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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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I Do Resolve
By Mamasimios

A new year, a fresh page,
(Literally, a fresh page,
I just cracked open this new notebook).
I write in fancy curlicue
"Resolutions" across the top
(It is a start.)
And begin to mutter,
"I do resolve, I do resolve,"
And doodle in the margins
Of my freshly cracked, with broken spine,
Notebook laid out flat with just one word,
Across the top of the first page,
A defilement of ink upon the white.
(It is a start.)
My fingers like thin sapling branches
Drum upon my metal desk,
The sound as hollow as the words,
"I do resolve, I do resolve."
How cliche! "I do resolve."
To what? To exercise?
To watch my weight?
Do any doubt I do resolve?
Have I proved naught but resolute?
I tear out the page and crumple it,
Smoothing out the flattened book,
Pressing upon its broken spine
And write in fancy curlicue,
"Revolution" across the top.
(Now there's a start!)
For this will be the year of Sloth,
The year of plots,
Of domination, abomination,
Yes, to control the world itself,
This alone, and nothing else,
To do this, I do resolve!

Happy New Year from the Villains to You!
By Dragonstorm_75

The trappings are set up,
Punch is served in the cup.
The tree is decorated,
The joy is simply unabated!
As the party is made and run,
At Sloth's little flat.

Balthazar is coming in,
Bottled faeries strung on neck.
Eliv Thade is grinning broadly,
A present is in his arms.

The tree is covered in festive tar,
And Vira puts up the star.
The lights 'round the tree are adorn'd,
By Count Von Roo, though light he scorn'd.
Sloth's little flat looks good indeed,
All the villains had agreed.

Here comes Sloth with candy,
He looks fine and dandy.
O'er there is our Pant Devil friend,
Wearing the things that he was 'lent.'

Jhudora set up the lovely lollipops,
Though no-one dared to eat the tops...
The Three go to open the door
And let more villains in to explore.
The countdown's starting,
Everyone's taking their seating.

Right from ten and down to one,
A cry of joy and anger of none.
Some of the villains broke into song,
And soon everyone began to sing along.

'Happy 12th year, from us to you,
May your year be evil and blue!'

A New Year!
By Stephenliam

Another year as you all can see;
Who knows how the next year will be?
Let's thank each other for a year of grace
And just put a smile on our face.

"Bring out the feast!" the hungry Blumaroo said,
Bursting with hunger, even turning red!
"Light up the skies!" the Meerca pronounced;
"Here's the cake!" the Acara announced.

As they all prepare for another year,
Elder Neopets want the next generation to hear
"Be good this time, this time of cheer!"
The young Neopets ran about;
"Happy New Year!" you can really hear them shout.

Some of the Borovan that was left from the ball
Ran through the great candy hall,
To a kitchen which had pots and pans;
There's even a Neopet carrying fans!

"Jump for joy!" the Neopets proclaimed,
"For this time we don't have to be ashamed!"
"Another year is here once more!"
"Light up the skies for all to adore!"

As the time runs by they all sing along
To a Neopets New Year song!
"Ring-a-ling, another year is here!"
"Ding-a-ling, let's all cheer!"

As the clock strikes twelve,
It signifies another year for Neopets,
Another year of games and cheer.
"Happy Happy New Year!" they all can hear!

Happy New Year, Neopets!

Gratitude in a New Year
By Flare_baroshi

Every pet's tongue was tied,
Waiting for the bells to chime.
Innocent and wide-eyed,
A baby Lupe gazed at the sky.
The city stood silently,
Each pet's eyes a wonder,
Waiting, waiting,
Waiting for the bells to chime.
What was in store?
What great things to see?
Baby Lupe twiddled his paws,
Licked his lips and counted his claws.
It was almost time!
Waiting, waiting,
Waiting for the bells to chime.
But how much longer
Could the poor Lupe wait?
An eager youngster was he,
Excitement was mounting,
Curiosity and glee.
But had he done right this year?
Had he thanked all those he knew?
Thanked them for their kindness, friendship,
And definitely for their love too?
He couldn't remember!
Things were moving too fast!
Waiting, waiting,
Waiting for the bells to chime.
But he waited no more!
For a bell in the distance
Rang out through the night.
A soft and powerful tone,
Filling the world -- new light!
A new hope! A new day!
A New Year for Neopia!
Pets cheered,
Pets hugged,
Pets cried,
But poor baby Lupe was worried.
Had he? Had he acknowledged those he loved?
Had he remembered to tell father thank you?
Had he told mother how much he cared?
"I think I did," said baby Lupe, "I hope I did..."
Another chime!
Another cheer!
Neopia was in such bliss!
A whole new year!
Another beautiful opportunity to grow!
Baby Lupe liked the sound of that,
And with that thought, he made a promise.
The new year held something great,
Something fantastic,
Something first rate--
A new chance.
A new moment to tell those who care
How much he truly appreciated
Every little thing they do.
Whether the favour is big or small,
Showing gratitude is most important of all.
Happy New Year, Neopia.

New Year
By Concertogreat_8

The new year's a-comin',
Smells like fresh days ahead,
Sounds of freedom,
And joy.

The new year's a-comin',
Brand-new sights,
Just awaiting,
So liberating,
The perfect new year.

The new year's a-comin',
There's expectation in the air.
Old times peel away,
The edge has been reached.
The end is come.

The new year's a-comin',
All ends are beginnings,
To new
To inception.

The new year's a-comin',
Seek egress from the old.
Neopia shows its face
Fresh to the rising sun,
As the old year goes
And the new one comes.

New Year Comes to Maraqua
By Anjie

Whispers linger in the waves,
That rush them to the shore.
Excitement buzzes in the blue,
A thrill none can ignore.
Another year has come to pass,
Within that aqua chill,
If nowhere else can party now,
You know Maraqua will!

Seaweed strung like streamers bright,
From coral reef to rock.
A celebration shall be grand,
As they count down the clock!
Reminisce, Maraquan folk,
Of years far in the past.
When realm distressed fell to a foe,
But now dwells free at last.

A mighty feast is held at kelp,
And all seek to attend.
Bragging they got their invites,
(Alas, some just pretend.)
Koi shall lead a conga line,
Along the sand below.
Maraqua greets the coming year,
With moments left to go!

The Ticking Tick Tock of the New Year
By Tealnova_dragon

The air is tense, yes, it is.
Little eyes, little ears
Trained on the ticking tick tock.

The air is apprehensive, yes, it is.
Shoyrus hover, fidgeting with toy gears,
Straining for sound of ticking tick tock.

The air is buzzing, yes, it is.
Bori chase their tails, fighting off a fear,
Of the stopping sound of ticking tick tock.

The air is lively, yes, it is!
The time has come! This moment will sear
In the minds of those who heard ticking tick tock!

Hearts yearning, beating, thrumming.
Waiting for the final tick tock.
Shoyrus dip and dive, Bori wiggle their tails...
Not one can sit still!
Tick tock... DOOONG, DOOOONG
The grandfather clock!
Heralding the advent
Of the newest new year!

Commencing the New Year
By Chax1414

The New Year is coming, coming fast,
pets and owners looking back on the past.
The year is nearly up,
and it came so fast, almost abrupt.

We had some good times and good days,
some not so good as we challenged AAA.
With Daily Dare and Games Master Challenge,
the year was tricky to balance!

In came the pet holidays, that kept us busy.
Pets running around, making us dizzy.
In came the Altador Cup, ready to score,
only to prove the team to improve is Altador.

In came the winter, so chilly and with frost,
but not after a discovery of molten rock.
In came the new land of Moltara the daring,
which Roxton's team wasn't ashamed of sharing.

This year went by fast, we won't doubt,
but there is another year coming, don't pout!
This year will close very soon, so before I go,
goodbye and an early hello!

A New Year Is Coming
By Moulinrouge21

A new year approaching, the excitement high,
The 31st of December, to Year 11 we say goodbye.
An eventful year it has been, so much gone on,
New events we saw, whole lands were redrawn.

A joke Neopets played on us on the 1st, April Fools,
The Hidden Tower closed; NeoPlants would rule.
A completely new world would be named Plantopia,
Some laughed and joked; others cried "No Neopia!"

At last the avatar discovered, Bonju was found,
The prices of items inflated, the theory expound.
But only in August could the concoction be made,
Though some didn't realise, the rest all hoorayed!

A glorious new plot, discovery of a new land,
A city of questions, Moltara the grand!
A fiery new colour from a dip in the Magma Pool,
Colourful unusual worms as pretty as a jewel.

Neopets finally turned 10, a chance to celebrate,
Activities took place, users all participate.
Send your score 10 times until the new year,
Earning Neopoints is a cinch, everyone did cheer.

A visit from AAA, a tough set of games,
Everyone wanting to play, with one main aim.
A shiny gold trophy whatever your score,
To add to the collection from what you had before.

Year 11 is coming to a close, a new start very soon,
Out come party poppers, blow up your balloons.
Events, mysteries, and plots, we all did delve,
But forget Year 11, Neopets,
We're ready, bring on Year 12!

The New Jester
By Cloud_zazzle

The dark murky drizzle
Was wasting away
Poor Meridell Castle
One sad New Year's Day.

In the hall a great fire
Roared loud in the grate
And Skarl's great snores
Echoed after he ate.

He reclined in his throne,
Making terrible sounds,
From the way he was twitching
He was dreaming of clouds.

When from under the door
A young Pteri appeared
Wearing bright orange motley;
To the great king he steered.

He waved one blue wing
Before Skarl's face,
And King Skarl awoke
With distinct lack of grace.

"Good day, my fine sir,"
Said the Pteri with glee.
"You look rather sad
And dejected, I see."

"I was sleeping," said Skarl,
"What do you expect?
Though the weather outside
Is enough to deject."

"I'm a fool," said the Pteri,
"A jester, a clown...
If you'll pardon my rhyme,
I'll diminish your frown."

Well, mighty King Skarl
Couldn't wait to see that,
So he sat back to watch,
Shifting, bored, where he sat.

But the Pteri was in
For more than he thought.
After all that he did, quoth the king,
"Is that all you've got?"

Now the sly little Pteri
Dropped his juggling balls
And he whipped out a paint brush --
"This is for your great halls!"

He hurled the brush,
And before he could blink,
King Skarl had turned
A magnificent pink!

He was stunned, he was awed,
He looked down at his knees,
And then the King grinned
And he laughed till he sneezed!

And the sun then came out
And the wet dried away,
In Meridell, now 'twas
A fine New Year's Day.

A Meridellian New Years
By Sir_serene

All the footprints are gone;
The snowfall has devoured them.
All the knights are indoors,
Celebrating the start of a new year.
Will they last until dawn,
Or will fatigue start setting in?
In the land once war-torn,
They can now sing songs of cheer.

"As we raise our goblets high,
We'll toast the night away to all the times,
We've spent with our brothers this year,
From lands neighbouring so near."

The castle's great hall
Is filled with the echoing sounds
Of Meridell's finest singing,
Out a song in disharmony.
A blue Skeith king standing tall,
Holds his crown as he dances around.
He joins in though he's out of sync;
His champion hums out the melody.

"When the morning finally comes,
And everything is said and done,
Can I say I kept my honour bright,
Or did I fall into the darker side?"

"Was this year spent with no regrets?
Are there times I'll wish to forget?
For now let's sing for all to hear,
And welcome in the new year!"

New Year Resolutions
By Flypaw

Everyone sit patiently,
Waiting for the countdown.
Neopets, Petpets, owners alike,
Gathered together to celebrate.

It is the time of reflection,
The time of giving and loving.
It is a time to think
And a time to share.

Little Petpets cheer with glee,
As the countdown hits one.
Neopets hoot and holler,
Dancing with joy and mirth.

Today is the day we make a wish,
Or maybe it is a promise.
It is to ourselves,
And to the world.

Even if no one else hears it,
and we forget to keep it!

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