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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Tonu Day Special

Tonu Day
by coolton45

Happy birthday, dear Tonu,
On this special day,
May all your wishes come true,
In Neopia's fun and play.

With horns so sharp and strong,
And fur so soft and sleek,
You roam the hills and valleys,
With friends you always seek.

You love to hike and explore,
The beauty that surrounds,
With your adventurous spirit,
You always seek new ground.

With your loyalty and courage,
You inspire all around,
On this day and every day,
You wear your heart on your horned crown.

So here's to you, dear Tonu,
On your birthday, let's raise a cheer,
May all your adventures be grand,
And bring you joy and cheer.

May the mountains rise before you,
May the wind be at your back,
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
The rain fall soft upon your tracks.

May your trails be well-trodden,
With friends by your side,
And may the memories you make,
Be ones you'll always hold with pride.

So let's raise a glass and cheer,
To a dear friend and companion,
Happy birthday Tonu,
May your birthday be as adventurous as you are.

Tonu Gardener Outfit
by indulgences

The gardener looks at the sun,
And wipes her sweaty brow.
The perfect day for gardening
Is present, here and now!

Her Hat is straw, with ribbon blue,
And brim that’s big and broad.
It’s stained with flower juices, and
It’s stained with bright green sod!

Her Dress is such a lovely frock,
Dark pink, with flowers white.
The arms are bare, to free her hands,
A clean, refreshing sight!

The Gloves she wears are sturdy cloth
To guard her hands from thorns.
They’re brilliant blue, and boost her mood,
Whenever they are worn!

The Boots are made of rubber black,
And cannot be soaked through.
They’re waterproof, and stalwart things,
Through storms and morning dew!

And finally, the Basket that
Is held within her hands
Is filled with blossoms purple, pink,
So lovely, vibrant, grand!

She tills the soil, breaks up the clumps,
And pulls out errant weeds.
She then replenishes the ground
By planting brand new seeds!

The Tonu gardener is such
A keen, devoted soul!
She loves her garden best of all,
Her one and only goal!

Limited Edition Treasures
by flash__41

Tonus, so strong and swift, with their horns so bold and bright,
Limited edition creatures, a rare and wondrous sight,
With their bravery and beauty, they light up Neopia's land,
Honour and celebrate them, with this poem at hand.

From their mane to their hooves, they exude grace and power,
Bringing joy to Neopets, every hour after hour,
For they are a true treasure, a limited edition find,
Tonus are Neopia's pride, and always one of a kind.

And when the Giant Omelette runs out of sight,
Tonus become available, a delight,
For those who seek them, and cherish their grace,
A new Tonu friend, to join in their space.

So come, let us raise a glass,
To the Tonus of Neopia, a true work of class.
Their horns shining bright, their grace on display,
A limited edition treasure, in every Neopet's way.
So let us cherish the Tonus, on this special day,
And their place in Neopia, where they'll forever stay.

Mighty Tonu
by amandacutepet

A Tonu is a creature of might and of brawn,
With armour-like skin and horns like a fawn.
A powerful beast with a heart full of courage,
It's always ready to defend and discourage.

In colours of brown or in bright hues of blue,
A Tonu is stunning no matter the hue.
They charge into battle with strength and with zeal,
And their enemies tremble at their warlike appeal.

Tonu are loyal and steadfast to the end,
And they'll defend their friends with honour, my friend.
They're not just fierce warriors, no, not at all,
They're playful and curious, and love to have a ball.

With clothes and accessories, they can be refined,
And with weapons and gear, they're even more divine.
A Tonu with armour and a mighty sword,
Is a sight to behold, fierce and adored.

The Tonu's Tiresome Task: The Magma Pool Guard's Lament
by _brainchild_

The Magma Pool is such a bore
To guard---I cannot take this chore.
I really need a different thing
To do, one which will make me sing.

I am the Tonu who stands guard,
A task which is, in fact, quite hard.
Irate Neopians will scream
When they can't access magma gleam.

I only let the qualified
Come in, and here, they take great strides.
Yet I'm abused by troubled clowns
Who are entitled, bringing frowns.

All day I have to stand and guard
The entrance of this fiery yard.
Eventually, I fall asleep.
A Magma paint these fools will keep.

That's right, a few have snuck on by
Because I really need shut-eye.
I am a Tonu, not a bot.
Can I go sleepless? I cannot!

This job is horrid. I wish I
Could quit, yet I guard with a sigh.
I need the money, yet my feet
Are sore from standing on repeat.

The Majesty of Tonu
by frannnn264

In fields of green and forests deep,
The Tonu Neopet loves to leap.
With horns held high and eyes so bright,
It's a majestic creature in flight.

Through hills and valleys it will roam,
And make the wilderness its home.
With strength and courage, it will lead,
And never falter in its speed.

A Tonu's heart is kind and true,
And it will always see you through.
A loyal friend in every way,
It's a Neopet to brighten your day.

So if you're seeking a steadfast mate,
Look no further, the Tonu's great.
It'll stand by you through thick and thin,
A companion that's sure to win.

Wheel of Extravagance Tonu
by fourin

While shopping in Qasala
If you're seeking a bit more
Take the southern alley down
To a street behind the store

Just over by the fountain there
A magnificent wheel should greet you
Surrounded by bountiful treasures
And guarded by a striking Tonu

With fine Qasalan couture fashion
Jewels studded here and there
Gold and cyan decoration
Completes his opulent wear

He eagerly coaxes you over
With excitement in his eye
"Welcome to the Wheel of Extravagance!
It looks like fun, right?!"

"For those with expensive tastes
It's a high roller's wheel" he explains
"Neopoints, brushes and prizes await!"
Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained?

You hand him a hefty bag of Neopoints
And with a mighty spin, it goes
Flickering round and round
Where it stops, no one knows!

And as it slows right down to a crawl
Finishing up on a money bag space
He hands you a light bag of Neopoints
With an uncharacteristic straight face

"Perhaps you should return tomorrow"
He says, eyes shifting away
And you can't help but feel short
Some fifty thousand.. wait!?

The Great Tonu
by hectic_haley

In the world Neopia, the great Tonu roams,
A strong and sturdy creature with big intimidating horns.

The Tonu is a species that commands respect,
And its hooves pound the ground with every single step.

With thick fur and piercing eyes,
A Tonu will brave all weather and any surprise.

A loyal friend and a formidable foe,
The Tonu is a force to be known.

Though it may appear tough and gruff,
The Tonu has a heart of gold, gentle enough.

It is a Neopet of honour and pride,
The Tonu walks tall with grace and stride.

Belisarius: The Magical Tonu of the Order of the Red Erisim
by honorrolle

Belisarius was a magical fellow, 
With his brim pulled way down low, 
With a the tilt of his hat and the swish of his cloak, 
His Hand went quite aglow. 

He mumbled here and mumbled there, 
And no one could see his eyes, 
But the mumbling continued the magical glow,
And the Order of Red Erisim did rise. 

Belisarius was the most magical Tonu,  
The Obelisk Plot ever did know, 
The clever dressed fellow and curious dialect, 
Not even most scholars would know. 

He studied his books, and recruited acolytes, 
And there his dark magic rose,
To beat the Brutes, Thieves, Sway & Awakened,
Enemies were in his throes.

Perhaps one day, the curious language,
Of Wizard Belisarius will be known, 
Until then of course, all we hear,
Is “mumble mumble mumble” on drone.

The Wheel of Extravagence Tonu
by melncholy

"Are your Neopoints burning holes
in your bags and in your pockets?"
a Tonu says to you.

His fancy horn's a'gleamin'
and his clothes are rich and frilly
in a gold and reddish hue.

A gaudy guy like that!
How's he made? What's he got hidden?
"What's up with you, Tonu?"

The Tonu gives his horn a tap
"What say you, chap? Come try your luck.
Just a hundred 'k' will do."

"It's that much!" you shout, aghast,
"for a single spin of that wheel there?
Now that is something new!"

But not lost is its allure...
The Tonu points to chests and bags.
"Some of this could be yours, too."

"Just one go I'll have, okay?"
You give it a mighty whirl and watch
from a dizzying point of view.

...nothing! The Tonu folds his arms.
"Well, that's just too bad now, ain't it?
Your luck didn't pull through."

Tonu Gardener
by inland

Outside there is a garden
That blooms bright in the spring 
Flowers of every color
A quite delightful thing

The garden does not last for long
So stare now, get your fill 
It disappears not due to pests
Or any winter chill

The culprit of the short-lived buds?
A gentle, pastel pet
The friendly Tonu gardener 
Who knows not of her threat

As she wanders the acreage 
To fertilize, water, preen
She tends to trample flowers
Growing behind her, quite unseen

Out of sight, out of mind
She does not mean to do it
She cultivates then skips along,
Those behind her lay in ruin

Nobody has found the heart
To tell her of the mess
Well-meaning but oblivious, hey-
They’ll grow back, please don’t stress

Tread lightly, and Happy Tonu Day!

Ode to a Halloween Tonu
by vbnkg

Frankenstein's monster, they call you
But I wonder, what did you do
To become so ill-fated?

You never asked to be created
"Behold! My masterpiece!" The doctor stated
As he brought you into this world

With warmth and delight, the guests twirled
Then, horror—once you emerged
As the audience looked upon you, twisted and grotesque

"How could he?" They expressed
Trudging from your chamber, seeming possessed
Because nothing but sutures held you together

Your disposition, light as a feather
But your skin; green, tough—like old leather
The cruel doctor gave you, as he longed for greatness

Oblivious to his crimes, wicked and heinous
"At last!" He exclaimed, "I'll be rich and famous!"
But the oaf did not account for one crucial detail

Though your exterior is grisly and pale,
With the heart given you, you shall prevail
After all, your begetter was not so clever

To his surprise, you made your endeavor
With heart and soul, you outwitted the oppressor
Escape, you did; and all ties were severed

Without a doubt—a monster, you were never
Rest assured, I'll tell the story forever
About the sweet Franken-Tonu who became anew

I hope you found peace after you bid adieu
And your days are full of whatever you choose
So long, Halloween Tonu; I'll always remember you

The Magma Pool
by theguy2020

Painting your pet magma can be quite fun,
Make sure you know your magma time or you’ll have to run,
It can be any ten minute interval during the day,
So try and find it before you head over and try and play!

It is well guarded by a Magma Tonu,
If it’s not your time he won’t even let you get a view,
This Tonu is very good at his job,
Likely is tougher than the Neopian mob!

The magma time is different for every user,
It may take a while to figure out so don’t feel like a loser,
As it will be worth it in the end,
At the right time of day the Magma Tonu will be your best friend! 

It helps to take note of the time you already checked,
This way you’ll have a plan that’s more perfect,
Slow and steady wins the race,
And can be painted magma in this case!

Bowling Against Dr. Grumps
by therainbowsheep

Meet the crankiest Tonu of all,
If you have the nerve and gall!
I speak of course of Dr. Grumps,
Competitive and tough to trump.

Gourmet Club Bowls is his game,
Leading him to moderate fame.
Known for his temper more than his talent,
To challenge him is rather gallant.

Member of the Gourmet Club,
Dr. Grumps tends to snub.
For opponents ranked beneath him,
Being in his presence can be grim.

Still, Dr. Grumps is entertaining,
And good to face when training.
Boisterous, fierce, fast -
On the field, he's seldom last.

So face him if you dare,
Knowing he bowls with a glare.
Good luck getting the higher score,
From the stands, we'll hear him roar!

It's a TONu work being a Tonu!
by discardedcrayons

Down in Tyrannia, 
A giant monster lays a giant egg, ya. 
And from that egg busts out a creature
Whose large horn and mane are the biggest features. 

Born into chaos and Mayhem,
They love to play. 
But Tonus will knock you over so don't get in their way!
If you find yourself in need of some havoc and Mischief,
A Tonu is the pet that won't get give you a handkerchief. 

A boisterous friend 
With a big appetite
They are prone to overeat in the end. 
So you better pack light!

It's a TONu work being a Tonu!

Tonu: The Mighty Neopet
by hits

Tonu, Tonu, with your sturdy frame,
You charge ahead, always the same.
With your horns and your hooves,
You never lose your grooves.

On the field, you're a force to be reckoned,
Your strength and power are second to none.
But off the field, you're a lovable friend,
Who's always there until the end.

You munch on grass, your favourite treat,
And frolic through the fields with your fleet feet.
Tonu, Tonu, with your charming grin,
You make us all want to join in.

So here's to the Tonu, strong and true,
We're lucky to have a Neopet like you.
With your loyalty and fierce might,
We know we'll always win the fight.

The Christmas Tonu In The Snow
by roxanna203

It was a stormy, blizzard-like night,
Couldn't find one Neopet in sight,
But wait - when squinting, there was one,
A Christmas Tonu blurred, I'm stun.

The Snow Tonu sat very still,
No movements - giving me chills,
The bright cherries on the tail,
The only contrast that prevailed.

As I walked closer to the immobile Tonu,
Difficult believing what was in view,
The Tonu gazed up without a blink,
Staring at the moon at the edge of a brink!

What was pondering in his mind,
No one could tell - it was a bind,
He sat there for hours as I waited,
The storm had passed as I dictated.

A shooting star rapidly flew across,
Leaving a trail of a beautiful gloss,
The still Tonu now closed his eyes,
Made a secret wish to my surprise.

I asked, "What did you wish for?"
The Tonus smiled, "Everything and more,"
I didn't understand but followed suit,
As he started walking in route.

We arrived at his destination fast,
So many Tonus and friends in the vast,
"HAPPY TONU DAY!" they all shouted,
"This was my wish," as we all crowded.

General Dacon
by kadface

Leader of the Sakhmet guard
Dacon protects the queen. 
In feuds or fights or even coups
Dacon will intervene. 

A Tonu with a face of grey
He’s loyal to the crown. 
He always wears his bronzed bracers
And cowl of muddy brown. 

With eyes a piercing orange hue
He’ll fix you with his gaze. 
His hand rests upon the hilt of
The heirloom sword named Blaze. 

Pacing round the palace grounds
He’s always on alert. 
Maintains a watching eye or two
Across the Lost Desert. 

Should unrest arise again
The Tonu won’t delay. 
With flaming sword clasped in his hand
Dacon will join the fray. 

Where there’s trouble you will find
The General Dacon, 
Steadfast courage and resolve 
Loyalty unshaken!

The Dyeworks Tonu
by ayakae

Loic the Tonu proudly stands in his humble laboratory
The room is as colourful as a beautiful rainbow
Colourful bottles big and small fill the shelves 
And into cauldrons of colour do items come and go

This Rainbow Tonu is the master of Dyeworks, you see
Oh, how he loves dyeing things left and right!
From foregrounds, backgrounds, and trinkets too
Loic just loves to dye everything in his sight

He also loves to share his rainbow magic with people
Indeed, you can have colourful items like him too
As long as you’ve got a Dyeworks Hue Brew Potion
You can turn your items to pink, green, or perhaps blue

So why not visit Loic the Tonu’s studio today
And make all your clothes so much cooler
Your outfit will be the talk of the town real soon
You can never go wrong with one of every colour!

Sleeping Baby Tonu
by kellyclark1115

Do you hear the soft snores?
The Baby Tonu is napping,
curled up with his blanket.
What an adorable little thing!

He just finished his bath,
and his fur is still wet,
But he sleeps soundly,
not the slightest upset.

The Tonu moves slightly,
followed by a twitch.
Is he having fun dreams
or was it just an itch?

I think he dreams of adventure,
running and jumping over hills.
Even vaulting over logs,
I know he has quite the skills.

Let's leave him alone,
I don't want to wake him.
He really is the cutest,
deserving all affection.

Sleep well Baby Tonu,
I'll bring some snacks later.
Dream of laying in the meadow,
or splashing in the river!

Terry's Games
by ennyra

I once knew a Tonu,
His name was Terry.
He loved to play games,
Any with a ball he could carry.

Terry loved the cheering,
And having everyone watch him.
He could play all day,
Until the day was dim.

The only thing he liked more,
Than sealing the deal.
Was celebrating the win,
With a post-game meal!

Pizza, burgers, and a big drink,
Was his go to feast.
So in honour of Tonu Day today,
Let's have all that, at least!

Add in all the regular party fares,
And it'll be the perfect way,
To celebrate Terry and all Tonus,
On this great Tonu Day!

Happy Yellow Tonu
by agedbeauty

I once knew a Tonu
Whose hide was bright Yellow.
With a bright smile and cheery face
He was the kindest fellow!

The goal was to paint him Plushie,
So squishy and so sweet,
With a tail of yarn 
And squooshy yellow feet.

But as I saved my Neopoints
To buy that Plushie PB
I came to realize that
I should just let him be

You see, Yellow is a good colour -
It's sunny and it's bright.
It fit his personality
So changing wasn't right.

Maybe a basic Tonu 
Isn't as fancy as a plush.
But for my Yellow Tonu
I loved him just as much!

Beware the Mucus Beast
by precious_katuch14

Beware the Mucus Beast,
A sickly Green Tonu,
Whose snout is always running
Like it has NeoFlu.

Beware its bad temper,
As you travel the night.
Don't be deceived by its spells
Of flashing, dazzling light.

Beware the Cave of Dark Things,
Where the Mucus Beast resides.
Beware the Haunted Woods,
Where it roams far and wide.

Beware its sharp tusk,
Its bulk and its sinew,
Beware when it decides to charge
And charge toward you.

Beware this strange Tonu,
Don't let your guard down,
Lest in its strange magic
Your mind shall drown.

Beware the Mucus Beast,
Some may think it a joke,
'Til they engage it in battle
And flee snot-soaked!

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