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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Random Poetry Day Special

Neopets Is My Home
by aarons_bugaboo

I’ve never met anyone better, than these people on Neopets, 
This is a wonderful place, it’s as good as it gets! 

I have some very good friends, they are the members of my guild. 
I met them through Neopets, wonderful friends, I am thrilled! 

On the Neoboards I often meet the nicest friends, 
They help me with Faerie Quests, I hope Neopets never ends. 

I’ve been coming here for 22 years, I’m 59 years old! 
I’ve been through 3 times, of Neopets being sold. 

I will be here forever, on Neopets, until I’m gone, 
I’m so at home here, this is where I belong. 

I love this site, all the places we can go, 
I love you Neopets, more than you’ll ever know.

Skeith Commander Flint
by theguy2020

Leader of the Brute Squad,
He is anything but a fraud,
Willing his faction to win,
Nothing else quite gives him a grin!

A part of King Altador's army he used to be,
He eventually realized that stopping evil before it can grow is the key,
For this reason after the Fall of Faerieland, he gave up his post,
Decided to gather a group of true fighters and be the host!

He's always recruiting seasoned warriors to his faction,
Even among promising new recruits, he is gaining some traction,
If you love a good battle you may want to stop by,
Despite his size he's actually quite nice so you don't need to be shy!

Carrying armour for self-defence,
Commander Flint can detect danger with a special sense,
He keeps his enemies close for this reason,
Especially during Obelisk skirmish season!

His abilities in combat and matched by few,
Anyone who's fought him will say this is true,
Be careful to defend yourself from a surprise,
Defeating him will likely take several tries!

His shield and flail have defeated many foes,
The danger he can bring in a fight every experienced battler knows,
You want to have Commander Flint on your side,
He will always keep fighting for you with the uttermost pride!

Anshu the Ruki
by gumgum101230

Part of the crew of the Cyodrake's Gaze,
Practitioner of ancient medicine,
Anshu can cure any disease or illness,
Expertly prescribing a regime. 

Indeed, all kinds of Neopets stop by
His shop, Remarkable Restoratives,
To obtain the medicine of Shenkuu
When quality is imperative. 

If your Pet comes down with Achey Head,
Anshu would have exactly what they need,
The Ruki will calm their splitting headache
By brewing a pot of Black Cherry Tea. 

Or maybe your Pet is suffering from
A case of Blurred Vision in their eyes,
If that is so, Anshu may tell you to
Give Finely Ground Bean Powder a try. 

If your Pet is shaking uncontrollably,
And they can no longer eat or sleep,
Anshu may sell you some doses of
Coleus Aromaticus for cheap. 

Unfortunately, I should warn you that
Some cures are a bit of a waste,
Such as Dried Black Mushrooms, Powdered Green Tea,
And even the jars of Seaweed Paste!

Missing a Techo NeoBuddy
by decaf0n

Many a Techo are worthy of note
Of record, song, poem, or lore
Alabaster, Bowe, Cheesemaker adored
And more on which one can dote

But one guy verges on infamy here
Who elicited annoyance and woe
He'd be waiting at many places you'd go
And often trade "wisdom" for cheer

The year was Ten, the month we call Eating
The day of his intro was the First
Too many encounters might be the worst
But thankfully the time was fleeting

On that one day, you might've been met
By maybe Jazan, Amira, Dr Sloth too
With questions to match a "NeoBuddy" with you
Though the result most likely you'd regret

It's Bug Eye McGee, to call him by name
When April Fool's joke he was found to be
Many sighed in relief when finally free
Of those bloodshot eyes in their game

His Yarrs and his Arrgs would endlessly echo
While I tried to do dailies in peace
At the end of the day, it then would cease
As it was time to say goodbye to that Techo

Now there's a little piece I must confess
About the Techo of which I've just told
My true opinion, if I may be so bold:
...I might miss my NeoBuddy, I guess

by bittersweet52

From one breath to the next
In the dark of the stars
The Stealthy Peophin flits
Between the mysteries of time

Through the vacuum of space
As if in water he swims
Shimmering with moonlight
Between constellations, we know

With momentum, he pushes
Out toward the edges
Where space pulls thin
Between the arms of our galaxy

Deep in the unknown
But never alone
His mind and his heart occupied
Between his Dartail and his thoughts

Keep your eyes open
Blink but once and he's gone
Elusive is this Peophin
Between his stealth and his speed

But if ever you need him
Call to him as a friend
He'll dash back to your aid
Between one breath and the next

Wise Old Brightvale
by eleganza_lights

Just beyond the land of Meridell,
Is the town of Brightvale, wise and swell.
A stunning sight of libraries and scholars,
And graduates with degrees and honours.

The ruler of the land is old King Hagan.
Do those readings, do not be slacking.
A fair and just ruler, everyone knows,
To be a life-long learner is his goal. 

Walk through Brightvale, what do you see?
So much to do is a guarantee.
Perhaps teach the King a thing or two,
Or visit a wheel to learn something new.

Battle with your wits with the help of The Scrollery. 
Roberta sells the best Battle accessories.
Armoury, Motes and potions too,
For in the Battle, you must defend and renew. 

Brightvale is known for coloured glass,
Beautiful stained windows with high contrast.
You must also visit the local fruit shop,
And try berries, juices and Cocorot. 

Finally, at the bookshop, find the Orange Ixi,
To learn a bit more about Brightvale’s history. 
Hope you have enjoyed this little tour,
Of the land of knowledge with books galore!

A Grey Techo
by kellyclark1115

There once was a Grey Techo,
he was a sad little fella.
It all started when
he lost his umbrella...

He was once painted Faerie,
but got caught in the rain.
You see, he hates being wet,
and it causes him pain.

Without his umbrella,
there was nothing he could do.
Walking around soaking wet,
it made him rather blue.

Filled with sadness,
he started losing his colour.
No more antenna, no more wings,
and he grew duller and duller.

Until he became Grey all over,
and finally made his way home.
He curled up in a ball,
feeling so alone.

He hugged his little tail,
and it made him smile.
He felt much better,
even if he just trudged a mile.

And that is the famous story,
of how Grey Techos came to be.
It's quite a sad thing,
but they're happier now, I guarantee!

by aninha_morango

For food, Talpidats don't have to beg,
In their mouths, they can always taste Neggs.
Don't be afraid to give one to your Pet,
A Talpidat won't do them any harm — I swear.

Discovered in Grave Danger's crypt last year,
Some think they are abominable creatures.
Try to avoid looking at their sharp teeth,
So then you might remember that they're really sweet.

If you go out for a casual stroll,
You might spot one digging a hole.
Their clumsiness is a cute joke,
A Talpidat you should not loathe.

This species looks inevitably beautiful;
Their big sparkly eyes are quite whimsical.
The Spring Talpidat seems peaceful,
The Eventide resembles something mystical.

Wherever they go, a glowing goo can be detected,
Their tails are smart and leave the path marked.
In the Underground, they always return to rest,
Talpidats have the habit of gathering in their nest.

Forget everything bad you've heard about them so far,
Give them a chance to show who they really are.
They won't leave your Neopet with a nasty scar,
Their paws might be big, but so are their hearts.

My Icy Friend From Meridell
by mynel_mel

One day in Merifoods I found you
A light blue Egg before unseen
The owner said "Take it to the nest"
A secret place I'd never been

Such a special day, a new adventure
To the nest, I took my blue sphere
And from that strange food I had bought
Emerged a dragon, so icy clear

I tried to touch you, but you were scared
My hands, so warm, could melt your skin
And as if knowing I meant no harm
You flew beside me, my first big win

I named you, fed you, kept you close
And always kept our house quite cold
"Perhaps a move to Terror Mountain?"
Is something I was frequently told

But for you, home was Meridell
It's where your wings would spread the widest
No matter how warm the summers
The blue and red flag flew the highest

And there we sat for years and years
And I learnt you could never melt
You loved the sunny days the same
And no discomfort was ever felt

My icy dragon, my sweet Ice Draik
I'd never change you for the world
I bought your Egg, hatched it myself
So many adventures unfurled

And for all years that still will come
I hope to have you by my side
We will stay here in Meridell
Land of the Draiks, our greatest pride

Wrath of the Snowager
by crazy_allstar

Deep within the Ice Caves
An enormous monster sleeps
His treasure often sought by knaves
Unafraid of the icy, mighty beast

Some Pets are able to sneak past him
Grab a scratchcard or a charm
Most, however, are just blasted
Wishing they'd been left unharmed

For most Pets, a single item is more than enough
A Blue Chia, however, thinks himself quite tough
He wants to stock his store and thinks it quite unfair
Snowager has items galore, so why can't he have his share?

He grabs a burlap sack and fills it to the brim
With the most amazing items he can find
His chances of escaping are quite slim
The Snowager has something else in mind

Carassa had warned him - Give up on this heist!
Mika shrugged it off - It's just a little ice.
His wife's words he did not heed
Now he's paying for his greed
Snowager chases him at full speed
There's no way he will succeed!

Ode to Meridell
by califorthehomeless

In the middle of a kingdom, far, far away
Sits a gleaming white castle
On a large throne 
Sits a King named Skarl
Tell him a joke and he might snarl!

Down the trail
What could that be? 
A very large Petpet, who might eat me!
Turmaculus is kind, if woken at the right time
Give him a poke, sing him a song, a reward might be found!

Down to the right, a kind Faerie,
Illusen is her name
An Earth Faerie who loves to craft
She may ask you for a quest
The more you help, the better the gift!

Almost out of town, Meri Acres Farm!
Berries to collect,
Potatoes to count,
But watch out for the Slorgs! They’re hungry for lunch
Don’t forget to snag some trash on your way out!

If you’re down for a gamble
Round Table Poker, bring your own chips,
If maybe archery is your skill
Ultimate Bullseye is your niche
And if you’re daring enough
Kiss a Mortog and you might get a prince!

Oh for Meridell has so many wonderful parts
An adventure is right around the corner
For this little town has all you could need
Pay a visit to Meridell on any old day!

Pumpkin Spice and Spells
by matchagarden

My, o my! How time does fly! 
Autumn has returned one more, 
There are Trick-or-Treaters at the door, 
The leaves have turned red, 
And Ghost Pets begin to stir it is said. 

What a time to rejoice! 
With a “boo” and a “hoo,” go and raise your voice! 
But that is not all, 
For so many things return with the fall. 

Pumpkin and Spice will surely entice, 
And Spell upon Spell is certain to dwell, 
Here we have something unique, 
Your interest, it is sure to pique! 

Out of a pumpkin small, 
With a hat raised so tall, 
Come gifts galore from this capsule we have in store! 
So come, take a peek, 
If a tasty fright is what you do seek! 

A capsule of coffee, 
A capsule of cheer, 
A capsule that is filled with nutmeg and cinnamon, o! All I hold so dear! 

Plaid for my Draik, 
And for my Ixi a latte he will partake, 
For my Poogle a witch’s dress, 
And for them all, a pumpkin patch is sure to impress! 

Come, come, smell the spice, 
I promise what you’ll find is more than nice! 
For Pumpkin Spice and Spells I need, 
Don’t fret, don’t worry, for I shall take the lead!

The Poogle Apprentice's Lament
by precious_katuch14

When Hubrid Nox captured
Six of Neopia's Heroes,
I grabbed my wand,
Put on my hat and robes.

I ventured into a volcano,
Risked a nasty scorch,
All to rescue
Magnus the Torch.

I scoured Meridell,
In search of a knight.
To save Jeran,
I had to fight.

Sinister Mutant Kacheeks,
All manner of ghosts,
If I let them touch me,
Why, I'd be toast.

So I raised my wand,
Hoped my spells worked,
And tried to avoid
Where Dark Faeries lurked.

I liberated Master Vex,
Trapped in his dungeon.
Yet my work isn't done,
I must move on.

To the forest, for Illusen!
To Altador, for Jerdana!
Culminating in a showdown
In Faerieland, for Fyora. 

Yet for all I've done,
The danger and the risks,
I still remain
The Poogle Apprentice.

Using my magic,
I showed Nox who's boss.
Can't I be the Poogle Master?
Finally, be the boss?

Ode to Alstaf Poogle
by x_babifaerie_x

A Pink hipster Poogle
Enters a dimly lit cafe.
Dressed in all-black
With his effortlessly chic beret.

The patrons of the coffee shop
Put down their drinks and stare.
Completely mesmerized by this Poogle
Known for his celebrated poetic flare.

The barista knows his coffee order
Large iced mocha, extra whip.
A clever smile appears on his face
Before taking his first sip.

He knows that this eager crowd
Has gathered to hear his rhymes.
For he is world-renowned Alstaf Poogle
Famously published in The Neopian Times.

To the sounds of smooth jazz music,
He makes his way to the stage.
He lowers his lips to a microphone.
Now the crowd he will engage.

He recites verse after verse
As the crowd enthusiastically snaps.
Hungry for more from this living legend.
The greatest poet of all time, perhaps?

When his reading has finally ended
And the poetry slam is complete.
Fellow poets might even have the opportunity
For Alstaf Poogle to give their poem a critique.

You see, his love for poetry
Is so much greater than artful phrases.
He loves to share, guide, and inspire,
His talent always amazes!

The Song of the Slushie Slinger
by chai7705

Cheryl's the name and slushies are my game
Slushie Slinger, to be precise
Though I move by just my flippers
Doubt my skills? You'd better think twice!

I'm the speediest Tuskaninny in all the land
Of Altador, and maybe beyond
And though this job is chock full of stress
I admit that I've grown quite fond

There are three yummy flavours from which to choose
Colours ranging from yellow to pink, to blue
So just give me a shout, or send me a sign
And I'll sling that slushie on down the line!

Zeenana is tasty, mildly sweet
For anyone wanting a tropical treat

Jumbleberry is juicy and so very fresh
Perfect for after a Yooyuball sesh'

Choose Chokato for your health
Stay fit! Your body is your wealth


While drooling over flavours
The customers came pouring
I better start a-slinging
Before they start a-roaring

But I'll tell every Tuskaninny
Especially the young
To follow your heart
(In my case, my tongue!)

I found my calling, here at the Cup
So get slinging, hauling, Yooyuballing...
Whatever's your dream, little Tusky pup!

by midnightfrost444

Please, come in! I'm called V2.
How nice to see someone!
I have a little game for you,
Are you ready for some fun?

There's been some talk of NeoQuests,
Or the revenge of AAA.
But my game is a truer test,
You'll really need to play!

For I've devised a cunning way,
To make you seek that score.
And that, before you run away,
Is to close and lock the door!

And now you'll starve if you don't spell!
But there's no need to pout.
Because if you do very well
I might just let you out.

Five levels I've prepared for you,
Each harder than the last!
But there's no way you could break through,
The thought leaves me aghast!

I'm glad to have you here, my friend.
This really is my dream!
In here we're pals until the end,
And no one can hear you scream!

Do you not want to play with me?
Do you fear your defeat?
Don't make me mad, or then you'll see...

When I don't let you eat!

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