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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Acara Aquatic Festival Special

Cara Acara / Face to Face
by flufflepuff

La belleza de princesas,
De flores no en tristezas,
Del amanecer, de fresas—
Quería más que esas.
En dulce búsqueda, oyó
La voz, si suave. Susurró,
Y, con sí misma, se llevó
La tentación: la cautivó.
En la danza de la andanza,
A pesar de la asechanza,
Ella tenía la confianza
En promesos de alabanza.
Con su destino, cara a cara
Era la pobrecita Acara.
La tarifa, que era rara,
Era demasiado cara.
En el espejo, vio su reflejo,
Y el monstruo, feo y viejo,
Miró con ojo tan bermejo – 
El monstruo se quedó perplejo.
Movió el pelaje, una brisa,
Pues, ella dio mucha prisa.
Belleza, flores, una sonrisa—
Las arrazaría a ceniza…
English Translation by Author:
The stunning looks of royalty,
The sky, when dawn shall kiss the sea,
The buds and blooms of flowered tree–
All that, and more, she sought to be.
In search of such, she’d heard a call
Among the winds, a call so small,
“Your search is done, haste, do not stall—
Become the loveliest of all!”
She latched on tight, she rolled the dice,
In spite of risks, embracing vice,
And confidence that, more than nice,
Soft features would come in a trice.
With destiny, she, face to face,
Succumbed as old looks did efface.
Her former hair, her hues, her grace,
Had disappeared without a trace.
The honest mirror, with a crack,
Did fall aft showing horror back
To widened carmine eyes. Alack,
No foulness did the monster lack.
As lofty breeze sailed through her hair,
She fled, fueled only by despair.
All that was pure and bright and fair,
She’d raze to ashes everywhere…

Princess Fernypoo's Adventure
by sweetstarpunk

In a large castle
There was Princess Fernypoo
And her Puppyblew

When bored of card games
She tried to find other types
Of joyous past times

Nothing was working
Until she heard about a
Particular fair

When she arrived there
Oh, it was so disgusting!
But she did her best

Coconut Shy was
Simple but her dress, ruined
By an explosion

Fernypoo went home
Embarrassed, so much for that
Wait, where's her Petpet?

That darn Puppyblew
At the fair rolling in mud
It only got worse

Luckett The Acara Librarian
by tallydepp

If there is something you would like to know,
Altador is the place to go!
Within the city walls you'll find
A building that will expand your mind.
And there to help you, an Acara friendly and bright,
A true gem working day and night.
Luckett is this librarian's name,
Reading books is her game.
For twenty five years she has spent
Arranging books upon the shelves,
Sharing knowledge with those who ask,
Nothing is too big a task.
In the archives, she files and records
All the books the library hordes.
But for one day a year, Luckett won't be there,
On June 28th she will be elsewhere.
When the Acara Aquatic Festival is in full swing,
Luckett likes to go for a swim.
Adept in the water, she splashes and dives,
And basks in the rays of the heady sunshine,
Inhaling the air so fresh and outdoorsy,
A far cry from the books, so old and so musty.
When the festival is over and done,
Luckett bids farewell to the water and sun.
To the library archives she returns once again,
Luckett the clever Acara librarian.

The Lovely Acaras
by roxanna203

You might have not been able to guess,
But Acara's are quite the swimmers - yes!
Under the water, they feel at home,
But on land, they tend to roam.

This furry Neopet with shell-like ears,
Has long, flexible horns, it appears.
These horns that swing and flop,
Seem to bounce for miles nonstop. 

A great cuddle buddy to have every day,
With extraordinary colours to display.
Their big, round, innocent eyes,
Show curiosity and sincerity, no surprise.

Come celebrate Acara Aquatic Festival, 
If by any means you are sceptical.
Welcome an Acara to the family,
And Everyone will live happily.

A Bookish Hero
by shooting_star_04

If you come with me down this path a little way,
You will meet a happy Acara who reads all day.
Most of her adventures are on the pages,
But she dreams of her own story for the ages.
So if you thought to tell her a tale,
Of a dangerous creature in the vale,
She would at once offer you support,
For she is really an adventurous sort. 
So she would come with you to the east,
To help you confront the mystery beast.
But do not expect her to bring a sword,
For she knows the creature is just bored,
Instead she'd bring a large pot of tea,
And facing the beast she would not flee,
Instead she'd sit down with it to read,
The only entertainment it would ever need!

Audrey Hunts Treasure
by ennyra

Audrey is a great Acara,
Do you know what that means?
It means we always have fun,
But let me tell you her biggest dream.

There's a little cove,
Hidden away in Kiko Lake.
She loves diving in here,
Then afterwards we enjoy some cake.

She would love to find some treasure,
Along the bottom of the sea.
So she said she'll keep looking,
The best treasure hunter is all she wants to be.

I know someday she'll find it,
She's the best seeker ever.
My friend Audrey won't let you down,
She's fast and very clever.

Maybe today will bring her luck,
As we celebrate all the Acaras around.
I'll bring the cake and meet you,
For a celebration by the lake in town!

Acara Aquatic Festival
by she_chose_love

Make a splash,
Jump right in!
It does not matter,
if you have legs instead of fins.

Today is a day,
made for the beach.
If you don’t know how to swim,
there will be someone to teach.

Everyone is splashing,
and full of cheer.
On this very special,
day of the year.

Happy Acara Aquatic Festival!

The Acara Who's a Selfish Star Scorer
by _brainchild_

Elon Hughlis is a guy
Who dashes faster than the eye
Can see. Oh, this Acara scores
A lot of goals---he's not a bore.

Playing for Maraqua, he
Shall hurl the Yooyuball with glee.
Entitled, every goal must be
Attained by Elon. "Me, me, ME!!!"

This brat demands the finest treats
Before each match. The strongest heat
Shall come from Spicy Radish Salad,
Which he will not share. How bad!

This guy may score a lot of goals,
But he'd get life without parole
If selfish actions were a crime---
He's egocentric all the time.

Acara Blueberry Muffin
by _jakk

Today it's finally the day,
I don't care what they say,
all sugar-free diet plans stash away,
because today I will have it my way.

Going to have myself some Acara Muffin,
Will stop at absolutely nothing,
not even listening to my health conscious cousin,
going to buy a basket load and start stuffing.

Looks like they just cost half the NP,
Here, just take all my money,
twenty muffins for me and my buddy,
now the day is really looking dandy.

Things quickly went south after my first bite,
I know something in there taste of blight,
this IS the Acara Blueberry Muffin am I right?
And what are these little fluffs of white?

I think I am gonna cry,
there is mould on the muffins I just buy,
made my face like I just ate a fly.

What I thought to be blueberry is no berry at all!
It is fungus like the ones on the wall,
and appears that it has tainted my entire haul,
someone please hold me I think I'm gonna fall.

All about the Acara
by annikkiadepp_

Let me narrate you of the most precious Neopet,
that in all Neopia you will be able to get. 

They usually live in water or land,
and any kind of soil except sand

They have a luscious thick coat
and they can swim like an otter
They have horns that will float,
and are able to hear underwater

They love hunting for treasure
digging every day on the shore
They play sports for leisure,
like Gormball which they adore

Have you guessed the Neopet yet? 
Acaras are the best you can get

Hurry, get your own Acara today 
and I promise your days will never be grey.

The Cutest Neopets
by shutianlei3333

Acaras are cute and lots of fun,
And that is why everyone wants one.
They're very gentle and love to cuddle,
And also love to jump in a puddle.

They can live on land or in the sea,
But the water is where they like to be.
In the water, they can swim very fast,
And in a race, they will never be last.

When on land, they like to run around,
Hide themselves, and wait to be found.
They also like to rest and sit by a fire,
And a hot cup of tea is what they desire.

Acaras are loyal and will stay by your side.
They're worth getting for all that they provide.
So don't wait to get an Acara today,
Let's take them out with us to play,

And say Happy Acara Day!

Ylana Skyfire, the Ruthless Acara
by frankie8492

Ylana came from a family that was wealthy and great,
And they lived in a giant mansion behind a tall gate.
Betrayals were what led to their family's demise,
All of which came to them as a great surprise,
When the banks foreclosed on their entire estate.

Ylana ran from home and learned how to fight,
And soon, everyone knew to fear her might.
She would work for anyone that paid her money,
And didn't care if she hunted a criminal or a bunny.
She did what she wanted and not what was right.

People seeked her out if her services were needed.
She was expensive to hire but always succeeded.
She will not quit until she has finished her mission,
Because nothing is more important than her commission.
When she is paid, that's when the deal is completed.

Masila, Mistress of the Double Cross
by precious_katuch14

Mistress of the double cross,
Plays both sides of the game.
That underhanded cunning
Is how she got her name.

Shrouded in a cloak
And a multitude of secrets,
She traps unsuspecting souls
Within her deceitful net.

Charismatic on the outside,
Cold and calculating within.
The most untrustworthy Acara
The Thieves' Guild has ever seen.

Adorned in jewels not hers,
She takes all she can get.
And that includes 
The trust of those she's met.

While she lurked behind Galem,
She manipulated Kanrik.
The Bringer was resurrected
Thanks to her sneaky trick.

Then she cast Kanrik aside,
Left him out in the cold,
Continued her search
For treasure and gold.

To this green Acara,
Everyone she meets is the same.
All of them are pawns to her,
And Masila is her name.

The Lonely Acara Plushie
by darkhound45

There sat a plushie in a window.
It was an Acara with things to show.
It was bright blue and super soft,
But one of its ears was a little scoffed.

The plushie was sad about its ear.
The ear also had quite the tear.
Who would want a plushie like this?
Its other great qualities were always missed.

It knew it would make such a good friend,
To a pet that didn’t want fun to end.
Then an Acara came into the store.
It was also bright blue and a little bored.

It searched for a friend to bring home.
None were of interest as she let out a groan.
Then out of the corner of her eye,
She saw the torn plushie that she wanted to buy.

It was the same colour as this pet.
The Acara was glad that they just met.
The best part though was the tear,
For this pet also had a tear in her ear.

She was so happy with her luck,
For other pets would run a muck.
They would always point and would stare.
They would also stand and yell BEWARE.

This was all because her ear was torn.
She couldn’t help how she was born.
The Acara was happy that she found this friend.
The two new friends had a happy end!

Fauna, the Gatherer
by neopiantownsman

we are like petpets
sometimes we can feel so small 
like goldfish in the sea—a Goldy in Maraqua
Babaa lost and waiting to be herded
but here She comes.
the gatherer arrives in time
protector of Petpets proudly and
kindest of all the 12
like Vaelous her love soars
and like Ona it shines bright
remember to live like She;
conflict concedes to compassion
a simple act (an apple in Her case)
can make all the difference.
like poetry our hearts melt
and like Kadoatie our praises mew, for—
as it is known, as it is shown—
a gentler heart has never existed.

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