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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Bori Day Special

Donny the Bori
by gumgum101230

Has your Neopet shown a Toy
A bit too much affection?
Donny is just the Bori to fix
The Toys in your collection! 

Donny runs the Toy Repair Shop
On Terror Mountain's peak;
In a remote cabin, he honed
His toy fixing technique. 

Did you know that Chia Plushies
Will break only for Lupes?
Donny will stitch it up to allow
Its remains to be recouped. 

It's said that time comes for us all--
And that includes our Clocks!
Donny can fix your damaged timepiece
To get your schedule on lock! 

If you have a Bag of Neopoints
That is tarnished and illegible,
Donny will fix the broken coins
To make them spendable! 

You can even buy a Donny Plushie
If you're a Bori fan--
However if your Pet rips that as well,
You'll have to visit him again!

Bella, the Ice Skating Bori
by orlytheowl

Graceful and classy
She spins round and round
Bella the Ice Bori looks almost glassy
And her passion she has found

Figure skating is what she loves
She's on the rink each day, all year,
With a fluffy scarf and glittery gloves,
She's a treat to watch for everyone that's near

Because this Ice Bori is one of the best
Neopian skaters of all time
She's succeeded in every trial and test
Her skating is simply sublime.

She's been doing it for years on end,
Ever since she was very young.
Countless of hours she has spent
Thousands of pirouettes she has spun

So if you're in the mood to be in awe
To see in person the talent that Bella owns
Prepare to have a dropping jaw
When you see the true bearer of the skating crown

Qualities of a Bori
by therainbowsheep

With razor-sharp claws,
How Boris can dig!
They play in the dirt,
Gathering sticks and twigs.

With a tough exterior shell,
A layer of protection,
Boris can curl up small,
You cannot detect them.

With bright and wide eyes,
Boris are always alert,
Aware of their surroundings -
They seldom get hurt.

With large ears so perky,
And hearing so clear,
Boris are wonderful listeners
Who hold stories dear.

A shyness so gentle,
They emulate peace -
For the most part quiet,
Their noise doesn't increase.

These are the qualities of a Bori,
Sweet and loving creatures.
Terror Mountain's finest,
With many lovely features!

A Bori and His Music
by maculose

There was a Bori who loved to play.
He was obsessed with music in every way.
He was painted Mutant and was proud.
He loved playing music so very loud.

One day he left and went to the park.
He brought a drum and was ready to start.
He began to drum with so much speed,
He could be in a band and be their lead.

Pets came from all around.
They were all excited about what they found.
They listened and cheered with all the smiles.
They wanted great music for quite a while.

A Skeith appeared that was kind of mad.
He did not like this music and thought it was bad.
This Skeith ran up and broke the drum.
He turned around and he began to run.

The Bori stood there, full of tears.
Not having his drum was his biggest fear.
Then another Bori came to the front.
“Look here! I have just what you want!”

The Bori laid down on his tummy.
“Play my shell! It won’t be funny!”
The Mutant Bori began play.
He was very intrigued on playing this way.

Everyone cheered as loud as they could.
The music was back! The atmosphere was good.
It did not matter that he had no drum.
Music is everywhere. Go have some fun!

Bori Day Rollcall!
by coyote90

Hip, hip, hooray!
Today is Bori Day!
A time for Bori to come and play!

Look!  Here comes a Bori Squire!
He works so hard, and does not tire!
His chivalrous spirit is one to admire!

Hip, hip, hooray!
Today is Bori Day!
Watch as they all put on a display!

Come dance with the little Bori Gnome!
Out in the yard is where he likes to roam.
Playing with friends makes him feel at home.

Hip, hip, hooray!
Today is Bori Day!
Hurry up now, don't delay!

Now here we have the Bori Miner.
When it comes to digging, no one's finer!
It's a tough job, but he's no whiner.

Hip, hip, hooray!
Today is Bori Day!
The festivities are underway!

We also have the Bori Detective.
His sleuthing skills are truly effective.
He's your Bori for any objective!

Hip, hip, hooray!
Today is Bori Day!
With us, the fun will always stay!

Don't forget the Bori Engineer!
Guiding his train without fear,
With skills so sharp and vision clear.

Hip, hip, hooray!
Today is Bori Day!
Come have fun with us today!

O Descobrimento do Pet Bori
by dinha_reeves

Congelados por mais de um milênio
Esquecidos pela população de Neopia
O pet Bori não passava de uma lenda
Uma história de fantasia.

Mas sua existência estava prestes a ser descoberta
Por Hannah, em sua incrível jornada
Quando na Montanha do Terror chegou
E a maldição dos Boris foi finalemnte quebrada.

Foi então que Armin, o primeiro Bori, se juntou a ela
Um bravo e corajoso guerreiro
Ele podia parecer frágil e pequeno
Mas o seu alvo era muito certeiro.

Com seu fiel estilingue em mãos
O Portador da Noite foi derrotado
Graças ao pequeno Bori Armin
O mal de neopia foi finalmente livrado.

E então esta linda espécie se tornou disponível
Nas quatro cores básicas podia ser criado
Mas havia também uma promoção especial
E com mais uma cor específica ele foi agraciado.

Era a linda cor de Gelo
Que por pouco tempo ficou disponível
Para obter um após a promoção
Era basicamente impossível.

Mas outras cores ao longo do tempo foram lançadas
E o pet Bori sempre foi muito querido
Todos de Neopia o adoram de verdade
E ele nunca mais será esquecido.

Bori Business
by eleganza_lights

The Bori is furry and meant for snow,
From Terror Mountain of beauty and cold.
Dancing and digging is what they do,
Icy sports are where they excel too.

Armin the Small is the most famous,
Helping Hannah in her quest for justice.
Keeper of Time also came to Hannah’s aide,
He fought the enemies with his mighty blade.

Can’t forget grumpy ol’ Donny,
At the peak of the Mountain, high and haughty.
He can fix almost anything you need,
But he will ask for Neopoints indeed. 

A few Boris are here to entertain,
As captains and goalies they do train.
Mighty players in the Altador Cup they are,
At Yooyuball, they are rockstars.

Hope you enjoyed this journey of the Bori,
Join here again for another story!

Bubbling Bori Beverage
by precious_katuch14

It bubbles, it pops,
It's purple, it's fizzy.
What's this beverage?
Will it make me dizzy?

A timid little Bori
Pours a cup and drinks.
Suddenly straightens up
With confidence, they think.

Desperate to make amends,
A Bori shares a bottle
With an estranged friend
To whom they caused trouble.

And just like magic,
The day's full of cheer,
For every single Bori
Both far and near.

Just what's the secret?
What's in the glass,
That seems to give pleasure
But also real class?

The Bubbling Bori Beverage?
Yes, but what's it made of?
Bringing joy and laughter
To all who drink the stuff?

All the Boris I ask
On this Bori Day
Have the same answer.
They can't really say.

Brilliant Burrower Boris
by chai7705

Deep in the cold, dark Ice Caves 
In Terror Mountain, you may find
That is if you dare to be brave, 
A Neopet that’s one-of-a-kind

Known for its hard-armoured shell
That covers all along down its back
This Neopet can defend itself well
From any dangerous attack!

Their long furry ears help them, too
They can hear anything from afar 
So whatever you may be up to
It’ll be on this Pet’s radar!

If worse comes to worst, this Pet bears
Some seriously sharp, hardened claws
Despite its timidity — beware!
You don’t want to mess with those paws!

But this pet prefers not to fight
In fact, those long claws hold more use
For digging all morning and night
If there’s dirt, they really let loose! 

The Bori is this special Neopet
That can out-dig any challenger out there
The envy of every Symol Petpet
No other in Neopia can even dare!

So I hope on this celebrated day
That every Bori — Red, Ghost, or Ice
Has tons of dirt to dig and to play
Then this Bori Day will be nicer than nice!

Once Upon A Toolbar
by agedbeauty

Once upon a toolbar
I earned a lovely prize - 
I got to create an Ice Bori
Of any shape or size!

The Ice Bori is so hard to find -
You can't find it with a Lab zap;
It doesn't come from Morphing Potions
And it's not on Naia's map.

With my lovely toolbar prize,
I now had a choice 
Would I change my Neopet
Or give a new Pet a voice?

To my great enjoyment, 
I made my first Neopet an Ice Bori - 
Ara was pristine and Icy, 
For a new chapter of her story!

Ara and I greatly enjoyed
The days with her icy mien;
Boris are such graceful creatures
And Ice Boris were the loveliest I'd seen.

Sadly this was back
When your Neopet sometimes changed its hue,
And before I knew it 
Poor Ara had turned into a Bori-Blue!

I still loved her but I'll admit
Her Icy visage is often missed
Of all her looks throughout the years,
Ice Bori was at the top of the favourites list!

Today as we celebrate
Another happy Bori Day
I think back to my Ice Bori
And miss the look more than I can say!

The Small Bori Hero
by mynel_mel

The most famous pair of eyes
Across all Neopian lands
Belongs to a really small Bori
Who once had our fate in his hands

I'm referring to Armin, the Small
The first friend Hannah made in the Caves
In the final battle, he was mighty
And the whole Bori species was saved

Many Boris dress up in his outfit
Even carry his dagger around
But the weapon that's mostly forgotten
Is the slingshot to which fate was bound

When the Bringer of Night was upon them,
And the Heart of the Mountain restored
Its magic encased the villain in ice
At him, a certain shot Armin scored

This is how his eyes got famous
His big irises, piercing icy blue
Even contacts were made in his honour,
So all Neopets could share this hue

And even with heroic glory,
Armin still lives a simpleton's life
He's quite happy in Terror Mountain
Finally free from the war and the strife

This is how we first met the Boris
And a hero amongst them was seen
Today we celebrate their discovery,
Happy day to them all, and especially Armin!

Donny the Toy Mender
by skeletonic

On Terror Mountain, where snowflakes always dance,
A quirky Bori shopkeeper, Donny, gives broken Toys a fighting chance,
With Neopets' broken Toys, he's got the knack,
Visit his little shop, there's nothing he can't un-crack!

With nimble Bori paws and a twinkle in his Bori eye,
Donny wields his tools oh so spry,
He'll mend your treasures with skill and glee,
For just a few Neopoints, your joy will be set free.

From Plushies torn to books all tattered,
To Battledome gear, completely shattered,
Donny's the wizard of the Toy-fixing game,
In his snowy abode, he's earned his fame.

So if your Pet's beloved toy is in a sorry state,
Donny's shop's the place to make it great,
With laughter and care, he'll swiftly deploy,
And your Neopets' joy, he'll surely restore to enjoy!

The Bori of Terror Mountain
by tatyanne

Hailing from frozen tundra and rugged terrain,
The Terror Mountain is the Bori’s domain.
From deep within the Ice Caves the Bori emerged,
Freed from the Bringer of Night’s vicious purge.

Armoured scales and long sharp claws–
Made to burrow, are the Bori’s paws.
With snout to the ground, they hunt for a treat–
Insects and grubs–oh how they love to eat.

Their backs adorned with plates so strong,
Protecting their kind hearts all day long.
With nimble feet and a curious gaze,
They explore Neopia–what delightful days.

Such gentle strides, they tread the earth–
Despite past adversity, they live with mirth.
The Bori are creatures beyond compare,
With resilient spirit and souls that care.

The Keeper of Time refused to fall–
The colony frozen, he watched over all.
Resilient they were in the face of trials–
Iron determination and unwavering smiles.

So, with the Bori spirit, they discovered
Strength to endure, rise above, recover.
Let us celebrate this armoured friend,
For justice and love they will defend.

The Story of the Bori
by i_lovee_icecream

From the wintry woods of Terror Mountain,
Comes a creature of timid disposition. 
Hidden away under ice and snow,
Dreaming dreams of newfound missions.

Aspiring to play in the Ice Caves,
Digging to their hearts' desire. 
An old flame is reborn, a passion;
This fantasy upon a burning pyre.

Kept safe from the Bringer of Night,
And watched by the Keeper of Time. 
The Boris were painstakingly rescued,
No longer the victims of a hateful crime. 

When one day they were set free, 
To see what they were meant to be.
Excavators, explorers, companions;
Their love as deep as a canyon.

Arising from their icy cage, 
Stretching and yawning and blinking,
There was only one thing,
That this new Neopet was thinking:

“Thank you for keeping me safe,
For all those treacherous years. 
I am born again anew,
Allayed are all of my fears.”

“I can dig and I can play,
I can roll around and around. 
With my new life incarnate,
There is joy to be found”

This is the story of the Bori,
Sad and hopeful and true. 
Remember their heavy history,
Whatever you may do.

Benjamin the Burlap Bori
by truebrony

I have a Burlap Bori
By the name of Benjamin.
And Benjamin the Bori
Is my very best friend!

He loves to stroll through Meridell
As merry as can be,
He carries lots of berries
But he saves the best for me!

He also loves Tyrannia,
To see the concert hall!
He loves to dance and sing along,
His loud voice heard by all!

But his favourite place to visit
Are the Mystery Island shores!
He loves to play the day away,
Bounding on all fours!

With a smile so dandy,
It’s a striking sight to see!
His Burlap coat all sandy
As he runs along the beach!

We end the day in Kiko Lake,
Going for a swim.
The days are never dull
With a Bori like Benjamin!

Le Bori bricoleur
by timezor

Au sommet de la montagne de la terreur
Un Neopets travaille durant de longues heures

Encabané dans son humble atelier
Il s'agit d'un Bori bien particulier

Son atelier est fort petit mais bien chaud
Car qu'est ce qu'il fait froid la haut!

Aportez lui vos jouets brisés
Vos peluches, vos joujoux et tout ce qui est usagé

Et en un clin d'oeil et trois toussement
Il vous remet n'importe quoi comme avant

Soyons tous plus comme Donny le Bori
Et réparons, plutot que de jeter, nos bris

Alors profiton bien de cette journée de fête
Pour visiter le Bori qui au sommet rouspéte

Vous en ressortirez peut être même plus fortuné
Si vous lui donner le bon objet pour réparer

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