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Neopets Poems

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Annual Gormball Championship Special

Kevin the Korbat: Gormball Champion
by gumgum101230

Kevin was not the most active
Of those aboard the Station,
But he wound up playing Gormball
When Sloth was on vacation.

"I am a fast learner," he said
To himself quietly;
He was a bit out of practice,
To put it mildly.

He couldn't throw the ball very well,
Or keep up with the tempo;
And every time he tried to think,
He would be too slow.

But after his chaotic plays,
And some beginner's luck,
He made it to the final round,
Leaving the crowd awestruck!

However, he was against Brian,
The slyest Pet around;
The first pass slipped from Kevin's grasp
And exploded on the ground!

...But wait! What's this? A whistle blew!
It was not the end at all!
Brian had been disqualified
For rigging the Gormball!

After winning that Championship,
Kevin has truly grown;
He has since won many medals
Completely on his own!

Kevin Takes the Gold!
by midnightfrost444

Come gather round
And hear the story
Of one Korbat
Who earned all glory!

In Year Thirteen,
A winner arose.
His name: Brian
As any fan knows.

The others played,
They all tried their best!
But soon, they lost.
It was no contest!

Just three remained;
Among them: Brian.
And one Korbat.
Was really trying!

He was unskilled
And just couldn't win.
None expected
Much from Kevin.

But Gormball burst!
And Ember was downed!
Brian's brows twitched,
The audience frowned.

Then Kevin lost.
Just for one second.
Brian cheated,
Everyone reckoned.

Soon, the ref spoke:
Brian was expelled!
And young Kevin
Had truly excelled!

He held first place,
With Brian now gone!
And Brian learned,
That cheating is wrong.

Hail to Kevin,
The Gormball champ!
Try hard each year,
You lovable scamp.

Gormball Warm-Ups
by i_lovee_icecream

It’s Gormball game day,
And the players prepare.
Warming up to win,
First place can’t be shared.

Thyassa gets ready,
For a winning game. 
He stretches and jeers,
Awaiting his fame. 

Ember waves,
To fans in the crowd. 
As they hoot and holler,
Cheering joyfully loud. 

Farvin III hydrates,
Drinking electrolytes. 
He’s ready for anything,
He’ll put up a fight!

Zargrold the Grundo,
Acts nonchalant. 
Scanning his opponents;
His skills, he’ll flaunt. 

Brian the Scorchio,
Flaps his red wings. 
Rocking this warm-up,
His praises, you’ll sing. 

Gargarox lifts weights, 
His muscles big and strong. 
He’s in it til the end,
His game is a haul so long. 

Ursula jumps rope,
Her ears bouncing. 
Her energy vibrates,
Prancing and flouncing. 

Kevin the Korbat,
Practices passing balls.
Gormballs of all types,
Get ready for roll call!

It’s Gormball game day,
And the players prepare.
Warming up to win,
First place can’t be shared.

A Game of Gormball
by meerkatpaws

Hold for one, two, three, four,
try to get the highest score.
Hold for five? Now that is brave,
hope the Gormball will behave.

This time, try for three,
keep that ball away from me!
Now let's try for two,
Thyassa held it and it blew!

Now try two again,
starting to feel very zen.
Hold for four, feeling bold,
Ember left out in the cold.

Now you're getting really plucky,
and amazingly lucky!
Zargrold is feeling cool,
watch him soon become a fool.

Gargarox's size is very great,
but it won't help seal his fate.
Ursula trained the most of all,
but one by one they all will fall.

Next to go is cheating Brian,
he tried to get away with lyin'.
Second last is Farvin the third,
and Kevin wins! How absurd.

Who Will Win?
by therainbowsheep

Storming the fields in droves,
Neopians crowd the stands.
For the Annual Gormball Championship!
The final promises to be grand.

Will the winner be Thyassa?
After all, he is ranked first!
But all winning streaks must end,
Such is a winner's curse.

Perhaps Brian, for he is clever.
But sometimes he does cheat.
Even if he pulls it off,
No one will value the feat.

It could be Ember, the Fire Faerie,
Forging her own path.
The other Faeries mock her,
But her focus drives her wrath!

Farvin isn't a bad guess either,
Benefiting from his extra ears -
He has a sensory advantage,
Which allows him to hear!

Gargarox is easy to root for,
Catering all concessions.
Does he have what it takes to win?
That is the magic question!

Zargrold too could take the trophy,
Motivated by the prize.
But is he strategic on the field?
Does he know how to be wise?

Ursula is the best trained -
Gormball is her one true love.
Her studies will propel her,
To win and rise above!

Finally, there's Kevin -
Dr. Sloth's substitute.
Since he's a beginner,
His victory would be a hoot!

No matter who takes the win,
There certainly is no doubt -
Gormball is the most classic sport,
You can tell from the crowd's shouts!

Ember and the Gormball Championship
by x_babifaerie_x

Back when she was a young girl
During her days at Faerie School
The other Faeries would tease her.
They could be so very cruel.

“You’re supposed to create a spark!”
“You’re supposed to make it burn!”
But it was for the rush of water 
That she would always yearn.

Ember was a Fire Faerie.
She was supposed to love the heat.
But she would spend her days by the pool
Training to be the next great athlete.

Casting spells and quests are BORING!
This Fire Faerie had a much bigger dream.
To play for the Gormball Championship.
To hear the crowds cheer and scream!

She practised her throws and catches,
Studied every timing technique.
She became a master of the sport.
She was on a winning streak!

The Gormball Championship is finally here.
She faces opponents of the highest class.
Gargarox, Ursula, and Farvin III
But she is prepared to make a big splash.

She counts silently to herself
One, two, three, four.
She tosses the ball to Kevin.
It explodes, leaving him drenched on the floor.

It’s down to the final two.
Her and Thyassa, her biggest rival.
The moment is hers for taking.
She focuses intensely on survival.

Back and forth, they toss the ball.
With precision, one final throw.
The Gormball explodes on Thyassa!!!
Ember wins! What a show!

by spukl1

Forget hot potatoes for all,
We prefer to play Gormball!
When it is the weekend & hot,
The tournament begins, sign up for a slot.

Ember turned up to fight,
& Ursula’s holds gave us a fright.
Thyassa held the Gormballs close,
Brian got ambushed when he froze.

Gargarox has quite the throwing technique,
& when Farvin III goes out he gives a shriek. 
Zargrold is the absolute fan fave,
Gormball is the competition Neopia craves.

Gormball is a super fun sport,
Neopia gathers around to watch on the court.
The tournament ends in summer with a splash!
& the crowd goes wild when the last Gormball goes splash!

The Upcoming Gormball Champion
by theguy2020

The Annual Championships for Gormball are right around the corner,
When it comes to this Zargrold, he's absolutely no foreigner, 
He's suspected to be a front-runner to win once more,
Zargrold is just looking to have some fun and hopes it's not a chore!

Winning or losing is not all to him,
Having fun is the main goal even if the chances of winning are grim,
Rest assured he has what it takes,
The last time he won he didn't even take any breaks!

Two separate times he managed to take home the gold,
Critiques said he did play a little bold,
However, holding the Gormball a second extra came to help him in the end,
As a back-to-back winner his throne, he was able to defend!

In his downtime, he plays a lot of Zurroball,
This actually helps him practice and prepare for close calls,
A true athlete great at many sports,
He should definitely be a front-runner in any scouting reports!

He loves his fans and making new friends all the time,
He seems to be gaining more as he is still in his prime,
Zargrold needs your support and cheers at the Championship game,
With him participating we know for sure the contest won't be lame!

Who will be the Gormball Champion?
by crazy_allstar

We've been holding our breath
Now it's finally here!
The month of Gathering -
The day? Twenty-three! 
Who cares about the Cup of Altador?
The Gormball Championship is what we live for!

Last year, Ember was the victor 
Will she repeat the feat 
Or will someone finally beat her?

Some think Thyassa will finally make his comeback
Others have bet everything on Kevin, the Korbat
I wouldn't be quick to dismiss Gargarox,
His skills are as great as his Orange Space Drink - on the rocks!

Don't forget Ursula the Usul,
She's been training very hard!
I'm not too sure about Brian,
He's been a cheater from the start.

Farvin III has six ears,
Which can certainly give him an edge
And though Zargrold may look cool, 
Some say he's out for revenge!

There's no way of knowing which competitor will succeed
But we will be watching on the edge of our seats
As each Gormball splashes, our hearts race
It's the best game ever, no debate!

The Splashy Journey to Champion
by mynel_mel

To splash or to be splashed,
That is the yearly question.
No time for hesitation
On the run to Gormball champion

Passing and passing the wet globe around
Between two and five, the seconds we count
If you hold it too long, in its splash you will drown
And in losing the game, no joy can be found

I expected Gargarox to go far this year
But his head was too focused on kitchen gear
Thyassa's sticky hands made the Gormball adhere
Zargrold had no chance to get rid of the sphere

Ember, the poor faerie, was way too distracted
And by a swift flying Gormball her back was impacted
Thyassa, still hungry, left feeling dejected
He was thinking of food, from the game disconnected

Up to the final four, each one had lots to lose
Throwing Gormballs around, never missing their cues
The game was on, there was no time to snooze
Kevin threw right at Ursula, who couldn't diffuse

Of all sports events, this one is truly the best
Always so unexpected, who wins can't be guessed
I was rooting for Farvin, on his long trophy quest
But the Gormball exploded inches from his chest

Between Kevin and Brian, I had a clear pick
I'd never root for Brian and his full bag of tricks
No deception could match a throw this quick
Although it was a pity Brian was feeling sick

It was finally time Kevin took home a win
Zero Gormballs exploded, no water wet his skin
And this time, no excuses, no low gravity spin
It was all his ability that came from within

A Fiery Passion for Gormball
by aninha_morango

Her name may be related to the heat of fire,
But water balloons are what get her inspired.
For Faerie activities, Ember has no desire,
The Gormball Championship gets her electrified.

The four-time Annual Gormball Championship winner,
Has left a few of her opponents a little bitter.
Brian once even accused her of being a cheater!
Still, she took the gold trophy home that year.

At first, many underestimated her talent,
Until they realized she was a tough challenge;
"Even without winning, don't take her for granted,
She handled it a few times until the very end."

Whenever the Faerie walks into the field, Ember lives up to her name,
She is ready to grab and toss the ball with the energy of her flame.
Thyassa, Brian, Farvin, Gargarox, Zargrold, Ursula and Kevin in her way;
Her soul's fire is powerful enough to face any challenges, she claims.

Last year, Kevin and Brian were the first participants to be eliminated,
Next came Zargrold, despite the heroic move he alleges to have made.
A throw by Farvin III, and Gargarox was the fourth one to leave the game,
But not so long after, the Alien Aisha had the same fate.

Ursula got third place after Thyassa caught her blindsided,
It was time for the championship to finally be decided.
The Chia and the Faerie were competing side by side,
But in the blink of an eye, Ember threw the ball at the perfect time.

After almost a decade, she would be called the winner again,
How important it was to hold that shiny trophy in her hands!
She went home determined to repeat that performance for her fans,
This year, she promises to beat her opponents with a better plan.

The Faerie who fought to follow her path deserves all the cheers,
Even if she's not your favourite, you must admit how brave she is.
The Annual Gormball Championship, you won't ever see her skip,
Winning or losing, Ember is a legend, always pursuing her dreams.

The Lonely Gormball Statue
by maculose

There was a statue at a gift shop.
When Pets stopped by, they saw a flop.
This Ember Statue had one wing.
It missed the others and had less bling.

Several Pets ventured inside,
But the shopkeeper took it and tried to hide.
It saw all its friends that were being bought.
“Why won’t they buy me?” The statue thought.

“Just because I have one wing,
Doesn’t mean one tiny thing!”
All she wanted was a friend.
A friend would make her sadness end.

The door swung open with some noise.
There were several Pets both girls and boys.
They all ran around the store,
As the statue sat there being a bore.

Then the statue saw one Pet.
The Pet was struggling with what to get.
She saw the statue with one wing.
“That is it! Oh, the happiness it will bring!”

She quickly ran and picked it up.
She also bought a blue tea cup.
She could not care less about the wings.
One can find happiness in anything.

Thyassa's Ambition
by tatyanne

The day of the Championship is here–
My Gormball prowess you shall fear!
For Thyassa the Purple Chia am I–
The Championship Trophy shall be mine!

So the starting whistle blows aloud,
All I hear is the cheering crowd.
Right away the first round begins–
What glory bestowed on whoever wins!

Doubts start forming in my mind–
What if not a win but a loss I find?
What if it splashes right in my face,
And I end up sadly in very last place?

A bitter pill it would be to swallow–
In these worries, I shall not wallow.
I muster all of my concentration,
And give the game all my attention.

I have been diligent and trained hard,
Studied the tactics to play smart.
My turn is next and I watch the ball–
I compete with my best and give it all.

The Gormball in my hands gives me a thrill–
It takes both luck and mental skill.
This absolutely is my favourite game,
That trophy soon shall bear my name!

A Gormball Player's Lament
by precious_katuch14

When playing Gormball,
The logical thing to do
Is to wait one second
Or else you're through.

The Gormball could explode!
But maybe I can spare
Two seconds holding it.
Should I? Do I dare?

It goes round and round,
I wonder if I can go for three,
Before the Gormball pops
All over me.

I've never done four seconds,
Or held the Gormball for five.
Well, I better soon decide,
The Gormball is about to arrive!

It hasn't drenched anyone,
And it's coming around now.
This could be my lucky day,
Or my last bow.

And suddenly, I feel it,
Cool and smooth and ominous.
It's now or never,
I've got nothing to lose!

Just one second, only one,
I brace myself to throw.
My fingers feel only air,
I scream, "Oh no!"

It only took one second
For the Gormball to explode.
As I stand there drenched,
I know 'tis the end of the road.

The Glorious Gormball Championships
by truebrony

It’s that special time of year,
The time we all hold oh so dear!
It’s the Annual Gormball Championship!
So don’t let your attention slip!

On a field of grass, we play,
On the brightest, sunniest day,
Keep the Gormball in your sight,
Don’t lose hope! Don’t lose your might!

Watch as the Gormball glides through air,
See it shine and glisten there,
Catch it gently, careful now!
Or it’ll explode in a great big POW!

Now that you’ve caught it, it’s time to guess
What move is wisest? What move is best?
Should you simply let it go?
Or hold it before you give it a throw?

Hold for two seconds,
Or three, or four,
If you’re daring
You can hold for more!

It’s been five seconds! Toss it, now!
Your opponent catches it… POW!
The Gormball explodes as you smile in glee,
That’s one less opponent for you to beat!

On and on you play this game,
Tossing the Gormball to reach your fame,
But no matter who wins, you can always say:
The Gormball Championships were a glorious day!

Jogando Gormball
by dinha_reeves

Uno, dos, três...
Cuidado para não se molhar
Aguarde mais alguns segundos
Para a bola você jogar.

Se a bola em você explodir
O jogo você irá perder
Quanto mais demorar a decidir
Você poderá se arrepender.

Um segundo, dois segundos...
Isso é mais do que suficiente
Para a bola passar
E ter um jogo eficiente.

Os participantes vão saindo
Aos poucos são eliminados
A bola neles vai explodindo
E os deixando todos molhados.

Gormball é um jogo divertido
Serve para todas as idades
Mas o campeonato é competitivo
E para vencer, existem dificuldades.

São seis competidores
Cada um com sua habilidade
Do jogo eles são conhecedores
Portanto, use bem sua agilidade.

Se no final do jogo você ficar
E a bola em você não estourar
Um prêmio legal irá ganhar
Além de neopontos e um belo avatar.

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