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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Random Poetry Gallery

The Story of The Almost Abandoned Attic
by domdee17

Back in the day, there once was an attic, 
Which would stock many different, expensive things.
Although some thought its schedule was erratic,
It’s cheap prices on many of the items made for great savings.

The Attic only lets a few people in,
Those whose accounts are over 3 years old.
If you enter the attic, you may find the place not very clean,
On the bright side, though, it doesn’t appear to have any mold. 

There, you’ll be greeted by a friendly ghost,
She is the shopkeeper of the place.
In the Attic, she is the host,
she doesn’t let any of her items go to waste.

The Aisha slowly sold off her wares,
The things she had back when she was alive.
Her stock soon become more and more scarce,
Until at Y16, the final stock arrived.

The shopkeeper celebrated, she was finally done!
Now she could relax, away from the attic’s stink.
But even though she tried to have fun,
she couldn’t, leading her to think.

She may have had no use for the items,
but she loved to sell them to people.
She liked seeing her customers’ unique mannerisms, 
such as when she stocked something, everyone there would scramble.

And so, the Aisha decided to reopen her Attic,
but first, she needed to collect new trinkets.
She collected some new items, such as potions made from magic,
but also took some items she used to sell, such as buckets.

And finally, on a fateful day on Y24,
during the Month of Eating,
the Aisha reopened her attic-turned-store,
giving everybody a happy greeting.

Now, after a long, 8 year wait,
The Attic is back, how sublime!
The Aisha has put the place back to its usual state,
don’t worry, it won’t run out of stock for a very long time.

Sleeping Snowager
by xxicy_

It's early in the morning, 
yet the Snowager still sleeps. 
don't make a sound,
don't make a peep. 
If you're brave enough to enter his lair, 
The treasure you seek will be there. 

But heed my warning, 
The Snowager's no fool. 
Many have tried to seek his treasure too.
 If you enter his lair and he knows you're there,
The last thing you'll see is his icy glare.

Lumi's Lament
by geneames1

I yearned to make some spending cash
My bank account was low
I asked my friends what I should do
to make my savings grow

The consensus was unanimous
"Go babysit" they said
I followed their advice - I wish 
that I'd mowed  lawns instead

My charges are a nightmare
Intent on my demise
Usul brats in heli-hats
are dropping from the skies!

They shoot at me with ray guns
and prod at me with brooms
I hope that I live long enough 
To send them to their rooms

If I should make it through the night
with my superior fire-power
I will raise my current rate
to 300 np an hour!

An Ode to the Jelly Chia
by ilovepoogles2

Hang my portrait 
In the hallowed halls
Of women and men
Whom treachery befalls.

All I did
Was dare to be born
In the image you
Made for me.

The house on the hill
In which I was raised 

Forever still fettered 
And stuck in a daze

Naïve and unknowing 
Of nefarious schemes. 

You gave me no mouth
But still I must scream.

Mon amour des Chombys
by moufle

Dans les contrées lointaines de Tyrannia
Vivent de mignons herbivores
Un peu timides mais toujours là
Lorsque vous avez besoin de renfort

Ils vivent en groupes et aiment manger
Leurs mets favoris sont les fleurs de cactus et les terry-baies
Mais malgré tout il y a une chose qu'ils ne peuvent pas supporter
Les boules de champignons ils n'en voudront jamais

Il faut savoir que les Chombys sont des éditions limités
Et peuvent seulement s'obtenir par potions ou le labo 
Mais une fois que vous en aurez tout ce qu'ils leur faudront pour être heureux 
C'est de l'herbe fraîche à mâcher et un peu d'eau


The Ballerina Quiguki
by roxanna203

A round of applause for the amazing Quiguki,
A one in a million, everyone surely agrees!
She is the amazing and most captivating dancer,
It is the Ballerina Quiguki, the enchanter!

Gracefully striding across the vivid stage,
Movements with precision, hard to disengage.
The shade of a light colored rose embracing,
The tutu she wears with much interlacing.

Her solemn expression simultaneous smile,
She dances and twirls all the meanwhile,
The crowd fixated and dazzled by her spins,
Continue to applaud and cheer from within.

She lives for this moment, ballet is her life,
She does this everyday without any strife!
A role model for many that can foresee,
After all, she is the Ballerina Quiguki!

Yooyu Variants Emerge Victorious
by _brainchild_

Altador's amazing Cup
Just happens to be coming up!
Some Yooyus of hues quite sublime
Will use their skills—they're so divine.

The ordinary one is grand,
But variants race o'er the land.
The Fire Yooyu sprints with grace,
Yet Snow ones have a Blurtle's pace.

The Faeries travel in a curve,
Yet Mutant Yooyus, so absurd,
Quite sadly, can't make up their mind!
I'd rather use another kind.

Those Darigans, erratic beasts,
Shall travel every whichway. Please,
Just give me any other one!
I'll take a bot, though blasts aren't fun.

Whichever Yooyu is bestowed,
I have to shield it from my foes.
If enemies score every time,
Then losses follow, never fine.

The Road to the Rainbow Fountain
by soulofanarchangel

They came in from the rain and darkened skies
with grey malaise in their eyes.
To the Healing Springs they made their way,
But lovely Marina could not heal today.

They went to the kitchen for a curing stew,
but the Soup Faerie didn't know what to do.
Her loving blend of herb and spice
Could not ease the Grey one's strife.

Neither Earth or Air or Light or Dark
Could remove that sorrowed mark.
They feared the rest of their days
Would be filled with gloom and Grey.

But then a thought flashed in their mind,
So the next day, they set out to find
That blessed fountain in the skies
And the beautiful mermaid with turquoise eyes.

The guardian of the coloured waters,
With magic power like no others,
Gracefully glided up to them,
And offered them a mystic swim.

Tentatively, they dipped their toe,
And the prismatic springs began to glow.
They warmed and tickled as the magic waves
Transformed them and washed away the grey.

And so it was they were renewed,
So overjoyed was their mood.
No longer stuck under a cloud.
They were in colour, and they were proud.

The Rainbow Paint Brush
by dnf050895

A Rainbow paint job can mean oh-so much...
It's more than some colors, much more than a brush.

A Rainbow means Beauty, discovering you.
Embracing the good things, and not-so-good, too.

A Rainbow means Freedom, the right to exist.
Rising up for equality, to not be dismissed.

A Rainbow means Truth, living out as you are.
Finding your home, whether here or afar.

A Rainbow means Love, shining outwards with pride,
With each graceful step as we walk side by side.

A Rainbow paint job can mean oh-so much...
It's more than some colors, much more than a brush.

Where Is My Poem?
by indulgences

I sent my poem weeks ago.
I’m just a bit annoyed.
I don’t know where my entry is…
It’s sucked into the void!

I hope the contest judge has held
My poem close at hand.
Perhaps it will be posted soon,
Which would be rather grand!

I strum my fingers on my desk,
Impatient as all heck.
Refreshing on the contest page,
I check, and check, and check!

Oh, contest judge, where are you now?
Where is my humble poem?
You haven’t sent me any mail,
Which makes me moan and groan!

I try to tame my anxiousness.
I brew a pot of tea.
I work on brand new poems, that
I think are fun to read!

And suddenly, I get some news!
The contest judge has mailed!
My poem will be published now.
I wave my arms and flail!

This contest is my favorite thing
To do on this fine site!
I love it when my poems are picked.
It fills me with delight!

And once my poem’s published, I
Begin to write new works.
I want more golden trophies, and
My zeal is quite berserk!

Go write your own fine poems, friends!
The judge will read them all!
Please craft some classy, stylish poems
That surely will enthrall!

The Darkest Faerie
by oddlit

She swore and oath
"I shall return"
before she sank
beneath the earth

Under the sea
Amulet bound
Turned to stone
Swishing around.

A storm does brew
Making Neopets weary
Ripping off her necklace
Unleashing her fury

She cackles and screams
in serendipitous glee
Thinking of mayhem
"They'll have no time to flee"

The waves did cause
a great disturbance
casting dark clouds
and political turbulence.

But the faerie did not waver
she stood quite proud
guiding the chaos
from within a shroud

No one could know
Not even Fyora
of the malevolent return 
of the ancestor of Jhudora.

She roused a the evil
in all of Neopia
and harnessed it's power
to create a horrid dystopia

The first Kingdom 
to fall was Meridell,
King Skarll a servant,
puppet and shell.

But only after she
took over Illusen's Glade,
with the help of the Werelupe King
Illusen could not send for aid

Luckily enough
A Techo in her realm
Did beg the King's pardon
And humbly ask for help

But what they had found
which was much too late,
Illusen had
succumbed to her fate.

Her own amulet stolen
By the Werelupe King
Illusen was left helpless to
the Dark One's telepathy.

"This land is mine!"
She howls, and strikes at our hero
He falls to the ground
understanding zero

He returns to the Kingdom
of Meridell
where his dreams had began
now to seek help

But no one is quite right
and everything seems eerie.
And on the Throne sits
the Darkest Faerie

Team Meridell
by therainbowsheep

The Altador Cup arrives each June,
Colosseum crowded daily with fanatics before noon.
Team Meridell fans devastated after their fall from grace,
Looking to make a comeback and take first place!

Land of castles and kingdoms, Meridell's history is rich
Its loyal citizens believe their team can win without a hitch.
Taking a break from counting potatoes and telling King Skarl jokes,
The Meridell team plans to turn their opponents into smoke. 

Team Captain "Wizard" Windelle knows the pressure is on,
He motivates and cheers his team each day, starting at dawn.
Fiorina and Ethel join their captain as forwards charging strong,
Skillfully racing towards the goal, they do no wrong.

Ilsa expertly defends the Meridell side of the field,
Her tackling and passing skills acting like a shield.
The ultimate line of defense is Yoris the goalie,
No one has ever seen this agile JubJub move slowly!

Together, the team is impressive in its own right
Their future to win the cup promising and bright.
So three cheers for the Meridell team and their ambition!
May their determination lead to their successful mission.

We Meridell fans are hopeful and proud,
Amongst the large crowds, our cheers the most loud.

Altador Cup is Back!
by frankie8492

The long anticipated yearly event is back!
Which team will be at the front of the pack?
Will the home team, once again, perform the best?
Or will the cup this year go to one of the rest?
Let's speculate about this while eating a snack.

The most popular game is always Yooyuball.
Each team tries to score goals, as you can recall.
On the field are five players from each side,
All of whom are surely brimming with pride.
Only time will tell which teams will fall.

There are many different formations to use,
And altogether, there are seven yooyus.
Each team has pros and cons that it contains,
So now the ultimate question remains,
Which team do you plan to choose?

Random poetry day in Neopia
by annikkiadepp_

All Neopia's poets will gather round,
creating rhymes thoughtful and profound.

Attempting to move the heart and soul
of that person in the judge’s role

Some will talk of their favourite Neopet,
others about a character they cannot forget. 

All of them with one goal in mind:
getting that shiny trophy assigned 

Once you got one, you won’t be able to stop,
one after another the rhymes will drop. 

Random poetry day is the best, 
because you can truly rest

write about what you love most,
and receive prizes to boast.

Sueños de piratas
by hits

En la fuente de las hadas,
se encontraba solitario...
Buscando ya su destino,
el que siempre había soñado.

Su sueño era ser pirata,
el más valiente y temerario.
La camisa y corbata:
No serían necesarios.

Sin embargo, sin pinceles
¿cómo podría lograrlo?
¡No te preocupes ya, mi amigo!
Dijo un Pteri silvando.

¿No has visto la noticia?
¿No has visto aquel "random"?
Tienes una búsqueda de hadas activa,
¡sólo debes de intentarlo!

Pronto consiguió el objeto,
ese que le habían solicitado.
Y en menos de un chasquido:
su sueño de ser pirata... ese sueño ¡se había logrado!

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