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Neopets Poems

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Usul Day Special

The Winners of Usul Day
by altkae

On Usul Day they hit the slopes,
Usuls don their gear, clinging to their hopes.
The start of the championship, a chilly delight,
On Terror Mountain, they take their flight.

Boards strapped tight, through snow they swerve,
Usuls on skis, never once losing their nerve.
Down from the Peak, they swiftly glide,
Right on up until the evening tide.

Then time for a break with a Borovan in hand, 
To warm against the chill, and together band.
An occasion to meet friends, both old and new faces,
Until tomorrow when it’s back to the races.

But for now Usuls gather, their spirits soaring,
Sitting and chatting by a fire that’s roaring.
Laughter echoes with the setting sun, 
No matter the champion, everyone has truly won!

The Jolly Pirate Usul
by indulgences

The Pirate Usul proudly strides
Into a small saloon.
He’s singing, with a loud clear voice,
A jaunty pirate tune.

One eye is bleak, a yellow hue,
With scar that’s aged and brown.
And yet this Usul has a grin,
And not a sullen frown.

His metal hook was once a hand,
Lost many years ago.
It’s sharp, and quite a nifty tool,
And not a thing of woe.

His right foot is a wooden peg
That taps upon the floor.
He’s used to people watching it
Whenever he’s ashore.

His pirate hat is painted with
A skull that’s stark and white.
The Usul wears it on his head
With obvious delight.

The Usul sits down at the bar,
And buys a Piratey Fruit Juice.
He swigs the frothy, foamy drink,
And sings without excuse!

The Pirate Usul’s full of glee,
And drunken merriment!
He’s hardly someone grim or dark,
A jolly pirate gent!

Usuls of Neopia Near and Far
by yasha_jyou

Usuls are small and kind and sweet,
With tiny paws and tiny feet,
A ribbon here, a fur ruff there,
Running around without a care.

The Usul has a long and storied history,
Having existed in Neopia since prehistory,
From Princess Vyssa to Fenny Vail,
Usuls are proud and have many tales.

Brave Gilly was captured once by Eliv Thade,
However a daring escape was made,
Then she wandered into Neovia,
A curse was lifted, hallelujah!

Hannah the Usul searched for treasure in caves,
Instead found Boris asleep for days!
Of again she goes to Kreludor,
Perhaps the moon has more treasure in store.

The Shadow Usul mars thy name,
Rampaging through Neopia untamed,
How could one so dark and stuffy,
Be related to you so sweet and fluffy?

This Usul Day, will you go skiing on Terror Mountain?
The champions take a dip in the Rainbow Fountain,
The crowds roar and cheer for you,
Because you won like champions do!

Or perhaps you will spend the day at home,
With a cozy warm bed for a throne,
Owner and friends surrounding you,
The biggest heart of Neopia too.

Her name is Hannah
by fivemilliononly

Her name is Hannah, and she is an Usul.
Since childhood, she has been enamored by adventure.
To achieve her dream, she studies hard at school.
She also exercises and leaves no time for leisure.

Unfortunate in the beginning for her, no opportunity arises.
She works as a serving girl at the Krawk Island Tavern.
Until fortune smiles on her when an old book is sighted by her eyes.
After quitting her job, she goes toward the hidden location of a pirate cavern.

The treasure is waiting for any brave adventurer to claim it
Alas! Deep in the cave, traps and monsters are abound
Hannah must use her skills and wits to emerge victorious and never quit.
In the end, with treasure in hand, she proudly stand, a hero unbound

This marks the beginning of her extraordinary journey,
a new tale to be told, a legend in the making.
Lost Desert tombs she conquered with no worry,
Even the mighty Terror Mountain she ascended, her spirit never breaking.

Somewhere and at some time, we will hear more about her unparalleled quests.
Together with her friends their spirits aligned,
through trials and triumphs, their bond will attest
In her hearts and mind, a purpose forever defined.

by whispersofdarkness

A most unusual of Usuls,
brave but not bothered,
by beauty like Usuki.

Adventure calls loudly,
exploration is in her blood,
so she departs nuance.

From pirate infested caves,
to tombs in deserts lost,
and the chill of icy caverns,
her life became so much more.

New friends join the fray,
Armin the small but spunky, 
Kanrik the dark but loyal,
an eventual unwavering trio.

Spelunking as a second nature,
traps cannot stop this gal,
her goal to find treasure,
no matter how hidden.

Her stories captivated us,
a heroine for all Neopians,
she remains our adventurer,
Hannah the Brave.

This Usul is Everything
by carapond

This Usul, she can do it all, she is everything, 
It just depends on what accessories to her you bring.

Give her dancing shoes and she’ll show you her twirl, 
Or hand her a wrench and she’ll give fixing a whirl. 

Gift her a mermaid tail and she’ll swim through the deep,
Or put her on stage – she’ll make even the stone-faced weep.

Give her a pirate hat and she’ll traverse the seven seas, 
Or hand her a chef hat and she’ll show you cooking’s a breeze. 

Get her in a jersey and she’ll make sure your team wins, 
Or put her in the classroom and she’ll teach you the outs and ins. 

Bring her a sick Doglefox and she’ll fix up the pain,
Or present her a crown and she shall benevolently reign.

Put on her Faerie wings and she’ll make the whole world glitter, 
Or send her to the Haunted Woods, she’ll befriend all – every critter. 

Dress her up, brush her tail, give her anything you’d like,
A skirt, a cloak, a wand, a pen, or even just a bike.

Just don’t underestimate this kind and fearless Pet, 
She’s capable of everything, you haven’t seen anything yet!

The Ballad of Shadow Usul
by dinara897

Rumour has it she walks among us
drifting slowly in the night
lurking in the shadows
and vanishing out of sight

Rumour has it her eyes glow like the moon
with a glare as sharp as a blade
her fur dark and inky,
she blends in with the shade

Rumour has it she moves in silence
darting from here to there without a sound
you better watch your back
for she may be around

Rumour has it she’s just a myth
mentioning her existence may be met with snark
however, heed this word of caution:
be careful when you are alone in the dark.

The Misunderstood Mutant Usul
by catsopolis

She’s got big buck teeth and a little black bow, 
long sharp nails sprouting from every toe. 
Some have called her weird and scary, 
but oh, my friend, it is quite the contrary.

For her third eye allows her to see, 
the beauty in all to an extra degree.
Her heightened sense of vision, 
unlocking a version of Neopia that others can’t envision.

She sees bluer water, greener grass, brighter rainbows, 
colorful Maraquan shells and Mystery Island volcanoes. 
The white snow on Terror Mountain, corals of Kiko Lake, 
her world, its colors, vibrant and awake. 

The purples and pinks of Faerie City, 
even the machines in Moltara are pretty. 
There is irony that a creature often deemed unsightly, 
is the one to see the world so beautiful and brightly. 

If you think long about it, you may start to cry…
When she stares up into the night sky, 
there are thrice as many stars as usual.
That, my friend, is what makes her beautiful.

Hannah, Usul of Usuls
by triarthrus_eatoni

Hannah the Usul was not a thief,
but a treasure hunter inherent.
And of her adventures there was chief,
her will and intentions transparent.

She joined up with Kanrik,
And with Armin too!
When he betrayed her she panicked, 
though she had much to do!

Soon enough they brought forth,
the Bringer of Night from his tomb.
Masila showed Kanrik his worth,
and they brought about their doom!

The Keeper of Time they joined with,
to save the Bori lot!
They showed that the Bringer wasn't just myth,
and they saved a land that time forgot!

Kanrik and Hannah got married,
as close as they became.
And to a new land they were ferried,
and put Galem to shame!

Though her adventures hadn't just ended,
when the Bringer was destroyed.
A new eclipse of friendship,
brought light to the world employed.

So at once with the fronts over months,
the two sailed sea to sea.
And Masila they once more will confront,
in a world where the two will be.

The Pastel Usul
by addictive_xox

In all of my Neopian years,
I've never had an Usul Pet.
That is, until they became Pastel,
Then I knew if I didn't I would regret!

The colours, the blend, the design,
Everything about them is so beautiful.
I had to paint one immediately,
It made my heart so full.

They're perfect for the beach,
Or maybe they belong in the woods.
However you choose to customize them,
They deserve all the goods.

It's hard to believe it took so long,
For me to appreciate their beauty.
But now I want to spread the word,
I feel as though it's my duty.

Since then, my family has grown,
We might as well call it an Usul tree.
Somehow going from having none,
All of a sudden now I have three!

The Chocolate Usul
by theguy2020

One of the best looking Pets you can get,
They may be hard to obtain but don't panic yet,
The Lab Ray scientist may be your friend,
If you have access to the lab you won't need to pay extra in the end!

The Fountain Faerie can also assist,
She may ask you to get her an item from a list,
After that you will have the best Pet in town,
Even among Chocolate Neopets, this one has the crown!

Looking oh so sweet,
I can't be sure if there's a Pet that is as neat,
One can argue that this is perfection,
Truly a known confection!

The Chocolate bow adds some design,
Any fan of sweets will have their opinion align,
Decorated with whipped cream,
Something you'd only imagine in a dream!

The cherry on top is the icing on the cake,
Overlooking this Pet would be a grave mistake,
Those who come across it will be left mesmerized, 
Neopians that disagree will have me quite surprised!

Looking more elegant than a doll,
This may be the sweetest Pet of them all,
So what are you waiting for come on by,
You have to give this Pet a try!

An Ode to Princess Vyssa
by i_lovee_icecream

A princess of the Usul variety,
Reigning over Sakhmet, so mighty. 
The youngest daughter of the great King Coltzan,
With attitude and prowess, let her tenure begin. 

Princess Vyssa the beautiful,
Princess Vyssa the shrew. 
Her smug expression,
Will crumble you. 

She took over her Aisha sister’s throne,
In Amira’s absence, she made it her own. 
Only to find her father’s crown stolen,
Which left her pride far from swollen. 

Princess Vyssa the young,
Princess Vyssa the protected. 
Her family guards her,
Her safety directed. 

She seeks refuge from the royal limelight,
Sneaking out in disguise to walk Sakhmet at night. 
Robed in civilian garb, she is undetected;
Her air of anonymity is near perfected. 

Princess Vyssa the mysterious,
Princess Vyssa the true. 
A Usul of Lost Desert royalty,
Reigning over me and you.

Shopping on Usul Day!
by kellyclark1115

It’s Usul Day, it’s Usul Day!
you know what that means,
off to Neopia Central we go, 
it’s time to shop like queens!

With an Iced Caramel Coffee in hand,
this day will be absolutely perfect.
First stop, Unis Clothing Shop,
we’re gonna get the full glam effect!

Does this make my ruff look big?
Does this bow match my eyes?
Wow this dress is perfect,
what a great surprise!

I’m getting slightly hungry…
I’ll go to buy some butter,
to go with my potatoes and rolls.
Let’s go, did I stutter?

Now my favorite place,
the wonderful NeoCash Mall!
So many beautiful wearables,
I really want them all!

Usul Day is my favourite,
shopping with my friend?
I can’t think of a better way
for this holiday to end!

The Littlest Usul
by swordlilly

The other Usuls said she would never grow.
When she stood up straight, the tip of her tail
Waving just above her up-tilted head
Barely reached the height of a pail.
"She'll be small forever," everyone said.
But what did they know?

She climbed short trees and ate the fruit
That other Usuls thought too sour for their taste.
She worked twice as hard on jumping high
And skied with a speed that laid theirs to waste.
When the shopkeeper said, "I've got none in your size,"
She made her own snowsuit.

And so the littlest Usul became known
As the nimble athlete whose temper was quick.
And even after she did grow tall,
After she could use a normal hockey stick,
She never forgot what it was like to be small.
She'd always be kind to those who were alone.

Princess Vyssa, Usul Princess
by agedbeauty

Today on Usul Day 
Let me tell you a tale
Of a Usul Princess 
Whose adventures we rarely regale.

Princess Vyssa was a Usul
Of great Neopian fame
For one day she woke up 
And nothing was the same.

Her father was King Coltzan
But he passed and his crown was gone
Vyssa had to take the throne
With all its politics and pawn.

Princess Vyssa was really
Beloved by all
Except the politicians
Who waited for her fall.

But what they didn't know
Was this Usul Princess was a sneak
When she could stand no more
She snuck out without a peep.

For Princess Vyssa loved her people
And wanted to know each one
So disguised she walked in Sakhmet
End to end before she was done.

Though her sister Princess Amira
Now has the crown
We still love Princess Vyssa - 
You can't keep a Usul Princess down!

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