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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Eyrie Day Special

Happy Eyrie Day to my First Neopet
by agedbeauty

When I first joined Neopia,
My first Pet held my heart
Majestic and adorable,
And I loved her from the start.

Ara was my first Pet,
And she was an Eyrie on Day 1,
She had lovely Green feathers,
Beautiful from beak to talon.

As an Eyrie she was loved
And we had so much fun day-to-day
Spinning wheels and playing games
With my Eyrie, we could play.

Today Ara is no longer
A fine feathered Pet,
Like me, she's grown and changed,
But you know I can't forget

The fine Eyrie that I started with
The one who taught me the game
I started playing 20 years ago
Without Neopets, life wouldn't be the same.

So here on Eyrie Day
Here's to my first Neopet
So many days behind us
But we haven't had the best one yet!

Eyrie Pilot Outfit
by indulgences

The Eyrie has no need for planes,
Nor helicopters too.
It has no need for jets and fuel.
It has two wings, it’s true!

It soars amongst the clouds and sky.
It floats and dips at will.
It stretches out its furry wings.
It flies with wondrous skill!

There does exist an outfit for
This bold, courageous Pet.
It’s called the “Eyre Pilot” look,
The nicest outfit yet!

The helmet’s made of purple cloth,
With goggles thick and clear.
They fit so snug upon the head.
They’re such essential gear!

The jacket’s also purple cloth,
With collar white and plush.
It’s toasty, and quite stylish too.
It’s elegant and lush.

And finally, we have the scarf
Wrapped round the Eyrie’s neck.
It keeps the Eyrie comfortable
On any airborne trek!

The Eyrie Pilot is a Pet
Whose clothes are chic and fine!
They’re fancy and luxurious.
They really are divine!

Considering Eyrie
by darkghostcat17

I’ve never adopted an Eyrie and I’ll give you all the whys
Four paws with three talons that could neatly take out your eyes
Although people say they are playful, they say they are ferocious, too
And when it comes to grooming feathers I haven’t got a clue

I don’t think an Eyrie would like me either and I can tell you why
Three times a day I take a bat and whack one 1000m high
It’s not my proudest moment, of that much I am sure
But a Neopet owner needs points for food, surely you’d concur 

This all has a beginning, which is likely no surprise 
One sunny summer day, I almost met my demise
I had my toes in the sands on Mystery Island beach
When one landed beside me just out of my reach
I was so startled by this beast I almost started to cry
And it took off so suddenly, it shot straight up into the sky

As I reflect, I suppose it was not that terribly scary
And I tend to be someone who is always just a little wary
It was kind of majestic with its feathers and and its claws
And it does have a regal look that I can’t deny deserves applause 

Well they do have lots of colours and many I admit are cool
Particularly that Darigan, I must admit it does rule 
And having a buddy with wings that could take you through the sky
Flying through the clouds, the sun, the stars up so very high
Well now that I am thinking of the list of everything I despise
I am starting to really wonder about this long list of whys

Now, I must admit, I’m starting to lean more towards why not
A long windy path to my heart has completely twisted this plot
I think I’ll need to take a break from that one particular game
As my life without an Eyrie companion feels like quite a shame

Le Yarr! des Eyries!
by werdesy

Yarr! Annonce Cap'n Threelegs!
Aujourd'hui, c'est la journée pour festoyer
Eyrie est-il, c'est sa journée
À l'académie, il invita ses collègues!

Les touts petits sont invités
À une séance bien spéciale
Un cours de pirate dans son intégral
L'ordre du jour n'est pas de saborder!

Yarr! Un moussaillon!
Un petit Eyrie tout excité
Celui-ci, sera Boucanier!
Une activité qui développe la stimulation

Tous les Eyries sont des apprentis pirates
En coeur, ils crièrent Yarr!
On pourrait se croire à Ford Boyard
Cap'n Threelegs vient de former une brigade

Avant de quitter, c'est le temps des diplômes
Bravo à tous nos nouveaux Eyrie pirates
Avec qui, ce fut tout qu'un festival
Avec un sympa capitaine comme icône!

Joyeuses Fêtes des Eyries!

Talinia, the Archer Eyrie
by orlytheowl

Talinia is an Eyrie,
and you better be scared
If you are a wicked Faerie
or really mean and weird.

Because Talinia undoubtedly will
with her flawless aim
Shoot you off the windowsill
and eliminate all your claims.

Many monsters and very evil guys
Have lost all their fame,
and met their demise.
They will never be the same!

Because Talinia is vital,
her contribution is too.
She deserves a fortune and a title,
For the service she has given me and you.

As fierce as any Eyrie,
and impressive as few.
She never grows weary,
and will help you in any quest through!

On Eyrie Wings
by rotten_cake

I - 
Look to the skies and see                                                                                               
A shining shape - a sunlit Eyrie
Gazing at me

Me - 
Cursed with a body
That cannot fly...
The wind, I have no power over

The wind - 
Both violent and kind
Soothed by feathered Eyrie wings
Soaring joyfully; rushing, flowing
Dancing through Neopia's blue skies

Skies -
An ocean above
Your limitless playscape
I can only wish and dream
To see the sights you've seen
Flying so high above

Above -
My thoughts, you seem to know
You bend wing, and float down
An invitation given to me

An invitation -
A beautiful gift
Today I fly, on Eyrie wings
With ease, we soar 
And flit, float, dive

Diving -
Through Neopia's sparkling skies
Magic, mystery, friendship

I -
Will never forget my friend, the Eyrie
And the wonderful gift they gave me!

The Folly of Lord Kass
by x_babifaerie_x

His shimmering violet feathers
And deep crimson eyes.
The Darigan Eyrie, Lord Kass
Known for ruthless cruelty and lies.

He served under Lord Darigan
As a general for the Citadel.
Seizing power through brute force
When the Citadel crumbled and fell.

Encouraged by The Three:
Greed, Ambition, and Revenge 
The once-powerful kingdom
He vowed to avenge.

Those who opposed Lord Kass—
His tyranny and corruption.
They were charged with treason.
Master Vex, locked in his own dungeon.

As he disposed of his opposition
His power grew stronger.
It was time to invade Meridell.
He could not wait any longer.

“You must be greedy and take what’s yours!”
“But you’re not strong enough” they taunted.
The Three threatened to take away his power.
Restless dreams and sleepless nights, they haunted.

He sent in The Court Dancer
To hypnotize King Skarl
Once the enchantment was broken
Lord Kass and Jeran engaged in a quarrel.

From the edge of the fortress. 
Jeran was thrown by Lord Kass.
Who then turned around to discover Lord Darigan
They were at an impasse.

The two lords engaged
In a battle for the ages.
Lord Kass, overpowered in a final duel.
As told in history book pages.

As he fled deeper into the Citadel
There was a massive explosion.
The Three, seeking revenge for his failure
In a whirl of magic and commotion.

Happy Eyrie Day, nick_08!
by _h_r_b_

Nick, a precious warrior Eyrie, was born 4534 days ago,
Since his first hours, it was obvious he would glow!
Through the years, several colours he had shown,
Yet, Captain Threelegs classes' were where he began to grow.

Lord Kass' strength became an inspiration to him,
Keeping his kind essence, Nick chose to pursue his dream.
The path would be long and almost always challenging;
Becoming a Battledome king would make his life complete.

The extensive journey started at Swashbuckling Academy,
After a while, Nick was able to defeat many opponents easily.
He had become strong enough to search for new classes and leave,
It was time to say goodbye and go to the Island filled with Mystery.

From Dubloons to Codestones there was such a difference,
But the Techo Master has promised to improve the Eyrie's resistance.
Up to level 250, the brave fighter trained with persistence,
A rumour about a school that trained powerful Pets like him; he listened.

Discreet stairs on Techo Mountain led the figure where he needed to be,
The Secret Ninja Training School was merely mesmerizing.
He was just an Adept, and becoming a Grand Master was a lifelong wish,
Red Codestones could be costly, yet his owner would spend fortunes to see him happy.

As the years went by, Nick reached his goal and became unstoppable,
He has even beaten The Snowager with his powerful weapons.
Word is that he's about to reach the 3000 Hit Points milestone,
And his biggest gratitude is to his partner, who was there all along.

More important than Dubloons and Codestones was his keeper's faith,
Who always believed that success would be his inevitable fate.
A partnership of loyalty, love, courage and altruism will never fade,
No matter what happens, they will stand side by side until the end of their days.

My Encounter with a Stealthy Eyrie
by tatyanne

The sun has set and light is low–
With hurried steps onward I go.
As I walk along the cobbled stone,
My senses tell me I’m not alone.

Darkness creeps in as day has faded–
Worry and doubt my thoughts invaded.
Being watched, a niggling feeling–
The night deepens, my mind is reeling.

A jet-black feather falls to the ground–
The most magical artefact I ever found.
My eyes dart up and what a celestial sight–
A graceful Eyrie soaring through the night.

Beneath the moon's soft silver glow,
He spreads his wings, and puts on a show.
Silently gliding in the whispering wind–
Innate power bursting from within.

The guardian of darkness has taken flight–
In the ebony sky, he shows his might.
Stealthily swooping in the shadows deep–
The Eyrie hauntingly calls as you sleep.

In the cover of night, he hunts his prey,
A master of Stealth, he leads the way.
With eyes adapted to the night's embrace,
He rises higher with immense grace.

His feathers like blackened silk unfurled,
Glisten with the secrets that he has heard.
Against the moon, a silhouette grand–
A sentinel of the night, my awe commands.

He swoops fast down and meets my eye,
Then vanishes quickly into the sky.
A Stealthy Eyrie is a sight so rare–
How amazed I am that I was there.

Training with Captain Threelegs
by mynel_mel

With heavy Dubloons filling my satchel
And energy pumping fast in my veins
I head to the Swashbuckling Academy
Where the mighty Captain Threelegs trains

He was once an infamous Pirate Captain
Facing the storms, the battles, and seas,
But later retired to Krawk Island's shores
Where he still could feel the ocean breeze 

At the door of the Academy,
Stands my hero without cape
He knows I have come for training,
Says "I'll whip ye into shape!"

My coins rustle in the satchel,
Loudly jingling like church bells
I have brought all I could gather
To buy the knowledge Threelegs sells

He asks what training I desire,
Level, strength, defence or movement?
"Mayhaps yer seekin' fer endurance?"
I'm so ready for improvement!

Captain Threelegs looks me up and down
As if his eyes could be taking my measures
"Each stat can only be double the level"
He says balance is the real treasure

After thoroughly studying all of my options
I pick my training, it's finally time!
But as I would not leave my teacher unpaid,
I open my satchel, count dime after dime

Threelegs looks surprised as he sees the Dubloons
"I will not take any of yer money today!"
I widen my eyes, through my beak comes a "why?"
"Aye, ye get free training! Happy Eyrie Day!"

The Knowledgeable Eyrie
by maculose

There was an Eyrie whose mind was bright.
He wasn’t strong and did not like to fight.
He had gone for a walk to clear his mind,
But he did not know what he would find.

There was a Skeith, brute with strength.
His was covered in spikes with great length.
He saw the Eyrie walking near.
He was going to scare him with all the fear.

The Eyrie noticed and had a thought.
“I can outsmart that foe and not get caught!”
He quickly hid and laid a trap.
He hid a treat under a wrap.

The treat was under a large cage.
The Eyrie was skillful much like a mage.
Once the Skeith grabbed the treat,
The cage would fall and trap the Skeith.

The Skeith then noticed a wonderful smell.
He knew this smell oh too well.
It was a Choccy Chip Skeith Biscuit that smelled so good.
“Forget about scaring? I probably should!”

He quickly ran over and jumped on the treat. The cage then fell over his body and feet.
The Eyrie walked out and had a smile.
He had wanted to try this for quite a while.

He looked at the Skeith and began to cheer.
“You failed to scare me! There is no fear!”
He let him go and walked away.
As he walked he let out a ‘Hooray!’

The Skeith was mad that he got trapped.
He decided to leave and take a nap.
In the end, strength did not win.
Sometimes it’s knowledge that is your best friend.

An Athletic Eyrie
by theguy2020

Scoring for Roo Island is her thing,
Jair Tollet plays Yooyuball for her team with the most bling,
Getting points in style is her passion,
This Eyrie is dangerous on the court and doesn't show her opponents much compassion!

A veteran on the team who's been around for many years,
Every time she takes the field the crowd gives plenty of cheers,
Spending over fifteen years on the same team is no easy feat,
People defending her in the game will agree she's hard to beat!

As a longtime Roo she does well in the clutch when the situation is dire,
An athlete who does well under pressure is one to admire,
Her passing abilities are equalled by only a few,
It seems like every game she pulls off a move that looks brand new!

Y8 was the beginning of her career in Maraqua with the fishes,
It wasn't until she joined Roo Island that she got to complete her biggest wishes,
Joining a contender early on made her a better athlete,
One who gives fans a performance that is a treat!

Next to Lilo she plays left forward on the team,
Taking off as soon as the game starts like a beam,
Keep your eyes on her or she'll score before you know it,
If the defense doesn't pay attention they'll quickly be split!

She helped the Roos win the whole event in the third Cup,
The way this Eyrie was playing they were almost always up,
Her opponents couldn't help but admire her footwork,
As they were able to learn from her moves which was quite the perk!

The Epic of Eyries
by chai7705

On this momentous and special day,
Let's recount the long history
Of a species known today
As one called the Eyrie

Many, many years ago
There was a creature called Cerpull
It was scaly from head to toe
With spikes of reddish-purple

Then in the Year of Two
On the Thirteenth day of Swimming
The Cerpull became Tatsu
But the story's still beginning!

Many all across Neopia cried
"This is not my Pet of years past!"
So in Year Three, TNT tried
An idea: Votes would be cast!

Neopians were put to the test
To choose the fate of Tatsus
Out of three, they decided the best
This change was really big news!

The Tatsu's horns of yore
Morphed to the famous feathery tufts
It stood, then, from two to four,
And its iconic mane now puffed

On the Twenty-Sixth of Sleeping
Over Cerpulls and Tatsus, some mourned
But this new Pet had Neopia leaping
For the beloved Eyrie was born!

Now on every Collecting Tenth
We should remember, and dare not forget
From adversity comes great strength
And such is true for this Neopet!

So let's take today to celebrate
The Neopets we now know and love
Their history, we commemorate
Those elegant Eyries soaring above!

On the Wings of an Eyrie
by neopiantownsman

perhaps we need the bigger picture;
I'd like to test this theory
so how do we take an aerial view like
on the wings of an Eyrie?

where the Pets look like pebbles 
and the castles look like homes
where the deserts look like building blocks
and Tyrannia seems like stones

too far to view the land's war
too high to see the fight
too remote to understand
the worry and the plight

up here there is no money
no squabbling over points
no distinction for rich or poor
no trickery or exploits

so please remember we are together
in our escape, we gather here
Neopia is home to all of us
may that never become unclear.

oh to see the world
on the wings of an Eyrie

Jahbal the Eyrie Wizard
by gumgum101230

My long, arduous Neoquest
Was coming to an end;
I had reached the final Fortress
And was ready to ascend.

I had conquered every dungeon
And had survived each brawl;
Now the only foe that remained
Was the Eyrie, Jahbal.

He was once a part of the group
Called the Circle of Twelve
Which had crushed the vile Xantan
Before, into the depths, he delved.

Jahbal had then betrayed the Twelve
And became their undoing,
For he created minions
That plunged the world into ruin.

I'd prepared for this encounter
By stealing my emotions;
I had the best weapons and armour,
And several Healing Potions.

The fight erupted without a word,
As we exchanged fighting spells;
I carefully outwitted him,
And, just like that, he fell.

But once the Eyrie was destroyed,
Someone appeared from behind;
For Jahbal had been controlled by
The evil Mastermind!

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