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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Ixi Day Special

The Tale of the Cursed Ixi
by precious_katuch14

It's that time again,
Time for another story,
About a wandering spirit
Known as the Cursed Ixi.

This ghost Ixi walks the paths
Which travellers fear to tread.
Anyone who runs into it
Is instantly filled with dread.

Those piercing red eyes,
That fearless demeanour,
Facing down the reckless,
Or the bravest warrior.

It charges, it runs, it leaps,
Yet the worst is yet to come.
Its most powerful attack
Is a brutal Astral Maelstrom!

How can a Cursed Ixi
Unleash a whirlpool of stars?
Such a powerful spell
Would have anyone seeing stars!

And after it emerges victorious,
It saunters haughtily away,
The Cursed Ixi, truly a monster,
Like everyone would always say.

When you're in the Haunted Woods,
Keep to the roads well-worn,
Lest you encounter the Ixi's face,
Ghostly, red, and full of scorn.

Isabelle Celebrates
by ennyra

Isabelle loves the sunshine,
She could play in it every day.
From sun up to sun down,
That is the only way.

Today is Ixi Day,
So that's extra reason to be out.
To celebrate everyone,
And show what today's all about!

There will be cake, ice cream,
and even a new colour too.
We wonder what it'll be,
Will it be the perfect one for you?

Isabelle can't wait to spend the day,
Celebrating with everyone.
Running, jumping,
And cheering will be so much fun!

Where is Tarla Plushie?
by profebest

There has been rumours for decades,
Somewhere in Neopia there is,
A shop that sells items which can be -
Used by your Neopets and Petpets.

The host of this shop is a beautiful Ixi,
Known as Tarla she stocks her shop very often,
So often most of the items are junk but worth it,
Some of these exclusive items might include -

Exclusive Tarla prizes never seen before -
in Neopia Shop Wizard or Trading Post,
For example the Super Ultra Rare  -
Tarla Plushie rumours say it’s active but it has never -
Been seen - are you able to get a chance to get it,

Are you ready to explore days of hunting for this Plushie,
If you do manage to get the Plushie you will be legend,
Just as this shiny and beautiful Ixi Day,
Happy Ixi Day!

The Selfless Ixi Commentator
by darkhound45

The Altador Cup has many great things.
Oh, the sheer excitement it brings!
Players, slushies and even more,
I’d say the Cup isn’t a bore!

There’s one real reason it is so fun.
There’s a Disco Ixi that knows a ton.
He’s a commentator that knows his stuff.
Tobias Sigmir’s his name and he isn’t rough.

Tobias loves to commentate,
But that isn’t why he is so great.
You see, he has a heart of gold,
And always does what he is told.

An example of this is when he met a Grarrl,
Who wanted to see Yooyuball.
The Grarrl needed some Neopoints.
Tobias sure didn’t disappoint.

Tobias took the Grarrl and got some food.
The Grarrl was happy he wasn’t rude.
The Grarrl exclaimed “This hotdog rocks!”
As they sat in the commentator’s box.

The two became friends and even more.
They worked together and helped keep score.
Years went by and I can guarantee,
All this is because of a selfless Ixi.

Day of the Ixi
by xghoul447

What is a friend to the end to all? 
And is bell of the ball?
So fluffy and cute
Shy, reserved, and mute
Of course, I'm talking about the Ixi! 
Today is the day of the Ixi, a day to remember 
A day to celebrate and have some fun under the hot sunny rays of the sun 
Have some delicious freshly made baked cake
And enjoy the party
Ixi's are a friend to all 
So kind and nice
Friends to creatures big and small like mice!
Oh Ixi, we thank you so dearly
For being yourself all these years
So cheers to you today, hooray!

Sophie, the Grouchy Ixi
by frankie8492

Deep in the Haunted Woods, where it's pitch black,
Lives Sophie, the Swamp Witch, in her little shack.
She's always accompanied by her Meowclops,
And is at home unless she's at the shops,
Buying her potion ingredients or a snack.

Tourists passing by know better than to knock,
Because Sophie may turn them into a rock.
Her mood can be extremely temperamental,
Especially when working on something experimental,
Or when she is behind the clock.

Occasionally, Sophie might recruit someone to assist,
And they do, because her rewards are hard to resist.
She needs them to help add items into her pot, 
Which she cannot do without leaving her spot,
So she tosses them things on her ingredient list.

The Most Mischievous Neopets
by shutianlei3333

Ixis love to run around and have fun,
And enjoy the feel of the warm sun.
When they're tired, they lie in the grass,
And watch as the clouds above pass.

Many people think that they're sweet,
When they help others out on the street,
But Ixis also have a mischievous side,
Which rears its head whenever they decide.

They like to hide other people's things,
And at midnight, you can hear them sing.
Sometimes, they jump out and say "boo!",
And follow that up with another prank or two.

Despite their antics, they're not really bad,
So go along with it and don't get mad.
They're interesting Neopets to have around,
As many other Neopians have found.

Happy Ixi Day!

Ethel Boortz, Meridell Ixi
by tallydepp

Take a trip to Meridell
Where the furry Ixis dwell.
Ethel Boortz is one such creature,
In the Altador Cup, she does feature.

With hooves fast, at lightning speed,
Ethel Boortz runs down the field.
She shoots, she scores, she's a champ!
The finest forward in the land!

Like all Ixis, she moves with grace,
A determined look upon her face.
She knows one day she'll fulfil her dream,
And Meridell will be the winning team.

On the podium she will stand,
Gold trophy held proudly in her hand.
Meridell Knights will roar and cheer,
This is it, finally! Their year!

Well, not this year, our Ixi was robbed.
Oh, how her supporters sobbed.
But Ethel Boortz has this to say -
"Meridellians we will have our day!"

Watch out Neopia, Meridell will rise
You will hear our victorious cries!
With Ethel Boortz at the helm,
Victory will come to Meridell's realm.

Fragments of Sophie
by lorlurin

Newcomer. Returner. Paths to walk alone.
Entrapping the town where she broke the bonds
The Fragments, veiled in a dust of time
Peeked through closed doors and wounds

Trials. Fails. Cures that never work.
Standing behind growing stacks of books
Face hidden by the shade of candle glow
The fire, long quenched and cold

Yesterday. Tomorrow. Tangled ten years ago.
In the distant swamp faded the younger girl
Reverberating segments, she hummed along
Pieces of verses of the old childhood town

Wishes. Ambitions. Things too good to be true.
All in a bottle offered by an ill-willed hand
The miracle carefully hid its deadly price
As it seemingly depicted something grand

Emerald. Cobalt. A distorted hue.
The turbulent ocean she bubbled through
Sister. Brothers. A family shattered apart.
To turn the torn pages and write a new start

Fragments. Phantoms. A final goodbye.
May the wind send the words to the sky
To the past. To Sophie. To the grieving souls.
To the freed victims of the Tale of Woe

Anso te Andsome Teif (A Ero’s Villanelle)
by exanomaly

Among is friends and admirers, Anso is a precious gem. 
Wat angers some folks, may by some be viewed a talent. 
E’s become an onored ero, toug once e was condemned. 

Ow can we know wic parts of us will flower from the stem? 
Wat in one moment is tievery may yet be viewed as gallant. 
Among is friends and admirers, Anso remains a precious gem. 

Was it fate or luck blessed im tat day e came to steal from tem?
Te Faeries migt ave punised im tey are not so lenient.
E’s now an onored ero, toug e migt ave been condemned.

Lucky Brynn was tere to elp im deal with the mayem. 
Despite Xandra’s betrayal, is spirit proved resilient.
Among all who were saved by im, Anso is a precious gem. 

I don’t tink e’s learned is lesson, I think e’ll steal again.
But toug is caracter is spotty, it’s admirable on balance. 
E’s an unlikely ero, toug once e was condemned. 

O! E’s so quick and clever e stole te letter ‘’ from tis poem. 
I knew e’d play a trick on me, is wicked ways are ardly spent.
But among is friends and admirers, Anso is a precious gem. 
To me e’s an onored ero, toug once e was condemned.

Ghost Ixi
by _jakk

One hop two hop three hop 
Out the snow a chirpy Ixi pop
Dancing and prancing on Terror Mountain top
Absent minded with a careless plop 
At the cliff she skidded and had a great drop

But such is not the end of the Ixi’s tale
Her restless spirit lingers leaving many pale
Believing the Ixi now haunts the mountain trail
Those greeted by an ominous gale
Their journey to the summit is sure to fail

As I travel down the spoken path
I see no signs of the misfortune’s aftermath
Or experience any rumoured spirit’s wrath
Did the Ixi really meet her death 
Or could she had made it out by a breath 

Appeared before me a faint image of an Ixi 
Could it, can’t be, cannot believe what I see
Not sure to hide or to flee 
But in reality I can’t feel my knees
I can only hope she take no notice of me

She ran straight at then through me like a train
While there is no pain it did mess with my brain
Composure I desperately attempt to maintain
The jangling of chains really is all that remain
But soon too faded into the mystical domain

For All You Do
by cinnabonski

Come inside
To look and see
There behold
What could it be

But row and row
For you to snag
Grab ye one
A mystery bag

Unknown contents
Maybe sprung
Might be treasure
Might be dung

Could be toy
Perhaps a plush
Wild uncertainty
What a rush

Though it's coin
May not be worth
Take a gamble
For fun and mirth

And who is it
That runs this shop
Oh wondrous place
On mountain top

Of great renowned 
Both far and wide
This brave Ixi
Does not hide

Scarf in blue
And staff of gold
Her adventures
In stories told

Big of heart
So generous too
Thank you Tarla
For all you do

An Ode to All Ixis
by ayakae

The day of the Ixis fast approaches
Yet for whom I make a poem I still know not
There’s just so many famous Ixis to write about
Just pick one of them? I cannot!

First, you have Sophie the Swamp Witch
Whose skills concoct the most magical of brews
Despite her intimidating demeanour and appearance, however
Her good and kind heart always shines through

Then you’ve got Hanso the charismatic thief
Whose heroic sacrifice thwarted Xandra’s evil plans
He turned her and himself to stone
To save the faeries of Faerieland

Next, we go to the rolling hills of Meridell for Nanci
Ye Olde Petpets she does faithfully tend
She lovingly raises Symols, Zebies, Turtums, and more
To make sure every Meridellian has got a friend

Close by is another well-known Ixi named Sinsi
She’ll always invite you in for a mind-boggling game
She’ll have you turn gloves to swords then swords to cups
Shift all of them to one shape is the aim!

Lastly, we’ve got the sharp and quick-witted Nabile
Her skills as an underground thief brought her great fame
Now she’s in her rightful place as the queen of Qasala
After it was discovered royal blood runs in her veins

As you can see, it’s impossible to just pick one of them
All Ixis in Neopia deserve great praise
So come one and come all for lots of great fun
Together, let’s celebrate Ixi Day!

Tarla's Here!
by pnaylala24

Tarla's Here!

Hi, everyone! I'm an Ixi named Tarla who has a shop on Terror Mountain
Sometimes you can get a paintbrush from me, and paint your pet in the Rainbow Fountain!
It's such a joy to see on the message board, people shout my name
I do have a lot of fame!
But I never let it go to my head
I just think of what I can do instead
Perhaps wait for more people to visit my shop
So more Neopians can claim what I drop
With me around, it is a mystery
To see what you can get from me
Tarla!! Tarla!! I hear you shout!!
And I think what's all the fuss about??!!
Then I smile and say, wait until you see what tomorrow may bring
More nifty things
Today is my species day to celebrate, it's Ixi Day
I'll be working on making you happy, no time to play!
My family is free and up for games, or a meal to share
Remember us today, forever, show us you care!!

The Ixi Who Makes Magnificent Compounds
by _brainchild_

Within the Haunted Woods, you'll find
An Ixi with a brilliant mind.
He makes some compounds oh so grand,
The finest ones in all the land.

He's here to teach you---time to learn!
So, go ahead, since it's your turn.
You start with two Neopiums---
A point is earned from emerald sum!

Then, three Tyranniums combine
To make a compound oh so fine.
However, warns the Ixi, don't
Combine four Slothites---this he knows.

Faeryllium and Krawkite don't
Mix either, or the lab will blow
Up into pieces---smoke will waft,
So, really, just don't be this daft!

Quite fortunately, you succeed.
The Ixi, very pleased indeed,
Is glad that he could teach someone.
This effort was so very fun.

Horray - tis Ixi day!!
by vivajocares

Ixi day is here and all these delightful goats gather near,
from meadows far away, they flock here,
for a day of celebrating hooved play, 
in the most joyous way!

Ixis arc from the kingdom walls,
and ever glamorous waterfalls,
of Meridell, where they bounce through cobblestone streets, 
and are always on the hunt for some tasty alfalfa to eat.

Ixis are lauded for their curiosity--
sampling everything in their glorious city, 
trekking through Neopian mountains in search of crisp green grass,
and doing it all with their signature sass.

Ixis are also quintessentially adventurous--
their hooves make them especially dexterous,
able to climb up rugged cliffs, 
and prance out of danger in a jiff.

Famous Ixis abound,
Tarla shares her magical treasures year-round,
Sinsi creates puzzling puzzles and magical games,
while, for Hanso, thievery tends to be the aim. 

Nabile grew up a member of Desert Scarabs, 
until it was revealed she had a royal dad,
she turned to goodness and fell for Jazan's allure,
and now the two lovely restore Qasala's lure.

Meanwhile, Sophie is the witch of the Haunted Woods,
she prefers to be alone as she brews her mystical goods,
besides her potions, she keeps a Meowclops nearby,
but will surely welcome visitors who dare try.

On this day, the Ixis convene,
good and evil, we celebrate what they mean,
delightful goats who bring us cheer,
baaa-ing loudly for all to hear.

The Ixi of Mystery
by t0tor0

This Ixi’s down in history
Since her great Tour of Mystery.
From Altador to Meridell,
From Brightvale to the Citadel.

From Terror Mount to Faerieland,
The citizens had every hand
On deck to hunt down her locale—
Our teamwork boosted our morale!

When we had cleared the mist away,
She gave us all a wide array
Of gifts, books, toys, and clothing to
Enjoy. The tour was all free, too!

When Tarla bought her shop, at first
Her “friends” all said it was the worst
And coldest place to set up shop.
She struggled, but she didn’t stop.

With Mika and Carassa’s aid,
She learnt her way around, and stayed
To sell mysterious gift bags.
“You don’t know what you’ll get!” she brags.

Now, Tarla’s Shop of Mystery
Sells out, despite its blustery
Locale. In fact, she gives an avatar—
Just buy a bag from her bazaar!

These days, the Ixi’s best known for
The prizes she provides galore
When she appears at random times
And climes, no reasons and no rhymes.

Non-Toolbar Treasures, like her store,
Unless she’s busy with a chore,
Are common, rare, and in between—
And yours to keep, if you are keen.

I have my own reasons to love
This Ixi, for her Tour, above
All else, was what drove me to learn
Of Neoboards and friends, in turn.

So, on this Ixi Day, don’t wait!
For you and I can celebrate
That Tarla can claim victory
As touring queen of mystery!

Sinsi The Ixi
by therainbowsheep

Sinsi loves Meridell, though it can be dull -
Counting potatoes grows old and hurts her skull.
Cheeseroller, too, she mastered with ease,
Leaving her craving a quality brain tease. 

Not one to remain idle, she designed a fun game
Her Shapeshifter creation earned her great fame!
Word of her baffling puzzles spread quickly across the lands,
Before long, the line to play quite long and grand.

In fact, now Neopians regularly travel from far,
To see if their sharp minds can meet the bar!
This Ixi Day, we admire Sinsi's brilliance, her wit
Her creativity, her spit, even her grit. 

She represents the best of Meridell with pride,
And coaches all through her game, she's always on your side!
Like all Ixis, she is adventurous, curious and fun,
So today we celebrate and honour her a ton!

Trixi the Ixi
by wurmsrus

Trixi the Ixi had a beautiful mane,
A loving heart and cunning brain.
Neopia loved her through and through,
But she thought “Now what? What else can I do?”

Deep down Trixi wanted to change the world.
To inspire little Ixi boys and girls. 
She always would lend a helping hoof,
Whether down at the Soup Kitchen,
Or fixing a roof. 

Alas, she never could quite see her way.
Never could find how to brighten a day. 

Till one day a light bulb flashed above 
She realized the greatest she offered was love.
Her big loving heart let her have love for all.
From Florg so humongous to Petpetpet so small. 

Trixi erupted with laughter and glee.
“I did it!”
She shouted.
“I’m 100% me!” 

Neopia got a little brighter that day. 
As Trixi went out on her bright merry way.
So whenever you feel like a speck in the wind,
Remember Trixi the Ixi and let love always win.

The appearance of Ixis
by annikkiadepp_

A long, long time ago,
Ixis appeared in Meridell
For some it was a huge blow,
others found it rather swell. 

Ixis love skipping around,
in the forest and the prairie
Everywhere is their playground
and their best friend is the Earth Faerie. 

They are curious and adventurous,
always up for new things
They may show some irreverence,
not obeying queens and kings.

Some Ixis have a reputation,
such as Tarla the legendary
She is loved by the whole nation
as her gifts are extraordinary. 

Overall they are pretty great,
and I think you should adopt one
Ixis make a good playmate,
together you’ll have lots of fun!

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