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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Random Poetry Day Special

The House on the Hill (Gives the Best Candy)
by frenchleijon

A crisp breeze fills the air 
as the sun starts to set.
A night filled with fun and scares
for the bravest Neopets.

A Werelupe howl echoes down,
chills children to the bone.
They say the best candy is up that hill
but you shouldn’t go alone.

A young Bruce dons her hat and broom,
her wig a wild delight,
and laughs about the fun they’ll have
while Ruki wraps himself up tight.

The duo ventures out the door
into the costumed Pet filled streets.
At last, their day had finally come!
It’s time to trick or treat!

The night speeds by, baskets are filled,
but the Ruki wants a prize.
He says if they go up that hill
they’ll get candy that’s four times the size!

Bruce isn’t sure, she’s rather scared -
she knows monsters lurk about!
Ruki says he’ll keep her safe.
Determined, the duo set out.

The house on the hill is falling apart
but the porch says, “Come on in!”
From the doorway, a witchy Chia waves
mouth stretched tight into a grin.

“I don’t get many visitors here!”
Chia says with a giant smile.
“I know the trail back down is long,
so I’ll make it worth your while.”

Bruce and Ruki open their bags,
and Chia fills them to the brim.
Lollipops, chocolates, gummies and more!
This was truly a Halloween win.

A School of Maraquan Draik
by i_lovee_icecream

Deep beneath the seas of Maraqua,
Lives a school of dragon sea creatures. 
They move and flow and glide in unison,
Their shimmery scales are a beautiful feature.

Their white fins gleam iridescent,
Casting rainbows to the ocean floor.
Their purple and orange stripes,
Make their exquisiteness candour. 

The school glides,
The school flutters.
Undulating wide,
Their tails sputter.

The Maraquan Draiks dance together,
In order to distract enemy forces.
They dive and swim and dart around,
Their mysticism and allure reinforces.

Elusive and rare they may be,
If you go diving, you just might see:
Their transcendent and elegant tidal beauty,
Radiating on the ocean floor for you and me. 

The school swims,
The school darts. 
Bubbling joyfully,
With love in their hearts.

by honorrolle

You walk right up to the green grassy lawn on the Virtupets Space Station, 
Who to back, who to choose, who will win, you choose Farvin III in placation.
But who else but her, walks into the game with a flashy, fiery display, 
But Ember the Fire Faerie, with a pyrotechnic exhibit and a wide skill set array!

All other Faeries mocked the young fire magician, but true to herself she became, 
She practised and toiled and learned and fought to practice the Gormball game, 
Until one fateful day, Ember the Fire Faerie played the Barbat outta it, 
And quick to ally with the talented young Ember, Ursula asked the ref’ to admit. 

Waltzing in next with a haughty air Kevin the Korbat flapped by, 
With the year 25 championship in the bag, he coyly winked an eye.
The Gormball is as big as he is, but that doesn’t stop him winning, 
Replacing Evil Dr. Sloth, he’s always a sleeper from the beginning. 

It’s been quite a long time since the joyful Thyassa has won, 
A force to be reckoned with on the Gormball field, she also can bring the fun. 
In year 24 she was close to a victory but Ember stripped it it away, 
But the Chia’s game face is on and her playbook is out, she might take the W today!

Gargarox Isafuhlarg mainly insists you use his full name all the time, 
Because by the time you attempt to pronounce his name, Gormball explodes into slime!
All tactics aside, you might find Garg Isa cooking up a hefty gourmet meal, 
On the Space Station after the rounds, but it might not be the food of your appeal. 

Brian the Scorchio is known to skirt the rules here and there, 
The infamy comes from various tricks, including a rigged ball where, 
The click of a secret panel on the Gormball and a quick toss to Ursula, 
Exploding quite promptly and quickly discovered the winner was deemed a reversal. 

Zargrold the COOL Grundo just loves to win prizes, whether he takes the competition or not,
He’s sunny shades on and his collar popped, he’s ready to take his shot.
A dealer in magical, special, rare items, Zargrold will do quite a bit, 
To win, draw, or runner up, it’s all the same to him he will admit. 

Ursula the Usul has been training excessively on top of Usalin Mountain! 
Her trainer makes it especially realistic by filling her Gormballs from the fountain. 
Many a Gormball has soaked the Usul with mountain spring water,
She’s ready for an intense battle, her slogan is- “READY TO SLAUGHTER!”

Neopia's Borovan
by therainbowsheep

Is it coffee, or is it tea?
Or something else entirely?
To the cooking pot, we go,
To shake up the status quo.

A unique Neopian drink,
With ingredients, you'll never think!
Part hot chocolate, a tad sweet
Part asparagus, an earthy treat.

Flavours and spices mixed well -
Make this drink fly off the shelves!
Borovan, a drink so bold,
Neopia's liquid gold!

Orange, vanilla, sprout, cherry
During the holidays, there's also cranberry!
So cosy up tight, with a steaming hot mug,
For Borovan - it tastes like a hug!

Faerie Festival
by agedbeauty

The Faerie Festival
Has come and gone
So quickly head to Faerieland
For your prizes, without delay!

Fyora has it all planned
But kept it under wraps
Will there be Petpets, wearables, and weapons
Well yes, perhaps!

The Festival was long-awaited
As we crowded 'round the Fae
But we want to know the details
So let's hear what they say

This year we all went questing
For we could not do without
Did they need toys or clothes?
Each day we found out!

But this year there was more
A secret game from Fyora's brain
Sort of like Granny Hopbobbin?
A little - but not quite the same!

Oh Fyora, we can hardly wait
Please quickly share the news
How did we get a Scythe or Glaive?
For no one wants to lose!

Ode to Sarah and Daisy
by maculose

When you think of Neopians who are feared,
One might come to mind that is always near.
She is rather evil and can make you whimper.
Her name is Jhudora and she has a bad temper.

With her temper and bad vibes she sends,
It’s easy to see that she doesn’t have friends.
That’s not completely all the way true.
She does have some, specifically two.

They are very furry, Purple and Green.
They are nice to her but to others are mean.
Their extremely sharp teeth are rather crazy,
So please give it up for Sarah and Daisy!

These two Gruslens are sleek and are loyal,
Jhudora makes sure their life has no toil.
Their collars are menacing with several large spikes.
Approach them with caution or they both might strike.

Their glowing red eyes strike fear in your soul,
So be sure to not touch their favourite food bowl.
It takes powerful magic to keep them both calm,
And a caring owner to help them avoid qualms.

Jhudora might not be that friendly or nice,
But for Daisy and Sarah, they wouldn’t think twice.
They are very cared for and both love to play.
They always try hard to make the Faerie’s day.

A Stinky Cheese Race
by brooklyn3223

Ready at the starting line
My chosen cheese in hand.
Preparing to race down the hill
With the fastest time, I can land.

The Cheese Maker Techo reassured
That this cheese would be ideal.
However, the smell is quite unbearable
Permeating from this Rotten Cheese wheel.

One big push is all it takes
And then the wheel takes off!
Tumbling down the hill with great speed
I hope this selection pays off!

Diving left, we dodge a rock
Saving precious time.
A forward somersault is next
Narrowly avoiding a pool of slime.

Another dive, this time to the right,
The wheel hits a pothole with a thud!
Tugging hard it won’t come free
This cheese sure is a dud!

The seconds tick down steadily
As I push with all my might.
Finally, the wheel comes free,
We are still in the fight!

Running alongside this stinky wheel
The finish line comes into view.
Swerving left and right down the hill
To save a second or two!

Cheers explode from the crowd
As we cross below the checkered flag
The Cheese Masters exclaims “Congratulations!
You get to keep that stinky swag!”

Secrets of the Haunted Woods
by tatyanne

The trees of the Haunted Woods–
What chilling secrets they hold.
Stories concealed in the shadows, 
That remains forever untold.

Through these twisted branches,
The soft radiating moonlight seeps–
Casting the most ethereal glow
And onward it silently creeps.

Little Ghost Meepits whisper–
Their sweet voices are faint.
They tell us tales of sorrow 
Revealing endless taint.

The trees stand tall and high, 
Their gnarled limbs entwined–
They are guarding the secrets 
That tells us of another kind.

Rustling, restless, the Brain Tree 
Lets out a terrible sigh.
Dark Faeries giggle and wander–
Do not meet their impish eyes.

A starless sky gazes down
Upon the twisted, contorted trees.
Restless souls aimlessly searching,
While floating with the breeze.

The air is thickening with mystery,
As it remembers ancient lore–
Unknown footsteps echo softly,
Upon the cold forest floor.

Shadows are dancing gleefully
In whispers of stories long past–
How Ilere once sat in solitude,
After she had seen Sophie last.

Chilling white wisps of fog
Are swirling wildly around.
Werelupes are howling loudly–
Oh, what a haunting sound.
An eerie silence now descends
Before the time draws near–
When Haunted Woods inhabitants
Prepare for the spookiest time of the year.

The darkest secrets will be taken
To graves, no one will find.
Guests will wander all around,
But these secrets remain behind.

Less than a fortnight now remains
Until Neopians descend in throngs.
They will never know what lies hidden–
Merrily, innocent, they’ll go along.

All, in the Haunted Woods,
With bated breath will wait.
Tread ever so carefully, everyone–
Or you might seal your fate.

Grarrls, the Greatest Gourmands
by chai7705

Typically when one thinks of Grarrls, 
They envision a beast with a snarl
Those jaws and those fangs sure are handy
These Neopets can eat any and all!

Yes, that's right and completely true! 
Through anything, a Grarrl can chew
Whether food or furniture, it's fine
It's amazing what Grarrls can do!

Their talent for gastronomy can be seen
In almost any land on Neopia, you've been!
In the Lost Desert, a Grarrl mans the Food Stall
But there's a perfect place to look if you're keen

On that dangerous place called Krawk Isle,
Beware of the pirates' guiles
Make your way to the dingy dining hall
Where you can meet three Grarrls with toothy smiles

That daily feeding fest, the Food Club
Is no place for any old scrub
This contest is reserved for the best
And these Grarrls sure know how to gorge on some grub!

There's Ned, also known as The Skipper
Despite missing one leg, is quite chipper
He loves a good Ultimate Burger
Tearing up Joints of Ham, you might call him "ripper"!

Then Old Stripey, that big ancient fellow's
Hard of hearing, so you might have to bellow
But don't be fooled, as he still sure can eat
His favourite is Lemon Blitz, all blue and yellow!

And last but not least is the pro,
The most formidable of any Food Club foe
It's Gooblah the Grarrl in his glory!
His gobbling skills make everyone go "WOAH!"

So when it comes to Neopets that can eat, Grarrls simply cannot be beat
They'll devour anything -- wood, plastic, metal sheets
Sugared sweets and juicy meats also make for great treats
So let's celebrate Grarrls for their talents and feats!

The Mysterious Chocolatier
by corrina404

A mysterious man with a store,
His wares will have you wanting more,
Producer of the finest sweets,
We eagerly want your newest treats.

But behind that cheery top hat,
Something smells like a rat,
How does your factory work?
Don’t hide behind your smirk.

A factory that looks like a palace,
It doesn’t appear to hide malice,
A castle covered in our candy dreams,
Is everything as it seems?

How can no one go in or out?
We really begin to doubt,
What kind of business are you running?
You do seem awfully cunning.

But what is that over there?
Something emerges from your lair,
It’s chocolate by the truckload,
Immediately our doubts erode.

Chocolate is a great distractor,
Conspiracies we no longer factor,
So we eat more candy than we weigh,
And leave these problems for another day.

Ode To The Eventide Grarrl
by prulletje1852

Have you seen an Eventide Grarrl?
They are absolutely gorgeous,
With the colours of an ending day,
On a Neopet quite enormous.

Their scales radiate starlight,
Sparkling as freckles on their cheeks,
All the blue, purple, red, and pink,
Makes my heart feel weak!

There is also a flock of soft clouds,
Circling the neck of the Neopet,
It makes the Grarrl seem more cute,
They can’t be perceived as a threat. 

The light of the disappearing sun,
Creates a wonderful blush,
When you admire an Eventide Grarrl,
Don’t look at them in a rush. 

Have you seen an Eventide Grarrl?
Admired their wonderful scales? 
From the sunlight to the stars,
All of their beautiful details? 

When you pass by an Eventide Grarrl, 
Please take a second or a while,
And tell this wonderful Neopet,
Their colours make you smile!

Sophie's Stew
by midnightfrost444

Sophie tossed a marshmallow high
But watching where she threw it was such a chore.
Her Meowclops blinked its eager eye...
Soon the treat would be on the floor!

It's Sophie's Stew!
A tricky brew.
Now what's a magic wand to do?
It really needs some help from you!

So catch each component,
And send it to the right.
In just a short moment,
Another will take flight!

Land it in the bubbling pot
Where Sophie's Stew is brewing.
Even if it's a grub, or Fish Pop
Sophie knows what she's doing.

Soon another ingredient
Will be soaring through the air.
So you'll need to be expedient,
Don't get caught unaware.

Have fun by helping Sophie,
And you surely will impress.
Just leave it to her Meowclops
To clean up any mess.

It's Sophie's Stew!
A tricky brew.
And it's also got some treats!
But before I go,
There's one thing I'd like to know...

Is this what Sophie eats?!

Inside a Bottle - Faerie Festival 2023
by honestly_vitali

From inside a bottle, 
Things seem hopeless. 

You see the smog, 
But not the sky. 
And within your prison,
You cannot fly.

You fear for the land, 
Where all the Pets play. 
Who will protect it
When you’re locked away? 

Who knows what you’re missing? 
She knows that you’re gone. 
But will she even care
Or just move along? 

Then from inside the bottle, 
You see a dark flash. 
Your captor has fallen, 
The bottle has cracked. 

She came to your rescue, 
But not like she cares!
It’s just that him getting you
Was far too unfair. 

You smile at her from outside your bottle
And thank her.

The Off-Season
by dottie27a

Some call me a fanatic
And that might even be true
But for the other months of the year
What does a fanatic do?

I take time to prepare
I have to rest my voice
I sit and wait and meditate
Tranquility is my choice.

I rest away the days
But I keep one eye alert
For my team’s off-season gossip
Who was traded and who is hurt

I swim in Kiko Lake
I travel far and wide
I attend my team’s training camp
You couldn’t stop me if you tried

I am the Techo Fanatic
The Cup is always on my mind
Next year, next month, or next day
I am the biggest Altador Cup fan you could ever find!

Need a random Moehug?
by actiontal

Moehog hugs are the best around 
They'll cheer you up if you’re feeling down
If you’re feeling low they’ll lift you up high
That little Moehog squeeze will make your spirit fly 

The Purple embrace and joyful sounds
Echoing laughter all around 
West of the Haunted Woods, they thrive
And their Moehog hugs are the ultimate vibe 

Their tufted tail and tusks all a-grin
Moehug hugs give happiness from outside in 
Their hugs will make you feel brand new 
As they tailor the squeeze just for you 

So if you feel down, please don’t fret
A Moehug hug will make you forget 
All of the noise bringing you down this day
That love and embrace will take it away 

Neopia’s Grey days need something to fight 
And a Moehog hug overcomes with delight 
So if you have worries you want to rescind
Find a Moehog…  but not one downwind.

A Hissi Halloween
by roxiesmom

It is Halloween in Neopia
A day dedicated to fright!
But what happens if your Neopet 
Looks at this holiday with spite?

You see, I have a Hissi
A species both scary and shady
But the thing about my Hissi,
Is that he is a cute little Baby!

He longs to be scary 
Just like his Hissi friends
But being painted Baby,
He is severely missing the trend.

Glancing out the window in frustration
Trick-or-treaters, running around having fun
He then comes to the realization...

There is more to Halloween!
He has now learned
As his priorities have changed
To find candy to earn

Now in Halloween spirit,
He yearns to dress up
His costume - a cute Faellie!
He goes to search for a buttercup

Trick or Treat! He exclaims,
Excited for candy.
Everyone loved his costume,
The Hissi was feeling dandy!

I am happy just the way I am
So what if I'm cute, not scary?
I have all of this candy to eat
Now I am feeling merry!

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