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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Kiko Day Special

Kiko's River Float: An Unrelaxing Journey
by fooshfuush

A Kiko enjoys nothing more in the off-season.
Than floating down the river for no other reason
Other than enjoying the sun up in the sky
As the trees continue to go passing by. 

Relaxing away from all the frantic AC play
Feeling the tube gently bob and sway
Wait - is that a banner up ahead? 
It looks like it says start, a word to dread! 

Kavi certainly wasn't looking for a race
But he could feel the river picking up pace
His tube rapidly approached a sharp edge
Then down a waterfall, he quickly sped. 

Safely down the falls, he heavily sighed
But what was that swirling off to the side? 
A whirlpool attempting to consume his tube
This river isn't relaxing he must conclude. 

Paddling hard with his fierce Kiko power, 
There was no time to enjoy the summer flowers. 
Finally away from the river's fearsome pull
Somehow his tube was still floating and full. 

Back to rel- were those arrows?! He's under attack! 
Good thing he has an umbrella to guard his back. 
"Surely", he thinks, "they didn't mean to aim at me, 
We're not all a part of the donation collection team!" 

Finally, downstream, Kavi could see the finish line
He had completed this obstacle river just fine
He could get back to relaxing, what he wanted to do
Wait, what's that? There's a stage two?!?!

Five Kiko Activities
by chrisy_chan

*Kiko Pop*

Bright colours swirl all around,
inside there’s a prize to be found.
So take a quick stop.
and hope for a pop.
I promise you won’t be let down!

*Chocolate Factory*

When all you want is a sweet,
chocolate is surely a treat!
Just beat all the rest,
and you’ll restock the best.
You’ll have all the choc’ you can eat!

*Glass Bottom Boat Tours*

For some fun come on down to the pier,
and ride a boat on our water so clear.
The glass bottom will show,
all that’s down there below. 
Just wait for it all to appear.

*Tubular Kiko Racing*

Grab your tube that is inner,
Get in the water and give it a spinner.
Just don’t get dizzy,
or you’ll be in a tizzy.
But you might find yourself as a winner.


We seem to be having some troubles,
with one or two extra bubbles.
Just aim, set, and fire,
to send out a flier,
and then they’ll be cleared on the double!

Kiko Lake on Kiko Day
by i_lovee_icecream

The coral flourishes,
The shells wash ashore. 
Go to Glass Bottom Boats,
For a magnificent tour. 

Travel to Kiko Lake,
For this Kiko Day. 
And maybe, just maybe;
You’ll even want to stay!

A hub for tourism,
A beautiful vacation lake. 
Enjoy the sun and sand,
And a souvenir to take. 

Welcome to Kiko Lake,
To celebrate Kiko Day.
Smile and swim,
It’s the Kiko way!

Kiko Lake Carpentry,
Has furniture to buy.
Made of harvested coral,
With your wallet, don’t be shy!

Here is Kiko Lake,
With banners for Kiko Day.
Decorated to celebrate,
Beneath the sun's rays!

The Kikos gather,
Hugging one another. 
Let’s raise them up,
And raise your cups!

The Kikos sing,
The bells, we ring. 
Sing their song,
With harmonies along!

Kiko Lake Treats!
by truebrony

If you have a sweet tooth,
Try Kiko Lake treats!
They’re colourful and tasty,
Cheery and sweet!

A nice Kiko Lolly
Will make you quite jolly,
Or for something more dandy,
Try Strawberry Kiko Candy!

A Yellow Rock Slice
Might taste pretty nice,
And a Yellow Rock Stick
Will surely do the trick!

Have you tried every treat,
But you’re still at a loss?
Well, nothing tastes better
Then Kiko Candy Floss!

There’s Aquaberry, Dulaberry,
And Sparkleberry, too!
There’s even Spoogentberry!
(No, I’m not lying to you!)

So come to Kiko Lake
And treat yourself right!
On this Kiko Day,
Let’s eat everything in sight!

A Speedy Kiko
by theguy2020

Holbie Pinnock is his name,
Yooyuball is for sure his favourite game,
You can catch him on the court after a match,
He might be practising his throw and catch!

This Kiko plays left forward for the team, 
One of their best players so it would seem,
Their success wouldn’t be the same without him,
In fact, their chances of winning would look quite grim!

Speed is what he works on the most, 
Always the fastest in any match his team will host,
To this Kiko scoring also isn’t hard at all,
Watch out as he might steal the ball!

Starting experience may be his only flaw,
However, winning games is still his only law,
Without him, Kiko Lake wouldn’t have won the cup three years,
One of the many reasons he’s so respected among his peers!

The Shopkeeper of Kiko Lake Treats
by skeletonic

There is a Purple Kiko
Who resides in Kiko Lake. 
He runs a shop of delicious snacks, 
And he really likes to bake! 

“The best food anywhere in 
Neopia - without a doubt!”
And when those treats are out fresh, 
The aroma elicits excited shouts!

There are many delicious morsels 
That you can find at Kiko Lake Treats. 
That Purple Kiko shopkeeper 
Creates friendship when you eat! 

Perhaps you’d like to try 
Some Biscuit Kiko Taffy. 
Maybe you’d rather some Kiko Cola? 
The sweets will keep you laughing! 

So when you’re off on your travels, 
And perhaps you stop at Kiko Lake. 
Meander on over to Kiko Lake Treats
Where that Purple shopkeeper will fill your plate!

Kiko Day at the Chocolate Factory
by chai7705

"Come visit us this fall 
For the Annual Chocolate Ball"
Hear that loud, resounding call
Of that Kiko Chocolatier

From the famous Chocolate Factory
He works shrouded in mystery
Though of unknown history
We still all cheer

For the sweets he makes and brings
Of quality fit for kings
Those treats could make you sing
Or even shed a tear

On this particular holiday
We might fancy a tray
Of Kiko Chocolates -- Nay,
None left? Then what's here?

How about a Kikopop?
Surely that won't be a flop
Might make you jump and hop
...All gone? Oh, dear!

Chocolate Kiko Bandage, for sure
There must be some left to secure
So luxurious! So pure!
...Not there? My worst fear!

The Chocolatier sees our plans falling flat
He smirks and then tips his magical hat
"No candy on Kiko Day? We can't have that!"
Then all of a sudden it becomes clear

The Chocolate Factory restocked!
Enough Gummy Kikos to make you gawk!
Caramel Kiko Sweets -- A spectacular shock!
Magically all appeared!

He saved Kiko Day! Now, time to savour
The tasty, sweet, extravagant flavours
All thanks to that Kiko lifesaver
Kikos can enjoy their day of the year!

Burlap Kiko
by fourin

What petrifies more than shadows
What could be worse? Do not mistake
For the sight of him, despair follows
Strangers passing in his wake

More terrifying than Grarrl or Skeith
And eerier than a Ghost or Wraith
Is he that must be from underneath
The deepest trench of Kiko Lake

His eyes mismatched, one button only
His smile sown into Burlap
And stitches here and there, you see
He's more than a frightful chap

With a clumsy bandaged head
And silly curly strand of straw
It's not endearing, but instead
This Kiko makes me quite distraught

Though claws resemble mitten paws
The way he floats is creepy
Just like a living doll because
He's really quite uncanny

But if you cross his path tonight
Do not be made the fool
Despite his horrific sight
... he's actually kinda cool

Every Kiko in the Lake
by safemoon

If you visit the new explore map,
There is much to see
You can see the snow on Peak of Terror Mountain
You can see water deep in Maraqua brighter than the fountain 
Located in Faerieland, right outside the city 

There is much to see in all the lands
But there is a special place
Full of glory and grace
No one talks about unless they are in the know
Off the water of Maraqua
You can find Kiko lake

A place where Kikos grow up
Call home from a young age
They invite everyone 
So don’t ever be shy
Take out some NPs, no need to fly
Take a boat, especially if you can’t hold your breath
Glass bottom boat tour will happily travel the waves
You can tour the surface shops and buy a Petpet

The water is nice and cold
Even though it rose from the ashes
Over a volcano, it formed a lake
Quite a scenery, for the surface dwellers 
And the sea inhabitant
So grab a brochure and take a tour!

The World And Back Again
by this_red_ferrari_kid

Left long ago to see the great wide world
To meet Draik and Lupe and Mynci
Anchors away! Sails unfurled!
On a Glass Bottomed Boat ‘cross the sea

You wouldn’t believe the wonders I saw
I was there and don’t know that I do
Struck by the beauty, the strangeness, the awe
I could try to describe them to you

Strange lands quite unimaginable
A city ‘neath the deep blue sea
Dancing Neopets so fashionable
Grass skirts under shady palm tree

Malodorous dishes unpalatable
Paid for by shiny Doubloon
Entranced by stars incalculable
Sipping tea on our world’s lonely moon

But all journeys must come to an end
No matter how far we roam
Though the call to adventure our souls do wend
Eventually, they must return home

I won’t need legs to get where I’m going
As I fix a new plaster on top of my head
Just float on the breeze of the cool wind blowing
By my heart my whole body is lead

Left long ago and saw the vast Neopia
I met Mynci and Lupe and Draik
But nothing compares to my own utopia
My home, sweet Kiko Lake

The Kikos
by kellyclark1115

Thank you for your donation,
the Kiko Lake team appreciates it!
Are you sure you won't
donate that other little bit?

With every contribution,
it's one step closer,
closer to participating
and dominating Altador Cup, yes sir!

The Kikos are a small team,
one of the smallest, in fact.
But don't be mistaken!
Their players have tremendous impact.

If you let your guard down,
you'll for sure regret.
Don't ever forget,
the Kikos pose a threat.

With four Kikos and a Peophin,
the team placed 5th this year.
Keep on watching them,
they'll give plenty reason to cheer!

Kiko Lake: My Second Home
by cpssgh1004

Trees as far as the eye can see,
A beach where you can sun carefree.
The friendliest Neopets you'll ever meet,
And a glass bottom boat where you can take a seat.

Kiko Lake is my favourite place,
And I've already packed my suitcase.
Every summer I venture there,
To relax and vacation without a single care.

Head to Kiko Lake Treats for some Candy Floss,
They even have the best Rock Slices you'll ever come across.
Do you like games? Then drop by Kiko Pop.
Elvin has the best prizes, so it is definitely worth the stop.

Surrounded by Kikos just hopping around,
Smiles and hellos flying all over town.
The pristine lake I'm always in awe of,
Kiko Lake is a place I'll forever love.

Darigan Kiko from Dodgeball
by roxanna203

Many people love the Darigan Kiko from this game,
He brings joy, and exhilaration from just the name,
Darigan Dodgeball - a fast pace, exciting thrill,
One that requires not just practice, but skills!

The Darigan Kiko can dodge all kinds of balls,
But for how long determines if he hits the walls,
Average a game, he can last twenty seconds,
Only a lucky player can last fifty - we reckon.

The Darigan Kiko has a secret that no one knows,
He is actually terrified of any balls that go,
Super fast and are very sharp to the touch,
However with the right teammate - he can clutch!

After a long day of all the games and fun,
He likes to rest under the rays of the sun,
On Kiko Day, he is appreciated and given love,
But his fans can be much - hey! Don't shove!

Welcome To Kiko Lake
by therainbowsheep

Welcome to Kiko Lake!
This Neopian land takes the cake - 
Lively, aquatic, sapphire blue,
The underwater village beckons you.

Take a glass bottom boat tour:
Creative sightseeing for sure!
Press your face up to the glass,
And scan the lake's green grass -

For bright and colourful coral,
So vibrant, it feels floral!
And seaweed gardens that stand tall,
Across the lake's floor, they sprawl.

It's quite easy to understand,
Why Kikos find the lake so grand!
Here they've built a community,
One that's warm and invites unity.

At the lake, Kikos blossom,
Since their home is so awesome.
Beautiful inside and out,
Kiko Lake is the place of the summer - no doubt!

Kiko Match II
by bittersweet52

Click click, flip flip
Yellow, teal, teal, yellow
Pick the card, quick quick
Find the matching Kiko!

Click click, commit to memory
Aqua, red, green, blue
Hurt, checkered, happy-pink
And that red-white-and-blue one too

Now the board is getting bigger
The cards are tricky, but here we go
Aqua-on-red, green-on-blue
Wait was that first one teal or yellow?

Oh dear, I got it wrong
Try to clear the board in time
Find the matches, win the Neopoints
Gotta save up for that Glyme

This game of my childhood, a simple joy
Seeing at the end of the level
The Pink Kiko holding the cookies
Breathe and let your nerves settle

Ready for the next one now?
If I manage to clear this round
That high score trophy might be in reach
Tick tick the timer's counting down

Click click, flip flip
Sleepy blue, yellow sad
A slice of nostalgia lost to Flash
Memories of fun times I once had

The Island Kiko
by draik_bianca

She picks a flower in place of hair, 
The Island Kiko is always aware.
Poised and relaxed, the Kiko retreats,
To a place of beauty along the beach.

Taking a sip from her glass,
The Island Kiko is a master in class.
Her large claws work in delicate ways,
As she relaxes by the waves.

A gentle breeze caresses her cheek,
The Island Kiko will rarely speak.
She is just happy to be present,
A Kiko of peace without resent.

Cooling down under the water,
The Island Kiko doesn't falter.
Two great arms push her up to the surface,
For she needs no other purpose.

Travelling alone along the shore,
The Island Kiko doesn't need any more.
Simply happy to be one with nature,
There is no way she could feel any safer.

Her carefree day is nearly over,
The Island Kiko needs no further exposure.
She lies back and gazes at the stars,
Joined to create Kiko constellations from afar.

Have a Ball!
by ennyra

I have a friend named Keith,
He's the funniest Kiko around.
He tells me all kinds of stories,
There are always laughs to be found.

My favourite is about a game,
Where poor Keith ended up being used,
Instead of the ball on the court,
All of the players were so confused!

They weren't expecting to hear,
Their ball telling them how to play.
For Keith was a great sport,
And always had something to say.

Today I'm celebrating Keith,
And all of the other Kikos too.
Balloons, cake, and punch,
Are the best things we can do.

In the park, or in the water,
We can party anywhere.
We will have fun no matter what,
As long as the Kikos are there!

Caramel Kiko Apple
by pixie_tea

What are the Kikos selling over there by the lake on Kiko Day?
They're selling the Caramel Kiko Apples and that's what their sign would say.
Yes, the sign can talk because TNT programmed it to as a gift for the Kikos,
With lights too on the sign as flashy as discos.

Now that the Kikos' sign got your attention,
You head on over to try a Caramel Kiko Apple without mention.
A Red Kiko gives you one to try,
You take one bite and it is the most delicious thing you've ever tried--- you thought, oh my!

The apple on a stick is covered from top to bottom in a thick coat of caramel,
So rich and creamy and sweet, but not too sweet... no wonder they are popular to sell.
With two gumball eyes and two fudge ball hands,
The line to get a Caramel Kiko Apple is getting longer and longer and the Neopoints are filling up in the Kikos' cans.

Definitely stop by the Kiko Lake where they're selling the Caramel Kiko Apples because not only is it a sweet, but it's also a fruit,
This special apple will be more than enough to count as your fruit intake for the day and look--- it's so cute!
By trying the Caramel Kiko Apple out... you're helping the Kikos fundraise,
And supporting them so that they can make their special day next year even more to praise!

Vacance chez les Kikos
by mongolou

c'est les vacance, c'est l'été
venez bien profitez
de tout les aménagement
offert par les gentils Kikos

Un petit tour de bateau 
avec les petits Kikos
nous, nous sommes bien amusé
avec la belle journée ensoleillé

aller chercher une bonne friandise
pour comblé notre gourmandise
et un petit souvenir au charpentier
pour la maison et le regarder brillé

Les vacances sont fini
nous avons eu bien du plaisir
bien sur, nous allons revenir
pour un amusement infinie

Kiko bandage mystery - La vérité
by ariaconsa

Upon a Kiko's brow, a bandage, plain to see,
Not limited to few, but found on every head,
No Kiko exists without this mark, truly.

Un symbole mystérieux qui les interpelle.

Why do they wear this cloth? Pray, what's the reason?
A fashion trend, or part of their very being?
When asked, a Kiko may giggle, no clear season.

Gardant secret le pourquoi de leur emblème.

These creatures, not prone to accidents, this is true,
So does the bandage hold a purpose clear?
Long past, a Kiko bore the first mark, it grew,
Now, a symbol it has become, year after year.

Donnant naissance à cette tradition, fenêtre sur leur être.

These bandages embody vigour, life's might,
Badges of honour, respect for days of yore,
A testament to their past, gleaming so bright,
The true meaning of the bandage, we adore.

Le véritable sens qu'ils portent en mémoire!

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