my outfit!

My hunting outfit allows me to store the captured bottled faeries,
With so many compartments that there is always room for berries.
I always say that catching faeries all day is exhausting,
Therefore, I like to de-stress here on Terror Mountain and my fur is so thick that there's no need for defrosting.

At Terror Mountain, I am not all that bad,
I like to help out the local villagers and they call me a good lad!
All this is community service and feels rewarding,
But catching faeries is more rewarding--- so, now you know why I do what I do according.

Lupe is a Neopian's Best Friend
by chaeldar

Lupe day is a special day to me,
it fills me up with joy and glee.
You see a Lupe is a Neopian's best friend,
They'll stick by you 'til the very end.

Lupes don't pay attention to how many Neopoints you've got,
Or how many R99's you've bought.
Meridell or Maraqua it doesn't matter where you live,
They still share all the love they have to give.

When you're feeling sad Lupes will cheer you up with licks,
Although you will most definitely have to share your chips.
But that's a small price that you'll have to pay,
In comparison to having a best friend every day.

Lupe day comes once a year only,
Consider adopting a Lupe if you're feeling lonely.
It'll be the best decision ever so don't delay,
My Lupe still saves me every day.

The Ghost Lupe Cometh
by ghostie_of_the_fc

Even with the sun long gone
the humid heat did carry on
the jungle air was thick and heavy
our friend, the Chia, slick and sweaty,

He trundled through the greenery
no time to take in scenery
he only meant to briefly roam
then quickly make his way back home

But one wrong turn was all it took,
despite the heat, the Chia shook,
at once the night split with a howl
the Ghost Lupe was out on the prowl!

The Chia shrieked and quickened pace
he was not built to win this race
he heard the phantom coming fast
and thought this moment as his last

He tripped he fell
his efforts ceased
he dried his eyes
he made his peace
the time had come
to face the beast
he knew he now
would be his feast…

“Hey!” he heard the Ghost Lupe say
“Your house is actually back that way.”

The Colours of a Rainbow Lupe
by doll711

Red goes on the tippity top,
Ears too tall and pointed for hats,
Soft and scruffy head,
Perfect for good boy and good girl pats.

Orange like a Carrot Lupe Treat,
Comes second around the eyes,
Striped like some kind of mask,
A bandit or heroine in disguise. 

Then is yellow around the snout,
As if dipped in Desert Lupe Honey,
Don’t forget the bushy tail,
And chest and sunny coloured tummy.

Only the forelimbs are green,
Green like Bubbling Lupe Potion,
That magical brew warriors use,
To cause Battledome commotion.

Lupe Goodie Bag blue,
Coats their spine and back,
Or is it closer to a Blue Lupe Paw Lolly?
One of their favourite sweet snacks.

Indigo and violet blend almost seemingly,
Like a Darigan Lupe Plushie,
Forelegs and hind legs dyed in these colours,
Reminiscent of an Aubergine Slushie.

These are the colours of a Rainbow Lupe,
The same way rain meets the sun’s rays,
An iridescent and magical sight,
For all to witness on this special day!

The Lupe Who Sells Terrific Toys
by _brainchild_

Miss Tasha sells such wondrous toys!
My pets are certain to enjoy
The items that this Lupe has stocked.
I'm sure her shop attracts a flock!

A goodie bag is oh so grand---
This lovely gift is never bland.
What will be found inside? A treat
That's really something nice to eat?

A snowglobe is so mystical---
These gems of glass are never dull.
Which faerie shall I choose today?
A nymph of light, with shining rays?

A faerie doll, the ultimate
Commodity, is worth each bit
Of money paid. Quiguki dolls
Are also certain to enthral.

I thank the Lupe for toys so fine---
These treasures simply are divine.
My pets will have a lot of fun---
The joyous times have just begun.

Rare Poem Types for the Loopiest Lupe Lovers
by zackattackplayspkmn

Fibonnaci (Fib) - Style (Titled "Cheesy Lupe"):

Loves his Cheese
So meeting him please
Meet his cheese pleas with ease and know
That as he stows the cheese in his hungry stomach hole
His newfound happiness has no known limits now because of what you chose to bestow

Tricube Style (Titled Having a Lupe):

Petting him
Makes me glad
To be here

Healing him
Makes me sad
There was fear

Knowing him
The Lupe lad
Makes me rad

Tanka-Style (Titled "Lupe Games"):

When my Lupe plays nice
He’s the best Lupe you can meet
If the game has dice
You can trust him not to cheat!
(…Just don’t use cards or he’ll weep)

Nonet-Style (Titled "Balthazar's Folly"):

Wow Balthazar the Bounty Hunter
Where did your bottled faerie go?
Did sneaky ghost pets take it?
Maybe it is just in tow?
I guess you lost it.
You’ve naught magic.
To sell me.

I Love my Baby Lupe!
by truebrony

My little Baby Lupe,
He’s tiny as can be!
I like to take him to the park,
And watch him run so free!

He has a little handkerchief,
That fits him oh so well!
He likes to hop and jump and skip,
He’s really super swell!

My Baby Lupe is playful,
He loves to see his friends.
He’s loyal and so kind to them,
Their friendship never ends!

My little Baby Lupe,
He’s cute as can be!
I love to dress him up,
It fills me with such glee!

I give his nose a boop,
I feed him chicken soup,
I give him ice cream scoops,
I love my Baby Lupe!

Love Letter to Iconic Lupes
by sneakynto

As a child who grew up on this world
I have grown fond of this peculiar canine.
Around Neopia, I roamed, wandered and twirled
and found that Lupes weren't so hard to find.

See King Altador, titled The Hunter.
His gratitude and gifts bless us daily.
He was the first Lupe to make me wonder
if every Lupe would make me this happy.

Then I met King Coltzan the Third,
another royalty we frequently encounter.
Through his spirit, he makes himself be heard
giving our pets knowledge or making us richer.

There is also Sabre-X, guardian of the omelette.
He may seem all feisty and mighty
but you will never, ever make him upset.
Just pick one slice and don't get greedy.

With all those icons we meet every day,
I fell under their charm which I fond.
On this dear occasion, let's all gleefully say
a joyous day to Lupes with who we have a bond.

If you have room and would be so kind,
make a quick stop at the pound.
You could quickly look up and find
your own precious and adorable hound.

Balthazar's Bounty
by taluhi

In shadows deep, a hunter roams,
A Lupe of legend, feared by homes,
Balthazar, they speak his name,
With bottled faeries, he found fame.

Through darkened woods, he stalks his prey,
In secret groves, where faeries play,
Capturing their magic fair,
He sells them in the market square.

Yet once a year, a twist appears,
A softer side of him endears,
The Mega Faerie Giveaway,
Where bottled faeries fly away.

A contradiction, some may say,
A hunter's heart held slightly sway,
For Balthazar's enigma lies,
In bottled faeries, free in skies.

Mischievous Baby Lupe
by usagi_bianco

My little Baby Lupe is on the hunt.
Unfortunately for me, I am his quarry. 
I’ll go along with this adorable stunt,
For the sake of his triumphant glory.

My little Baby Lupe lies just out of sight.
At least, that’s his belief.
His periwinkle fur stands out so bright,
Against the piles of fiery autumn leaves.

My little Baby Lupe creeps slowly but surely.
I can hardly hear how leaves crunch under paw.
But those floppy ears give him away prematurely,
Takes all my might not to coo and awe. 

My little Baby Lupe draws ever near,
Paint brush-like tail twitching to and fro.
I put on a face of believable fear,
And brace myself for the playful blow.

My little Baby Lupe sheds his disguise.
With tiny rumble deep in his throat,
He leaps! He pounces! I feign my surprise,
He’s more than earned this victory gloat.

My little Baby Lupe relishes this moment.
Creamy chest puffed out and raised up chin.
I’m always proud and willing to be his opponent,
All worth it to see that mischievous grin.

Why You Need a Lupe
by littlegaytroll

It’s time to pick your latest pet.
There’s many types that you could get.
Perhaps you think, ‘What should I choose?’
With Lupe, you will never lose!

The Lupe is a loyal pet.
About as loyal as they get!
He’ll keep you safe, and also warm;
He’ll shelter you from any storm!

Now, you might think, ‘It’s too much stress.
This pet will simply cause a mess!’
But you’d be wrong. It’s just not true!
Your Lupe likes to feel clean, too.

So worry not, my Neofriend;
Your Lupe’s love will never end,
And if you ever need some love,
No other pet can stand above!

Your Lupe doesn’t need your help —
This pet knows how to walk itself!
His energy may be quite high,
But he’s a low-maintenance guy!

So if you wonder 'what to choose?'
The next time you want to peruse 
The Neopound, remember this:
With Lupe, you will never miss.

This Lupe day, I hope you say,
'I love this pet! He's mine! Horray!'

by cassanthia

Howling in the night, red eyes
Claws gripping the ground, a horrid surprise
How does a Lupe become a wolf?
How does one tear and rip?

(What happened to your friend?)

Crouched over in pain, transformation lingers
Fur bristling as the blood red moon pours
Magic into the world below us
Eyes glowing pure and raged

How does this happen? Is it terrifying?
A curse that holds them in its claws,
Your best friend, suddenly rabid
Growling and chasing you around

(What happened to your friend?)

Where did it come from?
Is the Werelupe king at fault?
But where had HE come from?
Is the answer hidden in plain sight?

Biological or Magical, or maybe both?
Perhaps it's best not to dwell on it longer
Werelupe tears into meat, eating it raw
Looking at you, is there anything behind their eyes?

(What happened to your friend?)

You walk closer, they tense up,
You just want to see your friend again
Hand shakily running through his dirty fur
He stops growling, looking into your eyes

For a second you see him again

by parody_ham

With every breath, the world shifts
Every blink, another rift.
One flick of her claw and realms
Blur. Dimensions smash.

They say she is brash,
Brazen in her clash
With the world and its 
“Rules.” She breaks them and flies.

See her charm, she is sly
Concealing well her third eye
As her magic seeks rivals
Now. Face her head-on.

From those who lie upon
This path of mysticism spawn
A curiosity untapped by 
Strength. Awaken the beast within.

For Hera, no force can pin
This Lupe who aims to win
Regardless of cost or 
Risk. But her family stands near.

Arrogance has no fear,
Even in times most severe.
Magic is great, but so is its
Lure. It sings sweet words without care.

And even as tensions flare
This glamourous charmer’s stare
Will set her apart, go straight to your
Heart. But beware the witch of the realm.

For the world shifts at her helm
Another rift will overwhelm
And with one flick of her claw—
Blur. Dimensions smash.

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