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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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JubJub Day Special

The Un-Valentines JubJub Plushie
by precious_katuch14

Sitting forlornly upon the shelf,
Watching all other plushies leave
The Un-Valentines JubJub Plushie
Continues to frown and grieve.

Fur of bleary grey,
Tears upon its face,
Alone, away from it all,
Hidden in its glass case.

It only has one friend,
A heart cleaved in two,
Which it can't ever put back,
Oh, what shall it do?

No one sees this JubJub plush,
No one even cares,
They always pick the colourful ones,
Of heroes and Neopets fair.

But I see the poor little JubJub,
See its gloomy, weeping eyes,
Feel that tug within my heart,
As I let out a plaintive sigh.

The Un-Valentines JubJub Plushie,
Has spent many a Valentine
Sitting forlornly upon the shelf,
With no one to call it "mine".

It may be too late for Valentine's,
But never too late for this:
The Un-Valentines JubJub Plushie
Will never again be dismissed.

I carry it from its place,
For today is the day,
Someone will take it home,
Carry it far and away.

The Impassable Cloud
by flufflepuff

Of dew and light and gossamer,
so near intangible,
of, too, the wispy air is made --
a cloud, so frangible.

Its image, that, upon the ground,
shall waddle to and fro
is so unlike its skyward kin.
It ever shall stay low.

The opposite, it can be said,
despite resemblance great--
While clouds are gazed upon in awe,
resentment, glares and hate

shall greet this fellow when he comes.
"Why is this so?" you ask?
In inventory, closets, he
impedes desired task.

The Great Cobrall Charmer
by darkhound45

In Tyrannia and need something to do?
Oh boy do I have the thing for you!

Head to the Plateau so you can see firsthand,
The coolest JubJub and his amazing band!

This JubJub is blue and has a gift,
The gift of music that he plays so swift.

Jub Zambra’s his name and he wears no armour.
He plays great music with his Cobrall Charmers.

The cost of the tickets are cheap and sincere.
You will even get a souvenir!

If you want to see him and have some fun,
Visit the concert hall on the fifth of each month.

The Shop Wizard
by therainbowsheep

The Shop Wizard has set up his home base
In Neopia Central’s bustling marketplace.
Upon cobblestone pathway you stroll,
Securing the cheapest price your goal.

You reach the star dotted tent with the red door,
Confident in the good deal you will score.
Because with the shop wizard’s expertise you know,
The prices he finds are the most low!

He searches with diligence and skill,
Very rarely coming up with nil.
Unless it’s a quest item or pesky unbuyable,
Several shop lists he will always pull.

A typical JubJub, the wizard is shrouded in luck-
Heightening your chances to snipe and make a quick buck!
But like his fellow species he can also be shy,
Resulting in a brief ban and all deals running dry.

But once he recharges he is reliable and exact,
Even looking at the price minimum and price max!
You can count on the shop wizard and his signature cape -
With him on your side, your bank stays in good shape!

Why Jubjubs are the Best
by ennyra

Have you ever had more fun
Then playing with a Jubjub?
When it comes to playing,
Consider us the hub!

We like to run and jump,
But rolling is our favourite.
We could play all day long,
As long as we have someone to share it.

We make the best of friends,
We'll be there until the end.
Well always try to make you happy,
On us, you can really depend!

Today all we want is to celebrate with you,
Our very dearest Neopians.
So grab a slice of cake or two,
That's all we're really hoping!

Jubble Bubble’s Double Trouble
by actiontal

Kelby the Shoyru swam out today
Through the waves looking to play 
Little did he know what was coming his way
When JubJubs needed him to save the day 

The gravity of water makes JubJubs fall 
But Kelby was determined to save them all 
Blowing bubbles up like a curve ball 
Dashing across the seabed sprawl 

The bubbles would break the landing
But the JubJubs became too demanding 
Kelby couldn’t keep expanding 
The little coral balls were still understanding 

Maybe these waters are a bit too deep 
You can’t tread in water too steep 
Kelby and friends, in the shallows should keep 
But where would be the treasure to reap?

The Most Important JubJub in the World
by frankie8492

Whenever people need to buy some stuff,
Finding the items can get pretty tough,
But there is one powerful being who can assist,
And can easily find everything on a list.
For most people, just having him is enough.

He is a JubJub called the shop wizard,
That people go to even during a blizzard.
He knows who owns the item you desire,
And for no charge, he'll give the info you require.
There is no one more useful, all things considered.

The only caveat to the shop wizard's advice,
Is that he doesn't give you the shop with the best price.
That can change if you are a premium member,
Because then he will give you the cheapest vendor.
For those people, the wizard will be more precise.

The Cloud
by codyisland

A cloud JubJub crossed my path
And it caused me to remember 
All the strife that I have had
From the clouds that I've stood under

This was my chance to get revenge
And release on him my thunder
So I hovered overhead and said
"My gentleman, you're done for!"

"I'll depress you with my grey
For all the sunshine that you've stolen
And I'll shock you with my ray
For all my trees that you've burnt holes in"

But every cub has a mother
and in that moment I prayed for mine
for I looked up and began to shudder
as I was pelt with Warfs and felines!

Yay Yoris!
by freehanded

Happy Jubjub Day!
Why practice so relentlessly?

"Greatness does not take a day off!"

Happy Jubjub Day!
What gets you up in the morning?

"A sense of appreciation for life -- seize each day!"

Happy Jubjub Day!
Will you carry Meridell to the top this year?

"No matter what the outcome, Meridell will rise stronger each day!"

Happy Jubjub Day!

Tyranu Evavu - Happy Jubjub Day!
by typlohisioh

On this day in the month of Relaxing,
Would you like to play a game?
Venture over to Tyrannia and,
Jarbjarb the Jubjub invites you to play Tyranu Evavu!

If you are able to count,
Then perhaps you’d like to give it a try.
For just a paltry 30 NP, 
A game of luck awaits. 

Jarbjarb the dealer shows you two cards,
One face up and one face down.
Is the face down cared higher or lower -
Tyranu or Evanu?

When a two or Ace is shown,
It’s easy to feel confident.
Jarbjarb now shows you an eight -
Will luck be on your side?

Inevitably, this game of luck comes to an end,
Uhhg Uuuuuuhhhhgggg!
Guess more than 15 in a row correct,
Show off your new avatar with Jarbjarb!

The Roundest Neopets
by shutianlei3333

JubJubs have no paws, but that's okay,
Because their feet let them work and play.
They have very flexible and useful toes,
That are just as good as paws, I suppose!

JubJubs can use them to draw and write,
And they can put up a good fight.
They are also visceral and very smart,
And when in danger, they know to depart.

They are most famous for their round shape,
Which makes it easy for them to escape.
They can roll quickly down roads and hills,
And that also provides them with great thrills.

JubJubs are social and have many friends,
And they hate it when their play date ends.
So let's all adopt some JubJubs and say,
Happy JubJub Day!

Adopt a jubjub
by annikkiadepp_

What’s all this hubbub?
Everybody’s in the street
celebrating the JubJub,
the atmosphere is upbeat

The Jubjub is a timid Neopet,
he is fluffy and very small.
He will never be a threat,
for when he’s scared he curls in a ball.

He is independent and sweet,
and likes to keep to himself
He has only two feet,
and can’t reach a bookshelf.

His favourite pastime is rolling 
down hills, mountains and water slides. 
If he hears a beast growling,
he’ll disappear in one of his hides.

JubJubs are lucky Neopets,
having one will help your chances
 with your Food club bets,
and all your finances

You should get one now, no ifs or buts
You can zap them garlic or make them into coconuts.

Go on, hurry up, Jubjub day is almost gone,
you don’t wanna miss the chance to create one!

Beware the JubJub
by halfkitten

Beware the JubJub—
Fast, dexterous feet, 
A body that can barrel at 
unseeable speeds. 

The JubJub—
With whimsical eyes, 
Seeing through your thoughts,
like your skin is mere glass. 

You put your hands up in defence,
Is this the foe of your night terrors?
Rumbling through your sleep. 

The JubJub galumphs, 
Retreats, shies, but—
then purrs with joy. 

The JubJub takes a final leap—
into your arms. 

O what a day—
Soft creature of sweetness, 
Purring against my heart.

The Candy JubJub: Mouthwatering, But Never Food
by _brainchild_

The Candy JubJub shall delight!
She really is an awesome sight.
Her stripes are oh so whimsical;
Her fuchsia hue is never dull.

Her feet are made of sugared dots!
They certainly would hit the spot,
But yummy gummies I won't eat,
Since Neopets are not a treat.

I often wonder how the pets
Made up of food do not regret
Their colour choice, since everyone
Must ask to eat them. Never fun!

I wonder what the JubJub's taste
Is like, but I won't lick in haste.
This will remain a mystery---
Pet-eating is too low for me.

Service of the Shop Wizard
by _forever__unbroken_

There lives a JubJub in the Marketplace square
If you need an item priced, he will be there
The Shop Wizard serves us selflessly
Searching for prices that are the most fair

He searches and searches through all the shops
Though sometimes he tires and he has to stop
If you're patient he will let you use his service again
When he's had time to rest, he will resume his job

There is a time that comes when he won't help you
If a Faerie has bestowed you with a job to do
He can't interfere with the magic of quests
But when you have it complete, his work can resume

Pricing my shop is a breeze with the help of the Wiz
Innumerable shops that he analyses
It wouldn't be possible without his swift guidance
So thank you, Shop Wizard, for the service you give

How to Make A Sketch JubJub
by andrehmf98

How to make a Sketch JubJub?
That I can tell you!
It's not that hard
Grab a pencil and eraser too!

For starters, draw their body
Give them a pair of feet!
And a pair of round eyes
I'm sure they're looking neat!

Then to the eyebrows
And a silly little smile!
Don't forget its fuzzy fur
Now appreciate its style!

Your Sketch JubJub is done
But I forgot to tell you!
Not only a pencil and eraser,
Grab a lot of love for your JubJub!

The JubJub Club
by tallydepp

Are you in the JubJub Club?
Wear your badge with pride!
The cuteness of these balls of fluff
Cannot be denied!
They're round in shape,
With enormous feet!
Their eyes are huge,
So friendly and sweet!
They cannot hug you, 
They have no arms or hands,
But with those feet, 
They sure can dance!
Garlic, Strawberry, Candy and Ice
All these JubJubs sound so nice.
Coconut, Skunk, Clay and Cloud,
All these JubJubs will make you proud.
Are you in the Jubjub Club?
If you are, then YAYYYYYYY!
And if you're not, then come along
And adopt a Jubjub today!

JubJubs en folie
by moufle

Les JubJubs sont des créatures
Timides et sensibles
Elles adorent partir à l'aventure
Et manger des fleurs comestibles

Les JubJubs aiment vivre en petits groupes
Ou seuls avec leur neofamille 
Ils utilisent leur forme ronde pour rouler
En bas des montagnes telles des billes 

Les JubJubs ont un pelage soyeux
Et de grands yeux amicaux
Ils sont parmis les neopets les plus loyaux
Et sont réputés pour être chanceux

Mais garre à vous si vous les attaquez
Car ils sauront comment riposter
Ils savent se défendre même lorsque blessés
Et imbattables ils sont lorsque vous en avez une armée 

Joyeux anniversaire à nos amis les JubJubs!

ODE to JubJubs
by tarzan1214

Oh JubJub, with your shape like a ball
Your bodily stature is the best of them all

Your fluffy disposition is more than just fur
It extends to your way of life, of this I’m sure.

Meeting you on the streets of Neopia would be pure delight
I can’t think of a better way to spend each and every night.

Painting you Maraquan, Coconut or even Jelly would be a work of art
It would be a neo-dream come true and satisfy the depths of my heart.

Searching for items through the Shop Wizard himself
Fills my JubJub tank. I can’t breathe, I’m beside myself.

Oh Jubjub, these fond memories and dreams will be cherished forever
Like a trophy from Yoris’ Altador Cup future win - he’s a true contender! 

Goodbye for now, JubJub of mine
Remembering you fondly will be truly divine!

JubJub's Bigfoot
by profebest

It's hard yes - it's hard,
To not look at those big feet,
That JubJubs have - so big,
JubJub's are species weird,

Reminds me of Bigfoot,
The legend of all times,
Legends that fade away like an 8-Bit,

A Baby JubJub has cute feet,
Candy Jubjub has glitter feet,
Chocolate Jubjub is Tasty,
Desert Jubjub is so shiny,

No matter what Bigfoot JubJub we have,
Happy JubJub Day!

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