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Neopets Poems

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A Million Xweetoks
by Vanilla_paw

A flash of tan and teal
Upon crisp azure skies.
Flittering, fluttering,
A faerie Xweetok flies.

A blur of fiery leaves
Through the woods of Meridell,
Where heroes make their mark
And Xweetoks of camouflage dwell.

A wave of sorrow and regret,
In drowning tears of salty river.
Sadness arrives in deadly floods
Where grey Xweetoks stir.

A wisp of cool, hollow shade
Behind gnarly roots and dismal murk.
Scarlet eyes glowing ominous,
A ghost Xweetok lurks.

A dawn of open doors,
Unlock a long-forgotten shore,
Where gold and glory lie untouched
Until pirate Xweetoks explore.

A palette of painted dreams
From a Neopian land somewhere
Of a million colours for one holiday
That all Xweetoks share.

Speckled Xweetoks
by Dr_tomoe

In the year past the fall of Faerieland
Life starts to return to normal.
The faeries are back, Neopia is safe
Even the richest Neopians are formal.

But, for one, life isn't the same
It has ended up much worse.
Life for other speckled Xweetoks
Has ended up like a curse.

All too often, they are thought
To be like that greatest villain
While most just want to live in peace
And to continue just chillin'.

Xandra was a bad apple
Not to represent the others
Other speckled Xweetoks now
Feel like hiding under covers.

It truly is a shame
That they must go through this mess
Other Neopets looking at them
Like they are a pest.

So if you see one, treat them nicely
For they are usually quite kind
They shouldn't be treated with fear
You can see they're quite fine.

Appreciate the speckled Xweetoks
Don't treat them poorly
They just want to be like us.
That's all to this story.

My Day Dreaming Xweetok Gnome
by Mamasimios

In the front garden of my Neohome
There rests a Day Dreaming Xweetok Gnome;
Perched recumbent upon a rock
He looks wistful even for a Xweetok

With his arms folded beneath his chin,
His snowy beard flows long and thin
And reaches nearly to the ground --
Hinting at thoughts wise and profound

His fur is green on tail and head,
His jaunty cap, pointed and red,
A jolly light in eyes does gleam
Of this Xweetok who was made to dream

And I wonder often as I pass by,
And the Xweetok gnome I chance to spy,
What dreamy thoughts lie behind the grin,
What delights would his plaster gnome mind spin?

Could a gnome, fixed strong and fast in place,
Dream of streaking high through outer space?
Or would he daydream of moving slowly
Through fields of flowers, meadows rolling?

Perhaps I only project my thoughts
Upon this gnome, the day dreaming Xweetok,
If a reverie could actually cross his brain,
I'd imagine it would be of days free of rain

Sela Pretore: The Xweetok To Look Out For!
by Hundrdmiles

She's deeply loyal to her team,
Defending their goal with pride.
She plays with a fiery passion,
And there's just no place to hide.

Out on the field, in the game,
She gives nothing but her all.
She's energetic and strong,
And she'll never, ever fall.

Even outside the field,
She's a role model to all.
Helping out and cleaning up,
She belongs in the heroes' hall.

A champion in the making,
Her name is Sela Pretore.
An all-around Neopet;
She's the Xweetok to look out for!

Dancing Xweetok Day
by Chavo_guerrero

Fluffy tail springs about,
With mane of thick, soft fur,
The Xweetok's ears listen out,
For where other Xweetoks were.

She ruffles up her pretty hair,
And cleans her dainty face,
She always knows just what to wear,
And is never a disgrace.

Her smile is kind and caring,
With a playful little glint,
She has a graceful bearing,
And eyes of happy tint.

On Xweetok Day she prances,
On tiny little paws,
Her quite professional dances,
Without any nasty flaws.

Look at how she swirls around,
Moving with delight,
She hardly seems to touch the ground,
As though she were in flight.

So, give the cheer this Xweetok Day,
That this beautiful 'pet demands,
And let them have it their own way,
With a loving clap of hands!

A Statue Made Of Stone
by Kaddiez

Days go by,
A faerie sighs,
Looking at the stone.
A figure planted,
By its own enchantment,
Forever to be alone.

Causing a land
To crash to the ground,
One of many accomplished feats.
For the world to rule
Without the faeries, so cruel,	
A plan that was never complete.

Xandra, they say,
Made the faeries pay,
By making their city fall.
Now the Xweetok lies,
In the very land she despised,
A statue in Fyora’s hall.

Xweetoks And Jelly Beans
by Ohgodkillit

What will a Xweetok do for a jelly bean?
We all know they love them more 
Than you've ever seen.
But how far will they go to devour one?
Well, I've got the answer, 
And I'll share it when I'm done!

I've seen a Xweetok purr and whine.
They're always begging, all the time.
If their pestering request isn't met,
They'll take immediate action, you can bet.

I gave the Xweetoks 
Their fair share of jelly beans
When they visited me last Halloween.
The doorbell rang 
A second time and to no surprise,
The Xweetoks were back in a new disguise!

I suppose they got a little angry with me
When they learned they couldn't 
Fool me with their trickery,
Because now the Xweetoks have it out for me.
They'll stop at nothing to get 
Those jelly beans, I guarantee.

Sleeping soundly one night, I awoke to a bang!
Flipping on the lights, 
I saw their heads hung in shame.
The Xweetoks had broken into 
My jelly bean jar.
They'd better be glad 
I didn't send them to Balthazar!

So now you know
Just how far they'll go.
They'll do just about anything
For a measly little jelly bean.

Xandra Xweetok
by Secant

Queen Fyora would latch the doors
And tell me to beware
Of things outside my powers
And dark magic everywhere.

I'd stay inside the library,
And silently digest
Books and novels of every shape
Until my thoughts digress.

Why should Queen Fyora
Receive all the praise?
I'm just as good, and wise,
And exceptionally great.

So the day has come
For the faeries' grand demise.
I'll soon control Neopia
With a plate of gourmet cheese.

I need the help of someone
Who once was naive like me.
Ah, a daring Ixi thief,
How lucky I must be...

Haiku To The Xweetok
by Auraichadora

Oh, pretty Xweetok!
Today, we celebrate you
For it's your birthday

With a pretty smile
And fur so soft to the touch
You are a delight!

A designer's dream
Pirate, pop star, space gypsy
Which one will you choose?

And oh, the colors!
Pink, striped, Halloween, royal
Faerie -- how divine!

I wonder today
What will be released for you?
It's sure to be liked!

On today, we bow
To the wonder and beauty
That is you, Xweetok

Bask in the spotlight
Today, on the 29th
Happy day to you!

In Memory Of Xandra
by Brittanyftw

Let's take a moment to remember,
The Xweetok we lost last September.
Xandra was her name, quite a pity.
Though, you admit, her ending 
Was quite fitting.

She was very powerful, all could see!
So very powerful, even to the faeries.
They took her in and contained her power.
They thought she sweet, delicate like a flower.

Soon she got an idea, let's get involved!
She wanted to be stronger, 
Get problems solved.
The faeries said no and she didn't like that.
Little did they know, that she'd attack.

She went to the Haunted Woods, 
Plan almost ready!
Then she got robbed, 
Her plan became unsteady.
Hanso, an Ixi, had stole her artifacts!
Now she needed a plan to get them back.

With her magic at hand she made a disguise.
Soon her master plan would arrive.
She made herself into Hubrid Nox!
She got her items back, rocking all the socks.

Then came the real Nox, what a surprise!
Though later on in the story, he actually dies.
She took him out, her plan is going merry!
Next thing you know, 
Bad came upon the faeries.

This was Xandra's doing, all part of the plan!
Saying no to her plan was the last strand.
Her plan all along was to get rid of the faeries.
Then came the hero to do all the saving.

Hanso came and ended it all!
He smashed her artifact, the pieces so small.
He petrified Xandra, if only she stayed loyal.
Now she's in the hand 
Of the unfrozen queen Fyora.

The Mutant Xweetok
by Em0_l0verz

I used to have a mane of rare
In darkened scarlet, quite a delight
Yet my owner found that this new fad
Would make me a quite... expelling sight. 

My brethren look in my path 
And as I travel Neopia, they laugh.
I look like something from another dimension;
Like the rats from 
My owners specified perspective.

Though my tail is no longer as full as the clouds
Nor my eyes that graceful red reflection
I suppose the yellow and grey is my new fate...

And then I woke up. Thank goodness.

Xandra's Message
by Angel_star7

It's Xweetok Day, did you know?
I am a Xweetok... evil, though.
It doesn't matter, but I should be free
For it is a day dedicated to me.

Can't you just look and see?
What the faeries did to me!
So I ask for help and they declined it,
And now they help for all whom assign them!

I know I am greatly wanted back,
My appreciation is still alive!
Soon, it is true, I will again attack;
Because I am not watched 
With a cautionous eye.

Does it matter if I'm stone?
Would you help me undo my curse?
My minions will rise again of my own,
I cannot stop them myself, alone.

Join me, Neopets of all species!
The test, a new light will be born within me.
I will be lifted, there is still chance,
For me to be free from this stance.

So, what do you say? 
This offer has many perks;
Free me once from this curse,
I will give you power 
Beyond the faerie's compare.

--Xandra, Ruler of Faerieland

by Dustymine

Occasionally we talk
About the great Xweetok
Furry and brown
Who runs all around

None others we see walk
Like a little happy Xweetok
So playful and fun
Xwees are number one

Should get cookies and free chalk
They deserve it, the Xweetok
So friendly and kind
They blow my mind

Some like faerie Krawks
Most love faerie Xweetoks
Especially UC
Of course, they’re Xwees

Walking in green socks
Fashionable Xweetok
They have great style
And make me smile

Talking their tree talk
Amazing, the Xweetok
Can jump in high trees
We all should love Xwees!

The Ghost Xweetok
by Palidus_tomato

One stormy night I saw her fall
Deep into the sea
I did my best to save the girl
But it was not to be...

I arrived far too late upon
The coasts of Roo --
And then I saw blue lengths of wisps
Crawling up from the blue...

I stared in wonder as she came
Floating from the deep...
She seemed lost and confused as
She started to weep.

I looked down into the sea
For down there I saw the body
Of a faerie Xwee...

The Xweetok's old shell did fade
As I stared deep down.
I slowly turned to ask the ghost
All she did was frown.

She let out an icy wail that
Chilled me to the core
Then she flew straight at me
And I fell to the floor

I awoke far away
In the Haunted Woods -- 
I was all alone
Without me wordly goods.

I turned and saw her there
Sitting upon a grave
She nearly broke my spirit
With the look she gave.

I carefully approached the girl
Sitting upon her perch
'Twas then I read the epitaph
And my stomach gave a lurch.

Here lies the body of a girl
Taken during her prime
She was a faerie Xweetok
Who'd run out of time.

The date, it said, was today
I could plainly see
However, under year
It was marked as Year Three.

Our eyes met, and she then knew
I understood her tale
With a blink of her ghostly eyes
I was back in the vale.

Every day, upon this date
I sing this song
So that other Neopets know
Live life, and live it strong.

A Walk Through The Forest
by Shift

Walking through the forest, 
And what do I see?
A furry little creature, as happy as can be!
She bounds down the path 
At such a speedy pace,
She must be in a hurry, 
Or in an important race!
While I’m deep in thought, 
She disappears behind the hollow;
But she intrigues me so much, 
I absolutely must follow!
What does she look like? What can she be?
I’ll explain this mystery to you; 
Just wait and see!

Her fur is a deep chocolate brown, 
With a vibrant stripe of red;
This lovely color streak runs
From her tail up to her head!
Her feet are quite tiny, 
But have a rather excellent grip;
They help her climb enormous oaks 
As she continues on her trip.
Her tail is magnificent, 
As it flows behind her so free;
It gives her excellent balance 
As she jumps from tree to tree.
Her head is beautifully-shaped, 
And her ears are large and round;
While she ventures through the forest 
They pick up on every sound.
She strides with such confidence, 
A magnificent creature, I must say,
But I haven’t seen her lovely face, 
I wish she would look my way!

As she continues her important journey, 
High above the ground,
I accidentally step on a battered twig, 
Making a snapping sound!
She must have heard my mishap 
And schemed a great escape;
Why did I have to be so clumsy 
And scare this extravagant creature away! 
Now I’m far out in the woods, 
I guess I’ll just head home;
My adventure has been spoiled 
And my mood is very dull.
But as I change direction, 
Something looks out from behind a tree;
Surely it must be something bad, 
So I can’t help but scream!
But as I get a little closer, 
And see what it might be,
It happens to be the lovely creature, 
Smiling back at me!
Her eyes sparkle bright
And her grin has eloquent charm;
Such an adorable face; 
Who could ever bring her harm?
She walks up to me, 
And pulls on my sleeve;
“Come on, we must hurry!” she says, 
“We have to leave!”
“Where are we going?” I ask, as I go her way.
“To the big Celebration!” she exclaims, 
“It is Xweetok Day!”
Xweetok Day?!? I think to myself 
That’s what she must be!
I now know my mystery creature
And my heart is filled with glee!
My day was filled with excitement 
And adventure, and I have to say,
My walk through the forest could not 
Have ended a better way!

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