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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

Captain Dread’s transparent lips spread into a wicked grin, and with one claw he tapped on the largest island in the local sea. “Aye. Now’s we know just what we can do, we stay the course and make sure the big targets know that e’en their coasts aren’t safe from us. Tomorrow, we sail fer Mystery Island.”

Bring Your Own Petpet to Work Day

As a writer for the celebrity and pop culture section of The Neopian Times, I, Archibald Grimsley, was excited to hear that it was Bring Your Own Petpet to Work Day. Every evening when I would come home I would tell Giggles, my Rainbow Babyca, all about the important figures I had interviewed and latest trends in Neopia. Now I could actually bring Giggles to see it all happen! If only I had known what a fiasco was to occur when Giggles came with me to The Neopian Times headquarters, I wouldn’t have brought him along. The day began quite normally, sleeping till the last minute, rushing to get dressed and grabbing a cup of Marquan Blend Coffee and a Breakfast Hot Dog, and running out the front door. Right as I crossed the threshold, I heard Giggles exclaim, “Wait for me! I’m coming along today, remember?” Oh, yeah! In my sleepy haze I had completely forgotten. “Well, come along then!” I replied. We quickly made the trek to the NT headquarters. As we approached the entrance, I saw several of my coworkers walking in with their Petpets. Sandra from HR was holding her Angelpuss and loudly saying, “What a good girl!” Clearly trying to draw everyone’s attention to her Petpet. Giggles and I both looked at each other and rolled our eyes. Unfortunately for Sandra, the majority of the attention was on Nico, the Altador Cup correspondent, who was dancing next to his Disco Kookith to the hit song Dancing King from the BAAB album. Passing through the crowd, we entered the building and I escorted Giggles to my cubicle. “Well, this is it! What do you think?” I asked. “This is where you spend all day? In this drab and boring cube!” Giggles said disgustedly. Ouch. My cubicle isn’t boring! I have a Cheery plant right next to...

How to Satisfy the Demands of Meepits

Meepits are fearsome creatures. They may seem like your average cute and cuddly Petpets, but looks can be deceiving. You don’t want to find out what they’re capable of, so it’s best to just give them what they want: fresh Juppie Juice! Keeping Meepits satisfied isn’t an easy task, so here’s a full Meepit Juice Break guide with a level breakdown on how to feed these Meepits efficiently by a gold trophy holder. Basic Gameplay In Meepit Juice Break, your objective is to feed as many Meepits as you can by connecting pipes from the Juice-O-Matic to 1-3 waiting Meepits. You click on one pipe at a time to rotate it clockwise, and you will earn more points with each pipe that is connected. Additionally, these Meepits have juice preferences! They will drink any colour juice, but you will earn more points if the juice colour matches the Meepit. The Juice-O-Matic only has red, yellow, and blue juice, but you can connect them to produce other colours: Red + Yellow = Orange Yellow + Blue = Green Blue + Red = Purple Red + Yellow + Blue = Pink Here’s the catch: the Meepits do not like waiting for long so they get more demanding as the game progresses! With each level, the difficulty increases as you have to feed more Meepits with shorter time limits. You start with three lives and you will lose one for every Meepit you fail to feed in time. Scoring The game starts with one Meepit to feed at a time, though as you progress, you will have two Meepits, and then three. You can feed multiple Meepits simultaneously by connecting their pipes together before any juice is connected. Once a full path of juice is connected to a Meepit, the pipes will shift and the fed Meepit is replaced with another hungry Meepit.

12 Petpets That Deserve Your Appreciation

Sponsored by the Petpet Protection League There are hundreds of Petpets in Neopia, and naturally, some are more popular than others. There’s no shortage of love for Faellies, Meepits, Onas, Kadoaties, and Snowbunnies. But what about the other 90%? Every Petpet deserves their day--that’s why the Petpet Protection League established the Petpet of the Week, after all--but there is more that could be done. So on this Petpet Appreciation Day, we’d like to take the time to call out to 12 lesser-known Petpets that deserve more love and attention. 1. Hermiteese Hailing from Altador, this fetching fellow is smarter than you might think. The owner of the Altadorian Petpet Shop says that these Petpets assist their owners with a variety of tasks such as Neomailing letters and fetching plates of cheese for their Neopet. What more could your Neopet want? 2. Cubett As the name would imply, these bright orange aquatic Petpets are curiously shaped like a cube. Its odd shape often causes potential owners to pass over it, but once you get past their exterior, these swimmers are loving and loyal. 3. Mastyxi Have you ever heard of a Mastyxi? If you’ve ever found yourself wandering the Lost Desert, you may have overlooked these yellow, clawed, and long-tailed little guys napping in scant patches of shade. They are happiest when left to sunbathe, and can be quite affectionate when they’re in a good mood. Beware, however, that these are not the best partners for Baby Neopets--they can sport a nasty temper. 4. Boween These chubby, cuddly balls of love are sadly often ignored in the Faerieland Petpet Shop, where Neopets tend to flock towards more popular Petpets instead. Next time you’re there, take a moment...

Other Stories
"The Legend of the 50-Foot-Long Tuffala" by _brainchild_
One cosy day in Moltara, Malmagma the Magma Draik was watching a programme on Neovision. Intrigued by the recent discovery of a new Moltaran Petpet called the Tuffala, she was enjoying special coverage about the critter. “The size of this unique being is directly tied to its age,” began the announcer as video footage was shown containing several Tuffalas of different sizes in their native habitat. “Due to some of the giant specimens that have been discovered, it is believed that they can live for a very, very long time. Another unique fact about the creatures is that they can move through streams of magma underneath the Neopian planet’s surface to travel anywhere on the globe almost instantly. Therefore, it is speculated that Tuffalas may soon be found in other regions besides Moltara. How exciting!” Malmagma smiled, realising that she wanted a Tuffala of her own. “Also intriguing is the legend of the 50-foot-long Tuffala,” continued the announcer. Malmagma could not believe her ears. A 50-foot-long Petpet?! Only the Turmaculus would compare. “This legend has been passed down for the last 1000 years. It was only written down semi-recently, having been told previously by word of mouth. 1000 years ago, the Princess of Moltara, a young Draik, had a Tuffala named Lavaridge for a Petpet. When the princess fell victim to a nasty curse and could no longer care for Lavaridge, the Petpet was placed in the local zoo. However, she soon grew so big and strong that she escaped from the zoo and scampered off to an unknown location. More information can be found in the book The Princess of Moltara and Her 50-Foot-Long Tuffala.

"The Annual Petpet Prank War" by maddie_bangz
“3…2…1…” “It’s midnight! Let’s go.” The house was otherwise silent except for the whispered murmurs of the Petpets and the soft snoring of their Neopets. The Gruslen and Harris duo grabbed their backpacks, stuffed to the brim with supplies and thrown over their shoulders with a soft thunk. The two stumbled clumsily under the weight of the bags. They quickly tiptoed out of the room and down the stairs, making sure to avoid the creakiest steps. They couldn’t risk waking up anyone else in the house. The Petpets slowly opened the front door, pausing to listen for the reassuring snoring of their Neopets, making sure no one had woken up. The Gruslen nodded at the Harris that the coast was clear, and the two stepped outside while carefully closing the door behind them with a click. It was a crisp, chilly night that was typical for April. A full moon glowed in the sky with hundreds of stars twinkling around it. The perfect night for mischief, and the Petpets were buzzing with anticipation. The two nodded at each other and burst out into a run and quickly made their way into the nearby forest, feeling much safer under the cover of the trees. Other than their hurried footsteps in the dirt, the night was quiet and still. Their packs felt heavy as they sprinted through the brush until they finally heard other whispers in the distance. “Shh, I think we’re here!” The Gruslen hissed at the Harris, who was racing to keep up. They slowed down as they approached a break in the trees, taking in the large open field around them. This normally quiet spot in the wilderness was packed full with hundreds and hundreds of whispering Petpets.

"Florg and his Slorg" by ningkov1
“Feed Florg now! Give Florg Petpets. Arghhhh!” Florg wanted more food, but the annoying Grundo wouldn't give him any. “Florg, it's bedtime now, okay? Bedtime! See you tomorrow!” With those parting words the doors shut and Florg was left alone. Florg didn't like to sleep. When he slept, he always dreamed of a strange Yellow Chia. This Chia worked in the Space Station and lived with his Petpet Slimy, a usually large Slorg. Florg couldn't understand why he felt sad when he saw these dreams. He always woke up feeling like he had lost something, and he did not like that. So, he tried not to sleep as much as possible. This had disastrous consequences. He was always in a bad mood, he couldn't express himself or think clearly, and his body ached. He tried to soothe his pains with his favourite foods: delicious and juicy little Petpets. Hasee and Kadoatie were his favourites, and Slorgs were his absolute least! How strange that he would dream about owning a Slorg! He didn't even like being in the same room as Slorgs! Every time a Slorg was on his dinner menu, he made sure to throw at least one of his Grundo caretakers across the room. After another sleepless night it was time for his food; though his mood quickly soured even further after over 20 Petpets dropped to the floor during mealtime. He screamed at his caretakers and threw one poor Grundo out into space. He became even angrier after he saw the Grundo being promptly saved by his friends. He also couldn't stand the incessant beeping! There was always a beeping sound around the station, and silly little Grundos kept passing by at all hours. He hated how big their toes were!

Legendary Petpets

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