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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Hissi Day Special

The Mutant Hissi's Pantoum
by swordlilly

You dream of seeing the world, while I
Am content in this secret garden.
No one needs to see us, I say;
I pray for peace and quiet.

There's discontent in this secret garden.
You dream as much as I do, I know.
Your prayer for peace and quiet
Comes, goes like the morning rays.

You dream as much as I do, I know,
When we see others pass us by:
Coming, going like the morning rays,
Seeing and not-seeing us.

When we see others pass us by,
Content to put us in our secret garden,
We know they are not-seeing us,
And we dream of seeing the world.

Kastraliss's Tale of Terror
by frankie8492

One of the most lethal monsters of them all
Is a purple Hissi that is quite tall.
He is a minion of the Darkest Faerie,
And is destructive, menacing, and scary.
Luckily, he was defeated by those in the Altador hall.

However, unfortunately, he is not completely gone,
Because the Darkest Faerie's magic lets him respawn.
Over the years, he has returned multiple times,
And the more terror he spreads, the fear for him climbs.
People don't dare speak his name and his form is never drawn.

Thankfully, right now there is serenity and peace,
But that's no reason to let your guard decrease.
As the saying goes, history is bound to repeat,
And eventually, everyone will have to defeat
Kastraliss during the next time he is released.

Maraquan Hissi Misadventures
by stefsea

In the distance you spot a serpent of the sea;
A young Maraquan Hissi just full of glee!
While some would prefer to stay ashore,
You get the feeling this won’t be a bore…

So you join the peppy Hissi for a deep dive,
Marvelling at Maraqua, this place looks so alive!
Your snake-like friend moves easily with grace,
It looks like it’s time for an underwater race?!

The aerodynamic Hissi picks up some speed, 
Darting and disappearing behind seaweed!
Those wing-like fins make him the one to beat,
There’s no way to catch up, unless you cheat!

The Hissi dives down, and you have to follow;
To give up on the race now would be so hollow!
But to your surprise, the Hissi stops on a dime,
And motions to some rocks which you then climb.

On the other side of the ridge, you see Hissi galore!
Enjoying a celebration that will be the stuff of lore.
So this wasn’t a race, the poor serpent was late;
To a very important Hissi Day celebration date!

The Most Daring Neopets
by shutianlei3333

Hissis are special and lots of fun.
They're perfect Neopets for everyone!
Their size lets them live in small spaces,
And they can adapt to all places.

They move by sliding along the ground,
And are some of the fastest creatures around.
They also have pretty wing-like arms,
Which is one of their many charms.

Their wings allow them to soar and fly,
So they can travel up in the sky.
They like to visit many locations,
Especially when on their vacations.

They love to chat with friends and tell a story,
That is about adventures, peril and glory.
So let's celebrate Hissis today,
Come together and all say,

Happy Hissi Day!

The Mystical Hissi Knight
by precious_katuch14

Lurking in the shadows,
The Mystical Hissi Knight,
Clad in armour and cape,
Always ready to fight.
Whether the sun is up
And the sky is light
Or the darkness has fallen
And the sun gives way to night.
He prowls the woods,
The Mystical Hissi Knight,
If you can find him,
He's quite the marvellous sight.
Green scales and yellow eyes,
Fangs in a ferocious bite,
Strong and powerful wings,
Allow him to take flight,
To land in the treetops,
Or scale the highest height.
Yet a mystery remains:
For whom does he fight?
For justice and good?
Or for Neopia's blight?
Would he betray his friend
Or do what is right?
I suppose I'll never know
As this poem I write
About the ever enigmatic
Mystical Hissi Knight.

Geraptiku Hissi
by mewemy

Deep in the Deserted Tomb you won’t find a pretty faerie
Instead, you’ll find something slithery and scary
If you dare to travel to Geraptiku the lost city
Don’t miss the old crypt, it’ll be such a pity

Be very careful you’re likely to find a trap
Don’t forget to bring a trustworthy map
The treasure is what you want to find
Filled with riches that will blow your mind

You need to beware of the Hissi of fear
A big ghost of a beast, don’t forget to bring a spear
He’s translucent grey with big red eyes
To not go in alone would be quite wise

Great red feathers adorn his head
One sight of this Hissi will fill you with dread
I’m warning you now to enter with care
The Geraptiku Hissi gives quite a scare

Bounty Hunter Hissi
by miraday

What mechanism makes one move
When made of metal, grooved?
What does it take to be impervious
And malleable? The serpentine
Bounty Hunter Hissi defies physics,
Locked into his target, winding
With precision, finalizing decisions.

This Hissi was not always a robot;
Those seeking to improve cannot
Stay within the confines of a body.
The Hissi, equipped with new gadgets,
Is part machine with calculated aplomb,
Though his form is still like a Wadjet
Delineating Neopet and automaton.

When bounties are announced, 
Their subjects already feel trounced
Under the weight of a hunter hunting.
When the Robot Hissi heeds the call,
The shilling sound of metal is the last
Sound they hear before their downfall.
The Bounty Hunter Hissi is unsurpassed.

A Special Hissi
by profebest

Rumours around Neopia talk about-
A Special Hissi - one that only stocks,
Once in a moon on a shop,
This special edition Hissi starts like this,

Snakes are green but this one is Ice,
Nothing compared to Plushie Hissi,
Let's not forget about Ice Hissi Morphing Potion,
Only Kauvara might know about that secret-

It stocks for more than 1 million NP,
Are you ready to get restock this shiny Hissi-
We shall test your skills and make it bloom,
If you manage to get an Ice Hissi from Kauvara,

This will make you a superstar,
Also it's the only one ice morphing potion,
That stocks ever on that shop that is,
This makes this A Special Hissi,
Happy Special Hissi Day!

The Legend of Kastraliss the Hissi
by honorrolle

Violent violet with azure, amethyst spikes, and red eyes,
Kastraliss rages across the skies,
Gaseous emerald  fumes released,
All living things it touches deceased.

Banished by the council of Altador, 
Unleashed by Darkest Faerie to even the score,
No access to the bog to cure the plague,
Trouble banishing the beast, with histories vague.

Tor and Roberta heroes at arms,
Thwarted Kastrasliss and the Darkest Faerie’s charms,
Gone forever he truly is not, 
Summoned by lime green statue to bring back the rot. 

Thank Fyora the bravest Acara and Lupe,
Found the cure to the plague and were not duped,
Until the day he with vengeance he returns,
When Neopia is threatened, with evil that burns.

Ghost Hissi of the Deserted Tomb
by therainbowsheep

The temptation of rumoured fortune leads all to the Deserted Tomb
Beware the dark passages and traps - ahead lies potential doom!
In the depths of the ruins a menacing Ghost Hissi slithers,
Devoted to protecting ancient treasure. Do you still come hither?

The nameless Hissi has sharp senses and is quite astute
You won't be able to hide, let alone steal the tomb's loot.
True to the species, this scaly Neopet loves adventure and danger
He lurks in the shadows and is happy to chase strangers.

Legend says he has a large appetite,
So run faster, before he takes a bite!
He may seem like a monster, but he's likely just famished
Is he the reason so many treasure seekers have vanished?

Don't be tempted by his serpent-like voice,
Leave now while you still have a choice.
Ghost Hissi is the Deserted Tomb's prime protector 
Happily chasing and eating all hopeful collectors.

Hissi Oil, Sure to Spoil
by _brainchild_

I was sick with tons of boils,
So I bought some Hissi Oil!
The seller promised it was grand,
The finest potion in the land!

The claim is that all symptoms cease
With Hissi Oil, sure to please.
I rub it on my skin of flames.
In minutes it won't be the same!

Aw, man. That didn't work. At least
The Hissi Oil brings a feast!
It makes all food so tasty. I
Dump oil on gruel and moldy pie.

The taste is worse! How gross! Now I
Am sick from mold. The dumbest buy
Was Hissi Oil---it doesn't work.
I loathe that cheating, awful clerk.

Befriend A Hissi
by cinnabonski

Far and wide
This pet is known
For scaly body
And wings alone

Still thy fear
Though looketh scary
Tis all for show
As colors very

Some are wraiths
And some are bots
Others are jelly
A few have spots

Many are custard
A handful are cloud
Even Darigan
Is allowed

Sometimes conjoined 
Twins they bind
Devilish grins
Two you'll find

Seek a royal
Girl or boy
Pretty in pink
And even a toy

Red and green
And island too
Plushie's my favourite
How bout you?

So many different
Types to see
Today's the day
Befriend a Hissi

A String Of Hissi Haikus
by lesslynope

I heard a small hiss,
when out on my walk today. 
I shuddered. Afraid. 

Was I being fair?
Was I being paranoid?
It was just a hiss.

I paused my walking. 
I know it is their nature, 
my fear felt unfair. 

I would never fault
a Kougra for having claws, 
even razor sharp. 

I turned back around, 
resolving to be better, 
I would go say hi.

I neared the bush
where I did first hear the sound
and peeked behind it.

All of the sudden
the hiss turned into a shout,  
"Ah, it's a human!"

He yelled. I did too. 
Suddenly we stopped, laughing. 
There was no danger.

It was a Hissi, 
and a quite small one at that. 
"Hello," I managed. 

"Hello," he replied.
I sat. We began to talk.
Both started learning.

It soon became clear
there was not a thing to fear. 
We soon became friends.

I think of the day
that my fear turned to friendship.
Why was I afraid?

I guess the truth is
difference can be scary.
Have an open mind. 

If someone has scales
be not afraid. Say hello. 
A friend may be made.

Robin Hiss, Thief of Lore
by florg95

There once was a Hissi which
lived his life as a thief. 

He would take from the rich,
namely a lazy king Skeith. 

His name was Robin Hiss, 
And by people he was adored. 

He often spread bliss, 
filling every cupboard. 

King Skarl did despise him, 
perched atop gilded throne. 

Though he was far from slim, 
he'd yell, "leave my food alone!"

Yet the people were starving. 
Bellies empty, everyday thinner.

While royal turkeys were carving, 
the rubbish dump provided dinner. 

The sneakier the snake, 
The easier the mission. 

So many goods Hiss take, 
I mean, ahem, acquisition.

He worried he'd be caught, 
or his cover would be blown. 

But he worried for naught, 
as he slithered on, alone. 

The guards he easily eludes, 
escaping with a nary a sound.

His pack full fine of foods 
that he'd soon pass around. 

He used his spoils for good, 
feeding those with without. 

Successful, he hid in the wood
while the rich king did pout.

He thrived in this manner, 
spreading around the wealth.

His name on a wanted banner, 
he avoids capture with stealth. 

He did this quite often, 
keeping the people filled. 

His resolve never to soften,
a thief overly skilled. 

And so the story is told, 
from lands near and far. 

How a Hissi, brave and bold, 
Became a loved local star. 

He took from the chateau
of a king rather frumpy. 

And know you do know, 
Why Skarl is so grumpy.

A Hissing Hissi
by bubunevasca

Thisss isss my ssstory
My name isss Sssasssha and I'm a desssert Hisssi
I'm sssarcassstic, ssstraightforward, and alssso very sssophisssticated
I love sssaladsss, sssailing, and disssco musssic
I'm a sssuccesssful sssalessswoman, who ssspecializesss in sssilver jewelsss
My ssstore is basssed at Lossst Desssert
Hope you passs by sssometime!
I'm sssorry for my ssstresssful hisssing, I will sssoon ssshut up
Jussst wanted to sssay sssomethingsss about me
And maybe inssspire sssomeone!!

The Monster of the Deserted Tomb
by erroro

Explorers arrive along the sands of Mystery Island
Heading north along the path, venturing down,
Through the trading post, the volcano,
The vines hiding a secret to be found

The fabled treasure of lost city Geraptiku,
Awaits those who are brave enough to go
Down those darkened, ancient halls
Beware of the traps and trickery in tow.

For dwelling in the hallowed halls
A terrifying creature that does reside
If you have the misfortune of meeting it
Do not meet its glowing red eyes. 

A ghost Hissi, slithering along,
Roaring its hunger out to hear!
Foolhardy explorers, take heed,
To avoid his wrath, do not go near.

To the deserted tomb monster,
Neopets are a tasty snack.
Though I didn’t get any treasure,
When running, I don’t look back!

Sonnet for a Hissi
by theantiantiantichris

Something stirs in the sand
Is it something scary?
Will it soon cross this land?
Should I be more wary?

It's slinking nearer,
and I'm scared stiff I'll soon be its snack.
I see its eyes, should I fear or
Stand my ground and fight back?

Stealthy she slides sleekly,
She is something sly to see. 
Soothingly she says meekly,
"So... want to play a game with me?"
Soon we start on hide and seek, starting friendship in good health,
Though she probably cheats at this as she is painted "stealth".

Hissi Travel Backpack
by indulgences

Beware when handling this green bag!
It comes with fangs and venom!
Please open it with lots of care.
It’s hardly cloth or denim!

The top flap is a Hissi’s face,
With lips that snarl and threaten!
If handled wrong, the teeth will bite,
And poison will then set in!

The bag is leathery and tough,
Just like the Hissi species!
If you’re not careful, it will try
To rip you into pieces!

I don’t know why this bag was made!
It’s dangerous to handle!
Its purpose is to scare us all,
And leave us all quite rattled!

The Hissi Travel Backpack is
A devilish creation!
Beware, or it will bite your hands…
A backpack of damnation!

The Hissi of the Tomb
by flufflepuff

From one’s first step inside the tomb,
The air grows thick as weeds
So rank and stagnant, for it holds
Decay and foulest deeds.
A glint within its bowels deep,
A rumour whispered true,
A flash of promised treasure’s what
Its spelunkers pursue.
A resident of stalwart walls
And unforgiving snares
Forever drifts through ruined halls
And catches unawares
The treasure seekers, who, at once,
Depart with greatest haste.
They spare no thought to aught except
That they are being chased.
But what of the pursuer grey,
Translucent in his form?
Whyever in his undead “life,”
Is this his lasting norm?
Perhaps both great and lesser light
Will wisp his form away,
Or peradventure he’s confined
Aft heroes he did slay,
Or else a curse had taken hold,
Through no fault of his own.
Whatever else the cause may be, 
He’s utterly alone.
Despite arranging skullberries, 
Roast meat into a feast,
With garnishes of flowers bright,
He still is called a beast.
Too long has he remained therein,
As rain doth fall on rock,
The years have worn away his tongue,
His lexicon’s a shock.
“RAWR! ME HUNGRY!” shall he cry,
Referring to the spread,
The smorgasbord that he’s prepared,
Inviting those who’ve fled.
No treasure seeker will accept
The vast array of food,
So once more resignation reigns:
He’ll sup in solitude.

Oh… Do You Have What it Takes to be a Hissi?
by smartie_pants

Oh, to be a Hissi.
That long tail, sharp teeth
And a glare that you don’t dare challenge. 

Nobody ever calls him a sissy.
He’s the keeper of The Tomb,
Protector of a fortune many try to scavenge. 

He’s holds every Neopians trust.
Our most valued pets are left in his hands,
Gone are the days of failed transfers.

Some may look at him with disgust. 
He’s a reptile after all, 
He’s slimy and wet without a scrap of fur. 

But this is his protection. 
Who would approach something they fear?
Who would threaten something so vile?

Worthy of admiration,
The beloved captain of a powerhouse team.
On the Yooyuball field he is the most agile. 

To be equally loathed, trusted, feared and adored. 
One would need to have the thickest skin. 
Oh, to be a Hissi.

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