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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Kau Day Special

Space Kau Odyssey
by darkhound45

One night a Kau had a dream.
He was in space is what it seemed.

Adventure is what he searched for,
In hopes that he wasn’t a bore.

He was searching for life among us,
But then he met a Giant Space Fungus.

The two of them battled long and hard,
Until the Kau won and left it charred.

The Kau began to continue on.
What was next that he’d stumble upon?

Then the Kau started to hear a noise.
Was something out there banging on toys?

As he got closer it was something grand.
He couldn’t believe it was a Space Kau band!

The Kau was having so much fun.
He didn’t want it to be done.

This was the most fun he’s ever had.
All the adventure made him glad.

The Space Kau band and Fungus’s demise,
Made the Kau smile and open his eyes.

Such a great trip was easy to swallow.
He couldn’t wait for what would follow!

Mutant Kau Calf
by miraday

In the indeterminate grey light 
Of morning at Kau Kau Farms,
The workers will find this calf
Slithering in the farthest field.

Its writhing mouth will be unable
To ask for nourishment; its horns
Will weigh down any movement;
The herd will distance themselves.

Some learn sooner that life is hard
And harder for those who are different.
Its four eyes will see the sun rise once
And anything more is uncertain.

What an oddity to be born a rarity.
What cruelty to endure austerity.

We await the muted morning.

The Spotted Kau
by i_lovee_icecream

The Spotted Kau roams the meadow,
He moos at a passing Speckled Nimmo. 
He eats long blades of grass all day,
With not a worry in his merry way. 

The Spotted Kau sees a Springabee,
That flys and zips and lands on his knee. 
Buzz, Buzz goes the Springabee,
And the Spotted Kau smiles with glee. 

The Spotted Kau mosies his way,
To a big, round bale of hay. 
A White Kau slowly approaches,
And the Spotted Kau kindly poses:

“Would you like to eat with me?
This hay is tasty. You’ll see!”
The White Kau smiles sweetly,
And bows with gratitude, discreetly. 

“Thank you for sharing this meal today. 
Would you mind if, for a while, I stayed?”
The White Kau asked, blushing;
And the Spotted Kau answered, rushing:

“Why, of course, you can stay!
I wouldn’t have it any other way. 
And, while I’m at it, let me say,
‘Happy, happy Kau Day!’”

The Kau Defender
by _jakk

Criminals big and small beware
You will not function on her watch I swear
Don't underestimate just for her gender
This is no place for any surly offender

Perhaps you do not know her name
That's ok for what she does is not for fame
Esteem and power aren't what she is after
A true hero and not some flashy pretender

Fighting villains day and night
Sometimes it gets so grim we begin to fright
But she sworn to protect and never surrender
You will witness justice in all its splendour

She has worked to defend our homes together
Letting us celebrate all Neopia has to offer
Standing beside Judgehog and Masked Invader
There is our humble DON member, The Kau Defender

The Most Social Neopets
by shutianlei3333

Kaus love to spend time with their friends,
And often get sad when the day ends.
They gather together into a big herd,
And chat about how "moo" is their favourite word.

One of their favourite hobbies is to sing,
And they could make a song about anything.
All the Kaus have impeccable vocals,
And their voices draw in all the locals.

They also like to play with the young,
And make them laugh by sticking out their tongue.
Kaus love to tell their knock-knock jokes,
Which causes groans from all of the folks.

Tall green grass is their favourite food,
Which they eat when they're in the mood.
There's never a time when they don't like to play,
So let's all get a Kau for ourselves today,

And say Happy Kau Day!

How Now Brown Kau?
by tallydepp

How now Brown Kau?
Why are you feeling blue?
Those eyes of yours look very sad,
Pray tell what's wrong with you?

You think you're boring, painted Brown?
You wish to be more vibrant.
You'd like to stand out from the crowd,
Perhaps be painted Pirate?

Into the Rainbow Fountain you gaze,
Full of hopes and dreams,
And before your eyes doth appear
The most exciting colours you've seen!

Candy, Woodland, Water, Wraith,
Chocolate, Jelly and Ice.
Strawberry, Island, Eventide, Ghost,
These colours fill you with pride!

Perhaps one day, you'll take a dip
Into those magical waters,
And emerge, a Kau reborn
And be the colours you ought to.

No longer will you have to hide,
Behind a coat that feels not true.
How now Brown Kau, worry not,
For finally you can be you!

Towards Kau Milk
by plutopolis

A bright light made me jump out of bed
"Go fetch me some Kau milk," a light faerie said 
So off I went like a proper milkman
And to pass the time this song I did sang:


So I did as told and gave to the faerie 
One tall glass of her requested dairy
She struck me down with a 16-Watt-er

Looking back at my
choices I wish I could redact one now!
Because I've realized I accidentally milked a Maraquan Kau!

A Kau’s Hope Beyond Grass
by ghatna

This Kau is hungry
She eats grass
Sometimes she wants more
She wants pizzazz 

Greenery is all she sees
But green is such a bore
She dreams of glitter and gold
She worries only grass is in store 

French fries and a shake
Is that too much to ask?
Across the farm there is a lake
She’ll even settle for a bass!

Sadly the farmers don’t care
Moo, they mutter as they glare,
Worry about my opinion?
They wouldn’t dare. 

Alas, I live another day 
Staring out into the bay
Dreaming of the night 
I can eat fried rice

Kauvara the Magical Kau
by roxanna203

She is beloved for her concoctions,
As her work even goes up in auctions.
She is humble, sweet, and kind,
A Kau that is most refined.

In a haste to collect potions,
You will find her in motion.
When you see her, don't panic,
For she is the keeper of magic.

It is said that every year,
She will make a rare potion appear.
This potion that fully heals,
Removes diseases, that is the deal.

To find her is fundamental,
She will be in Neopets Central.
But who is this spectacular Kau?
Kauvara's her name, this I vow.

An ode to all Kaus
by annikkiadepp_

Today is Kau day in Neopia,
a day of laughter and joy
It seems an idyllic utopia
a day everybody’ll enjoy

In this special celebration
all the spotlight is on Kaus,
everybody gives a standing ovation
clapping both their hands and paws

Kaus are the best magicians
and they also love singing. 
Don’t miss out on their exhibitions,
as they are always prizewinning.

Kaus love to eat milky food
as it is good for their joints
it also improves their mood 
and raises their hitpoints

Kaus are good at swordplay
and love to practice with friends. 
Although they often prefer to lay
in the grass amid flower stems.

A Kau is the best Neopet ever,
you can create one whenever.
And if you’re truly that clever,
you’ll hold onto your Kau forever!

There's a Kau on my Couch
by linnipooh

There's a Kau on my couch
What is he doing here?
Never seen him in my life
I'm afraid to get too near.

There's a Kau on my couch
Won't acknowledge I exist.
Cleared my throat super loud
He did not get the gist.

There's a Kau on my couch
And he's eating all my snacks!
My Kadoatie biscuits!
I really want them back!

There's a Kau on my couch
Reading Neopian Times.
Getting wrinkles on my pages
I can't take these petty crimes.

I stomp my feet in anger
Confrontation on its way.
Then that Kau looks right up at me
"I got zapped by the lab ray."

There's a Kau on my couch.

The Tale of the Sludge Kau
by precious_katuch14

Come, sit by the fire,
For I shall tell you now,
A weird and wondrous tale,
The tale of the Sludge Kau.

Lurking in the Haunted Woods,
A Kau of mud and muck.
If you never run into one,
Consider that some good luck.

With its squelching footsteps,
And its tell-tale trail of debris,
Such a strange, smelly Kau
Would be hard to miss.

When its eyes are on you,
Avoid at all costs its touch,
It will slow you down,
Though at first it's not much.

You'll soon feel stuck,
Like you are in a quagmire.
It can instantly extinguish
Your warrior's fire.

Sticky puddles, disgusting grasp,
All designed to pull you down.
Truly, the Sludge Kau really is
One of the worst monsters around.

If you hear a rustle in the bush,
Watch for the signs of sludge.
Lest you find your path
Suddenly more difficult to trudge.

Kalora, Kau Cheat Extraordinaire
by lesslynope

Kalora, Kalora
There is no cheat like Kalora. 

A card is there 
'tween your hoof, 
eyes shifty and 

I see you check, 
double look, 
you see victory,

Your ears twitch, 
sweat on brow, 
as you claim 
two threes. 

Think you're safe, 
you lucky Kau, 
soon embrace
your glee. 

Then you see it, 
Ferny so sly,
smiling takes 
a breath. 

She calls your bluff, 
she is not shy, 
in doling out 
Cheat death. 

Grumbling you pick up 
the whole deck. 
Tail twitching, 
adjust your visor. 

You look at my hand, 
stretch your neck, 
and see one card, 
wishing you were wiser.

Joyfully I place it down, 
and declare 
what it is, 
speak true. 

I did not cheat, 
wouldn't dare, 
not after what Ferny
did to you. 

Kalora, Adore ya, 
but this time the game is mine.

An Ode to my First Neopet
by florg95

I have a heard of lovely Kau
in colours of all kind.

The patter of hooves over paw
clatters in my mind.

Of all the Kau that reside here,
Maleek is oldest in age.

He stays close, is always near,
to new Kaus he is sage.

Maleek has watched all this time,
as pets have come and gone.

Twenty years, still in his prime,
to new friends his is drawn.

Some friends have come to stay,
and join him here at home.

Others have gone on to play,
in foreign pastures roam.

He's had many different looks
throughout his long life,

And read twice as many books.
Carefree, he has no strife.

His latest look is jiggly jelly,
and he think it grand.

He ponders and laughs from his belly,
do others understand?

He giggles at critiques about his name,
Maleek55, ugh, so bad!

But thinks of all the love that's came,
names are a passing fad.

He wouldn't change his past at all,
no, he is quite happy.

He's been with me since he was small,
Hence this poem, sappy.

In my herd the Kaus all thrive,
so many kinds of moo.

But my favourite is Maleek55,
my companion true.

Upon The Meadow
by yellow_gellow

In a pasture of green, a Kau we spy,
munching on grass with a wary eye.
From horn to hoof, she's covered in fur,
and gives us a 'moo' in place of a purr!

She stands up tall, so regal and proud,
and moves so gracefully, just like a Floud.
Gentle and kind, she'll never do harm.
The Kau is a farmer's luckiest charm!

While not as swift, or sleek as a Uni,
her heart is gold, and far from puny.
She's loyal and true, and always will be.
The Kau is a friend for life, you see!

So if, one day, you're feeling low,
just head on down to the pasture and go,
Find a Kau, and give her a pat,
she'll brighten your day, just like that!

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