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Neopets Poems

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Bruce Day Special

Happy Bruce Day
by agedbeauty

I knew a little Brucie
Her feathers pale and pink
Her name was Baby Snuggie
And she had a cute little wink!

Looking at her little Brucie face
You couldn't help but ooh and ahh
Because oh, her little feathers - 
Even the meanest heart would thaw!

After all, who could resist
This tiny baby oh so cute?
She just needs a little cuddle,
And a boop on her little snoot!

Today on Happy Bruce Day
I want to give Snuggie a hug
And give Bruce treats and say
Happy Bruce Day, little bug!

A Bruce’s First Snow
by darkhound45

A Baby Bruce was snug in his bed.
He was very warm, no feeling of dread.
His eyes opened up, careful and wide.
He hopped out of bed, not trying to hide.

He ran downstairs with a sweet little yawn.
Then he saw something white that was out on their lawn.
“What is this white stuff?” he asked his Bruce dad.
“It’s snow my dear son, and it’s really quite rad!”

The Baby Bruce grabbed his warm winter coat,
As well as his scarf that was on his toy boat.
His dad took him out to see this cool snow.
The falling snow put on quite the neat show.

The two Bruces made many snow angels.
They were very careful to use every angle.
Then his dad made a ball out of snow.
He pulled his hand back and started to throw.

The baby dodged it and started to smile.
He then took some snow and made a small pile.
He formed several snowballs and was really quite ready,
So he picked them up and stood very steady.

He threw them at his laughing Bruce dad.
This was in fact incredibly rad.
The Baby Bruce was happy, wouldn’t you know?
 It was in fact the Baby Bruce’s very first snow.

Why I Love The Ice Bruce!
by cpssgh1004

With many colours from which you can pick,
And one that looks so good you can lick.
The Bruce is a Neopet that looks festive and jolly,
Especially painted ice, which looks just like a lolly.

The Ice Bruce is red as can be,
With a crimson bow so cute you'll squeal with glee.
I've heard an Ice Bruce can taste like cherry,
But others have also guessed raspberry or strawberry.

In Snowy Valley they love to play,
Especially when it's cold and frosty all day.
Careful not to give your Ice Bruce a cuddle,
As the heat will surely melt it into a puddle.

On the dance floor is where Bruces love to scrap,
Masters of tango, salsa, contemporary and even tap.
The Ice Bruce has one move not all can do,
It's a slick slide that is sure to woo.

Let's adventure to the mountains riding in a sleigh,
To celebrate the Bruce on their very special day!

by natashabelx

Concluding the end of the war of the Obelisk,
The Oracle summoned a Bruce spirit,
Serving as the embodiment of its fears to a faction,
His appearance serving as a cunning distraction,

Striped pyjamas, a night cap and matching bedroom slippers,
A spirit appearing to be devoid of colour,
It attempts to persuade one not to fight or to win,
From the weakest to the bravest warriors akin,

Not a fearsome warrior itself,
Fear shall not be requisite,
For even in times when it is opposed,
The spirit often appears to have its eyes closed,

Known by the name of Apathy,
With complimentary matching attitude,
Yet not as cold as its name might suggest,
As the spirit appears to dote on its Christmas Frogrott Petpet.

Benny the Blade
by precious_katuch14

Scarblade's right hand,
And his eyes and ears.
The blade of Krawk Island,
Who inspires many fears.

Beware your careless words,
When you come ashore.
Benny the Blade stands guard,
Lurking by the door.

Don't underestimate this Bruce,
He actually pays attention
To tongues that come loose
In the nearest tavern.

Gossip, intel, information,
On treasures and hidden wonders.
Whispered, secret conversations,
Are his own kind of plunder.

After all, what is a victory
Without plans laid and sure?
And before the riches is the story
That leads to the hidden treasure.

Benny the Blade, 
A master of the sword,
A formidable pirate,
Who steals your words.

The Ultimate Rink Runner
by therainbowsheep

The Happy Valley Skating Competition is here,
Enthused spectators gather to cheer!
This year, which Bruce will win?
Competition is fierce and the ice thin!

All Bruces love the ice and snow,
And when playing games, this species glows!
They love a quality competition,
And winning is the ultimate mission.

Watch the Blue Bruce glide,
Performing figure eights in stride!
Collecting notes along the way,
He's the star skater of the day.

Even when the ice starts to crack,
He jumps and skates with such tact.
Determined to be the last one standing,
The Blue Bruce sticks the landing.

This champion rink runner is tough to beat,
He's quick and graceful on his feet.
We all gather to watch this Bruce compete,
The ultimate rink runner and athlete!

The Precious Plushie Bruce
by roxanna203

Here in this room is a chest, 
Inside a Plushie Bruce awaits,
His patches of different colours,
Make him hard for anyone to miss. 

The chest is open for today,
After all, it is a special occasion,
Celebrating the day of all Bruce,
With love and laughter all around. 

The Plushie Bruce heads on out,
Towards the festival with food,
And rides for all ages around Neopia,
To celebrate in good company! 

Smiling while seeing the decorations,
His heart fluttered from the jitters,
Like a royal on a tour,
he wished for nothing more!

Boochi the Bruce
by kellyclark1115

I'm small and pink,
just a small baby!
But if I'm around,
your pets aren't safe...maybe!

I'm Boochi the Baby Bruce,
does my name strike fear?
You have no need to worry,
just bring your pets here!

Hah! Surprise, fooled ya! 
My ray gun is quite unique,
it turns your pet into a baby
even as we speak.

What? What's that you said?
My ray gun does not work?
Why isn't your pet shrinking?
Who broke it? What a jerk!

I guess there's no need to panic,
my reign has come to an end.
You didn't think my baby bow was scary?
Pssht, you don't need to pretend!

Hooray its Bruce Day!
by anotherblond07

Gather 'round for another special day,
because today is this little creature's time to celebrate.
So I do hope you are ready to stay,
take a seat, cosy up and let me elaborate!

Here since the very start,
December 5th is the chosen day for our beloved Bruce
Without a doubt they have stolen our heart,
so please let me be so free to further introduce:

They live on Terror Mountain where it is so cold,
in the Valley the Bruce loves to play in the snow.
Plenty of fun to have for young and old,
and believe me, no one would dare to call them slow!

From ice skating to sledding down the hill,
they dance and race to see who has the best skill.
After a long day of play the Bruce likes to chill,
with a nice cup of Borovan where no drop goes to spill.

They come in all shapes and sizes,
from Baby, to Faerie and even Plushie's.
And let me be so free to give some advices,
hurry and go see how beautiful the colour Ice is!

So cheers to our chubby little friend,
may you enjoy some winter fun today.
And with my sincerest intend, 
congratulations and I hope you're here to stay.

The Skating Bruce
by corrina404

Cold feet take the prize,
Taking your Axel to new highs,
Skating on the slippery ice,
Every movement is so precise.

Happy Valley’s greatest competition,
Winning first is your mission,
Rink Runner is always fun,
Your skills are second to none.

Skating Bruce avoids the cracks,
The ice decorated with your tracks,
Graceful jumps make a tune,
The trophy must be yours soon.

Judges watch to give your score,
Secretly they cheer for more,
Avoiding all sharps and flats,
Afterwards they say congrats.

They say the Bruce always wins,
For no one else can beat those spins,
The crowd claps and cheers hooray,
On this, the happiest Bruce Day.

I'm Not a Popsicle!
by ennyra

Sometimes in life things get pretty tough,
But you still need a positive attitude.
For example, imagine having to deal,
With people always thinking you're food!

My name is Pop and my colour is Ice,
I'm unconverted to be exact.
I always get mistaken,
For someone's favourite snack!

I love to dance and perform,
But I always need to watch my back.
You never know when a hungry Neopet,
Will be coming in for a sneak attack!

I don't let this slow me down,
I refuse to feel beaten.
Even though ever day,
There's a small chance I'll get eaten!

Now I know how Chias feel,
All those vegetables and fruits.
But I'll still go out to celebrate,
This Bruce day - let's give a hoot!

Rink Runner
by bittersweet52

Gliding across the thin ice with care
As only a Bruce would truly dare
He yodels and chirps as he skates along
Stringing notes together to create a new song

Colourful music hums through the air
Cheery and festive, ringing so clear
The judges are watching, and counting his hops
They'll be sure to penalize those over the top

As the competition heats up so does the day
The sun is sending down its warming rays
Oh no! Look at what's happening down in the rink
The ice is melting, the skaters will sink!

Deftly navigating the cracks in the ice
The Bruce tries to keep his skating nice
Without wetting his skates or falling down flat
Avoiding the sharps too, don't forget that!

He must meet the minimum score to advance
Twirling and spinning in an intricate dance
Good luck to all participants skating this year
Earn that Rink Runner trophy and we'll give you a cheer!

Ice Bruce
by theguy2020

An Ice Bruce is probably the coolest pet,
Make sure that is something you never forget,
It has both unconverted and converted forms,
I'm sure if they were more common they'd take Neopia by storm!

The unconverted form looks like a summer treat,
One that is quite neat!
While this pet may be fit for a winter theme,
It would also be a cool summer meme!

While the unconverted version is quite rare,
You can trade for one with other Neopians as they may have a spare,
In addition unconverted pets have rerelease coming soon,
Who knows you may see them before the next full moon!

The converted version also deserves the fans it has,
They prefer to play in Happy Valley and listen to some smooth jazz,
Like other Bruces they love playing in snow,
Try not to race them in terror mountain - you'll look quite slow!

If Apathy Played Rink Runner
by _cherry_kisses_

Just imagine Apathy out on the ice.
If twirling’s involved, he’ll always think twice
before raising a wing to volunteer 
because for him, sleep is always near.
But if he did ever step out in skates,
while his moves might not be first-rate,
this spirit Bruce will always have style
with his cap, slippers, and sleepy dream smile
He might not catch many musical notes, 
but the judges will agree he seems to float
effortlessly across the melodious rink.
He’ll avoid all the cracks and never sink.
He also might hit a flat note or two,
but, hey, he’s Apathy. What can you do?
When the timer ends and he gets his score,
he’ll stretch and say, “Please, no more.”
He’ll immediately go and find a warm place
to rest his head and warm his face.
Then he’ll yawn and say, “That was nice.” 
Just imagine Apathy out on the ice.

When You Give a Bruce a Song
by august_kamioshi

When you give our little feathered friend,
a happy little tune,
oh how they'll dance until the end,
and keep dancing after, too!

But when you see more than one Bruce,
two, or three, or four,
they might never stop, not even to roost,
for dancing is never a bore!

A melody carries a Bruce's feet
across the ice, they soar.
On an icy rink they can't be beat,
you'll always want to see more!

The Island Bruce Tea: A Cure for Winter Coldness
by _brainchild_

The Island Bruce Tea ought to keep
You warm each frigid day.
You wake up from a restful sleep
And fall into dismay.
The freezing flurries whirl around---
The blizzard is so fierce!
Although the snowflakes shall abound,
Contentment won't be pierced.

The steam flows smoothly from the top---
It warms your chilly face.
As calefaction never stops,
Your heart will surely race.
The yummy flavours meet your tongue---
The fruity orange, divine,
Delights. Your heart has clearly sung.
The tastes are always fine.

The tea's design is oh so grand.
The cup, shaped like a Bruce,
Boasts whimsy. Resting in your hand,
It sets elation loose.
The tribal patterns, typical
Of Isle of Mystery,
Enchant---these markings, never dull,
Are neat to you and me.

So, if the winter cold has you
In such a grumpy mood,
You ought to finish feeling blue
When tea goes with your food.
Forget the monstrous, raging storm
Of flakes that flow outside.
The Island Bruce Tea, oh so warm,
Surpasses all I've tried.

Dancin' Bruce!
by lovelylittledreamer

Though short and stout,
One might wonder what a flightless pet is for,
In the Bruce’s case,
They get down on the dance floor,

They are funky and fresh,
They can twirl and glide,
And when they hear a dance song,
There’s nowhere to hide,

If a Bruce is on the scene,
You can be sure,
They will dance until their feet hurt,
And still want to dance some more,

Perfect partners for any dancing contest,
The Bruce might be a step or two above the rest,
Because they may be from terror mountain,
With snow, 
and wind, 
and ice,
The Bruce will show you how they dance to keep warm,
But only if you’re nice.

A Homage To The Bruce
by amplificationsseasy

Originating from the great and freezing Terror Mountain
Swimming in oceans and ice-cold fountains
Is a happy, jolly and competitive Neopet
It's first letter is the second in the alphabet

They dance to their big hearts' content
So much so that you will certainly repent
If you compete with them in their wild dance-offs
And you may end up with a mild cough

They can be found in a multitude of colours
Ranging from Baby, all the way to Faerie
They are bright n' bold, many are scholars
And have read lots of big books, maybe

Say hello to Apathy, say hi to Boochi
Or go to the Lost Desert with Brucey B
Skate on the rink with Bruce Skater
Have fun with them right now, not later

So thank the Bruces for the Neopia of today
They will never go away, they're here to stay
Do them a favour and adopt them from the pound
And make sure more of them are around

We love you Bruces, we really do!
They bring happiness to me and you!

Spirit of Apathy
by parody_ham

You may battle this Bruce
Or not.
Who am I to judge?
It’s all for naught.

What’s all for naught, you ask?
This is.
The Obelisk Wars.
All that is his.

Surely a nap is fair.
Why try?
Your bed is calling
Let your dreams lie.

Spirit of apathy
Is here.
Close your eyes slowly
Give in to fear. 

You may battle this Bruce
Or not.
Who am I to judge?
It’s all for naught.

Welcome to the Happy Valley!
by iloenchen

Welcome to the Happy Valley!
I just can’t express verbally
How happy I am now
In this beautiful land of snow.

A Bruce is turning round and round
On a huge, frozen pound
Skating like he’s the best
Wearing a pale blue vest.

I go and get my skates
Walk over with my mates
To join the Rink Runner
Who is quite the stunner.

A pirouette, can I perform
One that fits into the norm?
I turn and then I hit the ice
A bit more practice would be wise.

Maybe I’m not made to skate
The Bruce at least does know his trade
Yet, it is just so much fun
When out there on the ice I spun.

In Happy Valley, a winter day
Just keeps all boredom at bay.
Make sure to go out and see
This place where you can always ski.

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