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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Slorg Day Special

The Slimy Slorg Who Could - A Disgusting Story
by i_lovee_icecream

One particular Slorg was slimiest of all,
Leaving trails of ooey-gooey gunk.
The other Slorgs slithered away from him,
Leaving him in quite a lonely funk.

He left a trail behind him,
Everywhere he went. 
Looks of horror and disgust,
His way were always sent.

The slimy Slorg did not believe, 
That he could ever make a friend.
Until one day that belief he had,
Came to a heartfelt end.

The slimy Slorg noticed,
That his mucus had gone away.
It was still oozing from his belly,
But his trail was not here to stay.

He was shocked when he turned to see,
A Zombie Slorg following him closely.
It was lapping up the gooey trail,
Eating the green gunk grossly.

The slimy Slorg went up to the Zombie,
Looking him up and down.
The Zombie Slorg snuggled up to him,
And away went his frown.

The two unusual friends,
Meandered on together.
Both are a little repulsive,
They were birds of a feather.

Slorgs In Space
by therainbowsheep

For as long as Neopians can remember,
Slorgs have been afoot!
Munching on plants and flowers,
Ignoring pleading gardeners' input!

But recently, the numbers have dwindled
Oh, where have the Slorgs gone?
Word is, they are Kreludor bound!
Off to ruin cosmic lawns.

Seems it's time for a change,
Slorgs seek a different lunch!
Way out in space, they are aware,
There will be new treats to munch!

So there are Slorgs in space!
Floating in a long line.
Out to raid Kreludor's food,
Slorgs are ready to dine!

With mirth in their big bright eyes,
They know of the chaos they yield!
Nothing can stop these hungry Slorgs,
From invading these space fields!

Try as you might to stop them,
Slorgs know their role and place.
Their job is to eat everyone's crops,
And they do so with cheerful grace!

Slorg Day Shenanigans!
by coyote90

This is a very special day,
A day for Slorgs to come and play,
From the left, and the right,
So many Slorgs come into sight! 

For some, Slorgs often spell trouble,
But today, they make it double,
They will take it upon themselves
To climb their way onto your shelves. 

Leaving trails of slime around,
On the walls and the ground.
These Slorgs will crawl about everywhere!
Why, they'll even crawl up in your hair! 

They love to crawl up on your chairs,
And they'll hold races on your stairs.
They'll slide along your nice clean floor.
They'll inch along on every door. 

But no matter what you try to do,
Those Slorgs will move right on through,
There's nothing they won't crawl inside,
They'll locate everything you hide. 

All day the Slorgs will have their fun,
Until, at last, the setting sun!
Then all the Slorgs will go outside,
They'll go off to wherever they hide. 

But in the end, no harm was done,
The Slorgs just wanted to have fun.
And I know they were not mean,
I just wish they'd helped us clean!

Slorg Smorgasbord
by califorthehomeless

Once a year, from near and far
The Slorgs come down to this here farm
The slimy things slither on down 
For the Slorg smorgasbord!

From the Haunted Woods, to Terror Mountain
The Slorgs meet near Meridell
For a celebration!
A party for all the slimy friends!

There’s vegetables galore
For our friends to snack on
Relatives catching up after a long time not chatting
All are welcome, as long as you don’t mind the slime!

For a Slorg is a fine Petpet
They deserve a day for them
So let’s rejoice and let them be
A slimy friend for all to see!

by 9kas

Auburn leaves float from the trees,
scattering as the wind surges.
Amongst the billowing blades of grass
a little Green Slorg emerges. 

With wide-eyed wonder and curiosity,
the Slorg peeks through the grass astounded. 
What is this mysterious force of nature
that causes these leaves to be grounded?

As days grow shorter and light turns scarce,
leaves fall and fall as trees turn lifeless. 
The tall green grass that the Slorg called home
now shrivelled up, lying in silence.

With chilling winds, the first frost falls;
no warmth to turn to, nowhere to hide. 
The grass is gone, his home no more,
now where will the little Slorg reside?

Pondering his options, he hears a noise: 
sounds of footsteps grow and grow. 
A Quiggle appears, harvest basket in hand,
beckoning the little Slorg to follow. 

The Quiggle guides them through the maze
of maize and pumpkin: scattered, abandoned. 
Hours later, the duo has reached
the Quiggle’s home, a cave on the island. 

Welcoming in his new Slorg friend
the Quiggle shares his harvest
of pumpkins and grains and fruits and berries
the Slorg digs in with glee, famished. 

And as the winter approaches quickly
the friends retreat into the warm den.
Until the mysterious forces of nature
transform the seasons once again.

The Attack of the Hungry Slorgs
by dinha_reeves

Slorgs invaded Meridell's farm
And are eating all the marrow of the plantation
They were hungry and unstoppable
What can we do in this situation?

The Yurble Farmer will take the lead
And eliminate all the Slorgs in his way
With his Slorgeriser X4 in his hands
No Slorg will run away.

There's a trail of colourful Slorgs
Dragging themselves across the farmland,
They're searching for fruits and vegetables to eat
But with the Slorg-B-gone they're about to be banned.

Put two Slorgs of the same colour side by side
Then throw a ball of Slorg-B-Gone,
It must be of the same colour as them
Otherwise, the Slorgs will keep going on.

There are Blue, Brown and Green Slorgs,
The Yurble Farmer aims the machine and shoots
Making sure he will not miss his target,
He can't afford to waste any minute.

But more Slorgs keep coming,
And new colours of Slorgs begin to arrive
But the Farmer won't give up on his mission
For the sake of his farmland, he'll strive.

Red, Black, and Purple Slorgs
Will he be able to take them all?
Hungry, they keep getting closer and closer,
Protecting the marrow is his priority, no matter how.

He shoots and the Slorgs scurry,
Cleaning up his beloved farm from those little invaders,
Saving his crops and saving the day,
He's truly a hero for Meri Acres.

Morning's Glory
by tangey_zumi

As the sun wakes from its slumber
And stretches its rays wide
Between blades of grass appear glistening trails
Dew-dampened shrubs sparkle in the light

The Slorgs are hard at work,
And once the sun is bright,
The farmer will awake
To send them scrambling out of sight

It’s important that they’re quick
But quick creatures they are not,
Weaving through the crop rows
Gathering an adequate lot

Berries and leafy greens
They’ll leave the seeds behind
Surely if they’re modest
The farmer shouldn’t mind

The creak of a door alerts them
That the farmer is on his way
Quickly now they bundle their keep
That’ll have to do for today 

The Slorgs dash for the exit,
Shrubs provide the safety of shade
As the farmer grunts in frustration
The Slorgs are well on their way 

Gleefully the Slorgs travel,
Leaving slimy evidence of where they go
They greet Springabees and Draphlies
And continue on their path towards home

Soon they’ll meet hungry mouths,
And distribute the day's delights,
Tomorrow will bring another journey
But today all is alright.

Those Silly Slorgs
by eleganza_lights

Oh here come those silly little Petpets,
But spooky and scary as well we forget.
They arrive in colours of many and plenty,
Valentine, Royal, and Elderly.

Find a 100-day-old Slorg for a cute avatar,
Green and Blue with eyes as big as saucers.
Slorgs of all colours are hidden around Neopia,
Maraqua, Faerieland and Tyrannia.

Petpets so popular, find them in games.
Florg is hungry and eating them is his aim.
Or save the Neopians from their infestation,
In the attacks of the Slorgs on the space station.

At the mixing pot discover the Slorgclops,
With Jhuidah’s help, mix a Slorg with a Meowclops.
Or maybe you can find free Neopoints,
From the generous Slorg who never disappoints. 

So many fun Slorg items can be found,
Books, toys, stamps and candy all around.
Hope you learned something about our slimy friend.
Off you go and on your Slorg, you should spend!

Birthday Slorg
by abetterworld

Happy little fellow,
Big eyes and a smile,
Sent out a memo
Of a birthday celebration!

Slorg with his party hat,
Orange and red stripes
His party so vast,
With guests at the door!

Bunting for the wall,
With a variety of colours.
But a cake above all,
Would complete the day!

Blue, yellow, pink icing,
A triple-layered cake.
Candles ready, how exciting!
It’s a lovely Slorg birthday!

The Rich Slorg
by profebest

Across the rivers, the sun rises,
As a Slorg with wealth, an amazing sight.
A very Rich Slorg has made its way,
The Shop of Offers where Slorg awaits.

Offering 50 Neopoints each per day,
Getting rich, it's the Slorg Way.
If you go every single day-
A new Bank you will upgrade.

A Slorg of colour Green, eyes so bright, 
like shining stars, across my mind.
A cosmic journey, a wondrous light,
The cosmos sing a celestial song.

Playing Slorg games, trying all day.
Attack of Slorgs, maybe Slorgs in Space.
In the emptiness of space, lost in May,
A Slorg in a cosmic space, travelling 'til the end.

Happy Slorg Day!

How My Slorgclops Came to Be
by tatyanne

I once had a friendly little Slorg–
The sweetest smile I truly adored.
He was a beautiful slimy creature,
And that was one of his best features.

Wherever he went, he left a trail–
I could track him, always, without fail.
The floor was full of crossing lines–
A masterpiece so grand, so fine.

One day he made a Meowclops friend–
So much time together they’d spend.
One large eye to see everything and all,
And sometimes he’d cough up a furball.

Very strong was their brotherly bond,
And an idea in their minds spawned.
“You know what would be such great fun?
If the two of us could just be one!”

Off we went to find the Cooking Pot,
And saw Jhuidah at her usual spot.
“Oh, how cute, come jump right in!”
Jhuidah said, with a sweet grin.

With the brightest smile, in went my Slorg–
The Meowclops followed, jumping forth.
A magic spell, and a good big stir,
And everything around became a blur.

The Cooking Pot gave one last sputter,
And in my heart, I felt quite the flutter.
“It is now done, just come and see,” 
Jhuidah paused and smiled happily.

Out slithered my Petpet with silken fur–
I picked him up and he gave a purr.
That large eye may give some a fright,
But I love my Slorgclops with all my might!

by brooklyn3223

In Meridell they tell a tale of woe,
A warning to young farmers in the realm.
To protect their precious crops they must be vigilante
Prepared for trouble and ready at the helm.

The juiciest fruits and vegetables in all Neopia
Grow in vast quantities in these fields.
One day a small invasion arrived,
Helping themselves to all those yields.

The Slorgs, they came in droves,
Bellies rumbling deep from hunger.
When they stumbled upon the plentiful fields
They could not resist such plunder.

The Yurble Farmer was among the crop
Picking those which were ripe and ready.
When he looked up across the fields
He saw that rainbow wave growing steady.

Without hesitation, he jumped into action
Running quickly to the storage shed.
He grabbed as much Slorg-B-Gone as he could carry
And prepared to defend his farmstead.

As the mass of Slorgs came into view
He began to throw his ammunition.
Some Slorgs began to slowly dissipate
Retreating away from their mission.

He worked tirelessly for hours
Bravely protecting those juicy fruits.
Though the Slorg army began to dwindle,
It did not dissuade their pursuits.

As the day began to close,
It appeared the Yurble Farmer had finally won
When one Slorg slowly approached him,
He was stunned and couldn’t even run.

The Slorg stared up at the farmer,
Eyes like giant glistening saucers.
The farmer’s heart began to melt for the tiny creature,
He merely forgot about his losses.

“You’re just hungry” he exclaimed
Scooping the small, Green Petpet in his hands.
“Why don’t you come home with me” he said
As the Slorg continued to stare as if in a trance.

Together this unlikely pair
Wandered through the fields back home.
The little Slorg would always have a full belly
And the Yurble farmer would no longer be alone.

My Slorg
by spukl1

Walking through Meridell Farms,
I have a basket full of berry charms,
I look left, right, up, then down,
And I see a Slorg on the ground.
So, I drop him a snack,
But next thing I know, he’s about to attack!
I have a moment of hesitation,
I am scared of a Slorg and this confrontation!
I drop my basket and lose my berries,
I turn to run because that Slorg is scary!
Yet, somehow that Slorg keeps pace.
He is acting like he’s in a Poogle Race!
I turn around and look him in the eye,
He’s smiling and looks like a nice guy.
I pick him up and he leaves a trail of slime.
He makes some gurgles and I know this time…
This is my new best friend,
I know he’ll be my Petpet until the end.
I was scared at first sight,
But he’s not going to give me a fight.
I love my little Slorg buddy,
Even when he gets messy and muddy.
Green and squishy, that’s my boy,
I got him a treat and a brand-new toy.
The Slorg came home and we are happy,
Talking about him makes me very sappy.
I found my little Slorg on the farm,
and no one will ever do him harm.

Slorgasbord of Slorgs
by chai7705

Slorgs, by their type, are called Spooky
But do not be fooled by that name
Honest, they're really quite kooky
With that blank stare and smile of fame!

The classic we know is a Green
Shade that is similar to Snot
They leave a slime trail with a sheen
It's sticky and might leave wet spots!

But many other Slorgs do exist
Like Red, Blue, and Pink are a few
Yellow has a fun slug-like twist
And shiny bright Gold makes you "ooh!"

My favourite is the silly Salad Slorg
All dressed up with dressing on a plate
He'd better be careful near Florg
If he does not desire to be ate!

The Birthday Slorg smiles with a cake
Christmas is bundled and merry
Elderly is hardly awake,
And so sweet is juicy Strawberry!

Whichever Slorg you'd like as your friend
Even Zombie, with a face mom adores
They'll be a loyal Petpet to the end
Any Neopet would love to care for!

La journée Slorg
by werdesy

Limace Neopienne
L’icône des Petpets
Grand yeux globuleux
Un air un peu niaiseux

Une vie si paisible
Un vissage iressistivle
Un être toujours heureux
Un sourire un peu niaiseux

Ils laissent derrière eu beaucoup de glue
Ah non, ça pue!
Sachez qu’un Slorg est passé!
Ce n’est pas grave, ils sont tant aimé!

Un petpets effrayant, quoi?
Mais oui, avez-vous jouer?
L’attaque des Slorgs, une armée est lancée
Ça fait peur, attention à vos doigts!

Journée de célébration pour les Slorgs
Une belle aventure dans la flore
Une réunion multicolore
Pour cette fête un peu folklore

Bonne Journée des Slorgs!

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