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Neopets Poems

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Fountain of the Chocolate Ball
By _Razcalz_

As autumn lodges in the lands,
As lazy days drift clear...
Neopia's spirits stay aloft,
There's reason yet for cheer.
The high class murmurs 'mongst themselves,
Awaiting yearly call.
Event of splendour unsurpassed:
The Annual Chocolate Ball.

Gowns are purchased, bow ties bought,
'tis one event no one's forgot.

Slipped away, the final rays,
Thrown open are the doors.
Guests stepping in are simply stunned,
They twirl on ballroom floor.
Statues smile beneath the lights,
The dancers' chocolate twins.
Garlands swoop from arches high,
And now the ball begins!

Amidst the music, laughter bright,
A fountain proud waits in full sight.

Cascading chocolate, filled to brim,
Reaching high, its peak.
Those who pass hardly resist
A taste of treat unique.
Fingers dipped into the pool,
Drawn out with glances quick.
Before the dribble can be lost,
It's savoured with a lick.

Guests find themselves making excuse
To by the chocolate fountain cruise.

In this manner, hours pass,
The evening's nearly spent.
Paws licked clean and dipped again,
Alluring, the sweet scent.
The Kiko host bows his farewell,
Then breaks off with a frown...
There's naught left in the fountain but
A tiny pool of brown!

A stunning (if amusing) night,
Now we wonder who they'll next invite!

The Sweetest of Occasions
By Brilliance109p

One young Usul with a twist of cream hair,
She dances to rhythms of faraway dreams,
With no other maiden as fair as she seems,
With coat of sweet colours she lightens the air.

The moon is hung low on a branch by the tree,
With thousands of stars that glitter above,
Each one containing a message of love,
Decadent smells to the finest degree!

Towers of mousse and chocolate eclairs,
Pets in long dresses do enter the hall,
To celebrate Annual Chocolate Ball,
The grandest of feasts do meet their eyes here.

Extraordinary pets with cherries on top,
Candy corns, buttons and drizzled with white,
Gleam perfectly smooth against silvery light,
Careful to mind that they don't get too hot!

Golden brown treats and dazzling displays,
To Annual Chocolate Ball we do go,
For chocolate ice cream and richest gateau,
An inviting spread of divinest buffet!

The Chocolate Ball Brawl!
By Anjie

Images within your mind,
Of all things good and sweet.
Dripping chocolate in fondue,
And every kind of treat!
The Chocolate Ball we all await,
But one tale isn't told.
Of one year when things went awry,
And chaos did unfold!

It started with an accident,
Between two chocolate pets.
A Chia and a Scorchio,
As simple as it gets!
The Scorchio was quite a cad,
And danced the night away!
Yet massive chocolate tail moved,
And dangerously did sway!

Of course it knocked the Chia down,
He seemed rather upset.
And being quite the cranky kind,
Did not forgive, forget.
He reached the buffet piled with sweets,
And grabbed a chocolate pie.
One mighty hurl and through the air,
The tasty treat did fly.

It hit the Scorchio, you see,
Who turned around, enraged!
Chocolate soon flew left and right,
In battle all engaged!
The chocolate fight went on and on,
Quite gooey, I confess!
So never knock a Chia down,
Or face a sticky mess!

Ode to the Cocoa Forest
By Reggieman721

The mellow taste of chocolate
Is something fine indeed.
Each luscious bite and melted drop
Is sweet delicacy.

The smooth yet rustic flavour makes
A voyage from afar.
It hails from Isle of Mystery,
Where cocoa forests are.

The muggy island rests amidst
A sea of azure blue.
Its narrow tree trunks stretch as sun
Lights up their verdant hue.

The burning orb bakes crumbled soil;
The leaves soak up its heat.
Bright flowers herald budding fruit,
A bounty fresh to eat.

And deep within the shadowed wood
The cocoa beans do fall.
The brown-shelled, tiny miracles
That bring such joy to all.

These origins we do recall
And celebrate today.
Please do enjoy the Chocolate Ball,
And now: indulge, I say!

The Chocolate Ball Begins
By Rosabellk and Nativsis

On a dark night that is otherwise dreary,
Neopets eagerly rush in great crowds
Donning their ball gowns and suits, all so cheery,
Following moonlight that seeps through the clouds.

Once in, they throw off their shawls and their coats,
Swarming into the majestic ballroom;
Their fur set a-tingle, with lumps in their throats,
At smelling the wondrous, rich chocolate perfume.

A dashing brown Lupe now strides up to the stage
And motions for silence; the crowd becomes hushed.
Their faces all eager, attention engaged,
They wait for his speech, every cheek set a-flush.

The Lupe clears his throat and he flashes a grin.
"Welcome, everyone, to this year's Chocolate Ball!
Thank you all for coming; I cannot begin
To describe the excitement that soon will befall.

"For this is the day when new chocolaty treats
Are unveiled to Neopia, scrumptious and rare.
Anyone who takes a bite of these sweets
Will admit that no others can even compare.

"So welcome again! Go ahead, eat your fill!"
The Lupe smiles again. "Everyone please have fun!
We have enough chocolate, so eat 'til you're ill!
You'll be glad you did when the night's finally done."

With this, the brown pet saunters from his space
And he rings a large bell sitting off to one side.
A swarm of small Chias quickly fills up the place,
Every one pushing a cart, showing pride.

They whip off the lids that had hidden the food;
All together, the guests emit stupefied gasps.
Their happiness is anything but subdued
When imagining what will be soon in their grasps.

For the carts are all laden with chocolates galore,
From truffles to statues cut from chocolate bricks.
A chocolate-lover simply could not dream of more;
The guests' mouths all water, their lips they do lick.

The Lupe gives a chuckle and raises his voice:
"All right, everybody, it's time to dig in!
It's a day of festivities, it's time to rejoice;
This year's Chocolate Ball now officially begins!"

My Sweet Friend
By Mamasimios

I pass right by the Chocolate Factory
When my sweet tooth does insist.
I tip my hat to the Kiko shopkeeper there
On my way to the Lab Ray Scientist.

For you see I do not wish to munch
Upon a milk chocolate replica
Of Ogrins, Rukis, Scorchios,
Or other denizens of Neopia.

My sweet tooth is linked to my heart and mind
And never yet to my tummy.
I want chocolate pets to hold and love
Not eat -- though they look yummy.

My heart races at the sight
Of an Aisha with red liquorice ears.
Not my mouth that waters, but my eyes with joy,
When sprinkled Kyrii and Myncis do appear.

Whose tastes could eschew the candy corn
Of Pteri's beak or Bori's claws?
Or the jaunty caps of cream and cherry
Sported by Chombies, Kacheeks, and Kougras?

Perhaps one day Jacko the Painter
Will invent a chocolate brush for me,
But until that day I'll take my chances
With the Ray from the Secret Laboratory.

I run the risk of zapping pets
Into mutants, zombies, or snot,
But on happy days that same Lab Ray
Can turn a dear pet chocolate.

And so to that Lab my sweet tooth compels,
I now hasten with my Usul,
With fingers crossed for a lucky zap
For my sweet friend to be in cocoa enwrapped --
A fitting friend to bring to the Chocolate Ball.

The Melting Ball!
By Icesmith

Dripping along the floors, he springs,
Each tender movement deadly,
His brow breaks sweet, and movements light,
Each splatter of chocolate a beautiful medley!

The Chia bursts through every room,
Determined to find some shade,
Whereas all the other guests do pout,
As the chocolate Chia they all evade!

Why is he running? What is his problem?
The questions flood the room,
Yet none are aware of this Chia's fear,
All befuddled by his gloom!

Yet the Chia continues, his feet sticking fast,
As they slap the floor so loudly,
And all do gasp at this Chia's shape,
As they all hold themselves proudly!

And soon the Chia bursts into the shade,
Away from the squelching sun,
The Chocolate Ball should not be placed,
So near to summer -- it's no fun!

A Lollypop: A Classic
By Lily2b18

Every year
The Chocolate Ball
Releases all new treats.
But as for the type that I eat,
There's only one for me. A lollypop,
A lollypop, so simple, so divine. There's
Only one treat that's for me, a lollypop is
Mine. You can forget your chocolate-
Covered Sloths, forget your truffles
And bars, for there's only one,
A classic at that, that can
Define who we are.
It's such
A lovely
Thing to
Eat, and
It's quite
Too. 'Tis
Why I'm
Giving my
To you!

The Spectacular Chocolate Ball
By Clockworkchildren

Excitation and elation!
The Chocolate Ball is here again,
Happy whisperings around the nation,
Did you get an invite? Not yet.

The highest calibre pets will go,
To this event, such a fabulous affair,
Of the host, such little we know,
The only thing for sure is it will be hosted with flair.

Trying on their elegant attire,
The lucky summoned pets,
To miss this exquisite ball would be dire,
Is it time to put on their dresses yet?

The Chocolate Factory, filled with sparkling lights,
The treats and sweets so plentiful,
Nobody can hide their sheer delight,
To be at this spectacular ball tonight!

The chocolate lovers and fans, standing in the hall,
Thank the mysterious Kiko,
For hosting such an unforgettable ball;
The guests never want to go.

For the next few weeks all you'll hear,
Is about the Chocolate Ball being so grand,
Why didn't whoever turn up? Poor dear,
Did you hear about the Kougra who was taken ill?
If you're going to stuff your face with chocolate,
That's what will happen -- your stomach it will kill!

Chocolaty dreams, for many a night,
Forever remembering the joyous delight!

Preparing for the Chocolate Ball
By Scarvogue

In a kitchen of tiled floors
with checkers of brown and white,
there is a scent of sweetest kind,
of warm chocolate delight.

Pots busily brew and steam,
mixing chocolate that is hot.
A fountain flows of chocolate cold,
but wait -- it's just been bought!

Chocolate bars run off the shelf,
they're popular with every pet.
But there are so many kinds,
all the flavours: I forget!

A yellow Kiko enters the room,
a blue hat upon his head.
He oversees the creation
of his chocolate bread.

Tonight he caters the Chocolate Ball,
a festival of luscious kind.
Every food is made of chocolate,
so no other food will you find.

Chocolate Pops and Neodrops,
Chocolate Candies and Lollies too.
They must be ready by half-past three,
for that's when the guests are due.

The hours pass, the room grows hot,
and almost done is each recipe.
White, milk, and dark chocolate
piled high at fifteen after three.

The Kiko hangs his hat upon a hook
and wipes the sweat from his brow.
"Gather the chocolate, my friends,
for the time is now!"

Chocolate Ball Theft
By Mckinleybooksfan

They twirled about in vivid hues
Amidst the starry night
With purples, pinks, and midnight blues
By twilight's fading light.

The guests rejoiced that night, content
To see the Chocolate Ball,
Oblivious that soon lament
Would grace this cheery hall.

The Aisha thieves were out that night
To steal whate'er they could.
They dropped from awesome height
Onto floor of polished wood.

"Be sure you don't get caught this time,"
Said one thief to her friend.
"Relax, dear Purrow, this one crime
No pet will comprehend."

The Aishas stole all chocolate dark
And other wondrous sweets,
And bounded up without a mark,
To sell their priceless treats.

The guests began to disappear
When dawn began to rise,
And left the owner in good cheer --
'Twas plain within his eyes.

The Kiko owner went below to find
His chocolates rare were gone.
With sorrow in his eyes and mind,
He faced the coming dawn.

With work the Kiko built within
A system that would keep
All thieves all shapes, from thick to thin
From in his shop to creep.

Today the Kiko's chocolate shop
Is safe beyond compare.
No more will any thief dare stop
To steal his sweets so rare.

The Fight between the Two Chocolates
By Dragonstorm_75

Said the white chocolate with dramatic flair,
"I am the finest, and the most fair!
My robes are white, pure indeed,
And sweeter than the finest mead."

The darkened chocolate said in scoff,
"Your taste makes connoisseurs cough!
Now I am delicious, rich and good,
And I stand better than you ever could!"

The white chocolate snarled and spat,
The dark chocolate looked like a boiling vat!
For night and day did the twosome fight,
About who would be on the opening night!

"The Chocolate Ball is a grand affair
Where is served only the finest fare.
You are robust and hardly fine,
The position of the fore ought to be mine!"

Thus said the white to the dark one's face,
And the dark grew angry, his voice quite bass.
"Foolish chocolate, how dare you speak,
You may be sleek, but you are quite weak!"

Then, so suddenly the Master arrived,
To separate the two, the Kiko strived.
"Fellows, fellows, be merry both of you,
There is a place on the tables for two!"

The fight did stop, the two looked up,
The factory Kiko held out a cup.
"Both of you will make my finest creation,
Your wondrous tastes will cause a sensation!"

So the chocolates, differences aside,
Returned to the factory by a slide.
They moulded into a magical new thing,
Swirled Chocolate, the best of them all!

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