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Neopets Poems

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Jhudora's Storm
By Togepi_forever

A storm is brewing under Faerieland
In the waters of the sea,
A place no ship will dare to cross.

She's angry.

The waves are crashing;
Clouds are twisting painfully,
Bolts skitter out across the waters.

Drops pelt the thrashing crests,
Revelling in fury uncontrolled,
As she sets emotions free.

Then, softer.

The rain is almost silent now,
Not lighter, but falling soft,
Clouds weeping in time with her tears.

A gentle breeze flows through the air,
A single name, whispered on the wind.


Evil? Oh Ye... Actually, On Second Thought...
By Cookybananas324

I'm not sure Jhudora's a villain.
Really, what evil things has she done?
She's known to give out tasty candies,
Though they'll give you a Floppy Tongue.

I'm sure she's a lovely faerie.
Her quests provide hours of glee.
Just don't return even a second late,
Or she'll send you to *sob* level one!

I know she's just a tad short-tempered,
And rumours are whispered by some
That Jhudora's got secrets, dangerous and dark,
Like where Bartamus Petpets come from...

But I'm sure those are nothing but rumours.
After all, she's been nothing but nice,
Handing out toxic mushrooms and potions --
Generosity's really no vice.

Even if she seems sometimes impatient,
Ungrateful and often demanding,
She's a very busy dark faerie;
Surely we should all be understanding.

So let's celebrate this Jhudora Day
And give her a hearty cheer,
Or if you must whisper of crimes unconfirmed,
For your sake, hope she doesn't hear...

The Wrath of Jhudora's Wand
By Dragonstorm_75

I fancy that you know about
This wand of much ill-fate.
A bounty of Jhudora's quests,
Seething with her hate.

And yet there is a secret still,
One that lies concealed.
In the shadows of its heart,
Hidden, unknown, sealed.

Forged by Jhudora's hand,
A purple stave of magic,
Upon which there sits a glowing stone,
Whose past is long and tragic.

Long ago it was a jade,
Whose core was clear, untainted;
But then it saw atrocities,
Back then was poison planted!

It flourished like a reckless weed,
For many picked it up --
And by the malice in the stone,
They lost their luck at sun-up.

Jhudora happened upon the jade
And fashioned it to her liking:
Within the lattice pain was weaved,
And cares and troubles aching.

And yet the stone is sentient,
It simmers with a rage;
Against its mistress and her plans,
And the wand's clawed cage.

The seething storm roils still,
The power waits within.
Be it months or long millennia,
Its time will one day come.

Jhudora's Bluff
By Aparna121

Listen, young pet, to the story told
of that cliff above the crater,
that one to which you must never go.
The faerie there is one of old,
but what she lacks, young pet,
is a heart of gold.

She will offer a quest,
but accept at your discretion.
They say that her temper
is fifty percent her profession.
Her circumstances, they say,
are those of which she is not happy.
But, oh young pet,
her rewards are far from bawdy.

They are not gold or silver or jewels,
but rather objects of power and tools.
Things that will do far more than fetch
a pretty piece.
These things will give you power,
unmatched and supreme.

But beware, young pet,
for with those rewards,
come high stakes that you
must be aware of.
Failure is not an option,
not with she.
For with Jhudora,
punctuality is key.

Yet, young pet, listen well,
and heed to my words:
Do not cross that faerie
on that cliff above the crater.
Beyond that temper and those rewards,
is a faerie in whose heart
there is not one kind chord.

The Queen of Evil
By Dark_angellife

Full of darkness to your very core,
You wander about spreading evil galore,
Causing havoc day and night,
Dear Jhudora, you are more than sublime.

This poem I write is only for you,
The ruthless, the heartless you,
Jhudora, you are truly the one,
The most evil, the most vicious one.

Evil pulses through your very heart,
And each day you play your malevolent part,
Ordering clueless Neopians around,
Dear Jhudora, your ways are truly profound.

This poem is dedicated just for you,
The one who I admire, the cunning you,
Known far and wide, your reputation is great,
So Jhudora, have an amazing Jhudora Day!

Violet and Verdant: On Her Dark Wings
By Nesiatheenigma

Veiled in clouds she sits,
Biding her time,

Her sisters watch
With careful eyes.
Words like poison,
Cruel, precise, and searing.

The sound of her wings
Is the sound of terror.
A glance from her eyes
Is a touch of doom.

The spite of Illusen,
The wrath of the forest
Awaits her if she steps too far.
The trees and rivers keep her back,
Pacing deep inside her lair.

Young pets fear her,
Her name a foul whisper,
Striking dread where it crawls about.
Fools obey her,
Bringing treasures to appease her might.

Violet and verdant,
Vile and wise.
In the shadows of the faeries' woods,
The dark faerie Jhudora lies.

Jhudora, Jhudora
By Mamasimios

Jhudora, Jhudora...
Hmm, what rhymes with Jhudora?
Here I thought you might adore a
Poem for your day, Jhudora,
Yet I'm stuck here looking for a
Proper rhyme for you... Jhudora.

Jhudora, Jhudora...
Though I would not care for a
Rotten Negg or apple core, a
Bartamus would I trade for a
Quest item as I explore a
Bluff in search of you, Jhudora.

Jhudora, Jhudora...
I could write of a diaspora,
Of the lost Grundos on Kreludor (a
Tale I fear would only bore a
Dark faerie such as you are), a
Bit self-absorbed are you, Jhudora.

Jhudora, Jhudora...
Though there is not a plethora
Of words suited to name your aura
(Purple as dusk and green as flora),
I'll end with a tilt of my fedora --
Here's to you today, Jhudora!

Before You Cast Me Out
By Squeak13

Who would choose the path I walk?
Willingly, I did.
Who would turn away the day,
Shun the flowers, laughter, sun?
Exchange them all for dour clouds,
Lonely shadows, scoff, and scorn.
This I did. And I did not look back.

Not a curse, not a pact.
Nor was it inheritance.
The others will not speak to you
Of reason, history, and fate.
We fae-folk guard our stories well,
But I do have a song to sing
Before you cast me out.

Before your time, before your kind,
Before, and ever after
Was a story of creation and of need,
And yes, of balance.
We wove the darkness and the light.
Without the sun, what of the moon?
And flowers without rain make weeds at best.

So to the dawn, it's nightfall
And to the laughter, tears.
And from each of us a promise:
We protect our love, preserve our light,
By letting in the bitter dark,
Laughing in the face of callous midnight.
We fight to prove the worth of what we treasure.

Who loved the fragrant flowers more than I?
Who sang among her sisters to the newborn day?
I took up my thundercloud, I took up my shroud,
And bid farewell to all I loved,
To serve and shelter all I loved
Without a tear, with all my strength
Did I ascend my haunted hallowed throne.

I remember shining dewdrops, velvet petals.
I remember sunlit paths and laughter in the vale.
I sometimes see my sister's Glade,
You know the one I speak of, and remember when
We lay down on the softest sweetest grass
And marvelled at the beauty of the spring.
I remember. I destroy. I maintain the balance.

So huddle close together when you hear my
Dreaded footstep, when you see my ghastly shadow.
Tremble at my presence, and when I call your name
Strike out against my darkness hand in hand,
And shield yourself with all that you believe in.
I sing an age-old song, my friends,
And you must sing it too: Learn it well

Before you cast me out.

Jhudora: the Misunderstood Faerie
By Muffins_xx

There lives a faerie on a cloud
Who scares off all she meets.
They say by day she smites the sky;
By night she plagues the streets.

Although she is the dark faerie,
Jhudora is quite tame.
Although she seems quite menacing,
She's only dark in name.

The citizens of Faerieland
Are just inclined to judge.
They deem too quick this darkness witch
For whom they hold a grudge.

She tries and tries to make some friends,
But still she's all alone,
For even though she is humane,
Her darkness is well-known.

Although she seems an evil witch,
She's kind down to the core.
She sets up quests and gives to pets;
She wants to help the poor.

Yet everyday she yearns for friends
While brooding on her bluff,
For constantly we label her.
Of these lies she's had enough.

So celebrate this unsung grace
Before the curtain call.
Please celebrate this unknown friend,
The greatest of them all.

The Faeries' Ruin: Jhudora's Thoughts
By Sheik_30999

Hey, you! Come here!
I have something to say,
About the horrible fate
That the faeries fell prey.

It was somewhere in September,
Everyone was there
At the Faerie Festival.
Everything seemed nice and fair.

Until, of course, a Xweetok,
Intent on our downfall,
Decided to turn us all to stone,
Neopians started to bawl.

A couple months later, a thief and guard
Finally put an end
To Xandra's foolish plans,
And Faerieland started to mend.

Though it's in a crater,
It's going quite all right.
In fact, since we're on the ground,
There's hardly a need for flight.

Wait, what's that? Illusen's okay?
Oh, listen to me moan!
But still, Xandra could have let
That earth faerie stay stone!

To Jhudora
By Concertogreat_8

we only wanted to fly --
only wanted to soar
far above the ground
we only wanted to show them.

so we painted our hearts black
dyed our hair acid green
we skipped to the beat of a new song
shredded our gowns to tatters
spiralled our wings in flat stripes
crowned our heads with thorns.

we were the sisters of darkness
singing songs at night
in meadows drenched with moon
where the syrup taste of poison lingered
stained our mouths and our hands
our nails gone hard
our spells gone cold.

still I miss you so, Jhudora
wondering if you remember now
two foolish little faeries
burnt from the inside-out
withered and shrivelled like leaves
clasping hands in friendship
so very long ago.

A Plea
By Alagfalaswen

Jhudora! Jhudora, please,
Another chance! Another go!

I'm sorry I wasn't back
in time; the item was so
hard to find! No,
it was my own incompetence
that hampered my search; my
efforts, despite my impatience,
Were not enough. Don't look at me,
not like that! Those disdainful words
from your lips -- more precious than
any gift -- like swords
Piercing me relentlessly. Another quest!
Please! Please! I'll make it this
time -- better, faster, just don't
reject my meagre efforts; hiss
in my face if you must, I deserve
no less. But don't turn your back
on me; I have forfeited your sisters'
favours and would again; they lack
your ambition, your cold beauty.
Your very incandescence
that wraps me like a winter's grip;
I could bask in your presence
and revel in your splendour

Let me build the throne of your
glory, fetch your playthings -- Ah!
No! Don't! Don't make me leave!
Don't -- Jhudora!

The Dark One
By Psychoskittles

Above the rest on a hidden bluff,
Hidden from all the others gazing,
A faerie's power we do not test,
Broken from her sisters' company,
Luring young Neopians toward her.

A wave of her hand and off you run,
Fetching items of magic, dark known,
Quickly as her small patience wavers,
Serving her spells, reasons unknown,
Endlessly looking for her dark favour.

Longing for her gift to be brought to you,
Magic so strong cannot be pure,
A reward for her endless bidding,
Serving the princess of the darkness,
Outcast from the other faeries.

Shrouded in a veil of colour,
Purple, green, the colour of poison,
For which she prides her endless wisdom,
Of secrets not commonly retold,
A quest from the dark faerie we must go.

Jhudora's Malice
By Carrotbreath

You appeared in a flash of smoke,
Then out of the crowd, to me you spoke.
Oh, how flabbergasted I felt that day,
That not even a thank you I could say,
And how nice you seemed.

Feeling so cheery and grateful,
(unaware that you're mean and hateful)
As I fed your generous gift to my pet,
I wondered how I'm in your debt,
Until my pet began to sweat.

It inflicted upon him a terrible disease,
Oh, Jhudora, how I bet you were pleased.
You're mean, malicious, and just untrue;
I'm so glad I didn't say thank you.
After how nice you seemed.

Jhudora's Bluff
By Tealnova_dragon

So high upon the clouds,
I crane my neck to see --
That evil one, that dastardly one,
Plotting away her schemes.

I hear she's conniving, cunning... curious.
She fights with her earthen sister,
And yet, makes no malicious moves.

I laugh when I hear,
As Faerieland fell,
That her Cloud had evaporated, dissipated away
In mere waves of darkly purple.

She now resides in a foreboding Bluff.
No longer upon a Cloud.

I hear she rages, all the time,
Cursing that one called Xandra.
The beautiful forest, once so green and lively,
Now turned into hues of black.
Shadowed hollows, up high in that cliff,
Are now her new abode.

She's in a huff, quite angry, to be anchored to land,
But she has no choice and there she stays,
Up there, in that Bluff,
As close to the sky as can be.

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