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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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A Haiku For Kacheek Day
by Auraichadora

Happy Kacheek Day!
It's your day to celebrate,

You're popular, sweet,
Simply a dream for many!
A true trendsetter.

Perfectly defined,
Natural fashionistas,
The best dress model!

Oh, you're cute and fine,
With divine colours and clothes.
How we envy you!

Today, let us hope,
For awesome wigs and outfits,
And new paint brushes!

So let's celebrate
This amazing Kacheek Day!
How we love you so!

Aramaoi, Kacheek Warrior
by Agedbeauty

Ara, biscuit Kacheek
May seem a darling little lass
She may seem like a girly girl,
As fragile as spun glass.

Dressed in lovely evening gowns
And hair swept into an elegant up-do.
She might look like a fashion model,
Well coifed through and through.

But beneath her cultured exterior,
The heart of a true warrior beats.
Seasoned and battle savvy,
Ara has performed heroic feats.

Thousands of wraiths met their end
Beneath Ara’s hardened blade,
When she fought hard in Faerie Wars,
Before her hand she stayed.

From weak, pitiful wraiths
To spectres with a gruesome grimace,
She dispatched each with speed
And a minimum of fuss.

Yes, by this tiny Kacheek’s hand,
A thousand wraiths met their end
For she, a seasoned warrior,
For Neopia’s sake did defend.

So though she may seem minute,
Keep in mind that looks may deceive.
And remember what this Kacheek Warrior
On battlefield dank and dirty did achieve.

Blue Kacheek Group
by Dr_tomoe

Off in Tyrannia
Past a rogue fungus ball
Is one of its landmarks
The Tyrannian Concert Hall

A grand stage, indeed.
One that all bands hope to play
But there's one band whose music
Will be heard today.

One of the first groups
To grace this highest stoop
Is the odd but mystifying
Blue Kacheek Group.

Dressed all in black
And a blank expression on their faces
They instead use their time
For expert performances.

Near-robotic movements on stage
And erratic electronic music
Leads to a show that proclaims
You need to see to believe it.

And even when it's done
The crowd is entertained
And the strange BKG
Has pulled it off again.

If you see their show
Then you'll agree
Why they've been a stable show
Since as far back as Year 3.

I'm An Extreme Herder
by Chavo_guerrero

Hello there, everybody,
I'm Samrin the Kacheek,
I'm known for herding Petpets,
And for my Balthazar technique.

Standing in a field, 
I keep a close watch on my pen,
And when I sense some danger,
It's time to catch Petpets again.

Babaas and a Puppyblew,
Noils and Anglepi, too,
With so many little fluffy friends,
I have quite a lot to do!

Sometimes when it's quiet,
And he thinks that I'm off guard,
Balthazar's dark shadow,
Comes creeping to my yard.

He thinks that I don't notice him,
As he stalks up and down, 
But I always know when he's around,
And it always brings a frown!

I have to catch my Petpets fast,
And place them in the pen,
And will not stop working,
Until my herd is safe again!

Sometimes I get bitten, too,
In my extreme line of work,
But I never let it slow me down,
It just makes me go berserk!

So, Balthazar... I'm warning you,
If you dare to venture near,
And if you get one of my Petpets,
I'll kick you straight into next year!

Evil Comes To Life...
by Angelachen97

Evil comes to life within these walls
Long-dead corpses rise as darkness falls
Into the castle few dare to proceed
Vile spectres roam and wander, free

They pass on the ghastly, grisly tale
He grew insane as years passed by
Answering to none but his twisted mind
Death consumed his body, not his soul
Eternal suffering is his greatest foe


Eliv Thade, oh my dearest Thade
Veiled by your anagram in shade
Inside your plagued and bitter brain
Lies a mounting sense of shame

Do all the puzzles you have done
Erase the burden of the unsolved one?
Ailed and sick you are, my master
Tearing apart your spirit -- faster
He’s mad. He’s mad.


Samrin The Petpet Herder
by Ohgodkillit

Who can stop the savage beast, Balthazar --
The meanest, hungriest, greediest Lupe?
All of Neopia's Petpets are in danger,
Unless someone renders a heroic swoop!

Samrin the Kacheek is his name.
His Petpets are his pride and joy.
He grooms, feeds, pets, and loves them,
And he even gives them delightful toys!

"Balthazar gets hungry the same time each day.
My Babaas are probably his favorite snack.
Whenever I let my Petpets out to play,
I must prepare for his daily attack!"

Samrin has no favorite of all his Petpets,
As he could never make 
Such a preposterous decision.
The only concern that consumes his mind,
Is to herd his Petpet pals into their pen!

It takes courage to be an extreme herder,
But Samrin displays no pride.
He does what must be done,
Just so his Petpets can play outside.

Florin The Farmer
by Beckykbrooks

Just a good-hearted farmer,
His plant skills quite rare.
One only need ask,
And he will be there.

The villagers all knew,
They faced a great plight.
Their food crops were failing,
From a horrible black blight.

Florin came quickly,
What a true, selfless heart.
With his satchel of herbs,
He was really quite smart.

He treated their plants,
Neglecting his own.
Their crops were all saved,
His name now well-known.

King Altador knows,
of his selfless endeavors.
He made him protector,
Of all farms he treasures.

Just a simple Kacheek,
Who still farms his land.
But he will always be there,
If you need a helping hand.

Samrin, Kacheek Herder
by Alagfalaswen

Samrin's got a mission.
Samrin's got a plan.
Samrin's gonna stick to it
When HE arrives again.

You see, this small blue Kacheek
He herds Petpets, y'see?
And, despite what they tell you,
It's not a job done easily.

Sure, it'd be simple
And it quite almost is -- bar
That sneaky, hungry, bulking large
Werelupe called Balthazar.

Old Balt, he eats the Petpets
That Samrin has to watch.
Of course, it doesn't help
That the Petpets themselves do botch

Samrin's attempts to keep them safe
By escaping their pen
And running all around the field
Close to Balthazar's den.

So Samrin grins and deals with it,
Expertly does his job
Of corralling wayward Petpets
To catch them and to lob

Each one to safety behind fences
Made by Samrin's own hand.
It's safe to say -- there's no finer
Herder in the whole land!

Lightfeet's Flight
by Stariefaerie

A light pattering sound
And a swish of the tail,
The window closes shut
A sound, very frail.

Quietly cunning is this,
Little thief Kacheek.
Trespassing into homes,
What a crafty sneak!

With glowing green eyes
And a form of violet,
The little Neopet
Slinks in silence.

Latching onto walls
With nary a sound,
Brista's now in a Neohome
And slowly turns around.

Another Kacheek watches
Its body, quite tiny,
His eyes are wide open,
Those orbs are shining.

Brista climbs down
And slowly does kneel,
In front of the young one,
With a look of appeal.

"Shhhhh!" she whispers
One paw over lips,
The small one inclines,
And gestures a zip.

Brista Lightfeet nods,
And leaves the home be.
The sleuth was nearly caught,
By one sneakier than she!

Kacheek Seek
by Nut862

Said a Kacheek to his owner one day,
“I’m awful bored, now come on, let’s go play!”
Said the owner, “But I’m busy, you see,
I’ve just got to get my tenth golden key,
And I still haven’t beat AAA.”

Said the Kacheek, “But you’ve played for a month,
And, I must say, this wasn’t a triumph.
You restart all day, then send a low score,
And ev’ry defeat just makes you play more,
Though plainly you’re losing your oomph.”

“Oh, you think?” said the owner, in a huff,
“Well, it’s because I’ve not played enough!”
And with that, she turned back to the Chia
Who had Mint Ice Cream all dripping down her,
And said, “Let me be -- this round is tough!”

“Oh, but please,” said her 'pet, with persistence,
And gave her his best look of innocence,
“Remember back when we’d play hide an’ seek,
You’d close your eyes, I’d hide and you’d peek,
But not find me, for all your diligence!”

“I remember! I wish I could forget!”
Said the owner to her poor little 'pet.
“Searching the whole world for hours on end,
For just a few Neopoints’ dividend,
Why, that was the most horrid game yet!”

Her poor Kacheek’s lip began to tremble
And his rounded face began to crumble
As he whispered quite low, “Well, I for one
Thought Kacheek Seek was a whole lot of fun,”
And he looked at her with his eyes brim-full.

“Remember how I’d hide in that frosty clime
You’d look, and laugh -- it was simply sublime;
But these days you barely look my way --
Other 'pets have games you’d rather play.
What I’d give to hide just one more time!”

She looked at him and she started to bawl
And cried, “I didn’t think of you at all!”
So she let that old Chia get splattered,
‘Cause she knew now that wasn’t what mattered,
And she’s been lost in the Ice Caves since fall.

Kacheek Seek
by Dortho

Where have you gone, little Kacheek?
I'm looking everywhere, it's you I seek.
I lifted up the biggest rock, 
Just to find one of Dragona's socks!

Are you hiding behind the tree?
If you are, you're good at hiding, as I cannot see.
I pushed aside the biggest log, 
and got lept upon by a giant Mortog!

This isn't funny, you Kacheek, you!
Please come back before I become blue.
Now I'm worried I might not see you again, 
Please don't let this sadness turn to pain.

I'll just go back home and hope to see you there, 
Maybe you hid without a moment to spare.
I called out to you and there was no reply. 
Once I checked your toybox, I understood why.

Sound asleep and dreaming away, rejoicing
And kissing you on the forehead with no delay,
I tucked you into bed and wished you 
A happy Kacheek Day!

Samrin To The Rescue!
by Brittanyftw

A young Kacheek with a dream at hand.
A big dream that he'd had planned.
To be a Petpet shepherd through out and in!
Yes, I mean the young Kacheek named Samrin.

He loves Petpets, yes them all!
Even each little one has its own stall.
He watches over them all day and night.
Until, one day, he sees a horrific sight.

Off in the distance, what's that he sees?
Why, it's Balthazar! Or is it a tease?!?
He snarls and growls and drools at the mouth!
Samrin comes running, but has no time to shout.

The ferocious beast has eaten a Babaa!
He snarls again and starts to holler.
Samrin acts quick before he loses another!
Balthazar is coming quick, oh brother.

Samrin locks up the Petpets, 
No harm can be done!
Balthazar turns and leaves, Samrin has won.
He now steps up his guard, worrying when.
When oh when, will this happen again...

Ever since then, Samrin is a hero.
Making Balthazar look like a zero.
He protects the Petpets with all his might!
Even when it hurts, he'll be alright.

Phypa Ehakeck Yad
by Xphieldz

His life was spent in despair,
over the puzzle he could not solve.
Eliv worked on it 'til the day he died,
But he never did resolve.

However, he is still among us,
Within his halls he roams.
Several Neopets have wandered in,
But none have returned home.

Whether they needed shelter,
Or went in for a practical joke.
Their fates are still unknown,
But it's assumed they all have croaked.

They ignored Eliv's puzzles
And strolled through without a glance.
Maybe if they played his game
They would have stood a chance.

Written upon the walls,
His puzzles remain unsolved.
Many have passed through the halls,
None have gotten involved.

Let this be your warning,
To all of you who read this.
Make sure you solve Eliv's puzzles,
Or else you will be missed.

Samrin The Kacheek
by Maya100

Samrin, what a young Kacheek,
So fast, and smart, and brave.
He's usually quite a mellow fellow
But there is one thing about which he raves.

"Balthazar!" he sighs, quite sadly,
"He makes my life very hard, you see.
He tries to eat my lovely little Petpets, 
Oh, it's not easy to be me."

Samrin spends his days running 
All around, trying so hard to save
The Petpets that Balthazar preys on
When he wanders out of his cave.

Back and forth, to and fro, 
Runs Samrin all the day.
He didn't have much time to stop and comment, 
But this is what he did say:

"If you see Balthazar roaming about, 
Feed him an omelette, or three!
That way, he'll be much too full
To eat all my Petpets, you see!"

Brista Lightfeet: A Thief's Heart
by Ayame_23

Brista knows the name of things by shape,
only groping in the dark. Pink paws 
passing over the mundane for all the 
shiny things: Coltzan's necklace,
a beautiful gold ring.

She works in the sleepy hours of dawn,
takes nothing that belongs to her, 
but pretty jewels that can be pawned
for Neopoints and food to still
her hungry belly, feed her family of four.

She visits empty houses of families
on vacation in Faerieland, once pilfered
the castle of Altador, seeks friendship 
only with the pirates of Krawk Island,
trusts no one and feels no remorse.

Brista Lightfeet has never been caught,
keeps what she stole only long enough to sell
save for one token from her past:
a Beautiful Bride Usuki Doll --
in hopes that she can one day 
wear white instead of shadows,
be celebrated instead of scorned,
be free from the thief's life
she never picked by choice.

The Story of Eliv Thade
by Alyiousa

In the Haunted Wood 
Lives many a foe,
Out to catch the unwary 
When their guard is low.
There are those who scam 
And those who cheat,
And then there are those 
Who knowledge they seek.

The Brain Tree wants answers 
That you must provide,
The Esophagar knows, 
But must be bribed to comply.
But in the middle of this forsaken land,
Lies a derelict castle, 
Long since unmanned.

It once was home to 
The renowned Eliv Thade
A Kacheek who could answer 
Any riddle ever made.
Neopets came from far asunder,
To witness the master in all his wonder.

But though many tried, 
None could succeed,
In presenting a riddle 
Not answered with ease.  
Each hopeful came 
And each turned away,
That is, until, one fateful day...

A servant from Thade’s very own home,
Presented a riddle that Eliv did not know!
Minutes turned to hours and hours to weeks,
Yet it seemed an answer 
Was beyond the Kacheek!

Years had passed but all research was in vain,
The riddle had turned poor Eliv insane.
The servants all left, 
Now scared of their master,
And Eliv descended 
Into madness much faster.

The castle crumbled around his feet,
But Thade could not admit defeat.
The clever Kacheek worked until his death,
But even then he would not let the puzzle rest.

He stalks the castle night after night,
Roaming the corridors in the weak fire light.
There is no peace for this tormented Kacheek,
Until he finds the answer he seeks.

The Plushie Kacheek
by Jamespongebob

I was sad 'cause I'm boring
My look leaves people snoring
I was ordinary and plain
My look was always the same

I was boring and bleak
A sad and lonely Kacheek
So when I decided to change
I went to get paint

I wanted to be soft and bright
An amazing, cute sight
Something that stands out
All and throughout

So I became purple and pink
With stitches of blue, I think
All white, cute, and fluffy
But not a Snowbunny

I was a proud to be fluffy
Proud to be painted plushie
Pink tail and ears held high
I left feeling happy like the sky

An Ode To My Kacheek
by Jjquil

An ode to my Kacheek, 
Though she's already quite conceited
She hardly needs more attention 
With the way she's treated. 
Every morning I brushed her fur, 
Counting one hundred strokes. 
Then I carried her a meal 
Toast and eggs, no yolks. 
She wishes to be entertained 
So I bought her a brand new book 
Which she promptly rejected, 
After one dismissive look. 
I tried a plushie, without much luck, 
Kacheeks can be such fussy 'pets! 
She will not touch her building blocks
And she's bored of Usuki playsets. 
An instrument, now there's a plan!
I purchased her a Ukulele
It's small and cute, just like her, 
And now she strums it daily. 
I have to make her lunch by now,
She's such a picky eater.
She took the ice cream and the pie, 
But nothing else I feed her! 
Afternoon and she's bored again, 
So I took her on a Tiki Tour.
Kacheeks just love the sunny beach,
It's right in their brochure. 
We played a game of Kacheek Seek,
And finally, she's weary,
She laid her head down for a nap, 
My darling, my deary. 
I know it sounds like she's a pain, 
But hold off your critique. 
I love this little diva.
I wrote this ode for my Kacheek!

The Tale Of Albert The Kacheek
by Saqo

I know you all have seen him, appeasing
the mighty Esophagor, roaring and mean.
But even though you do his quests, I bet
you didn't know this Kacheek is Albert.

He used to be a spotted Kacheek, quite
cute indeed. That all changed one night
when he snuck into the Haunted Woods,
alone; he would have escaped if he could.

But now Albert is a mutant, never to be
the same. "The Espophagor grabbed me,"
he said. The spotted Kacheek became this,
a little scary, strange and grotesque.

Albert once had dreams, can you believe
he wanted a flower store? This, his dream.
He dreamed once as you and me all do;
that changed one day in the Haunted Woods.

"Cursed for Life," he is. Now fetching food
from the creepy "Mutant Graveyard of Doom."
Once a spotted Kacheek, he met his end;
now the mighty Esophagor's only friend.

Kacheek Seek
by Meerca1234212

From the land of the faeries
To Terror Mountain’s lofty peak,
We try to seek out our friend --
The elusive and shy Kacheek.

Through eerie Neovian streets,
To Illusen’s glade so green,
We look both high and low but,
There’s nary a Kacheek to be seen.

Embarking on a pirate ship,
We sail out to lands out at sea,
But Kacheeks are missing on the islands,
So where could our good friend be?

Maybe he's in the Kacheek Kitchen,
Where Kacheeks often abound,
But when we take a quick peek in there,
Sadly no Kacheeks are to be found.

Tired and downhearted we head home,
But much to our surprise,
There hides our Kacheek friend,
Who hands us a Neopoint prize.

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