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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Flotsam Day Special

Flotsam Magical Water
by profebest

Somewhere in Neopia,
Maraqua to be exact;
There is creatures underwater,
Not monsters or fishes,

It’s a Neopets species,
Known as Flotsam,
They can swim at the speed of light,
Just as well they can Jump on Water,

These species are very kind unlike Jetsam,
They have such beautiful colours like Rainbow,
And many colours that make them look amazing,
Underwater; these species are very kind and lovely,

You can usually see them once upon a time,
But there is a certain area where you can create them,
And be the owner of an amazing Flotsam,
Enjoy this shiny day; happy Flotsam Day!

Flotsam Ice Cream Sundae
by precious_katuch14

Your loyal companion
Upon Mystery Island shores,
A delicious sweet treat
With a surprise in store.

Or perhaps served to you
From Neopia Central's food shop,
A respite from a hot day,
A refreshing little stop.

A Flotsam-shaped bowl
With a fin to hold,
As you enjoy your ice cream
Refreshing and cold.

With each spoonful,
A chocolate fin is revealed,
The perfect addition
To your dessert meal.

Behold the chocolate Flotsam
Swimming in the vanilla sea,
Adorned with hundreds and thousands,
As far as its eye can see.

It's a Flotsam Ice Cream Sundae
Bursting with creamy flavour,
Filled to the brim with sprinkles,
Leaving you wanting more.

Woodland Flotsam, Adrift
by flufflepuff

Adrift             The sky

              Is where
The sea                    This Flotsam

             Shall drift
Tranquilly                  Without

A                         Care

With                     Tendrils

e                        e
   v                  r
     e              e
        r        h
          y  w

My Friend Frank
by ennyra

There was a Flotsam that lived by me,
We became the best of friends.
His name was Frank and we loved to play,
From the morning until the day ends.

Obviously his favorite is swimming,
He's the fastest racer ever.
Nobody could beat Frank in the water,
No matter how smart or clever.

He would swim up to the beach,
To join me for a picnic.
By and land and by sea,
He was full of fun tricks.

He could jump and play with a ball,
Hitting it to and fro.
He could dive down for treasure,
Wherever things may go.

Frank was my best friend,
I know he loves this day.
Let's celebrate all the Flotsams,
With a big hip, hip, hooray!

Mutation, Flotsam's Solution to Pollution
by _jakk

The sound such as the bellows of an iron beast
Accompanied by sharp whistling one can't miss
Followed by smell of burning coal and grease
Grew the noxious feeling we attempt to ease

Out came these strange fellows in yellow
Bringing their seemingly radioactive jello
Plus other random trash and waste to throw 
In they flowed tainting all with an eerie glow

Home, kindred lost with all other we held dear
Hearts filled with sombre, loathe and fear
Our eyes burn and tear we no longer see clear
Our cries of beholding demise no one can hear

Before long our transformation has begun
Skin turned, flesh twisted, and bones spun
As all of nature's blessings came undone
We became nasty abominations all else shun

Now we are one with the waters we lurk
Three pairs of eyes that see through murk
Claws and thorns for our retribution work
Let the threnody of Mutant Flotsams be heard

The Most Observant Neopets
by shutianlei3333

Out in the waters and deep in the sea,
There are Neopets as small as can be.
They are flotsams, fish with a curved fin,
Sharp horn on their head and smooth skin.

Because of their size, they face many dangers,
So they are cautious and don't trust strangers.
Fortunately, in water, they are very nimble,
And make difficult manoeuvres look simple.

Their eyes are good at detecting motion,
Even without light in the dark ocean.
If in trouble, they can swim very fast,
And their maximum speed is unsurpassed.

If they like you, they will be your pet,
And let you catch them using a net.
They are low maintenance and lots of fun,
So there is no reason to wait to get one.

Happy Flotsam Day!

Flotsam Floats
by ghatna

A curious look on my face, I float
Here, there, everywhere
All at once, I go

Different Neopets I see
An amalgamation of faeries, too
Petpets of all kinds kindly wave hello

Kind in one world,
Cruel in another,
The same creatures trouble me so

Varieties of flotsam, too, I find
Some with a wiggly horn,
Others that look like a rainbow

Colors, flavours, scents, and sounds,
A whole new universe to explore,
Maybe many more

We are not alone, I realize,
But I am a Flotsam on my own,
So I float, and I float, and I float

Zombie Flotsam Glasses
by geneames1

Twisted frames and shattered lenses
made for eyes that cannot see
sit upon the decayed brow
Of one who lives beneath the Sea

As broken as the one who wears them
like their owner, grey and dull
once they looked upon a world
vibrant, bright and colourful

But these glasses can be mended
lenses cracked we can replace
damaged frames can be remade
and polished with artistic grace

Zombie Flotsam glasses
battered and distressed
are the kind of spectacles 
that suit a Zombie best

Flotsam's Wish
by gothams



But calm down I say to myself
And don't yet place your dreams on a shelf
Though it's odd to have legs and to be a Flotsam
The sight of me to Jetsams must be quite awesome

No longer am I like a timid fish
Nay, I am a force to be reckoned with
So I accept the bitter and the sweet of my cup
Because while my hands are heavy, I've got the leg up!

Flotsam Party Ideas
by exanomaly

When you celebrate the Flotsam way, 
you’re sure to have a blast, 
their event planning is impeccable,
they don’t do things by halves!
Start with seashells, sand dollars
and urchins of bright colouring, 
they make a grand table display
or exotic napkin ring.
Add some sassy seaweed,
drape it round the door, 
prepare a bubble-blowing contest
so the kids won’t start to snore. 
Corral some friendly jellyfish
to drift above for a dreamy atmosphere, 
for dessert prepare a massive bowl
of blueberry jelly - a flavour without peer!
For sport there must be ring toss
or a race to catch a fish,
a splash parade at sunset, 
and charades, if you so wish. 
Most important is the cake
which must be made especially:
whisk courage, wit and aptitude,
beat in some mirth and glee,
use a paddle to whip up a batch
of insatiable curiosity, 
and don’t forget ancient wisdom:
a dash of prehistory,
and a Flotsam treat would not be complete
without a generous sprinkle of 
the spirit of the sea.

The Underwater Chef
by therainbowsheep

Three cheers for the Underwater Chef!
To our culinary requests, he is not deaf.
Many a creative recipe he creates,
Resulting in delicious foods on our plates.

Mumbo Pango demands the chef’s time,
So to the island the flotsam stays confined.
Ever resourceful, he takes help in form of quest:
Gather the ingredients and be blessed!

Either Neopoints or stats, the chef bestows,
What you will receive, you never know!
Some say his quests are a gamble,
But to complete them, still everyone scrambles.

Because while the prize may be unknown,
The chef sits on a cooking throne.
His cooking is truly so flavorful,
That to fulfill his quests, we feel a pull.

Happy Flotsam Day to the cooking king,
We thank you for all the yummy recipes you bring!

a poem about an ordinary neopet
by neopiantownsman

as i sit here, lost in thought
i cannot quite imagine what to write
how to write
why to write
about the Flotsam, fleeting and few
so i ask: what can i write?

necessary? not necessarily,
in fact, quite ordinary
beautiful? but, that’s arbitrary
our opinions are temporary
special? to some, extraordinary
to others simply secondary
so i ask: how can i write?

by appreciating Flotsam for what they are
ordinary can be beautiful
normal can be special
we are Flotsam; not more and not less.
ourselves and not others.
me and not you.
so i answer: that is why i write.

Flotsams, friends for life
by annikkiadepp_

Floating in the sea,
dwelling on land
we all have to agree,
Flotsams are grand!

Flotsams are dolphin-like Neopets,
who like to swim in the ocean.
They swim with the power of 10 water jets,
doing so in a swift motion 

They are said to be small,
the smallest a Neopet can be
They are often in a brawl
with Jetsams - from whom they flee

Flotsams have a strong sense of danger,
and they also have a quick mind.
They won’t trust just any stranger,
and you may find them a bit unkind.

They used to be limited edition,
because they are Jetsams’ favourite dish
but they slowly bettered their food chain position,
you can create one everyday if you wish.

Go create a Flotsam today,
to keep boredom at bay.
Perhaps you’ll gain a new friend,
who’ll hold your hand till the very end.

Fingholl, The Flotsam Explorer
by tallydepp

Fingholl, the Flotsam explorer, no longer explores the lands.
Once he loved to roam and swim o'er seas and rivers and sands.
Intrepid, brave and fearless, Fingholl was quite well known,
There was nowhere in Neopia that our Flotsam would not go.
Baynor the Kiko was his companion and together they explored
Places that were hard to reach and never seen before.

One day news reached them about a curse upon Maraqua placed,
The Koi King threatened by Captain Dread, with protection money to pay.
Alas the harvests were meagre that year, and poor was the Koi King.
He refused to pay the demand and Dread was offered nothing.
Enraged, Dread vowed revenge and thus the curse was cast.
"Maraquans!" he yelled to all, "This day will be your last!"

Fishermen idling in the seas spoke of black clouds gathering in the skies,
From their boats they watched aghast at Maraqua's demise.
The waters, once still and gentle, whipped and roared irate,
Where Maraqua had just been, now a raging whirlpool in its place.
And so Fingholl and his buddy, filled with courage, hope and dread,
Embarked upon a mission to explore Maraqua's seabed.

Into the whirlpool they lowered themselves, down and down so deep,
And the sights awaiting them made brave Fingholl weep.
Carnage and destruction, buildings crumbled to the ground,
The beating of Fingholl's heart was the only sound.
There were no survivors, nothing left, Maraqua was gone,
And so Fingholl decided with exploring he was done.

In the years that came to pass, Maraqua was indeed reborn,
But Fingholl kept his promise and never did once more explore.
At night he is kept awake by the sights that he did see,
The death and the destruction from his mind will never leave.
He spends his days campaigning for peace, for love, and no more war.
It must never happen again, the devastation that went before.

Tribute To Flotsam
by xghoul447

What is cute as all can be?
And lives in the crystal clear blue seas?
Well, of course, I'm talking about the Flotsam. 
Today is Flotsam day, a day of celebrating Flotsam's greatest feats. 
Flotsams are playful creatures, who are friends with all. 
Flotsams are kind, they help when they can 
Oh we love you so dearly, you swim so freely
So enjoy today for all you have done,
You can swim under the rays of the hot sun
Flotsam, we thank you for all you have done
Now, let's just have some fun!
Today is your day. 
Hip hip hooray!

The Flotsam Filled With Apathy
by _brainchild_

Within vast, prehistoric lands,
You'll find a wheel so dull.
This pastime is much less than grand—
I don't like it at all.

While it will never take a while
Like a certain other wheel,
It will seldom make you smile
Or pay for fancy meals.

This game so very bland is led
By a Flotsam oh so bored.
Plesio's face seems quite dead
Regardless of your score.

So you've gotten the grand prize!
You may be overjoyed,
Yet there's no fun in this guy's eyes—
He's even quite annoyed.

If you visit Plesio,
Apathy is what you'll find
Because the sums of cash are low,
And the loot's not of grand kind.

The Lonely Flotsam Defender
by darkhound45

There lives a Flotsam that is a little sad.
As he starts to think he gets rather mad.
Filo Desenz is the Flotsam’s name.
Playing Yooyuball was his favorite game.

He was quite the defender around the ball,
Even though he was not that tall. 
Filo was competitive and was painted green.
His competitive nature made him mean.

Elon Hughlis was often his target,
Which made Filo get out of market.
The two never got along,
Nor did they think the other was strong.

Filo was replaced with another player,
Which just added another layer.
So many thoughts made him mad,
But deep down he was more sad.

No other team wanted him to play,
Filo did not know what to say.
All he wanted was another home,
To play Yooyuball in another dome.

Maybe something needed to change?
Could something possibly be arranged?
Filo thought through this long and hard.
Would being nice leave him scarred?

He decided that he should be nicer,
So that he could also become rather wiser.
The possibilities seemed so near,
As Filo prepared for the next year.

A Flotsam's Joy!
by pnaylala24

I am a Flotsam, a goalie  named Lor Benneveldt
Some damage I have dealt
In a competitive game called the Altador Cup
I do my best for Mystery Island, Yup!
I try to make my team shine
But I do miss from time to time.
Is it okay? I try my best
Put my opponents talent to the test.
When I make a save the crowd roars
Never is a match a bore!
For I sacrifice my sides
When I dive!
Must not let them score on me!
Must help my team get a victory!
My teammates and I put on quite a show!
How much  practice we put in
Where shall I begin?
I won't tell you with words come watch our game
We will never play for fame
Just for fun
and smiles, a ton!
See you in the arena
and when it ends hope to see ya next year ahhhh!!!

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