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Neopets Poems

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Faerie Festival Special

A Soup Faerie's Work
by nella_fantasia

Her smile is weary, but the task is fulfilling:
Filling the bellies of Pets in need
“Ahhh! You don't seem to have many Neopoints at all…”
She pauses her stirring to wipe a bead
of perspiration below her spotted bandana
No time to stop, there are Pets to feed!

Her smile brightens with every ladle
“Starberry Soup - My Favourite!”
“Mmmmmmmm thanks I needed that!”
Poor Neopets take soup and savour it,
bodies and spirits by kindness refreshed–
their Soup Faerie’s magic is no counterfeit!

Her smile won’t diminish (though her soup pot does)
as her friends exit the market less stressed
Clean-up and prep work will be hard,
but she counts herself blessed
as the very last Pet leaves her line,
calling out, “You’re the best!!”

A Celebration of all Faeries
by i_lovee_icecream

At the Faerie Festival,
We celebrate all!
Faeries of every element,
With wings big and small. 

Celebrate Fire Faeries,
With their inferno bright. 
They cast spells of strength,
Giving fortitude for any plight!

Celebrate Water Faeries,
As they bubble and swim. 
Their magic is for defence,
As they sign their siren hymns.

At the Faerie Festival,
We celebrate all!
Faeries of every kind;
Of statures short and tall. 

Celebrate Earth Faeries,
So in tune with nature. 
Their magic versatile,
All their powers major. 

Celebrate Dark Faeries,
With their edgy demeanours. 
Masters of endurance,
They’re Faerieland’s dreamers. 

At the Faerie Festival,
We celebrate all!
Faeries of every type,
Together to have a ball!

Celebrate Light Faeries,
Their energy effervescent. 
Their magic levels you higher,
Their beauty pearlescent. 

Celebrate Air Faeries,
They move with flexibility. 
Their power like the wind,
They improve your agility. 

At the Faerie Festival,
We celebrate all!
Faeries of every colour,
Their charm enthralls.

The Faeries' Ruin
by midnightfrost444

A day for Faeries of all sorts,
From darkest Dark to brightest Light.
Queen Fyora rules from her royal court,
From which the Faeries all take flight!

The Faerie Festival, held each year!
A festive day for Faeries all.
But not all hold this fair day dear,
And that's why Faerieland did fall.

The Pets should rule Neopia!
That's what one young Xweetok said.
And dreaming of this bright utopia,
She hatched a plan inside her head.

A cunning trap! The Faeries lost!
All petrified, each turned to stone.
But little did she guess the cost,
Which to us, is quite well known.

The Faeries magic held up high,
Their city, far up in the air.
Without which, it fell from the sky,
A catastrophe without compare!

Then heroes came to halt this plot,
And soon the Faeries all returned.
The happiness that Xweetok sought,
Was cast aside, her goals all spurned.

All's normal now, or so they say.
It really is just quite absurd.
Because some still recall that fateful day...

Xandra was right. Spread the Word!

A Rainbow Faerie Festival
by truebrony

On the Faerie Festival,
The Faeries welcome all!
They beckon us to Faerieland,
Standing proud and tall.

Fyora bows so gracefully,
Welcoming us to her land.
Kari greets us mischievously,
Colourful Neggs in hand!

Mira flies from outer space
To come and pay a visit,
Baelia sings a sad sweet song 
To all of those who’ll listen.

Come gather by the Rainbow Pool,
And you’ll see a beautiful sight.
The Fountain Faerie’s magic glows
So stunning and bright.

She greets us with a welcoming wave
And beckons us by the Pool.
There we find festivities
So plentiful and cool!

Faerie Neopets, young and old,
Are gathered all around.
They dance and sing, they laugh and play,
What a joyous crowd!

Amidst the fine festivities,
The elemental Faeries are here!
Fire, Earth, and Light take hands
With Water, Darkness, Air.

The result is a beautiful sight,
A colourful glow of mixing light,
A crowd of rainbow, kaleidoscopic, 
Dancing well into the night.

So on this Faerie Festival,
We all can have a blast.
What do you say? Come join the fun!
Let’s make this moment last!

The Fastest Faerie Racer
by maculose

Zoom! Zoom! And they’re off!
The racers left without a scoff!
Ember and Taelia are in the lead.
Next is Illusen and the Light Faerie.

The Faeries are racing through the clouds.
The hums of their vehicles are quite loud.
All seems well, the weather is clear.
There is nothing at all for the Faeries to fear.

The Tooth Faerie gained more and more speed.
She was hoping that she would take the lead.
Illusen noticed this and quickly sped up,
Until she stopped which was very abrupt.

A vehicle came out from the clouds.
The vehicle’s racer looked very proud.
Colours of purple all over the place,
The racer intends to win this race.

The racer sped up with the speed of light.
She passed all the Faeries with all her might.
Although she won, she wasn’t mean.
The race was done. All hail the Queen!

The Story of Baelia, the Grey Faerie
by dinha_reeves

The Faerie Festival has come
Gathering all the Faeries of Neopia
Reuniting all their magic
What a wonderful idea!

But there is one Faerie in particular
Who doesn't hold any power or magic
Her name is Baelia, the Grey Faerie
And her story is a little bit tragic.

Once a Light Faerie
She lost her name and her wings
The main source of her power
That she needs to do the Faerie things.

She was a victim of Jennumara
An evil and cruel Dark Faerie
Who took her name and caged her.
Baelia's existence Jennumara wanted to bury.

She was freed by a Mountain Climber
Who also helped her to find a new name
For her to rediscover her identity
And the Grey Faerie she became.

Even if she has this Grey appearance
Baelia is truly happy and content
She has a pure and good heart
I hope to see her at this Faerie event.

Faeries of Plenty
by eleganza_lights

A day to celebrate the brightest and the bold,
Powerful beings in stories that are told.
Villains and heroes, Faeries come as so,
Found throughout Neopia, they live and grow.

Arising from the elements are common Faeries,
Air, Water, Fire are some in the stories.
You’ll find some in forests and cities,
And others in volcanos, castles and libraries.

You may have met many across Neopia,
Faeries who prefer Snow like the great Taelia,
Heroes and saviours of whom statues are made,
Like of Psellia who came to the worthy’s aide. 

Lovers of Neggs are Zaira and Kari,
Whereas Mira reminds us of all things Starry.
Protecting us from Sloth’s rage,
With bravery and the wisdom of a sage.

Ilere, mysterious and unknown,
Though helpful to Neopets to save her home.
The Soup Faerie is here to help those in need,
Naia also rewards those with good deeds. 

Poor Baelia is gloomy and sad,
Without her wings, she cannot be glad.
Aethia mighty, strong, and wise,
Serving the land and protecting allies.

Then there are Faeries who fall out of line,
Like The Drenched who trap sailors at the coastline.
Maelstra and The Darkest tempt the weak of heart,
To tear friends and loved ones apart. 

No story is complete without the Queen,
Fyora reigns Faerieland and the unseen.
Faeries of all kinds are celebrated today,
Parties all over Neopia, join the fray!

Two Weeks Isn't Long to Wait
by bittersweet52

The Faerie Festival has been delayed
Because a large storm is on its way
You know the rules - it's safety first
So let this weather blow its course

Two weeks isn't long to wait
Surely the winds will soon abate
The skies will clear, and the ground will dry
And then festivities will be nigh!

We're all excited for the Fest
There are sure to be some Faerie quests
A donation drive has been teased too
And we all love those, I don't need to tell you

So while we may have anxious hearts
Trust Queen Fyora to do her part
There's time now to put more magic in
May the revelry make all our heads spin

On Monday in just two weeks' time
Let's meet again when you hear the bells chime
The Faeries will be ready then, and so will we
And the Festival will be the best it can be!

The Fair Dung Faerie
by chai7705

That time of year has come again, like every other fall
It's when we gather and convene together, one and all
Faerieland is the place where we all will be
So come on, let's go! It's time for fun! And bring your Faerie Dolls

When we think of Faeries at the grand ol' Faerie Fest
It's Fyora, Mira, Baelia we think amongst the rest
Like Water, Fire, Dark, Air, Light and also Earth
Even the Battle Faerie we often hope will make us blessed

There is yet one, another that often we do not think of
Perhaps it is a bit unkind to not show her more love
Unlike the others, she's not found in that Faerie City
She likely hangs around Meridell and swoops down from above

When you reach that grassy land of castles and of farms
Look not to the royal quarter, but to a place with unique charm
Outside of Meri Acres is the place to look for her
But plug your nose before you go, else it might come to harm

The Rubbish Dump?! Yes, that's right -- that's where we want to be
To try and catch a glimpse of this elusive Dung Faerie
The only clue we have at hand is donations in her name
So we shall wait to catch a glimpse, the first one, hopefully

Is she kind? It's charity that she does freely hand out
And she does without a fuss or seeking any clout
But exactly what... A Broken Spoon, a Muddy Bone, a Bit of Barbed Wire
Their usefulness, we're not so sure, and many often doubt

A Pile of Dung, a Soggy Old Box, an old Zeenana Peel...
Maybe for this Faerie we have lost a bit of zeal...
No, no! We cannot sit and judge someone we haven't quite yet met
How can we cast judgment and let this junk change what we feel?

Some Meridell Gravy and Old Croutons, those we might eat!
There's use in things like that and even Strange Green Seeds
A Squished Tomato still tastes fine once you're past the look
So this true generous Faerie is one you'd love to meet

What's that? An Everlasting Apple? Even a Paintbrush?!
Seeing all those rare items really gives a rush!
All thanks to that Dung Faerie -- wow, what a kind soul!
Such selfless giving to the Dump surely makes us gush!

Yet hours pass and the sun soon sets without a single peek
This one Dung Faerie certainly seems the meekest of the meek

It's getting late, and the Faerie Fest will last all through the week
Let's go back home for now and maybe someday a sight you'll sneak

But now you're sure this Faerie is one we should highly speak
So you'll sing praises of the kind Dung Faerie! (Just don't mention that she reeks!)

The Faeries' Requests
by catsncrows

The Faerie Queen brings
the land together. The Earth
Faerie, dressed in Green,
brings forth
blessings of defence.
The Shenkuu Faerie requests
at a small expense
an NC Mall dress.
The Dark Faerie,
I promise, she
isn’t that scary,
wants a Kiko Toy you can squeeze,
while the Faerie of Light
requests from you
Gold Eyeshadow so bright,
and blesses your levels a few.
During the Festival of Faeries
you may even meet the Faerie of the Rainbow
Fountain. Though her price may vary,
her reward flows.

Faerie Quests for the best
by orlytheowl

On this day, we give our praise
to the noble beings, filled with grace.
Faerie Festival is here once more,
Excitement trembles in our core!

What will happen, what will be your quest?
No matter what, you must do your best!
To help our Faeries, to retrieve their things.
If you fail, it for sure will sting.

Each Faerie will give you a different task,
If you forget it, then just ask.
They ask for items, rare or not.
It has to be the exact item that they have sought.

The rewards you get will be worth your while,
Shopping around Neopias aisles.
You will be stronger or faster, perhaps.
Making sure you won't in the 'Dome collapse!

Faerie Festival Delayed
by profebest

A delayed Faerie Festival unexpected news,
Do not fret Faeries should prepare for a great event,
Start hoarding all you can get right away-
A powerful event is about to happen in the end.

Queen Fyora travelled back to Charity Corner,
She discovered some unexpected news.
An unexpected Wind has come across,
Could it be Lutari Island doing its work?

Delayed due to storms and opening ports-
Oh, something odd is happening on the globe.
Should you be ready for Neopia Hurricane Way,
Let’s unite to protect the universe.

Dancing Faeries seem happy about the news,
As they need more resources to gather-
Before it goes live, after it happens right.
Queen Fyora welcomes you to await the greatest event.

Happy Faerie Festival!

The Snow Faerie says
by meerkatpaws

All my sisters hate Terror Mountain,
they say it's too cold. I love it here!
Perhaps they'd rather visit the Fountain,
where Naia paints Pets year after year.

Brrr... actually it's colder than ice,
I'm glad I have this big warm coat on!
Without it - I'd have to think twice,
I bet Aethia keeps warm with her brawn!
Have you visited the Advent Calendar lately?
Or made it as far as the mountain's peak?
Research would probably help you greatly,
the Library Faerie is the perfect geek!

I hope you'll bring along your Pets,
making sure to keep them all warm.
And I'll keep an eye out for any threats,
thankfully Marina can heal us from any storm.

You must visit, and I'll make us some tea,
the secret ingredient is an Icy Negg!
Please won't you visit, have a vacation on me.
I'd love a visitor, now don't make me beg!

Fallen Angel, Fallen Faerie
by precious_katuch14

Leathery scarlet wings,
Red horns and a tail.
She opens her mouth
Lets out an unholy wail.

A Faerie like no other,
The Fallen Angel,
With a crystal voice
Like a death knell.

Behind her beauty
Is a ruthless soul,
Ready to rend and tear
For her wicked goal.

She weaves her spells
Into a cunning trap,
Sends her opponents
Into a too-pleasant nap.

Then the Fallen Angel strikes,
Like lightning, out of the blue.
If she stumbles back in pain,
She just casts Renew.

She puts a stop
To those resisting Terask.
Then in her victory
She proudly basks.

Fallen Angel, Fallen Faerie,
She vows with all her heart,
Her enemies shall fall this time,
And that's just the start.

The Faeries of Our Lands
by mynel_mel

In Faerieland, the tradition for each month of Gathering,
Is a celebration of Faeries and friends
They call it a Festival, a magical moment
Spreading their kindness through Neopian lands

However, some of the lands in our small planet
Have their own Faeries throughout the whole year
Today we let them share the Festival's spotlight
And we lend them our friendliest cheer

Let's start in the middle, where all has begun
Neopia Central, our journey's first stop
At the Gates of the Market, the Soup Faerie stands
Giving food to the poor that can't buy from a shop

Going up North, after crossing the ocean
There's a land of two faeries, Kari and Taelia
Terror Mountain is blessed for having them both
One for Neggs, one for quests, what a pleasing idea

If you travel to Meridell, many Faeries you'll find
As illustrious Illusen, in her welcoming glade.
Don't forget the three sisters, Malice, Vanity and Spite,
And the selfless Dung Faerie, whose stench never fades

Poor Brightvale has no Faeries, while Altador has three
Airy Psellia, bright Siyana, the Darkest Faerie too
They were part of the twelve founders of the land
But after her betrayal, away Darkest flew

I will not delve into her doings, as there's more land to explore
But we can skip Tyrannia, Dacardia, Geraptiku and more
I have read the whole Neopedia in search of their lore
But no Faeries could I find from those lands we so adore

Although these Woods may be Haunted,
There's a foresty Faerie that lives deep within
And as dark as Ilere's appearance might be
There is endless kindness under her thick skin

You'd imagine the scalding Lost Desert
Would have a Fire Faerie of their own
That is indeed true, and this one's name is Nuria
She defeated Eithne, who inside the volcano got thrown

And that takes us to Mystery Island,
To Jhuidah's pink wings and curious cooking,
She runs the Trading Post and the big steaming Pot
But not all mixtures end up good-looking!

And even if she now lives in Faerieland,
Shenkuu is Kaia's first and truest home
Just like Mira belongs in the skies above Neopia,
She watches and protects us from any evil that may roam

If there's a festival for Faeries,
They are the ones for whom we must cheer!
No matter the home they have picked for themselves,
Wish a Happy Faerie Festival for faeries far and near!

Ilere's Solitude
by tatyanne

“Ilere, Ilere, where are you Ilere?
We’ve been searching everywhere!
Come with us to the Faerie Fest–
It is a great honour, to be a guest.”

The Faeries paused and listened, still,
Wondering if appear she will.
But all they heard was the howling wind–
The sky turned dark, their hopes thinned.

Rustling, rustling were the leaves,
Stealing their courage like stealthy thieves.
With confidence wavering the faeries stood;
Feeling lost in the Haunted Woods.

The wind picked up, was calling, calling–
Heavy raindrops now were falling.
The faeries left no time to waste,
Returned to the festival in hurried haste.

In the shadows Ilere was, waiting, waiting–
Her resolve to hide was unabating.
Though never was Ilere unkind,
Her penchant was to stay behind.

The wind was woefully wailing, wailing
To her abode Ilere left, trailing.
She kept her windows though, ajar–
She could hear the festival from afar.

Rocking, rocking, Ilere perched in her chair–
She took in the faint music from the fair.
In time alone she solace found–
In merry throngs, her spirit drowned.

Glee and laughter were echoing, echoing–
Blitheness through their veins fast flowing.
Ilere stood and raised her glass up high–
Sent her well wishes up to the sky.

Pirate Petpets for the Faerie Festival
by gumgum101230

Yaaar, me mateys! It be time for
Faerie Festival cosplay!
But did ye know it's right after
Talk Like a Pirate Day?

So ready yer Faerie wings,
And don yer eye patches!
While we discuss the Faerie Petpets
That'll be yer perfect matches!

The Pirate Faellie looks to be
Ready for any fight,
But this Petpet can join in too
When the Faeries take flight!

While the fluttering of Faerie wings
Is certainly lovely,
The tougher Pets might rather be
With a Pirate Melvie!

Here be a beaut of a Petpet 
That ye shall not ignore,
For any winged Pet would adore
The Pirate Alekenore!

The Pirate Harris can be found
Climbing the garden walls;
But be sure they keep their hook away
From their itchy eyeballs!

Finally the Carmariller
Emerges on the scene!
This Petpet may just sing to ye
A pirate melody!

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