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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Random Pride Poetry Gallery

The Ace
by precious_katuch14

I don't need a Nabile for my Jazan,
Or a Brynneth for my Hanso.
The only true companion I need
Is my trusty father's sword.

I don't need hearts and flowers,
Or a wish for Valentines.
I'd rather go on adventures
Across Neopia's border lines.

I already have my family,
With my strong father,
Whose spirit lives on,
And my loving mother.

And I have my friends,
Who have walked with me,
Brave, loyal, and just,
True warriors three.

I don't need candy hearts,
Pink and red aren't my colour.
I'd rather see new places,
And maybe, probably, save the world.

Grey, like it's a bad thing
by actiontal

You call me grey like it’s a bad thing
But I’ve never been so full of pride 
My visage appears forlorn 
If only you knew what it could hide 

You call my proportions sullen 
But I’m unchanged to my bones 
A grey sky morning in my soul
Embedded in Neopia like stones 

Darkness needs its light 
But I’m somewhere between 
My greyness is a contrast
And you need not intervene

My depressed expression
Runs with me every day 
Constant comfort at my side 
But it’s a good thing, call me Grey

Slorgtastic Kindness
by lizardllc

There once was a Slorg named John
Who just wanted to belong
But John didn’t know 
That wherever he’d go 
Slime would follow him on  

There was a Slorg named Gene 
Who always felt unseen
His face was perfect, 
He just didn’t know it 
So hiding was his routine

There was a Slorg named Grace 
Who disappeared without a trace
Her friends were sad, her parents were mad,
But she desperately needed space

And like that the Slorgs went on 
Their burdens seemed to have won
But one day hope was found
As the Slorgs’ paths compound

John and Gene fell in love
To them nothing mattered above
The love they knew
That was so true
A slorgtastic acceptance thereof 

And Grace was also faced
With acceptance and kind embrace
A feeling so deep 
By her new friends so sweet
That she raced home in haste 

Dear reader it is now we go on 
To help our struggles move on
So come what may
Tell a friend, it’s okay
Judgment and evil be gone!

What Does Pride Mean?
by indulgences

Pride is when your Neopet
Is male, but dresses in
The prettiest of bright pink frocks
And wears a happy grin.

Pride is when your Neopet
Is female, but puts on
The handsomest of tuxedos
That she could ever don.

Pride is when your Neopet
Selects their gender too.
They know that on the spectrum, they
Are neither pink or blue.

Pride is when your Neopet
Holds up their chin quite high.
Not everyone will understand
Your transformed butterfly.

Pride is when your Neopet
Defies all social rules.
No toxic masculinity,
No hateful, biased fools.

Pride is when your Neopet
Comes home and needs your love.
Their day was kind of hard today,
And they must rise above.

Pride is when you hug your pet
Because of who they are.
They’re beautiful, and so unique.
They are a shining star!

Mio (AKA Unravels)
by kayixu

Fall into the rabbit hole
Hit the ground and run
The shadows here attack your soul
but this tale is not done

Tangled up in threads of fate
Bound in strings of red
She would make her great escape
lest she wound up dead

Mio ran until she fell
into a haunted wood
She would end the shadow’s knell
if the bunny could

Falling down the rabbit hole
It’s time to have some fun
Corruption might claim her soul
The battle’s not quite done

Her friends were lost so long ago
Lost to evil’s plotting
All but one with eyes aglow
whose very heart is Rotting

In the darkness she did find
that she was not alone
She made friends and over time
she found herself a home

Falling down the rabbit hole
Lost in all your travels
In the darkness, guard your soul
before it all unravels

Pride, Pendulums and Agency
by miraday

One day,
Every Neopet will have a say
In their colour, in their gender,
In their species, in their way.

We come close, and the pendulum swings;
Each ideal seems a little more out of reach.
And reach we will, yearning for that day
The pendulum returns and we each
Grab hold and never let it go.
One day, maybe tomorrow,
Yesterday will seem like years ago.

Every emotion withheld is a desensitized threshold.
I love, I love, I love,
I care so deeply— 

I feel it in the furthest reaches of reality—
It’s on the verge of Neopia’s open borders;
It’s in the art we create, and the connections we make.
We can carve our niche and live freely
In the spaces that we have liberated.

When you feel lost or lacking agency,
Find me. Find us. We are grieving so;
We can grieve together as we prepare
To restore our world beneath the rainbow.

by frankie8492

Imagine there's a world
Where there's no hatred,
And with all the people
Living life in peace.

It doesn't matter 
what species you are.
You can be a tall Grarrl,
Or a small, fuzzy Cybunny.

People helping each other,
In times of need,
Not caring about the other's
Gender, age, or species.

This may sound like a pipe dream,
But it is not impossible. 
As long as we work together,
This can become our reality.

Memoir of a Violet-studded Woodland Gnorbu
by flufflepuff

I thought that I was sick. 
How could I not, when, ere that day,
Among my lady friends, at play,
When laughter bubbled bright and gay,
My mane was perfect still. 

I thought that I was sick. 
So close to maiden friends, like me,
With supple frames much like a tree, 
And budded crowns held high to see--
Then, I had fallen ill. 

I thought that I was sick
When screams and gasps, our bubble burst,
And all had stared and feared the worst,
A-gaze upon my mane, now cursed--
It was against my will. 

I thought that I was sick, 
So swiftly did I flee to find
A sight to frazzle any mind!
The pool reflected a new kind
Of flower, that, until 

I thought that I was sick, 
I'd never seen on any pet. 
So lovely in their way, and yet, 
Would violets cause some to fret?
I fled atop a hill. 

I thought that I was sick--
My vantage point held no relief. 
I stood alone, but my belief
Had grown as brittle as a leaf.
Do I reside there still? 

I thought that I was sick. 
But with the years, the flowers stayed. 
They're part of me, and so I've made
A choice--conceal not, but parade. 
Although it's hard, I will.

Let's Get Merry
by _jakk

Legend has it we are all meant to be merry
With or without the power of a love berry
We are born with the ability to be happy
Yet the road to bliss can prove to be tricky

There are always differences to overcome
One can be coloured contrast from some
Even words that each decided to form
May or may not be one with the norm

Although some can be quick to disagree
One should be allowed to express freely
Our preferences and opinions may vary
But genuine feelings we should not bury

Be it tall, buff, smelly, skinny or hairy
Krawk, Skeith, Quiggle, Lenny or Wocky
May we be blessed by the all-loving faerie
Legend has it we are all meant to be merry

Happiness on The Dreariest Day
by darkhound45

On one dark and dreary day,
There lived a Bloop that was painted Grey.
The Bloop did not know what to do.
She needed fun but felt so blue.

She stayed inside with all her toys near,
Because going outside was a very big fear.
Not only was it dreary and dark,
But there was a lot of rain and quite a few sparks.

She sat there with a puzzled look,
And began to walk along her nook.
She knew what she had to do,
What steps to take that much was true.

She opened the door and stepped outside,
No longer wanting to stay in and hide.
In front of her was a great sight.
There was a rainbow that was so bright.

She began to walk forward, down the path.
The rain and sparks had ended their wrath. 
The Bloop made it to the rainbow’s end,
When she noticed in front of her was a Grey friend. 

It was a Grey Faellie that was sitting there.
The Faellie outside was really quite rare.
The Bloop was happy for one thing was known.
On her saddest day, she was never alone.

Pride Month
by srkkingdomhearts

Begin with a red layer of strawberry, then orange for tangerine
Yellow adds sweet banana, and tangy grapes for a bit of green
Next a blueberry taste of summer, and a purple pop of plum
Topped with a juicy cherry, enjoy a fruity pride month everyone!

Proud Rainbows
by oddlit

Rainbow coloured mine,
and rainbow coloured yours
may be the best of friends
If yours ever gets bored.

But don't leave out the grey one,
Which looks so sad and lonely
And don't forget the plain ones
Which are comparatively homely.

It's not what's outside,
It's what's in our hearts,
What's in our souls and minds,
that makes of works of art.

A Light Faerie's Lament
by xxstarl1ghtxx

I awake with barely a memory,
A queen standing before me,
With feeble steps I walk outside,
Not a thing surrounds me. 

I stand upon the precipice,
Wonder how this could be.
Everything I'd known, I'd loved,
How could it just cease to be?

I build up signs and buildings,
As far as I can see,
But still it doesn't feel like home,
There's something I can't see.

Something lost that can't be found,
As much as I beg and plea.
I try, I wish, with all my might,
It won't, can't, hear my pleas.

I know down there would be different.
It's not the home I need.
I need home, it's like a hole in my heart,
the most desperate kind of need.

I need you back, Faerieland...

Please, come back to me.

Wishing Well
by hectic_haley

I am not a tree or a dump,
But I too share things with Neopia.
I am just a humble well,
Where people tell me their secret wishes.

My magic isn’t clever,
But I do my best to serve.
If you tell me your wishes,
I just may grant your desires.

People wish for goodie bags, and stamps,
While Some just give me 48,673 in donation
There is no wish too big or small,
That I will not attempt to grant,

Most people wish for goodie bags and stamps,
And their wish is my command.
But I do enjoy unusual wishes,
That don’t follow the status quo.

I sleep 18 hours a day,
For granting wishes is exhausting.
Though I am often tired,
There is nothing more rewarding than making dreams come true.

Chosen Family
by cassiethepirate

Underneath the depths of blue 
So dim, most creatures dare not roam
Beneath the waves and so much further
The briny ocean I called home
There’s little beauty to be found there,
Shadowy, secretive, grim, and bare,
It raises monsters rough and frightening
Feel no joy, only despair.
That cruel place that I do hale from,
The beast that I was born to be,
They linger in my every memory
Even though I now am free.
I have a home, I have my sisters,
But however could they know
The wicked darkness I confronted
Does not feel so long ago.
And yet, I hear the sounds of laughter,
Smells the baking in the air,
See the smile of the tiny baby,
and splattered paint spilt everywhere,
I watch the plants grow in the garden,
See the sun chimes dance and shine,
And though I came from next to nothing,
See the life that I made mine. 
What once was broken, lost and angry,
Now plays with toys and sips her tea,
What once was fearful, evil, dreadful,
Has been made good by family.

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