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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Random Poetry Day Special

Autumn in Neopia
by tatyanne

As all the leaves are turning gold
What a sight Neopia is to behold!
Brilliant shades of orange and yellow,
Keeping our spirits cosy and mellow.

The whistling wind, a lovely sound–
Crispy leaves are rustling loud.
The warmth of summer has gone away,
Yet Woodland JubJubs are out to play.

Laughter echoes in the woods–
Frolicking Ixies don their hoods.
Even Grundos travel down from space–
They want to enjoy the autumn days.

In Shenkuu lanterns light the night–
The procession is a magical sight.
Best of all are all the mooncakes–
Late into the night, we celebrate.

Autumn too befalls the other lands–
How rich the colours of nature’s hands!
It is therefore with good reason,
That Autumn is Neopia’s best season!

Aethia, a Fada das Batalhas
by kenars

Aluna e filha, seu legado traçado,
Pelas mãos de Shyvara, seu caráter foi moldado,
Da Academia das Fadas, cedo partiu ela,
Para trilhar o rumo da luta, com fé, tão bela.

Valeane, a antiga, cedeu seu lugar,
À Aethia, jovem fada a batalhar,
Contra Fiona, a negra, o mal a desafiar,
Ela ergueu suas espadas, sem recuar.

Mapa em mãos, antigo e sábio guia,
Na Floresta Assombrada, o mistério se abriria,
Valeane, sua essência, a indicar o caminho,
Aethia partiu sozinha, corajosa em seu desígnio.

À Árvore do Luto, ela finalmente chegou,
As espadas ocultas, segredos encontrou,
"Ensinar e proteger", seu desejo revelado,
A árvore concordou, a luta seria por todos almejado.

Fiona espreita, sombra sombria e fria,
Mas Aethia persiste, sua alma não vacila,
As espadas em mãos, a fada não desiste,
Determinada a ensinar, a proteger, sua braveza persiste.

Enigma gravado nas lâminas brilhantes,
Antiga língua das fadas, segredos palpitantes,
Um fantasma se ergue, voz do passado ecoa,
"Dignos talvez não sejamos, mas tu, Aethia, entoa."

Juramentos feitos, segredos a desvendar,
Aethia enfrenta o desafio, sem recuar,
Com as espadas em punho e coragem a vibrar,
Ela é a Fada da Batalha, a luz a brilhar.

Nos quatro cantos de Neopia, ouvi falar,
Da fada da batalha, Aethia a brilhar,
Portadora das espadas, chama e gelo,
Com destemor e coragem, ela enfrenta o apelo.

No Reino das Fadas ela reside, história a inspirar,
Aethia, a batalhadora, no coração a pulsar,
Com espadas e bravura, seu legado se ergue,
Aethia, a fada da batalha, em nossos sonhos segue.

The Random Storm
by maculose

A Cloud Meerca was outside playing.
All of a sudden the sky started spraying.
Rain was pouring, so she ran inside.
She began to look for a place to hide.

Lightning and thunder filled her house.
The noise was definitely not quiet like a mouse. 
The Meerca had always been scared of storms,
Especially ones that seemed out of the norm.

This one seemed random and really mean.
The sky was angry or so it seemed.
She covered her ears and closed her eyes.
She began to think of pretty, clear skies.

As she opened her eyes, she was caught off guard. 
She saw no rain falling in her yard.
She even noticed there was no noise,
So she began to stand with wonderful poise.

She walked outside and grew a smile.
She looked at a former, plain dirt pile.
This dirt pile was no longer plain.
Numerous flowers appeared from the rain.

The flowers were beautiful, colours so bright.
“Perhaps I was wrong for getting a fright.”
She learned a lesson as she started to play.
Sometimes you need something random to make your day.

by gumgum101230

Step right up and buy some cheese–
And please be specific!
For this Techo's wheels of cheese
Are always terrific! 

His tangy creations are not
Merely for consumption;
You may also play Cheeseroller
If have enough gumption! 

Even if you are low on cash,
This Techo has your back;
The Spicy Juppie Cheese will fit
If your funds have no slack! 

You may try the Darkberry Cheese
If you're the daring sort,
Or you could pick the Fishy Cheese
If you're from a seaside port! 

The wheel of Quadruple Fudge Cheese
Is always a fun pick,
But make sure it won't melt at all,
Or it will begin to stick! 

Whether you pick Dive Right or Left,
Or even Push Cheese Faster,
The Techo will help you achieve

The Ixi Hunters
by whitefriar

In the forest deep where shadows play,
Roams a group keeping evil at bay,
Protectors of Meridell, guards unseen,
The Ixi Hunters, elusive and keen,

Slipping silently through roots and duff,
They hear a sound, a raucous snuff,
“To arms!” purrs Vrey, their leader fair,
“We’ve got you now, oh dark despair!”,

He points left, then right, then down,
The Hunters begin to creep around,
Slowly they encircle in their prey,
Stopping any attempt to flee away,

With cautious steps, they approach the place,
Ready to attack at a moment's grace,
A wraith, perhaps, or one of The Three?
Vrey peers out from a nearby tree,

Instead of darkness, what does he see?
A Drackonack munching merrily,
On a bunch of carrots, orange and green,
An innocent feast, a delightful scene,

Vrey breathes a sigh, muscles relax,
With a swift gesture, the Ixis fall back,
To stalk the thickets on repeat,
Meridell is safe, for now at least.

Crazy Kadoaties
by truebrony

Down in the Kadoatery,
Where Kads go to stay,
You can try your luck feeding them
While their owners are away.

But my friend, be warned!
Their hunger knows no bounds…
They’ll ask you to feed them
Till your Neopoints run out!

They want Lutical Berries 
And Mango Shaved Ice,
Mac and Cheese Pizza
With a crunch in each slice!

Magenorb Juice
As pink as a potion,
Maractite Hot Dogs
As blue as the ocean!

Lenny Burgers, 
Both veggie and meat,
They cry and they cry
Till you give them their treat!

They want Lavender Ice Cream,
So cold and refreshing,
Or a Kiwi Sorbet,
Sweet and thirst-quenching!

Light Faerie Lemons, 
Krawk Apple Cakes,
Lemorans and Lemwarts
And Kougra Blurf Shakes!

Wait… what does this Kad want?
A Happy Anniversary Negg!?
I can’t afford that,
No matter how much you beg!

So you see, these Kadoaties
Are really quite a nuisance.
Maybe I should just let
Someone else do this…

to be a neopet
by gazk12

to grow with my fellow Neopians,
to grow to be a total genius,
to grow older with my owner,
to grow with love,

to eat my daily omelettes,
to eat gourmet foods,
to drink my morning Blumaroo coffee,
to be cared for,

to go on adventures all around Neopia,
to go on trips to the Neolodge,
to go see Chomby and the Fungus Balls,
to go and see the world,

to never be Grey,
to never be sick with Fuzzitus,
to never be abandoned in the pound,
to never be alone,

to play with my Usuki dolls,
to play with my Peophin Plushies,
to play with my Yooyuballs,
to play forever,

to watch my owner dress me daily,
to watch them read me books,
to watch them buy me new flavours of bubble tea,
to watch them show their heart,

to be loved.

Luxinia’s Last First Festival
by valethra

As wind turns with the seasons, as it brings along the slightest shiver 
As the trees burn orange and their ever-aching branches quiver 
As their leaves form boats that drift along the ever-winding river 
“Follow the flow to Faerieland,” they say— and do not dither 

At river’s end, a crater holds a palace cast down from up high 
No more suspended in the air, but still a draw for passers-by
The rebuilt ruins of a once-proud magic kingdom in the sky 
Come crashing down to earth and soil; craggy shores on which to lie.

The birth of autumn’s season has always marked the festival of old
The merchants travel with their carts, their goods, their love, their gold 
Banners dot the landscape, the bannisters, swaying in colours bold  
And elders, patient, brimming over with folk stories to be told 

Faeries count their blessings, they prepare their gifts— arrays of things 
The Pets, donned in flower crowns: they dance in pairs and play and sing
Their merriment is loud enough for she who watches, pondering 
It tugs at thoughts she cannot access. A past to which she cannot cling. 

The Faerie stripped of memories descends upon her Walein steed
She must witness this grand affair, her heart demands. An aching need. 
Though she cannot recall her fate, her magic kind, her faerie creed
She has found… something, all her own. A shard of sky. A fledgling seed. 

She searches for the sovereign Queen; Finds her, lonesome, at her tower 
“Won’t you join the others?” She asks, timid. “This fine day is ours 
To share with all the land! …I must admit, my liege: these last few hours…
They feel nostalgic to me, though to remember is beyond my power.” 

Fyora smiles. “I’m content up here. I shan’t interfere with their fun.”
Luxinia sees, concealed in dark, a stoney likeness— a familiar one. 
She searches Fyora’s face for explanations, but… she finds none. 
The Queen is guarding Xandra’s tomb, and merely watching everyone. 

They stand there on the balcony until Luxinia’s patience fades.
She confronts her Queen, frustrated, her confusion swimming in her gaze
“This place, it could be better! I could take us back to simpler days!
If you’d approve, I could rebuild us! Return us to our floating ways!” 

Fyora shakes her solemn head, and gently waves her slender hand. 
“You’ve what it takes, and more to spare. But look upon our Faerieland.”
Luxinia huffs, but nonetheless obeys the Queen’s quiet command 
And, following her guiding finger, she begins to understand. 

“Upon the earth, no longer is any Pet unable to find us. 
Distance,” Fyora breathes, “it is no more a heavy weight which binds us.
Truly, it seems these trials have only served to better align us. 
Tell me, child— for how long did we allow our magic to blind us?”

Luxinia sees her sisters bonding with the eager, swarming crowds
And there, she spies the dark fae, no longer hidden in their shrouds 
And though she has no blessings to return, even Baelia’s beaming, proud
At those who brought her gifts anyway. What a lovely thing she’s found.

Luxinia sees Maraquan folk— they’re propped up from the riverbeds!
And those Pets who’d too long stayed at home— they’re helped along the paths instead! 
By crutch, or chair, or makeshift medicine, they join in breaking bread
A better place. A kinder land. A tapestry of brilliant threads. 

Luxinia nods, her eyes now closed, a peaceful feeling in her heart. 
She brings it to the skies with her when the time comes to depart 
This cloud, it is not Faerieland. Yet, still, it needs its own fresh start:
Whatever she will make, she knows, will be a loving work of art.

Appreciating Mutants
by therainbowsheep

Glowing eyes shining bright,
Mutants give some quite the fright!
Woefully misunderstood,
In truth, they are kind and good!

Jagged spikes are not to be feared,
No need to find this colour weird!
Let's embrace their unique form,
Cheering on mutants should be the norm!

Appreciate their jagged limbs and wings,
And the strength and power it brings!
Celebrate their bold colours and spots,
Without giving it a second thought.

Mutants with many eyes can see far and wide,
For this particular gift, they feel pride!
Though at a glance, some look mean -
It's simply their focus; they are keen!

Others love their sharp teeth,
It lets them smile big and also eat!
Sure, it may appear a tad intense,
But these gentle Mutants are never on offence.

No need to feel nervous,
Look past the surface,
See these mutants for their unique selves,
Into the details, let's delve!

La chasse Meerca
by werdesy

Oh la chasse Meerca
un jeu qui donne bien du traca !
Un avatar est a gagné
Un trophée, nous pouvons mériter !

Le principe est ma foie très simple
Il suffit de zigaguer dans le labyrinthe
Éviter les Neggs rouges est l’objectif
Il faut être très sélectif

Pour les Meercas les plus courageux
La gravité peut être retiré du jeu
Attention de ne pas être aspiré
Par ce trou noir bien centré

On tourne, On tourne!
Gauche, droite, haut et bas
Un Negg poisson j’apperçois
Youpi, l’avatar est dans nos poches!

Alors voulez-vous y jouer?
Plusieurs heures de plaisirs assurés
La chasse aux Neggs du Meerca
Victoire, il y aura!

The Torn Wing
by whyisthissohardd

There was a Scorchio
Who only knew below

For who could fly with a torn wing
They missed all that life could bring

They lived and cried 
About how others thrived

One day the pain 
Led to gain

They saw all that walked
They saw all that talked
They saw and balked

How could they miss such a thing
Even with a torn wing?

Suddenly, the Scorchio knew 
Not all was how the wind blew

The torn wing
Now they could sing

They sang of woes
They sang from their toes

There was more than that
They learned more at that

For not all is a torn wing
They saw what life could bring

There was a Scorchio 
Who only knew below,
But they did not let life slow

Robot Cybunny
by acaesha

You are gold
Ruby eyes and accents
Sought with purpose
Or happy zap accidents
Species morphed
Or spring creations
But colour elusive
No Paintbrush, Fountain,
Nor morphing potion
You're Lab Ray exclusive!
Button nose lost
Upon your conversion
Lucky foot thumps
In mechanical motion
Cold exterior won't halt
My warm adoration
Carrot missiles shot my heart
With exact precision!

Blumaroo Dreams
by creamylamby

Returning to Neopets again, this time starting fresh and new
All because my heart was stolen by that Baby Blumaroo

Your soft, floppy ears and precious, springy tail
Heart-melting paws with pastel skin, Blue and pale

A long-time goal, one of my ultimate dreams
A bit of a grind, but more obtainable than it seems

I've planned your outfit and picked out your name
You don't even exist yet, but I adore you all the same

I log on every day to play games and do each daily
Others may call it a waste of time, but can you really blame me?

Those big sparkly eyes, and droopy pink nose
Your adorable smile, and heart-shaped toes

Your Petpet is waiting, a gentle Baby Blu
He's ready for your arrival, and I am too

We'll have so much fun when I read you books and take you fishing
My heart has a hole in it, and you're all that's missing

I can't wait to pamper you with cheesy nachos and yummy jelly
When you're home with me you'll always be delighted with a full belly

So please, my Baby Blumaroo, come home to me soon
I'll be waiting with a Plushie, some cake, and a balloon ♡

Fearie Festival Day 1
by oddlit

Fyora harken,
"Come to me,
Illusen, Jhudora,
once friends were yee."

A panicked Illusen
blushed "Us? What? Never."
Jhudora scoffed,
"We've been enemies forever."

"Hush now, I'll hear nothing of it,"
The Queen Faerie said.
"You'll be working together."
The silence was dead.

"No, I'll do it myself,"
Illusen quirked.
The Queen Faerie shouted,
"No! That's not how this works!

You will work together,
and that is a fact.
You will both do well,
and stop this childish act!

You have much to learn,
from each other for yourselves.
Are you benevolent faeries
or mischievous elves?

We work together in this Realm,
so I'm using my authority as the helm,
to steer you both in the right direction,
and you WILL address your disconnection."

A be-felled Jhudora,
grasped at her chest,
And Illusen too
filled with unrest.

"That woman is terrifying,"
Jhudora sneered.
Illusen concurred,
"She is one to be feared..."

"I guess we must,
but where do we set up at?"
"I have an idea,"
They already started to spat.

The great Faerie Festival
is off to a rocky start.
Will these very different Faeries
Be able to mend their estranged hearts?

Ode to the Quest Board
by chobithime

Questing in Neopia is sometimes very tough,
especially when the Shop Wizard says he's had enough!

No Shop Wizard searches are permitted on Faerie Quests –
you'll have to simply try your best
to find the items that Faeries need,
or to satisfy their faerie greed!

Fret not, my friend –
your struggles have an end.
For in the Neoboards, a board exists
to help questers like you find all sorts of objects!

The Quest Board will help you,
leading you over the Mountain,
where one day, maybe,
The Faerie Queen says you're allowed 
a dip in The Rainbow Fountain.

Thank you to Quest Board participants,
the seekers and the helpers,
the newbies and the elders,
for everything you do!

by zombifies

I need not ask the mirror on the wall,
Whomst they think is fairest of them all.
Asking an inanimate object for validation?
Ha, I could never stoop to such desperation!

My hair is always so luscious and sleek,
And my brows are kept so ever-on-fleek.
One glance at my reflection and it's clear,
That not even the Darkest Faerie can come near.

Anyone with two or more eyes can see,
That I am obviously the most flawless faerie
Claiming anything other is sheer insanity,
For the most gorgeous has always been Vanity.

Now, of course, I'm not conceited,
I just thought a little reminder was needed.
"Fyora this," and, "Naia that,"
What about me? I'm where it's at!

The world ought to revolve around my name,
It's odd that not everyone feels the same.
No matter, there's no room for self-doubt
I'll just show the world what I'm all about!

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