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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Nimmo Day Special

The Leximp
by precious_katuch14

Deep within a cave
A cave smelly and damp,
Lives a strange Nimmo,
A terrible winged scamp.

They call him the Leximp,
He's a bully and a thief,
Caused the Chias of Chiaoscuro
Much trouble and grief.

This bespectacled blight
Stole the Chias' Wordstone,
For what reason or purpose,
No one really knows.

As the rest of Terror Mountain
Braves the wind and snow,
The Leximp curls up and reads
In his shadowy burrow.

And should anyone dare
To take his treasure,
The Leximp will fight,
And he doesn't fight fair.

For an impish Nimmo,
He has sharp eyes and claws.
Magic won't work on him,
But perhaps a sword drawn?

Deep within a cave,
The Leximp stands and fights.
The winner of this battle
Will keep the Wordstone tonight.

The Hoppiest Right Forward
by darkhound45

There lives a Nimmo that was very proud.
He was spotted and could be a tad bit loud.

It was a great part of the year don’t you see?
It’s the Altador Cup, excited was he!

His name is Reb and is a great athlete.
He makes Brightvale’s team hard to beat.

Being Right Forward is an important role.
Reb must use his strength to make their goals.

Another strength of his is speed.
It helps the team with anything they need.

His scoring ability could use more work,
But his heart is there and he has a great smirk!

Happy Nimmo Day!
by therainbowsheep

How do Nimmos spend their day?
On the water, they love to play.
While you can find them everywhere,
By rivers and ponds they have such flair.

They hop between lily pads with glee,
Daydreaming of visiting even the sea.
You can catch them jumping around-
Enthusiastic energy always found.

Most know they are excellent at swimming,
But did you know their minds are also brimming?
They are quick thinkers; truly quite bright-
No end to their intelligence in sight.

Full of harmony, Nimmos also love peace-
May their balance and gentle nature never cease.
Truly this species is well-rounded,
Their confidence allowing them to be grounded.

This Nimmo Day we are grateful for their friendship,
So shake a Nimmo's hand with a cheerful grip!

I'm a Nimmo!
by ennyra

Hop, hop, hopping along,
Is how I like to spend my day.
From lily pad to lily pad,
Is there I love to play.

Nobody can beat me in a swimming race,
Think you can keep up with me?
Come on, let's go,
There's only one way to see!

Do you know who I am?
Let me help you out.
I like to be one with nature,
From the treetops to little sprouts!

I'm a Nimmo, of course,
Who else could I be?
As long I'm around,
We can live life so free.

Today is my day,
And I'd love to share it with you.
So hop along with me,
And we'll make some new friends too!

Ryshu the Nimmo's Speech
by frankie8492

Young Neopet, what is it that you seek?
Don't be scared, go ahead and speak.
Are you here to learn martial arts?
If so, then this is where you will start,
And in time, you will be at your peak.

The first step to take is to clear your mind,
Which can be quite difficult, as you will find.
Most people have trouble maintaining focus,
But the trick to that is by holding onto a locus,
And that will allow you to leave all else behind.

Be patient, you won't master this overnight,
But once you do, I'll teach you how to fight.
Fighting is all about fluidity and having balance,
And that starts by having your mind palace.
Are you ready? Then show me your might.

A Garden Journey (Nimmo Day)
by typlohisioh

The ship lingers at shore,
After the snarled and perilous seas.
And while the sails are offered a respite,
Tasks remain incomplete.

To prepare for the Shenkuu Lunar Festival,
What is lost in the garden must be recovered.
"Caution, time is limited", Anshu guides.
Like steering a ship, Orrin's path must not be aimless.

Though not without consequence,
"Return to me if you collect what is not needed".
As the list is handed, think now - 
Distractions abound.

What is needed for the celebration?
Three journeys - six, ten, twelve items.
Half Snorkles, hear their oink,
The other half festival goods and foods.

Not every endeavour shall be met with success, 
As Orrin realizes upon spotting a Pandaphant.
Cross the little bridge,
Juma on the other side.

Orrin's basket grows heavy,
Though fatigue must not succeed!
Let the lights guide the time,
Weave through the garden the the Cyodrake's Gaze through the seas.

The Most Serene Neopets
by shutianlei3333

Nimmos are peaceful and very quiet,
And they'd be the last to start a riot.
They can sit still for hours on end,
And make for a good meditating friend.

Everyone knows that they're smart.
They often have good advice to impart.
They also like harmony and serenity,
And can help others find their identity.

Usually, they hang out around ponds,
Where they chat and form strong bonds.
They take turns telling each other riddles,
With solutions that cause many giggles.

Nimmos don't need to have a lot of attention,
And caring for them doesn't require exertion.
They're perfect to have so get one today,
Especially since it is the annual Nimmo Day!

A Nimmo Goes for a Swim-Oh
by i_lovee_icecream

Jump, jump goes the Nimmo,
Into the water for a swim-oh.
Back stroke and butterfly,
See him sail; my, oh my.

Splish, splash goes the Nimmo,
Even after dark when it's' dim-oh.
He glides on the surface,
His slimy skin water-kissed.

"Oo, ah", goes the Nimmo,
Singing his little hymn-oh. 
Sitting on a sun-baked rock,
Entertaining Neopians on their walk. 

"Hello, hi!" says the Nimmo,
Offering an outstretched limb-oh.
Greeting all of his friends,
A hand to shake, he lends. 

Mlem, mlem goes the Nimmo,
A fantastic fly pie for dinn-oh. 
His long, sticky tongue retracts,
What a great evening snack. 

Jump, jump goes the Nimmo,
Into the water for a swim-oh.

A New Friend :)
by elliiebell

There’s a Nimmo staring at me from across the pond
I wonder what he’s thinking with his eyes so fond
Is he staring at me or is he staring beyond?
Is this the beginning of a brand new bond?

The next day arrives and the Nimmo is back
He looks angry, I’ve been busy, so cut me some slack
So to lighten the mood I bring out a sack
And the Nimmo looks happy when I hand him a snack!

The next few days all go by the same
With the Nimmo returning when I call out his name
He grins at me as if we’re playing a game
But I like his company, I can’t say it’s a shame.

The days go by like water round a bend
His loyalty I really have to commend
I’m never lonely now, there are days to spend
With just me and him, my new Nimmo friend!

Stoic Robot Nimmo (an acrostic)
by flufflepuff

So many years ago,
That years had been in just one place,
O’er skies, bright hope did glow.
In clothes, at last, they’d fit with grace.
Conversion, then, occurred.

Rent down the middle of
Obsequious and doting fans,
Beneath the half of love
One pet changed most, as in the plans—
Though, maybe, someone erred?

No more would eyes emote
In rage, or fear, or joy, or pain.
Mere yellow, as by rote,
Mistaken reading, they sustain.
Or, change shan't be deferred...

The Pink Nimmo
by unknowncreation

A Pink Nimmo found the perfect spot to rest,
It was a swamp with giant lilypads where one would nest,
The Pink Nimmo took a giant leap towards a lilypad to test,
With a splat the lilypad adjusted to the Pink Nimmo without protest!

Finally the Pink Nimmo could relax while placing its long legs in the water,
The quiet swamp was peaceful until the Pink Nimmo heard a talker,
The Pink Nimmo looked over its should and noticed a Brown Nimmo with its daughter,
The Pink Nimmo decided to close its eyes and ignore the other Nimmo’s laughter!

Time went by and the Pink Nimmo only heard the sounds of a humming Buzzer,
Getting hungry the Pink Nimmo thought of eating the Buzzer but thought it could be a mother,
The Pink Nimmo could tell the weather was changing from Spring to Summer,
As the day got warmer, the Pink Nimmo fell into a deep slumber.

The great nimmos
by annikkiadepp_

Today is about the wonderful Nimmo,
 another frog-like Neopet
who swims quicker than a minnow
and cannot be caught with a net

Nimmos think on their feet,
as they are very astute
They are considered sweet,
and never act like a brute

Nimmos are peaceful and friendly,
they love practising martial arts
They may act a bit differently
but they are not from Mars.

Nimmos are spiritually inclined
you’ll hardly ever provoke their wrath
they’ll use all the bombs they can find
to destroy obstacles in their path. 

If you want a brand new avatar 
picturing your Nimmo friend
you don’t need to look too far
head right now to Nimmo’s pond

The Chocolate Nimmo Cake: Indulge Without Worry
by _brainchild_

Instead of eating food-themed pets,
I have a treat without regret.
The Chocolate Nimmo Cake is sweet,
So yummy, and a joy to eat!

The flavour is delicious, and,
The frosting, thick, is oh so grand.
It's coloured to look like a Split-
Hued Nimmo. Gorgeous, isn't it?

The eyes are sparkling; how do they
Draw them so perfectly? A ray
Of happiness shall radiate
From them, along with grin so great.

So, if you seek a guilt-free treat,
This cake is scrumptious. You should eat
This fun dessert when cravings call---
The taste is certain to enthral.

Little Nimmo
by xxicy_

Oh Little Nimmo resting upon a lily pad, 
Why does it seem that you're so sad?
Is it because you're painted grey? 
Please tell me that you'll be okay.

Oh Little Nimmo have you heard?
There's a celebration across the Neopian world!
So gather your friends and give yourself a cheer,
Happy Nimmo day! The best time of the year!

Nimmo Day Special
by xghoul447

What is a friend to all?
With a jump so high as the skies
Well of course, I'm talking about the Nimmo!
Today, we celebrate the Nimmo!
Oh, we love you so dearly.
Enjoy the party, and enjoy the cake
And sit by the lily pads by the lake.
Today is your day. 
Hip hip hooray!

A nimmosentient stranger
by wendydewijze

Driven by some strange delight,
I walked through the woods at night.
Among the trees the reeds had grown,
and through the branches the moon shone

As I veered off of the path,
onto my legs the reeds had latched,
and underneath these trunks, stood tall,
I almost came to fall.

Out of the darkness laughter came.
I scrambled to my feet in shame,
looked around, and to my shock
a Nimmo sat, perched on a rock.

His garb was dark, blue like the night.
His eyes gave out an eerie light.
And to this day I can't say why
I suddenly felt shy.

"Take heed, my friend", he soon began
"Once down, you might not rise again."
"If you set out on shifting sands,
best be beware of where you land." 

"And who are you?", I ventured back,
"To hole up here, in the black."
"You hide your face behind a mask,
and answer questions I did not ask."

His eyes retreated, deep in thought,
and in the silence that it brought
A thousand things went through my mind,
but he did not respond in kind.

"Unlike you, friend, I have been
to many lands, and I have seen
too many things, most not good,
thus far I hope you've understood."

"So listen to me when I say
It's far too easy to lose your way,
So I sit here and bear the weight
to spare others of this fate."

His words rang true, so I pulled free
from the branches that were holding me.
I thanked him for the seed he sowed
and made my way back to the road.

And while I went, inside me grew,
the knowledge, and the gratitude.
If he had not shown me the way,
I might not have been here today.

Olabet Shuffletoes, Zombie Nimmo.
by tallydepp

Olabet Shuffletoes, you have my sympathy,
For all you wanted to do was rest.
Your grave was the place you wanted to be,
A safe haven for you in death.

In life you liked harmony, balance and peace,
You were at one with the water and land.
A gentle Nimmo indeed you were,
With a clever, quick-thinking mind.

Once in your grave, you expected to spend
All of Eternity resting and sleeping.
But your peace was shattered forever more
When Lanie and Lillie came creeping.

The Tyrannian War was raging, they said.
They needed an army to help them fight and win.
They were gathering troops of the undead,
They were persuasive, those creepy Wocky twins.

They plied you with candy, you sweet-toothed Nimmo,
And a Zombie Nimmo you doth became.
You joined the Awakened and vowed to fight
And Zombie Hooligan you were renamed.

Olabet Shuffletoes, you have my sympathy,
For you know you can never go home.
Your grave forever empty will be,
As you fight in the Battledome.

Nimmo Shenkuu Outfit
by indulgences

The Nimmo has some lovely clothes.
They’re based on Shenkuu style.
It’s called the Nimmo Shenkuu look.
It surely does beguile!

Her Dress is a kimono pink,
And graced with purple threads.
An obi wraps around the waist,
Sealed with a rose that’s red!

Her Fan is held within one hand,
To mask her powdered face.
It’s made of pink and purple silk.
It’s quite festooned with lace!

Her Cuff is worn upon her arms,
So elegant and fine.
They’re ruby silk and silver threads.
They really are divine!

Her Sandals must be worn with care,
For they are platform shoes.
She takes such tiny, careful steps.
Her steps are dainty moves!

And finally, we have the Wig,
So sumptuous, yet neat.
It’s gorgeous, thick, yet cut quite short.
It’s luxe, and oh-so-sweet!

The Nimmo Shenkuu outfit is
So delicate, yet bold!
It’s prim and proper, yet so posh,
A glory to behold!

Scratchcard Stories
by domdee17

‘Oh dear, you lossst…!’ Sidney cried,
‘That card was a jackpot winner, and you blew it…!’ Sidney lied.
The Nimmo quickly pocketed the cash,
As his victim walked away, throwing the card in the trash.

‘Congratulations, you won!’ an excited Wocky cheered,
‘I just won a useless snowball.’ The player sneered.
‘Look on the bright side, it’s something! Most people don’t even get a prize.’
‘I’ve used 10 scratchcards, and this is my only winner, did you think I didn’t realize?’

A Cybunny sighed, taking in a deep inhale,
this was the 13th month without any sales.
She wondered to herself ‘How could this be?’
As she sat down, gloomy, under a palm tree.

In Kreludor, a Neopian stepped out to their barren yard,
before finding a below them a weekly scratchcard.
The Neopian picked up the card, accepting it with grace,
as it was a weekly gift from Mira, the Faerie of Space.

3 out of 4 of the vendors claim to use fair and balanced cards.
However one may find that winning the Jackpot is usually quite hard.

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