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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Random Poetry Day Special

A Plea to the Wishing Well
by 9kas

O Wishing Well, would you be kind to me
And grant my wish if I donate some cash?
Each time I give just twenty-one NP,
But I can up the ante if you’ll ask!

O Wishing Well, I only want one stamp.
A Christmas Scene, or Snowy Stamp, oh please!
Just give me one, and you will be my champ.
Oh, grant my wish - to you, it’s just a breeze!

O Wishing Well, when will my lucky day
Arrive at last, if so, I shall rejoice!
But in the meantime I will hope and pray
That I'll be your recipient of choice!

O Wishing Well, will I at last be free
From checking twice a day, oh hear my plea:
The power’s in your hands, so do help me
As I descend into insanity!

O Wishing Well, would you be kind to me
And grant me an inflated stamp for free?

I Write Poetry for Stamps
by tatyanne

I have a confession to make,
Please listen for my sake.
I want to be a poetry champ,
Because I really love stamps.

Stamps are the bestest prize,
At least they are in my eyes.
My poems are far from perfection,
But I rhyme for my stamp collection.

I want to add them to all the pages,
Unfortunately it does take ages.
I have six hundred and forty-one,
Yet I am so far from done.

Their prices have soared so high,
It even makes the Bank Manager cry.
There has been a lot of speculation,
Wildly fueling stamp inflation.

I try to manifest it with my mind,
Run to my inventory to see what I’ll find,
Please, Coltzan or Commander Garoo.
Make my greatest wishes come true.

I have twenty-four coconuts already,
The journey has been slow and steady.
Flaming Evil Coconut come to me,
I guess I would also settle for Kyruggi.

This hobby is rather expensive–
It has left me feeling pensive.
Will I ever get more stamp avatars;
Why does this goal just feel so far?

Kyruggi the Wise
by theguy2020

One of the wisest of them all,
Kyruggi can help prepare for any brawl,
An experienced strategist for many years,
Her public perception is amazing as she always gets a lot of cheers!

With her spare time she loves playing Go! Go! Go!,
She proves to be quite the formidable foe,
After all strategy is her middle name,
One of her many qualities that brought her fame!
On the Council of Elders she has a seat,
Being here is no easy feat,
Her contributions carefully helped her case,
As a result for her the council will always have space!

A fierce warrior when it is needed,
A battle she has never conceded,
If she's on your such there is still always hope,
Having a seasoned veteran gives little reason to mope!

She was crucial in the Tyrannian Invasion,
Helped to save her people on more than one occasion,
Its highly possible without her they would've lost the war,
Kyruggi was constantly showing the enemies the door!

A Tired Kacheek
by eleganza_lights

Samrin the shepherd is a tired Kacheek,
Often his work seems to be bleak.
He rounds up his Petpets one by one,
Until the pen is full and outside there is none.

Of course his Petpets just want to play,
He wants them happy every day.
But there is that Lupe who makes things hard,
And poor Samrin always need to be on guard.

When Balthazar is not chasing faeries,
He definitely is not collecting the berries.
He eats Samrin’s Petpets when they roam,
How could he let them be on their own.

And so every day, he rounds them up,
Quickly as he can into the lockup.
It seems to be a thankless job,
Sometimes he wants to stamp his foot and sob.

But Samrin, this is a job you excel,
No one else could do it half as well!
We thank you for keeping these Petpets safe,
And we’ll do our best to help in every case!

Roxton A. Colchester III, Adventurer Extraordinaire
by alagfalaswen

Roxton A. Colchester III, 
The third to hold his name,
He seeks to explore
every Neopian shore,
A goal that’s earned him some fame. 

Why, he was the only volunteer
on Professor Fairweather’s grand quest,
Without hesitation
for his reputation,
He signed on at Hugo’s behest. 

The wonders he saw! The dangers he faced!
It's enough to make any man cower
Did he lose his head?
He stayed cool instead!
And saved all in the final hour. 

He was there too in the Atlas of Ancients:
When tasked to save Neopia from strife,
He set off with Jordie
and Clara most gamely,
Armed with his trusty Bowie knife. 

As a team, they uncovered Moltara,
Discovered its catastrophe,
With Igneot’s lore,
They steadied the core 
And opened Moltara finally! 

Roxton's had poor run-ins with the ladies
(The Water Faerie still holds a grudge)
But his motives are noble,
For as long as he’s able,
He'll keep adventuring as such!

The Random Choice of Spots
by maculose

I decided to quit and take a break.
I was beginning to lose free time.
Other things, my time would take,
Although playing was sublime.

I transferred my Pets to a friend,
Who would take care of them real well.
Soon all of my fun would come to an end,
And I would say farewell.

After many years I came right back,
I was ready for a clean slate.
I decided to not join a pack.
Maybe this was fate?

Now that I’m back there came a choice
Of what theme I would choose.
What colour of Pets would make me rejoice?
Which had the best reviews?

The decision was made and I was proud.
I loved this colour a lot.
I jumped up real high and yelled real loud,
“I’m in love with all of these spots!”

Our Muse, the Shoyru
by neoaggie99999

From its time in the Deep Catacombs 
To its days now in Roo Island 
Where the Coffee Shop now calls home 
A barista has whipped up house blends 

Serving Neopia's best coffee 
To fuel the creatives hard at work 
Artists, writers, poetry posse 
Those with the imaginative quirk 

At the center of this bustle
The blue-eyed Shoyru busily brews 
Prepping drinks with quite the hustle 
As customers read the Times for news 

Crammed in the café in tight seats 
Nutty aromas permeate 
From the cappucinos that she completes 
Uplifting the senses to create 

As curls of steam rise from each drink 
Wisps of inspiration pour out 
Renewing worn minds to think 
Giving life for ideas to sprout 

With the creative juices that flow 
Caffeine energy starts to infuse 
And with these elements our crafts grow 
Thanks to this Shoyru who is our muse!

The New Nostalgic Grey Draik Stamp
by i_lovee_icecream

A new stamp,
Is on the scene. 
It’s two days old,
It’s so, so green. 

From the Festival,
Of Neggs this year. 
Its image so beautiful,
I nearly shed a tear. 

Tattered and torn,
Nostalgic yet new. 
Opening Grey Neggs,
I hope to get a few!

The majestic Grey Draik,
With the melancholy frown,
Can now be flaunted,
In stamp albums around town. 

On a new page,
Made special for Grey. 
A page so sad,
Its grief permanently stays. 

Get yours today,
To enhance your collection. 
For this stamp,
I announce my affection!

Neopian Furniture
by gumgum101230

If your furniture is beginning
To make your Neopets frown,
This Green Eyrie will help you choose
The finest sets around!

The Furniture Shopkeeper will help
You decorate your home
To give your Pets the best climate
In which they choose to roam!

If your Neopet likes to party,
Consider the Disco wares;
The wacky floral patterns would
Match the Bean Bag Chairs!

If your Pet is huge and feisty,
The Eyrie may suggest
Something sturdy and efficient,
Such as an Iron Desk!

Consider as well the Posters
That this Eyrie has in stock;
You can choose Queen Fyora, Illusen,
Or even Dr Sloth!

You might decorate for Halloween
If you're so inclined;
A Spooky Sink will help you get
In an "eerie" frame of mind!

But one item is necessary
To perfect any structure:
Show your gratitude by getting
An Emerald Eyrie Sculpture!

Ice cream!
by thomaswilliams123

Travel to Happy Valley, there you can find.
Some wonderful treats, so tasty divine!
Head to Mr. Chipper at the Ice Cream Cart.
Quite a friendly Lutari if you have a coupon to barter.

Ice cream machine coupons come in three different colours,
Pink, green or blue but where do you find them?
You can win them from a quest.
Bring Taelia those items, maybe she'll give you her best.

Have your coupon ready when you head back to the cart,
This is when your options start.
Tell Mr. Chipper your favorite flavor.
Pick a number of spins, turn in circles, its his favorite.

After you spin around and around.
Now you are finally ice cream bound
Mr. Chipper hands you your prize and some NPs
Never knowing what your reward will be.

Maybe its chocolate, maybe its mint,
Perhaps its toffee, hope it's not flavored fish!
Ice cream sundae!! I actually got my wish!
Go on an adventure yourself and get an ice cream dish.

Our Lutari Friends
by firefaeriefan32

It's that day of the year.
Lutaris and Neopians all cheer.
Many Lutari friends are born this way
Loved forever and a day.

Friendly swimming pals our otterish Pets.
A perfect match to have met.
Go to the water and have some fun.
Lutaris play in the water and enjoy the sun.

If you ever get tired of them,
Put them up for adoption.
If you put them in the pound,
They run off and sadly are forgotten.

I only assume pounded Lutaris go,
Back to Lutari Island but much is unknown.
So hug your Lutari, celebrate the day.
Enjoy yourself and avoid dismay.

Sycn the Plushie Mynci
by agedbeauty

If you ever need a cuddle
My Plushie Mynci has your back
He's squishy and he's snuggly
And loves a hug attack!

Sycn always makes me happy
When I poke his little tummy
He's soft and he's huggable
With a smile oh-so-chummy.

Myncis often aren't
The most popular Pet
The Pound Chat doesn't like them
And won't trade for them yet.

But for those who don't like Myncis
I'll make you a bet
Give Sycn a hug - 
It's a hug you won't regret!

As we celebrate my favourite Pet
(Everyday is Mynci Day!)
I challenge you - hug a Mynci
And say hip-hip-hooray!

Springtime in Neopia
by maddie_bangz

Flowers bloom across the land
And Neopians everywhere cheer
Because the last of the winter is finally gone
And we’re so happy that springtime is here
Check out the flowers in Faerieland
They bloom so fast and bright
They’ll probably sprout some tiny wings
So even they can take flight
The Lost Desert might even see some rain
During the April showers
It may be fast and fleeting for them
But they’ll dance in the puddles for hours
Terror Mountain loves to celebrate
When the sun comes out at last
It won’t be enough for the snow to melt
But they’ll still sunbathe with the forecast
Lands all over Neopia
Will be celebrating the spring
We can’t wait for this change to come
And see what this season will bring

The Great Grey Feast
by kittyko92

Grey Foods have a flavour you'll never forget..
The taste of sadness and regret.
Dreary, drab, and ominous too,
They'll leave you feeling wistful and blue.

To start off your day with a woeful brunch,
Have Grey Waffles, lacking both warmth and crunch,
Paired with Grey Toast, not really toasted at all,
Grey Eggs and Bacon look likely to bawl.

In the worse of lunchtimes, filled with despair,
A Grey Sandwich with Grey Juice to pair.
What is the filling? Which fruit made this juice?
You may not want to know these horrible truths.

Grey Pizza for dinner, who doesn't love that?
Except for the fact that it's drooping and flat.
How about a Grey Hot Dog instead?
With its own rain cloud, it fills one with dread.

And now it's time for a sweet Grey treat,
Doughnuts, ice cream, cakes- so many to eat!
But whichever you choose, it's all quite the same..
Subtle sweetness with just a hint of shame.

It's time for a Great Grey feast,
Try a bite of Grey Cheese, at least.
You'll find the flavours to be full of dismay,
Perfect for the greyest of days.

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