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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Random Poetry Day Special

An Acrostic for U.S.U.K.I.S.!
by chai7705

Utterly amazing and so cool
Usukis really, truly, rule!
Unbelievable how many there are
Under the sun, from near and from far

So many to choose -- which will it be?
Schoolgirl, Sloth, Snowager Usuki?
Some are for show, some are for play
Stunning Usukis in any kind of way

Unmistakable is the Usuki craze
Undoubtedly this is not just a phase
Unhinged? No, but surely fanatic
Usuki connoiseurs are Usuki addicts!

Kaia Usuki is one fairly new
Kauvara Usuki's a classic for "Ooh"s
Krawk Island Usuki is a great Play Set
Kadoatie Usuki gives her a Petpet!

Incredible how these dolls are so fun
It's no mystery why you can't stop at one
Iconic ears and long fluffy tail
Instantly cause a smile, without fail!

So grab your Usukis, let's go to the 'Con
Sprees of shopping for dolls not yet gone
Surely by now, we all can agree
Seldom compare to wonderful Usukis!

For the Love of Books
by dottie27a

“Pssst! Did you hear?” she said
She leaned in closer 
The young customer paid
The Pteri Shopkeeper smiled devilishly

Once the curse on Neovia was lifted
She started back up her shop
Her printing skills were gifted
Almost as much as her gossip

“This will shock you!!”
She squawked to hawk her wares
She knew exactly who to talk to
Another pamphlet left the shop

Deep down inside her heart
The Pteri still loves books
Printing properly was an art
She prided herself on her skills

Her love of rumours took over
Now she’s known as the gossip
But down under the covers
Her real joy is promoting reading

If you’re in Neovia in the morning
Walk down the street to her shop
She’ll be at her Printing Press toiling
Preparing books for another day.

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate
by kellyclark1115

Welcome to the Chocolate Ball!
May I please see your invitation?
Head in, you will find chocolate 
beyond your wildest imagination!

Hello, how are you,
would you like some chocolate?
I have a box, just for you!
Have some, just a bit!

Milk chocolate, dark chocolate,
white chocolate too,
they taste so good,
don't forget to chew!

I love ones with fruit,
try some Chocolate-coated Coated Cherries!
Over there! They have more,
an entire table of berries!

I can't wait for the announcement,
I wonder what they will create.
The past year's new items were amazing,
so I'm sure this year's will be great!

A New Challenge
by corrina404

Have you done your daily quest?
Don’t let them make you stressed,
While they will put you to the test,
You will finish them blessed.

But why put in the work?
This daily you shouldn’t shirk,
Be rewarded with a perk,
That will surely make you smirk.

Challenges that make you explore,
Customise, eat, buy from a store,
A new task that’s never a bore,
When you’re done you’ll wish for more.

And at the end of the week,
When you’ve completed your streak,
A new prize for you to seek,
Neopoints, or a rare antique.

So trust me on this one,
Get your quests done,
You might even have some fun,
Especially with new prizes won.

A Lenny Named Larry Lagoon
by truebrony

There once was a Lenny
Named Larry Lagoon.
And Larry the Lenny
Could carry quite a tune!

He’d sing up a storm
To all who would listen,
Singing and dancing
On paved streets that glistened.

Now Larry Lagoon
Was not your average Lenny.
He didn’t just sing,
For his talents were many!

This marvellous Lenny
Loved acting as well.
His stunts on the stage
Were exceedingly swell.

He could cry on command,
But that’s not all he could do.
He performed drama, comedy,
And tragedy, too.

But one day Larry
Decided he was through.
He retired from show business
As the greatest stars do.

Now Larry Lagoon 
Lives a life of quiet peace.
Let’s all thank this Lenny,
The joy he brought us will never cease!

Barallus the Kooky Korbat
by gumgum101230

Master Vex had wagered a deal
That filled the inmates with glee:
"If ONE of you can defeat me,
I'll let you ALL go free!"

And though Barallus was never
The brightest Korbat around,
In Cellblock there was nobody
Who could win a single round.

Clop the Moehog was nominated
To ask the silly 'bat
If he could lend a hand or wing
To engage in mental combat.

"Help us, young Barallus!" Clop said,
Using their final gambit,
"You must know that we're at the point
That we are truly desperate!"

The Korbat agreed to play the game
To end his friends' pleading,
Even though he was chained up to
The dungeon's highest ceiling!

But Barallus must have had help
From some beginner's luck;
For he won with a strategy
That left the room awestruck!

The Mynci then let out a laugh
That shook them like some trees;
Next Master Vex leaned in and said,
"That's best two out of three!"

The Witch’s Tower
by califorthehomeless

In the Haunted Wood, sits a tower so tall
Your mother tells you to avoid it
But your friends dare you to touch it
Rumours of a mean witch haunt you

Edna is her name, casting spells are her fame
A busy one she is, a request she inquisitions
If you fetch her ingredients, she may have a prize
No one knows what she will give. why don’t you try?

You run all over Neopia
But you better hurry!
Only a few more minutes until she’s ready
We want her mood to remain steady!

You made it just in time
She thanks you, how kind!
A spooky prize to send you on your way
She also invited you to meet her in the Battledome someday!

For a witch, she wasn’t that bad
But to visit her again, you don’t want to make her mad!
Fulfill her quests and you will see
Hopefully, she won’t turn you into a Mortog!

The Draik Duchess
by bittersweet52

I know of a Duchess who lives in the woods
Her manor is stately and there you shall find
A family of Draiks, her own little brood
Lovely and polite, all welcoming and kind

The grounds there are open to visitors to see
A stroll through the rose gardens is a must
Riots of butterflies and buzzing little bees
Their fuzz covered in pollen like a fine golden dust

The Duchess sits down and writes without guile
A pen in her hand, she jots out a quick line
Inviting one she hasn't seen in a while
To call upon her whenever they find time

Friends of the family are expected to wait
At the end of their outing and come in to tea
Your appetite the family is happy to sate
While sharing gossip to the utmost degree

When the hour grows late and it's time to go home
They will wish you a safe journey as you go on your way
The young Draiks will be forced now to open their tomes
And study their dim-wittedness away

The Duchess looks upon them with a smile on her face
Marking their progress since the time they were eggs
Fondly, she remembers each one's special day
When he or she hatched and first tried their legs

Tomorrow will come sooner than we'd all like
But today was a blessing, with both learning and fun
We cherish our friends, Draik and non-Draik alike
And hope to hang out again with the return of the sun

My Grarrl Princess
by agedbeauty

I always had a dream
To have my own Grarrl Princess;
It was a dream I worked hard for
Impossible, but I tried nonetheless.

RoyalGirl Grarrls are
A study in contradiction;
Ferocious, dainty, stomping, or delicate - 
Which is truth and which is fiction?

Five years ago it happened,
And I brought my Grarrl Princess home -
Full of joy and great excitement
As her beauty shone.

Maki is a beauty
With a delicate mien
But she's also tough and
Holds her own on the battle scene.

I could not be more lucky;
I know it every day; 
I'm so glad to have my Maki,
For she's perfect in every way!

Recently it was Grarrl Day
And I had to buy her a treat
For every princess must celebrate
With a dainty sweet!

Neopia Welcomes You Back
by dragonartifice

It feels so odd to be new again to Neopia
Familiar yet strange, some things have changed
But it's still here, turning twenty-four
Almost as old as you are
And you're back

Grew up playing the Flash games 
Finding Neopet names that weren't taken
For your cute little friend after school

Heard Neopia was still around, and was surprised
Was your old account still around?
Maybe not, but that's half the fun
Saying goodbye, starting again
Making a new little Neopet friend
that wasn't around the last time you played

New lands to explore, ones you've been through before
looks a little different
Learning the ropes
But you still know your favourite games

Whatever life looks like
No longer on the family computer
You're on your phone, maybe living alone
Not needing to ask for 'just another minute'
It's a sweet bit of nostalgia

Neopia welcomes you back!

The Clockwork Grundos
by therainbowsheep

Clockwork Grundos typically whir and hum,
Buzzing about till their work is done.
But something has gone awry,
No time to figure out why!

There’s an invasion at the Space Station:
An unfortunate and tricky situation!
Today, these Grundos are not nice.
Be careful or pay the price! 

The chaos is ongoing,
The tension also growing.
Malfunctioning, the Grundos attack -
Type quickly to fight back! 

Wave after wave, they charge -
Intimidating and large.
Expert typing is the only way,
To keep the clockwork Grundos at bay.

Get into accuracy mode,
For them to short-circuit and explode!
Though their rampage is persistent,
Your typing is also consistent!

Eventually, your path will cross,
With the clockwork Grundo boss!
Approach with accuracy and speed,
And you’re sure to succeed!

The Lucky Feather
by maculose

A young Pteri was sitting and scratching his head.
“What is this?” the Pteri then said.
One of his feathers fell to the ground.
He was very shocked at what he just found.

His mom walked in and smiled really big.
“That’s your lucky feather. Let’s do a big jig!”
They danced and danced but then they paused.
The young Pteri lifted it with his small claws.

“How is it lucky? What can it do?”
It looked normal as the feather was just Blue.
His mom smiled and began to say,
“Keep it with you. It’s the only way.”

He was still unsure so she said some more.
“This will keep you safe and you will never be sore.”
He couldn’t believe how lucky he was,
So he went for a walk simply because!

As he walked, he noticed a friend.
She sat there sadly. Could he defend?
He quickly asked what was the matter.
“What do you mean? Haven’t you heard all the chatter?”

“I tripped and fell and lost my lunch.
Bad luck keeps happening and I have a bunch!”
The Pteri knew just what to do.
He looked down at his feather which was only Blue.

“Here, take this. It will bring you good luck!”
He gave her the feather to get her unstuck.
Suddenly she felt as though it was gone.
The bad luck had left and she had finally won!

Flavours of the Soup Kitchen
by midnightfrost444

When there isn't enough omelette,
And someone ate all the jelly.
I can think of another place
Where you might fill up your belly!

If you're lacking in Neopoints,
If your shop's till has no income.
Then I know of a fine kitchen
Where you will always be welcome!

It's the Soup Faerie's kitchen!
Grab a bowl, and fill it to the top!
But eat slowly, and have a care...
This Cornupepper soup is quite hot!

There's asparagus and chutney,
Or Golden Juppie Soup for you.
There's Negg Soup or maybe Lamb Broth,
Or Invisible Soup! It's true!

Will some Mushroom and Chokato
Be next to grace my tablecloth?
Or will it be Starberry Soup?
Or simple, tasty, Turnip Broth?

There are all sorts of flavours found here.
Like tasty Potato and Leek.
Or plain Chicken and Vegetable.
So many choices. Take a peek!

But Soup Faerie, please do tell me!
Because I'm so out of the loop:
Why is a lump of dung floating
In my bowl of vegetable soup?

Kitchen Quest: The Chef on Duty!
by profebest

Somewhere around the Map of Neopia, 
close to Roo Island, near Krawk Island. 
Some tropical island, hundreds of miles away-
from just about everywhere and anywhere.
Mystery Island has been found there. 
It shows a hidden place where you do Daily Quest; 
A Flotsam awaits for you to do a Kitchen Quest, 
What are Flotsams species you ask? 

Flotsams are the opposite of Jetsams, 
Floating and seas are the reason for its name, 
they also love to swim through the vast oceans-
Deep of Maraqua to be exact.

They are quick to sense danger, 
studying the temperature of the water, 
the movement of the clouds-
the sound of waves on the ocean.
A horn upon its forehead stands, 
A symbol of its strength and lands, 
Travels through space and superstars, 
Tasty type of food, Chef must ask.

Kitchen Quest is ready to ask you for items-
Above the stars, Underwater Chef-
has been living on Mystery Island. 
Making food for the great, 
Mumbo Pango was found hours late.
He is so hungry, demanding meals-
every 5 minutes or so, Pat of Butter? 
Okay, he's asking for that, are you able-
to bring his food? 

The Chef waves his hands, and you may collect-
your prize... but what was the prize? 
Your Pet suddenly gains a point of defence! 
Congratulations! You made your first quest.
Can you get all the items the Underwater Chef requests? 
If so, stop by the Kitchen Quest and do an amazing quest!

Happy Random Poetry Day!

The Symol's Escapade
by dinha_reeves

It was Gwyl's first day of work at the jewel mine
He was excited to start and some gems collect
Because he wanted to show off his mining skills
To prove himself and win everyone's respect.

Besides being a little Symol
Gwyl was very determined and brave
So he went after the most precious gems
In the depths of that dark cave.

But a rockslide suddenly happened
Whilst jewels in his bag, Gwyl was stuffing
And then, the Symol found himself trapped
As the tunnels, the rocks were blocking.

Luckily that little Symol was smart
And he came up with a cunning plan
Along with his Lightmite friend
An escape strategy has begun.

Gwyl tied himself to a red balloon
And the Lightmite pushed him to a safe place
Making wind with its strong wings
Guiding Gwyl through that spiked space.

A false move could be the Gwyl's end
But along the way, he kept grabbing gemstones
The brave Symol refused to leave empty-handed
Or without going through all the zones.

At the sight of a Meowclops figurine
Gwyl knew it was his chance to leave
It was the only way to get off the mine
And the respect he deserved, he could finally achieve.

Baelia The Grey Faerie
by theguy2020

Having no magic of her own,
Baelia the Grey Faerie always has a friend she can phone,
Other Faeries come and help her out,
So if she gives you a quest, you'll still get a reward without a doubt!

Losing all her magical powers,
She's unable to fly even over the smallest of towers,
Still having to get on about her day,
She never lets this stop her from being proud of being grey!

She appears to often look rather sad,
I assure you she is anything but mad,
Baelia can be quite nice once you get to know her,
A popular Faerie she's one maybe Neopians prefer!

If she sends you on a quest, be sure to assist,
You will still be rewarded handsomely I insist,
Sometimes this may be access to the elusive Rainbow Fountain,
And the quest won't be too difficult like climbing a mountain!

She might ask you to bring a Petpet or two,
Careful as you won't be able to use the Shop Wizard to search through,
You can buy them in advance to have them ready,
Or check out the Petpet main shop as the stock is usually steady!

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