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Neopets Poems

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Korbat Day Special

Korbat Day
by agedbeauty

Korbat Day has arrived
So everybody let's have fun
We'll ooh and ahh at every turn
With a party 'til the night is done.

The Baby Korbats will be out
And they are very cute;
Elderly Korbats are out too
Looking quite astute!

The Starry Korbats will be there to play
As they show off each star,
While the Candy Korbats are such fun
Looking like the candy corn they are!

My favourites are the Royal Korbats
The Royal Girl and Royal Boy
Look at their regal costumes - 
Each one brings such joy!

And don't you love the Toy Korbats
They look like they could have a ball
The Korbats have so many colours;
I wish I could have them all!

Today I think I'll celebrate
With a piece of Korbat Cake
And with Korbat toys for my Pets
And more Korbat desserts, one for each to take!

A Party on Korbat Day
by chai7705

The 26th of Collecting is my favourite time
For this day belongs to Korbats and it's also mine!
How surely special it is to celebrate and share
A birthday with this wonderful Neopet that flaps and flies through the air

Let's celebrate our day in ways to honor our Korbat friends
Like reading books - whether for or by Korbats, they were penned!
"Korbat Halloween" is a perfect book made for this season
Or "The Korbat Researcher" is a tome for those who prefer reason

Perhaps you'd like something a bit more thrilling?
Let's go to the Battledome, if you're willing
Korbat Ear Shields and a Korbat Chestplate will protect
With a Korbat Power Blaster, your foe will be wrecked!

If that sounds too dangerous, there's more to do instead
Let's toss a Korbat Glider, just run up far ahead
A KorBat and Ball Set can be plenty of fun
And so many Korbat Plushies - you have to pick just one!

Of course, to celebrate our day, we must have a meal
Black Currant? Cucumber? Cheese and Onion? Which Korbat Sandwich do you feel?
There's Korbat Pasta and Meatballs or Korbat Tofu to choose
Organic Korbat Pumpkins or Korbat Wing Soup - there's no way to lose!

Of course, we should not forget to save room for dessert
A bite of Korbat Mooncake surely wouldn't hurt!
Maybe Korbat Meringue is more your style
Or Gummy Korbat Tails, with flavours for miles and miles!

Finally, our day can end - what's this? Another treat?
No, no, this is not the kind that you would want to eat!
A Korbat Cutie Gift Box awaits us from the Mall
Whatever's inside, the deepest thanks to Korbats, one and all!

Korbat's Laboratory Game
by dinha_reeves

There's a mysterious old laboratory
Where you can see Korbats crawling everywhere
Rumour has it belongs to Dr. Sloth
He uses it to create Transmogrification Potions there.

You have a shot to destroy the ingredients
And ruin Dr. Sloth evil's plan forever
You just need to pass through those flying Korbats
And for that, you need to be clever.

Be careful! There are Korbats all over the place
If you hit one of them, you might not have a second chance,
But to ensure that your mission is a success
You must anticipate their movements in advance.

Shoot the ball, don't let it drop on the floor
You should use the angles in your favour
Hit the boxes, avoid the Spyders, watch the time
And you gonna be the Neopia's saviour!

A Different Korbat
by maculose

A Korbat woke up to begin his day.
It wasn’t one where he’d yell hooray.
This Korbat’s vision was not the best.
He was almost blind, unlike the rest.

His sister came in to try and help.
She didn’t scare him or make him yelp.
“Come with me! Let’s take a trip!
It’s in a cave. No need for a ship!”

They both flew quickly to the cave.
His sister helped him as she always behaved.
As they went in, he began to grow sad.
“I can’t see anything! I’m getting quite mad!”

His sister smiled and knew what to do.
“Don’t worry brother because I got you!
Take a breath and sniff with your nose.
Listen carefully. What are those?”

The brother sniffed an amazing smell.
It was familiar and he knew it well.
He could hear it rippling, flowing calm.
He sensed a creek without a qualm.

He listened closer and heard something more.
There were wings flapping which wasn’t a bore.
“My sweet brother guess who is here?
We are not alone my very sweet dear.”

Suddenly he realized who was around.
It was all of his friends flying above the ground.
“Surprise! Surprise!” all of them yelled.
He grew a smile like he was under a spell.

“Thank you so much for bringing them here.
Thank you for showing there’s nothing to fear!”
The Korbat was happy and had the best day.
His difference didn’t matter. He liked it this way.

Mortal Korbat
by sergente__hartmann

Know anyone who's up to a fight?
asked my Korbat, out of the blue.
Well, little one, searching I might
For an opponent worthy of you.

Went to the Dome and checked on the list,
many of the names in the challengers' pool:
There was some Petpet, and then the Tax Beast,
Edna, Kauvara, the Shadow Usul.

Boochi, Chiazilla, but what did you say?
Fighting Snowager? You're not strong enough!
But stubborn he was, and there was no way
for me to suggest an opponent less tough.

I gave him equipment, the best that I had:
a sword, a G-bomb, and some kind of shield,
and watched the 'lil overconfident lad
now facing the big worm on that frozen field.

Words aren't good here for describing such
a thorough defeat, so I will just say
that even Marina was shocked by how much
damage the Korbat had taken that day.

Know anyone who's up to a fight?
asks my bruised Korbat, out of the blue.
I suggest Boochi, does that sound right?
and he says well sure! Boochi will do.

I am a Korbat
by spukl1

I am a little Baby Korbat,
Flying through Haunted Woods,
I am a little Baby Korbat,
Looking for Halloween goods.

I am a Starry blue Korbat,
Looking at the moon,
I am a Starry blue Korbat,
Nocturnal; sleeping past noon.

I am an Eventide Korbat,
Camouflaged with the sky,
I am an Eventide Korbat,
I really like to fly.

I am an Elderly Korbat,
Climbing through the trees,
I am an Elderly Korbat,
Looking for the Braintree’s knees.

I am a Valentine Korbat,
Happy with my hearts,
I am a Valentine Korbat,
My species is very smart.

I am a Halloween Korbat,
‘Tis the season for me,
I am a Halloween Korbat,
I am spooky to a tee!

Best About Korbats
by imbitter

Korbats flying high in the sky, sociable and friendly
They’re not at all shy and they don’t want an enemy
Don’t be put off by their spooky bat looks
You’ll be a fool to pass and greatly mistook

Take Kevin for example, the lover of Gormball
Don’t give him a chance? I can’t believe the gall
His smile is best to add warmth to the night
Korbats are nocturnal after all, that’s when they take flight

Despite their big ears and what you may think
Korbats' noses are best, make sure you don’t stink
While they’re gentle and kind, you need to take care
They can defend themselves, they are not left bare

It’s October now, the 26th to be exact
Hey, that’s Korbat's day! I almost lost track
Find a way to celebrate, adopt a Korbat is the best
Adopt from the pound so the homeless can rest

Korbats Lab
by lauren92_k

Little Korbat, swift and fast,
Flying all throughout old Dr Sloth's lab.
Agile and nimble, gliding through the air,
There's even sometimes two, making quite the pair.

The rules of the game are really quite simple,
Brick by brick, you'll want them all to ripple.
Keep the ball in constant motion, 
Or you won't be seeing any sort of potion.

Knock a brick down and you have a chance,
To receive a glorious potion that could enhance.
But beware that others may strive to hinder,
So be careful as you break down all the tinder.

Hit a Korbat or a Spyder and the ball will fly,
In any sort of direction that just might pass you by.
Look for the skull potion to rid these beasts, 
Otherwise quickly contemplate a hasty retreat.

'Spiderbite' gets you one last chance,
While 'Destroy' launches a number of balls that may have you entranced.
'Skip' and 'Shift' are quite self-explanatory,
If you can't figure it out, you might as well get out of this laboratory.

The clock strikes down, but only when you lose a life,
So be a good Neopian and don't cause any strife.
Or Dr Sloth may show up and put you on the slab,
To be the next Korbat haunting the lab.

Korbat d'halloween
by kali3333

Le petit Korbat prend son envol
Rejoint ses congénères en farandole
En direction des hanted wood
Pas loin des bois de Sherwood

Il a mis son beau costume
Qui lui fait un beau volume
C’est celui de halloween
Qui le rend bien anonyme

Ses deux ailes son toutes noires
Car il vole vers le manoir
Avec son chapeau de sorcière
Il survole les ornières

Sont masque est vraiment tout vert
Et il annonce bientôt l’hiver
Mais les oreilles restent roses
Pour elles, point de métamorphose

Pourquoi donc veux-tu faire peur
Tout la-haut dans les hauteurs
Parce que c’est bientôt halloween
Qui n’est pas une fête anodine

C’est la préférée des enfants
Et de tous les Pets néopians
Qui jouent à se déguiser 
Avec des costumes sorciérisés

A Korbat's Secret
by dottie27a

My name is Hallow the Korbat
But please, just call me Hal
I have a teeny tiny secret
That I’m finally ready to tell

On October 30 I was born
Right outside the Haunted Wood
It was a foggy and cold morn
All was still in the neighbourhood

Thade’s Castle was my playground
Neovia was my home
I played all day in the Fairground
Fought in the Stone Dome

My life was very scary
Filled with horror and spooks
My Walking Carpet named Harry
I loved the costumed looks

My truth might cause a shock
You might call me an Intesteen
But please don’t throw a Rock
My favorite holiday is…


Barallus the Batty
by catchinglights

Deep in Darigan's dungeons a Korbat swings from his chain,
He sings, he talks, he weeps, he babbles, but most of all he laughs,
The guards all wonder every day "Is something broken in his brain?"

Barallus is a mystery that may never come unravelled,
The guards would rather avoid him any chance they get,
No one knows for sure where this Korbat has travelled.

Could he be a crafty spy from deep in Meridell, 
His insanity, an act to maintain his innocence,
While leaking secrets from his cell?

Could he be a traitor from within Darigan's own ranks,
Selling intel to the highest bidder,
While expecting a pardon with Lord Kass's thanks?

Whatever Barallus may have done to earn his lifelong sentence,
Was an order that came from the very top from Darigan himself,
So within the dungeons, he will stay, never earning his repentance.

Hanging by his chain, Barallus whines his days away,
Playing Cellblock with Master Vex just to occupy his time,
Still, he deserves to hear just once "Happy Korbat Day!"

Korbat Companions
by pet1012020

Fluttering in the night,
hiding from the sun.
Huddled all together, 
singing small songs for fun.

Korbats might be small, 
but they are quite the sight.
While not quite an Eyrie,
they're very good at flight!

They have another funny trait,
that stands out from other Pets.
Korbats only like to rest a certain way,
upside-down is just the best!

Their ears seem mighty,
but their nose does all the work.
So be careful leaving food around,
as these little Korbats lurk.

With lots of tricks and plenty of treats, 
they're sure to be your friends!
They'll make sure that Halloween spirit,
is something that never truly ends!

Darigan Korbats
by truebrony

Darigan Korbats
Are nothing to laugh at!
They’re creepy and crawly,
So freaky and gnarly!

His unkempt fur,
All twisted and twirled,
Sticks out from his mane
And appears quite deranged.

His big grey claws,
All sharpened like saws,
Poke out from his wings,
Ready to spring!

His narrowed yellow eyes
Shall spell your demise,
If you catch his wrath,
You better stand back!

With his grumbling growl
And his sinister scowl,
I’d just leave him alone,
Stay away from his zone!

Les cris du Korbat
by timezor

Au milieu d'une nuit sans lune
Les bois hantés sont plongés dans la brume

On y voit presque rien
Mais on y entend des sons anciens

Des râle de Zombie
Un fantôme qui gémit

Mais un habitant de la forêt
Est presque muet

Tendez l'oreille
Et vous percevrez ce son subtil

C'est un ultrason qu'on entend
Un cri si perçant   

Provenant d'un Neopets nocturne
Le Korbat l'utilise pour faire fortune

Voyez, en produisant des ondes sonores qui frappent les petpetpets présents
Il arrive a les détecter en volant

Et ce, même dans la noirceur la plus totale
Les yeux fermés, les Korbats se régalent

Et tout ça, en raison de leur habileté d'écholocalisation
Qui garanti aux Korbats de Neopia, une délicieuse collation

Korbat’s Flight
by califorthehomeless

Look out, they take to the sky
So high above
We wish we could fly
For Korbat’s the luck of the wings

All ages, all types
From Snow to spooky
Candy-coated to Elderly
Relic is heavy, but he can make it!

Taking flight, what a wonderful thing
To escape Balthazar or maybe the King!
Watch out for the teeth!
Watch out for the tail!
But they’re mostly friends, except to foes!

Nocturnal they are
You can hear their wings beating
Even when it’s dark
For a Korbat’s Flight, don’t we all wish we were!

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