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Neopets Poems

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Vandagyre Day Special

The Vandagyre Gardens
by maculose

A Vandagyre was out tilling her lawn.
She had been outside starting at dawn.
She loved her garden and all of her plants.
She worked so hard, she had dirt on her pants.

She had veggies and flowers and quite a bit more.
She never considered working a chore.
As she gardened, she heard a sound,
So she turned around and noticed a frown.

Her neighbour was out with all of his tools.
He seemed really angry but was not a fool.
She walked over to see what’s the matter.
She was very precise, not wanting to chatter.

“What is wrong? Can I assist?”
Her neighbour answered with quite a long list.
“I have all of these veggies that won’t seem to grow.
What is the matter? I just do not know.”

The Vandagyre took the long list.
“I am happy to help and I do insist!”
She rolled up her sleeves and went to work.
She helped till the yard with quite a nice smirk.

She loved to garden but this was much more.
She was helping her neighbor which wasn’t a bore.
She quickly finished and looked at the yard.
It looked so beautiful. She had worked really hard.

Her neighbour was shocked and started to cry.
“You are so giving!” he said with a high five.
The two neighbours settled down for some nice tea.
Both had amazing gardens and were happy as can be!

Vandagyre: The Best
by imbitter

Vandagyre, our newest Pets
It’s one we thought we’d never get
With their large eyes and feathered tail
They’re the fastest flyers, through the air they sail

They’re quite kind, Vandagyres are
Gracious and friendly, they set the bar
Don’t be fooled by this or take it for granted
They’ll stand their ground with their feet planted

A tea party will happen, that’s almost a fact
Whether between some close friends or completely packed
They love to celebrate, you should take time too
It’s the little things that will get you through

They’re nuts for nuts, eating them down
If there was an award for it they’d win the crown
Of course they would, they’re well-equipped
Those beaks of theirs are sharply tipped

And gardens, oh my, how could I forget
Tending to those is a healthy outlet
They’re meticulous though, they have a green thumb
It’s amazing though, the luscious outcome

It’s Vandagyre day if you couldn’t tell
Though not all love them I’m under their spell
When I face a hater we both have a scowl
How couldn’t they adore just the cutest panda-owl?

A Vandagyre Picnic
by precious_katuch14

It's a beautiful day
For a fun little picnic,
But don't be late,
And do come quick!

It's a Vandagyre picnic!
Take a Vandagyre mug,
Sit yourself down,
Make yourself snug.

Holiday Vandagyre Cookies,
Perfect for Vandagyre Day,
Butterscotch and baked
The Vandagyre way.

Take the Honey Vandagyre,
For that dash of sweet,
Whether for your tea,
Or your cookie treats.

If sweet is not your thing,
Try these Vandagyre-approved nuts!
Assorted, salty, and recommended,
No ifs, ands or buts!

So open up the basket
For tasty Vandagyre treats!
Tea, cookies, honey and nuts,
And...oh, was that it?

Well, no matter,
For it's Vandagyre Day,
Which means more Vandagyre treats
Are surely on their way!

A Vandagyre's Plea For Recognition
by chrisy_chan

Some say we’re an imposter,
We cry to get a chance.
We’re just new to the roster,
a stranger at first glance.

We joined you all in Year Sixteen,
aft’ years of hiding away.
There are other newcomers in between,
but we were quite delayed.

Lutari was the last ‘fore we arrived,
they have an island in their name!
In the mountains, we once thrived,
Can one be named from which we came?

It’s hard to be the new kid,
but now nine years it’s been!
There’s regret for all that time we hid,
Now we’re begging to be seen! 

“I sometimes forget that they exist”,
some whisper the confession.
It hurts to be so dismissed,
to leave such a small impression.

We hope to this year we’ll see us more!
To keep shops, score goals, battle ‘neath the Dome!
We promise we’re not a bore,
We just want to make our home!

Of the Wise
by eleganza_lights

From the mountainous range,
These Neopets were large and strange.
Vandagyre fly fast and high,
For all to see in the darkest of sky.

With feathers so soft and brains so wise.
So many colours do arise,
From Pink and Plushie and Blue and Starry,
To Mutant, Stealthy and a Zombie.

While they love their snacks and their tea,
They’ll tend to their gardens with lots of glee.
They’re very fussy about the clothes they wear,
No fluffy sweaters or pants with flair!

You can spot these fashionistas in so many places,
Like at the Altador Cup races.
Whimsi Dia is one they may be cheering,
The Faerieland forward is persevering.

Though Monty McTaggart, you should steer clear. 
The schemes he makes grapple all with fear.
Vandagyre, though are generally kind,
Beware of their claws, sharp and defined.

The Stealthy Vandagyre
by vbnkg

With feathers of deep black obsidian
And eyes of ocean blue marble
To watch the Stealthy Vandagyre hunt
Is nothing short of a marvel

Silently, the stunning bird stalks in the night
In the shadows, she creeps, staying out of sight
Her armour glistened in the silver moonlight
She spots a fugitive; now, she takes flight

Swiftly, she swoops down without making a sound
With razor-sharp talons, she pins him to the ground
“Give it up, Vile—I’ve got you now!
You really thought you’d get away with another crown?”

He wriggles and writhes, trying to break free
Wretched Vile screams, “Bird-brain, unhand me!”
But it’s no use; she drops him over the penitentiary 
After years-long wait; justice, we will seek

Many a thug, this Vandagyre has caught
Sending them off to jail cells to rot
Soon, the starry sky turns to dawn
Didn’t you notice? Just like that, she is gone!

My Dearest Vandagyre
by tatyanne

A shy, tender species the Vandagyres truly are,
So none of Neopia knew they never were far.
They emerged just less than a decade ago,
Flying from the mountains to us down below.

I was sitting by a river when she came to me–
A Spotted Vandagyre swooped down from a tree.
From that day on she never left my side–
I adopted her and she came to be mine.

The Vandagyre’s feathers are so supple and soft,
Spreading so gently when the Vandagyre is aloft.
She is a creature so gentle, so kind, so meet–
I thank the stars every night, that we did meet.

Every day we explore the Neopian lands–
Oh she loves Shenkuu’s mountains, how grand.
The Lost Desert, Maraqua and Tyrannia too–
Wherever we go we make memories anew.

Today she is resting far up in the mountains high–
Her little head perks up as she prepares to fly.
She takes in the view and my eye she meets–
Swiftly flies to me and gives a happy little tweet.

The sun starts to set and we make our way home–
I am so blessed for I will never ever be alone.
We fall asleep right in front of our fireplace,
And I have to smile at her sweet, contented face!

A Verse for Vandagyres
by chai7705

Vandagyres: the ones we admire
Newest Neopet of them all
It was the Year Sixteen when they first came
In the month of Storing, that Fall

Vandagyres: the fearless flyers
With wings to flap and soar
Also has sharp claws to fight with
If ever comes a Neopian War

Vandagyres: like no one prior
This Pet is unique as can be
They live atop sky-high mountains
With big eyes, across the land they see

Vandagyres: not often liars
As they tend to be wise and kind
But that Monty McTaggart is one
Who has a more nefarious mind

Vandagyres: of picky attire
Tend to be careful in dress
Customizing with only the latest
Trends that are sure to impress

Vandagyres: the Pets we desire
To honor and celebrate today
Let's shower them with gifts galore
And as much love as we can convey!

The Magma Vandagyre, Sitting on Her Pyre
by i_lovee_icecream

Go for a dip in the Magma Pool, 
And you’ll come out looking really cool. 
Fiery eyes and molten rock for skin,
It’s a colour you’ll feel so powerful in. 

There she goes,
The leader of the flock. 
In her beauty,
Onlookers take stock. 

It’s the Magma Vandagyre,
Preening, sitting on her pyre. 
Fire laps her at her lava feathers,
Her limits know no Neopian tethers. 

As she flies,
Magma rains down.
That’s why she wears,
Her smouldering crown. 

This Vandagyre, sitting on her pyre, 
Looks down below and internally aspires. 
One day, the great City of Moltara,
Will be hers, as she wears the tiara. 

She croons and coos,
A song of power. 
The haunting melody,
Makes the town cower.

Have You Ever Met a Vandagyre?
by brooklyn3223

Have you ever met a Vandagyre?
If not, do lend me your ear.
Let me tell you of this favourite Neopet
Who many hold so dear.

Covered from head to claw in feathers,
To keep them warm in their Mountain home.
They are capable of flying high above
But on two feet is how they prefer to roam.

They are known for being wise,
Often found with their beak in a book.
They also love to tend their gardens
Or enjoying Blairnut tea in a cosy nook.

Although they love to get dressed up
They are picky with what they wear.
They do not like to hide their plumage 
Beneath the elegance and flair.

There are some famous Vandagyres
Such as the Yooyuball player Whimsi Dia.
And we can’t forget Monty McTaggart
His funds rival Nigel the Chia.

Have you ever met a Vandagyre?
Perhaps today will be the day.
If you need a new feathered friend
Look no further and adopt a Vandagyre today!

Monty McTaggart: The Moltara New Citizen!
by profebest

Beyond Moltara City, deep in a maze of caves, 
Next to the Town Hall, a tower has insight.
Towers in the sky, the sky is so bright, 
A secret hideout lies before my eyes.

A Hidden Tower appeared across the wind;
A new citizen seems to be living there.
Vandagyre known as Monty McTaggart,
also is the CEO of Moltara's Magnanimous- 
obsidian Magnate at your service!

Monty McTaggart was first seen at Faerie Festival,
Helping Jhudora and Illusen to find Malkus Vile.
Although the Faerie Festival was a happy ending- 
A new path opens your way, before the day.

Monty McTaggart was in charge of the whole town,
Obsidian Rocks have been seen all over the place,
Maybe he's preparing for the next plot storyline.
Vandagyre Day has made its way, new colours will make it on its day.

Happy Vandagyre Day!

Ode to Vandagyres!
by truebrony

Vandagyres, Vandagyres,
Where do I begin?
These fun, furry Neopets
Make excellent friends!

You can often find them
With their heads in a book,
Sitting in libraries
In a lovely little nook.

They come from the mountains,
But they love the summertime!
You’ll always find them dancing
In the summer light that shines.

They’re as tall as they are tenacious,
As good as they are gracious,
They’ll always lend their home to you,
Whether small or spacious!

Come to their garden
For a party with tea,
They’ll make you feel right at home,
So feel free to be chatty!

Vandagyres, Vandagyres,
Where do do I begin?
What sweet and lovely Neopets,
What wonderful friends!

The Vandagyre Librarian
by gumgum101230

I visited the library
For books that I required,
And I met a shy librarian
Who was a Faerie Vandagyre. 

Her glasses sat upon her beak
As she glanced up from her book
To ask me if I needed her help
Or if I were there to look. 

I sheepishly admitted that,
On this Vandagyre Day’s Eve,
I was hoping to read more about
The newest Neopet species. 

Her wings fluttered excitedly
As she sprung up from her chair;
She zoomed through all the narrow aisles
To find the proper books there. 

Before long, she’d gathered a stack
Of books from her collection
That related to Vandagyres
And anything in connection. 

The stack contains some books on nuts
And learning flying tricks;
She even had a book on having
A Vandagyre Picnic. 

She then suggested a certain book
If I were ready for a scare,
Her favourite pick happened to be
The Vandagyre Nightmare!

The Newest Pet
by theguy2020

Known as the newest Pet in Neopia,
Vandagyres are necessary for any utopia,
Any party they attend is an instant hit,
You won't regret getting one even a little bit!

Always nice and kind,
You'll have your Pet Vandagyre constantly on your mind,
They'll make any game more fun to play,
So what are you waiting for - go get one today!

They are really good at garden work and planting flowers,
Absolutely won't mind accompanying you for hours,
If a friend or companion is what you desire,
It is a Vandagyre you must acquire!

They're a cool Pet that you can see flying in the sky,
They can go up to the clouds really high,
What better way to spend the day,
with the most creative horseplay!

They love to dance and sing,
Just think about all the joy they will bring,
They'll fill your life with glee,
I'm sure you'll soon be unable to disagree!

While they may have been discovered in Neopia late,
It doesn't change that they are quite great,
They can be the greatest friend,
Bringing joy to any event they attend!

Celebrating Vandagyre Day
by dinha_reeves

During Neopets' 15th Birthday
The Vandagyre joined Neopian society
They decided to abandon their seclusion
To finally embrace the notoriety.

And just like the other Pets
There are a few nice colours to admire
Like the Magma Vandagyre
It looks like it's on fire.

And when you look at the sky
You'll have an amazing sight
And then you'll remember the Starry Vandagyre
That looks like the stars at night.

The Mutant Vandagyre has three eyes
It must have and wonderful vision
Those who decided to have one of these
Never regret their decision.

When you see a Grey Vandagyre
Give them a tight and warm hug
Make them happy and content
By offering them a tea mug.

And if you're looking for a very nice colour
There's the Royal Girl and Royal Boy
But don't forget the Water one
They also can bring you a lot of joy.

Bring your Vandagyre to the party
Let's celebrate their day
And if you don't have one yet
Just pick one and let's play!

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