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Neopets Poems

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Chocolate Chia Day Special

A Post Office worker
by ale2312

Day in, day out,
Must stock new stamps,
Oh, no! Another clearout,
Every time ruining my plans.

I am the Neopian Post Office worker, 
Tirelessly searching for peculiar finds,
Though none of my stamps are fodder,
They are appreciated by great minds. 

“Where’s my Queen Fyora Stamp?”
They always ask,
Looking for the rarest in all the land,
“Let me check the back.”

Difficult customers, these of mine, 
Collectors that know their stuff,
Love to complain and whine, 
Pleasing them is tough! 

But I am the Neopian Post Office worker, 
I won’t quit, I won’t stop, 
We must go further, 
I’ve got a new stamp to drop!

Cheers for Chocolate Chias!
by chai7705

Just like the holiday's name
We'll taste the candies of fame
Down to the Chocolate shop
We'll eat sweets and we won't stop!

It's Chocolate Chia Day
Let's indulge and shout "hooray!"
Which flavour do you prefer?
Perhaps I will concur!

The classic Chocolate Chia
Is always a good idea
Dark and Truffle are there, too
One for me and one for you!

It also comes in Mint
What a refreshing hint
White Chocolate Chias, so smooth
Your sweet tooth will be soothed!

There are more variations
Fit for this great occasion
There's Chocolates that are Hollow
Milk and Orange and White to swallow!

Just when you thought it'd end
I've news for you, my friend
Chocolate Chia Cookies over there
Lollies, Candies, and Jam to share!

And when the day is almost done
After we've had our super sugary fun
A Box of Chocolate Chias to bring back
As a tasty Chia Day snack!

Cocoa the Chia
by greencheese79

Cocoa the Chia frowned, he felt a bit grey.
All of his friends had moved far away.
They promised they'd write to him every day.
How he longed they'd be together once more.

He thought of his friends as he approached the front stoop.
One was a Grundo, the other a Lupe.
Yes, the three of them were an unexpected group.
He heard it from many before.

Graham the Biscuit Lupe likes to play sports,
And Stix the Marshmallow Grundo helped with reports.
The three of them together built the best forts.
But that would not happen anymore.

Today he found it especially tough.
Celebrating his birthday was not good enough.
Being with his friends was better than new stuff.
And then he opened up the front door.

It was something that he did not foresee.
His friends came to visit, he jumped up with glee!
The Chocolate, Biscuit and Marshmallow three.
The three friends together once more.

Chia Fruit Salad
by tkprtyrhd

A vibrant fruit bowl sits in front of you
wait, did that apple's eyes just move?
I swear a banana just peeked out at me
now that orange is laughing with glee!

A fruit bowl is such a treat to eat,
but this one's got teeth, mouth, and feet!
No still life to admire, these Chias can keep a beat 
a more lively fruit salad you never did meet.

Peach, Pear, Pineapple, Gooseberry
Dozens of fruits in the bowl for me
This Durian looks feisty,
the Chokato's got a cold
This Avocado has brains, he's only a little too old.

Potato, Tomato, Pepper, and Pea, 
these aren't fruits but they share the same glee.
They say don't play with your food but these Chias won't stop asking me!

Cha-Cha-Chia Day!
by eleganza_lights

Oh my, what is it that I hear, 
Indeed it is Chia Day, my dear.
They’re bouncing from here to there,
And spreading their joy everywhere. 

Some are filling up their water balloons to fight,
Or throwing pies with all their might. 
Thyassa is getting ready to be the all-time winner
While Adee is focusing on her ice cream dinner. 

I see some other Chias at the top of the Mountain,
Imagine how many items they must be counting!
And counting his Neopoints is one, Mr. Nigel,
Hope he gives me some tips since neopoints are vital!

Florg, I imagine is going on about his day,
Terrorizing those poor Petpets he calls his prey.
And you can’t forget about poor Jolly and Olly,
Fighting off another Mutant Chia who is so folly!

Be sure to protect Chias with all your might.
Those Lupes hide right in plain sight! 
Chias are the most lovable, friendly and fun,
They really are the perfect Pet for everyone.

The Gamer Chias
by therainbowsheep

One sure thing about Chias,
They cherish a good game!
All the Chias I know,
Have this claim to fame.

Adee plays Ice Cream Machine,
Dodging the speedy scoops.
In her dreams, they haunt her,
A never-ending ice cream loop!

Florg is more about eating,
He's craving Petpets tonight,
His tongue extends to lick
All the Petpets in sight!

Geoffrey likes water balloons,
To defend his neighbourhood.
These Chia Bombers are pesky,
So Geoffrey blasts them good!

With similarly good aim,
There's Jolly and Olly too!
In the Jolly Jugglers,
They shoot, their guns go pew!

Another team, Mika and Carassa work
To manage their Igloo Garage Sale.
They must organize their items,
To sell - they cannot fail!

Thyassa prefers a group sport,
Catch him on the Gormball field.
Ranked at number one in the world,
In this game, he never yields.

Other Chias are villainous,
Like the infamous Hubrid Nox.
Spot him in Magax and Hero Heist,
To all sorts of evil, he flocks.

There's also the Yellow Knight,
Who plays lots of Cellblock.
He intensely studies the board, 
Always, around the clock!

Chias love to play,
To be entertained!
They play for hours on end,
Until their energy's drained.

Chia Pops Paradise
by theguy2020

A variety of flavours you can find,
Some of them being one-of-a-kind,
You'll never know which to expect,
Certainly worth trying to collect!

A treat that many can enjoy,
Even if you are allergic to soy,
Many flavours you should try,
The Super Happy Icy Snow Fun shop is waiting for you to come on by!

For sale, you may find up to fifty-eight,
In their own way, each being great,
Unique and colourful in many ways,
A Chia pop will brighten your mood even on the worst of days!

From the new Sroom to even Blueberry,
Or other classics like Chokato and Blackberry,
There's a flavour you will like,
Hurry on over though as the rumour of a new Banana flavour will cause traffic to spike!

Some of these Chia pops have magical powers,
For which many Neopians try to obtain them spending several hours,
They can change the species of a Neopet to something quite unique,
Something you'll only believe when you see for yourself and take a peek!

Using a Magical Chia Pop on a Chia can turn your Chia into your favourite fruit,
A look that is worth all the loot,
One of the many reasons that Chias are the best as can be,
Make one today and you'll be in line to agree!

It's Chia Day!
by lyndsey4657

It's Chia Day! 
Let us all shout hooray!
Today we celebrate the best, 
Tomorrow we can worry about the rest. 

Let's start off with the Banana,
He is the newest addition to this cabana.
We cannot forget about the Pea,
He is so tiny, he is hard to see!

Then there are the Oranges and Apples,
They are only interested in travels.
Most forget about the Durian,
He just wants to be a librarian.

There is also the Chia covered in Chocolate,
Just don't ask him how he got it.
Most of the Chia's are a lot of fun,
But some of them are on the run! 

Chia Day is to be celebrated,
This is not to be deliberated.
So let's just all together say,
Have an amazing and happy Chia Day!

Chias Are So Cute... Wait...
by joey200010

I’d like to dedicate this one to the Chia
The one Neopet who’s never inspired fear
Just a neat little lad with a permanent smile
I’ll tell you some more if you listen awhile:

Eyes never open yet sparkle with charm
No neck to speak of, stubby little arms
Must have skipped leg day ‘cause they’re missing too
Is it only his feet that propel him to move?

If he eats too much chocolate his body will change
Actually – same for me – I guess that’s not strange
But it doesn’t stop there for this Chia so cute
If he eats the right Pop he can BECOME… A… FRUIT!

The Chia is dinky and docile and sweet
He’s the most loveable Pet that you’ll ever meet
The Chia’s so harmless he should win an award
You’re muttering something…?
Wait–tell me–who’s Florg?!?

The Chia Clown
by aquaantoni

There once was a Chia who loved to be funny.
He made loads of jokes that were a bit punny.
His nose was big and shined a bright red.
“That’s not your real nose!” is what everyone said.

Frizzy orange hair on top of his head.
He brushed it like that when he got out of bed.
Greasepaint covers his whole face.
He’s a big personality, so make some space.

Red and white stripes adorn his overalls.
Orange polka dots on his pants, bigger than juggling balls.
Shoes so big they could stomp out a fire.
This Chia sure has unique attire.

Many Neopians came to his act.
They left with big smiles and that is a fact.
However, there came that fateful day.
He tried making a knot and it turned the crowd grey.

Big boos and garbage filled the stage.
The crowd was not amused but instead filled with rage.
Pulled off the stage against his will.
He was placed in a barrel and rolled down a hill.

He sat at the bottom and pondered on why he failed.
This was an act he was sure he had nailed.
He looked at his chest and stared at his flower.
Then, without notice, it sprayed him with water.

“That’s it! The rope was too small”, he thought.
“They all knew it was a second-rate knot!”
Thus the Chia did not give up.
He needed a new job and to keep his chin up.

But without a job, he can’t turn every frown.
Smiles are the dream of the Chia Clown.
Surely this hiccup was just an error…
Then he spotted a sign for the Carnival of Terror!

Refusing to Feed Florg
by dennykins

Once a Chia, now mutated
To be a monster, Florg is fated.
A product of Sloth’s tampering
He sends all Petpets scampering.

The stage is set, Florg is let out
And Petpets start to run about
On a metallic disc, you see,
To keep them there, you ask of me? 

Just turn this hand to bounce them back
And help them to become a snack,
The mighty Florg must have his feast,
Be careful not to rile the beast.

I will not do this thing you ask,
Find someone else to fill this task.
I simply cannot watch their tears
And let their cries fall on deaf ears. 

From the controls, I did then flee
With an intention to set free
The Slorgs and Warfs locked up below
Away from here, we would all go.

Alas, my plan did not bear fruit, 
Sloth and his chums were too astute.
They caught me and before I knew,
On the same disc, you’d find me too. 

From overhead, a shadow fell,
And from its presence, I could tell
Despite my plan, it’s clear to see:
To Feed Florg was my destiny.

Florg Learns His Lesson
by spukl1

Florg the Chia is a hungry dude,
He thinks all Petpets are just food.
Florg eats them up with a tongue so long,
He doesn’t even think that it’s wrong!

A Mutant Chia, he’s a scary sight,
Especially when his eyes shine bright,
You know he’s hungry & on the prowl,
To eat the Petpets after giving a howl.

One day Florg tastes an exceptional one,
Covered in Chocolate, a flavour so fun!
The Chocolate Petpets were there to eat,
He never knew Neopia had such a special treat!

He eats up the Blobikins, a dark Chocolate delight,
Then he gobbles up all the Bearogs in his sight.
Florg turns his gaze to sprinkles on the Albat,
And then gives a try to the Chocolate Turmac.

Florg is astonished at all these savoury Petpets.
These tangs, so sweet, he was not done yet!
The Chocolate Harris & Ackos are eaten up quick.
This Chia better slow down or he might get sick!

One more Nebularis, he said to himself,
And then I’ll save the rest on my shelf.
With another Petpet, stuffed into his mouth.
It was one too many, things are turning south…

Florg hurls up the Petpets back onto the table,
They skitter about and hide where they’re able.
Florg lets them run free, he does not feel good.
He learned his lesson – no more Petpets as food.

Delicious, Delectable Chias
by kittyko92

Which is your favourite, salty or sweet?
Carrot flavour or savoury meat?
There's tangy orange and durian too,
Try the strawberry for a nice juicy chew

Chocolate's a classic with a bittersweet hint
Or freshen your breath with frosty cold mint
Pair them together for a dynamic taste
Lupes will come running with utmost haste

Gingerbread for when winter grows near,
Sugar-coated is sure to bring a Lupe cheer,
Pepper may cause a really big sneeze,
Now if only they made one covered in cheese!

It's no secret that Chias are a Lupe's favourite snack
There aren't many flavours in which Chias lack,
So if you find a Lupe eyeing your favourite Sroom
Toss out a Lupe Treat to save them from doom!

Shaped like the tastiest Pets around,
Lupe Treats are always sure to astound
Chewy, crunchy, melty, or soft
Fresh from the oven does that lovely scent waft

Ask any Lupe and their answer will be
That Chia-shaped treats are best, you see,
At keeping their Chia cravings at bay
So you won't have to worry on this Chia Day!

Hidden Away
by sir_serene

Hidden in the cold, 
deep in Terror Mountain’s snow: 
Chia Oscuro. 

A quaint town, full of 
Chias speaking gibberish; 
it sounds like nonsense. 

Robbed of the Wordstone 
once owned by great chief Sthora- 
They’ve lost its aura. 

Yet, they have not lost 
their well-known cheerful spirit.
Listen, you’ll hear it.

Donning smiles they still
merrily walk to and fro,
staving off sorrow.

Jarasth the shaman
selling wares: swords and potions,
dreams of the ocean.

His dear friend Girjor
watches him forge steel, in awe.
By the flame, he thaws.

Stolfr walks through town.
She watches footprints erase
in fresh snow. No trace.

Clad in suits of fur,
they await gallant heroes
who will end their woes?

Apple Chia, Crisp And Sweet!
by indulgences

Oh Apple Chia, you’re the best!
So fresh and crisp and sweet!
You truly are a stunning fruit!
Your flavour can’t be beat!

I know that some would frown upon
My love for your fruit flesh.
You’re still a living Neopet,
Despite your looks so fresh!

But oh, you smell so rich, divine!
You smell so sharp and tart!
You smell like grandma’s apple pie,
A scent that warms my heart!

Oh Apple Chia, you’re superb!
Your peel, such shiny green!
It’s such a pretty emerald hue,
The finest ever seen!

Oh Apple Chia, please beware!
You look like toothsome stuff!
You look so juicy, succulent…
I cannot gaze enough!

Here comes the Chia Clown
by xshamirx

A honk of red and a sidestep right.
Here comes the funny Chia Clown.
A seltzer spray to lessen your might.
Your health drops, but do not frown.

How to fight against this fright?
Best prepare for the Chia Clown.
Gather your will, with victory in sight.
Or by his car, be run down.

Acquire some snowballs, prepare for the fella.
Against this clown, some muffins will do!
Oh no, he's brandishing his clown Umbrella!
He was also preparing for you!

Now the clown comes with his crazy clown wig,
get ready to dodge, get ready to dash!
Get ready your shield, he's about to swing big!
Oh no, he used his ultra rainbow flash! 

The dust has settled, the fight is over at last.
Did you win against the funny Chia Clown?
Not this time it seems, but brush off your past.
There's always next time, to win renown.

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