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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Usul Day Special!

The Usuls of Neopia
by musicpops

With their big, bushy tails
And their glinting, lively eyes
Usuls are a part of many tales
Some of them naughty, but most nice!

Hannah's one of the nice ones
Always ready for an adventure
She's caught quite a few felons
And they're all mad at her!

Uzarro's always up to no good
Stealing, looting, and pilfering
The authorities she's managed to elude
Oh, what they'd give to catch her napping!

And then, of course, there's Garin
Daring, always raring to go
His sword you'll find flashing
As he earns his name as a hero!

To all these Usuls, and the rest
To Uggsul, Princess Vyssa, Gilly,
On this Usul Day we wish you the best
Hope there's a lot of cake in your belly!

A Usul's First Ski
by milkshakes004

Kira the Usul slid up to the edge
Of the snowy mountain top.
She gulped and looked down the ski path; 
It was a not-so-subtle drop.

Kira took a deep breath and exhaled,
Hoping for the best outcome;
It was only then that she noticed
Her hands had begun to go numb.

“I can do this!” Kira cried,
As bravely as a new skiier could.
Pushing forward, she began to slide
Faster than she thought she would.

Frightened at first, Kira shut her eyes,
Hoping the slope would quickly end,
But slowly her mind began to change
The faster she went on to descend.

Laughing now, Kira enjoyed the ride,
Wind rushing through her hair.
As cold and snowy as she was,
She really couldn’t care.

Finally she reached the bottom,
Sliding softly into a drift.
“That was fun, I’m going again!” Kira said,
Heading back to the ski lift.

The Usul Spelunker
by miraday

I have done it again: for every cave I enter,
Its treasures known to few, I discover
The way to its heart, stalactite surrounded.
My name “Hannah” indefinitely resonates
From the pirate caves to Terror Mountain,
Through Kreludorian mines and frigates.

No cave nor tunnel does exist that I 
Haven’t traversed or trespassed by.
These hard-earned accolades I claim
For all the Usul explorers in Neopia—
A group glamorized for Usuki fame
I do subvert as the antithetical diva.

The orthodox fashion scene of the fiery Usukis
I replace with quiet caves, spelunking expertise.
Both are valid forms of our expression-
Though my interests are only in outfits 
That facilitate my cave exploration
And bypassing the guards I outwit.

For if there is treasure to be found, I am, too-
And disappeared along with it before you do.
We’re crafty, clever and cunning as a group,
Us Usuls are a varied bunch to compare.
If you seek treasured lands to snoop,
You’ll know that I have been there.

The Usul Who Purveys Precious Pals
by _brainchild_

In Neopia Central
Lies a shop that isn't dull.
The Usul sells grand Petpets
That you surely haven't met.

A pretty, posh Kadoatie
Is a creature sure to please,
Unless it keeps you up at night,
So make sure your choice is right!

If you're looking for a mellow
Friend who's happy and bright yellow,
Buzzers are an awesome choice.
With them your pets will rejoice!

The Moltenore's a fiery beast,
Yet it's beautiful, at least.
Your Neopet will be burned.
A lesson they will have learned!

The Usul sells joyful creatures
Full of captivating features.
If you pass her, please stop by,
Since the trip is worth your time.

The Usul in the Shadows
by umbrex

In every land of Neopia,
Usuls rejoice in a vivid display.
After all, don't you know?
Today is their one special day!

But to say every Usul is merry
would be at best, not quite true.
Because there exists one such Usul:
Her presence unknown to you.

Lurking in the tendrils of shadow,
concealed by the darkest dark of night,
The Shadow Usul lies in waiting,
her visage a most terrible sight.

A villainess of speed and cunning,
she'll make your items disappear.
Before you even notice they're gone,
The Shadow Usul will no longer be here.

Always ready and watching her marks,
even at the start of Usul Skiing Season,
watch out for this devious criminal,
she'll strike without rhyme or reason.

Happy Ugga Usul Day!
by yellowstefy

With a curly furry tail
And bones through her hair
An appearance like a tyrannian.
You can’t help but stare.

Cause she’s very ugga unique
And enjoys the best ugga game.
Ones like Go! go! go!
That’s how she’s gained her fame.

Uggsul the usul on usul day.
She’s very happy and proud.
“Ugh ughh Usuls are ugga the best!”
She preaches out loud.

She likes to groom her hair,
To keep all the knots out.
You will find her today in Tyrannia.
She will be out and about!

A Food Loving Usul
by icygirl2005

I say, "Yo, I'm Clo,
And I don't use NeoGlo
My curly purple mane here,
Is crazy gorgeous, you know.

Everyone loves to see bright red lipstick,
Blusher and foundation peachy pink,
But I don't care for makeup!
I'd rather drown myself in food and drink.

Pizza's my favorite, I eat it on Mondays,
Which is why you see my cute, chubby face
Covered and drowned in an odd mask of,
Sticky red sauce and gooey meat and cheese.

Hot dogs are for Tuesdays,
Hubert's is the place to go,
Juicy, yummy hot dogs to eat,
Mayo and relish are the condiments to show.

Wednesday's a marvel,
I get chicken noodles and corn soup,
Dumplings, extra large stuffed with
Cheese and salty corn.

Thursday means spicy time,
Time for burritos and tacos,
Exploding with beans, burger meat
And flaming hot volcano sauce!

Save the ice cream for Friday,
I like mine with whipped cream,
Strawberry, chocolate and vanilla
A banana split melts in my mouth.

Saturday is snack day, 
No full course meals,
Just chips, chocolates, candy,
All the tasty small treats.

But Sunday's the worst.
Only fruits and vegetables,
My owner says I need them,
But I wanna be a fat, fun Usul."

The Usul's Race
by distinctnightmare

Through powdered snow and sunlight's glow,
The Usul's in the lead
The mountains grow when Winter knows
It's Usul's time to ski
The air is cold, the day is old
The Usul's almost done
With movements bold, she took the gold
The Usul's race was won.

Usul Day Poem Confusion
by harloh

I will enter a new poem submission!
It will be about Usul Day!
There's only one problem I have.
How exactly do you say...

USUL! Is it yoo-zul or Us-sul?
I'm not really quite sure.
Though I am certain of their bows,
and delicate fur.

Perhaps it is yoo-SELL?
Or maybe it could be,
Uh-zul or just... Azzle??
Nah that couldn't be.

It's quite a conundrum
(Lennies aside)
On how to write
and represent Usul Day pride

When I can't even say it!
Not that I'm "saying."
Hey, did you know Usuls love Trees
and Usukis and playing??

No, don't get distacted!
Later we can be proud!
First we need to know how Usuls
want to be spoken aloud!

Well I give up with a sigh.
If I really want facts,
I guess the editorial
Will have to be asked.

Usul Defender
by kelly_d60

The Usul Defender is strong,
She is brave and daring!
Fighting against those who do wrong,
Her skills never erring.

She wields a sword and shield,
Her identity a mystery.
Every villain does yield,
Though no one knows her history.

She is a proud Defender,
And has served for years.
Protecting against every offender,
All those in need she aids.

In her red and blue,
She stands resolute
With the rest of her Defender crew,
To protect from villian and brute.

With pigtails flying,
She knows no fear.
Her cry is electrifying.
As those she defenders cheer.

Well know she is not,
Though she does not care.
As long as the villian is caught,
She be always be there.

Hannah (Usul Day)
by rivera_ice_princess

A tale that starts in Krawk Island,
of a special one named Hannah,
who is known to brave the highlands,
who also used to serve guests bananas.

We know her as Hannah the Brave,
the one who dominates the caves,
tales of her tenacity a sweeping wave,
as she plundered gold from rotting graves.

Living in pure bliss of her success,
Hannah knew not, her pride to compress
A Thief caught wind of our mighty girl's talents,
And thus, our hero was faced her mightiest challenge.

Never fret, for Hannah emerged victorious!
With the Heart of the Mountain, it was so glorious.
The Bringer was destroyed, and our Hannah was healed,
Our hero was joyed, but was her fate forever sealed?

Usul Frenzy Folly!
by parshew

My friends and I love collecting Usuki dolls,
And so today we decided to visit the mall!
We wanted to see what new ones they had in stock,
Wigs, shoes, blouses, maybe even an artist's smock.

We hopped on the bus and when it arrived,
We all rushed and pushed our way inside.
The shopping frenzy had just started,
And already every which way we had darted!

Petunia tripped over a chair,
Gertrude knocked over a shelf,
Randy threw a case of toys in the air,
And I destroyed a display of holiday elves!

We were racing to find the newest accessories,
I wanted to be the first to get the deliveries,
Usuki Day was upon us with all new items,
None of us would wait to obtain them.

The poor shopkeeper was flustered,
His register couldn't keep up and he was blustered,
Me and my friends filled our carts so fast,
We had to check our banks to make sure our funds would last.

When we went to check out we heard the shopkeeper say,
"It's crazy what demand we have on this Usul Day!"
"What," I asked, confused at his words.
He looked at me and smiled,
"Today isn't Usuki Day, you must have misheard!"

It turns out today was Usul Day, what a mistake we made,
None of these Usuki Dolls are new, we hung our heads in shame.
"Hey, don't worry though, I have something just as nice,"
The shopkeeper looked at us and smiled twice.
"All new Usul plushies, and a few new wearables too!
The Usuki fans love them, and I'm sure so will you!"

He was right, all was not lost!
Not one of my friends was angry or crossed!
Usul Day was here, and these new items were great,
And we had all new reasons to celebrate!

Hannah the Brave Usul
by lilcutedoglover

O, Hannah, the Brave!
Quite the adventurer you are
Exploring through the cave
Seeking treasure from afar

Life at the Golden Dubloon was such a bore
Til you learned about caves filled with treasure
Thrilled, you set out to find out more
Though full of danger, it would bring you pleasure

Through small and muddy caves you traveled
Solving puzzles and evading pirates
Treasure and secrets to be unraveled
An adventure controlled by fate

A treasure chest spotted underwater so cold
You dove down to open it with tools
The chest popped open bursting with gold
But the real prize - a shining jewel!

To find a way out, map in hand you looked
Ahead of you a familiar sight
It was none other than Captain Bloodhook
However, he did not give you a fright!

The Captain claimed the gem was his
You would not give it up without a fight
He swung his sword but it had missed
You ran from the pirate with all your might

With swiftness and guile, your escape was a success
Spreading tales of your journeys through the caves
Across the lands stories told with finesse
For you are known as “Hannah the Brave”!

Usul Skiing Season
by angelpuss248

Who’s that speeding down the trail?
Which pair of ears and bushy tail
Is zipping down at breakneck speed
With air of grace and little heed
For frosty freezing icy snowy gale?

“It’s Usul Day!”, the shouts arise!
A time for cheery, fun surprise
Established in the Month of Storing
To liven up that dull and boring
Prep for winter’s annual reprise.

No doubt that darling ruff of fur
Protects the Usul, him or her,
From ill effects of chilly play
And sport made on this special day.
(And that tail helps agility, for sure.)

Though existing little reason
To justify all the degrees in
Which we should be celebrating
A Neopet most captivating:
Friendly, peppy, demonstrating
The qualities worth imitating
And fashion sense worth illustrating
With art and verse – there’s no debating
In this and more, the Usul does have indeed have expertise in.

So today, we kick off Usul Skiing Season!

The Shadow Usul
by taluhi

The sun's going down
you'd better take heed
of a night prowling creature
and her villainous deed

She's out now for thieving
her intentions are cruel
Neopians beware
the Shadow Usul

Stalking the night
for an unwitting pet
she'll rob them of treasures
as quick as a jet

Don't seek her out
that's just unwise
A Gelert once tried
and met his demise

Deposit your items
to stave off this ghoul
Take care to avoid
the Shadow Usul

A Skunk Usul
by floons

What's black and white, and dressed in green?
An elusive creature, rarely seen
Those sweet blue eyes like oceans clear
A little pink nose, a lovely dear

What striking markings! Streaks of white
But as for striking? they never fight
Their hearts are soft just like their fur
Cuddles are the thing that they prefer

If you hear a pitter patter
And a quiet squirrely chitter chatter
You might have found a skunk usul
Do you see that tail standing tall?

Misunderstood by those who think
They make a mess and cause a stink
But rest assured that's not the case
Who could resist that sweetheart face?

Oh my old kyrii
by table

My old kyrii, ever so fantastic
You once took my heart by storm
I thought loving a pet like this was the norm
Then I said goodbye to you, that was drastic!

I traded you for a kau
She wasn’t royal but oh so very soft
I even rented them a croft!
But it only took a few weeks and I missed you, oh wow.

I remember it like yesterday
Your turquoise hair waving in the wind
Your soft fur was colored perfectly mint
I would like to meet you again, if I may? 

This poem is too late in every way
You are long gone
And the thought bringing you back is something I can’t act on
So I’ll keep these nostalgic feelings at bay.

But every kyrii day I have to remember you
And the great time we had
Trading you away was a shame and still makes me sad
Because there was only one of you and not two.

Oh my kyrii, I’ll still softly sing your song 
When I go to bed at night
I even keep your royal portrait close, so I keep you within sight
Around kyrii day, the sorrow hits my heart like a gong.

Yes Boy Ice-Cream
by catchinglights

Upon the Plateau, my ticket is bought,
It's so hard to stay calm, my pace a brisk trot.
Though Tyrannia is hot, they stay so cool,
The band that makes all the girls drool,
It says in their name, the name we all scream,
Yes, we all scream for Yes Boy Ice-Cream!

All over Tyrannia can be heard their rocking beats,
In the Concert Hall, no one is left in their seats.
Yes Boy Ice-Cream has three cool Shoyrus,
One is yellow, one is red, and one is blue.
Their music is sharp and their outfits are sleek,
With them there's no trace of "Tyrannia chic." 

The clock winds down, the music's less loud,
The singer shouts a "thank you!" to the assembled crowd.
The concert is over, the end of the fun,
I'm glad that I went, but sad that it's done.
I know I'll be saving my Neopoints in a drawer,
So that I can go see Yes Boy Ice-Cream once more!

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