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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Tyrannia Victory Day Special

by rawbeee

Gar ug grugga ug
We grug ug thank grugga Grarrl
Grugga grugga grug!

Grug ugga ugga
Dance grug sing ug gruggar Hall
Ugga grug ug ug?!

Ug gar ugga ug
Omelette ug not gar small
Grug grug ugga ug.

Grugga ug grugga
Gar see ug Memorial
Ug ug ug ug ug!?

Ugga grugga ug
Wheel grugga ug head grug wall
Grug ug grug ugga...

Ugga grug ugga
Ugga one and grug for all
Ug grug grug ugga!!!

Tyrannian Furniture
by precious_katuch14

Welcome to Tyrannian Furniture,
Just don't trip on the rugs.
We've got stone, dung and Gruslen fur,
Though some of them might have bugs.

Pull up your Stone Armchair,
Kick back, and relax.
There's many more to spare,
And those are the facts!

I know what you want, see here,
Some Decorative Tyrannian Curtains!
They may not be lacy or sheer,
But at least they don't easily stain!

What's that smell, you ask?
Why, the latest dung showpieces!
Assembling them's no easy task,
We had to find the choicest - 

Anyway, let's move on.
Is your mattress too soft?
Try this bed made of stone!
Perfect for your rockin' loft.

Watch your step, lest you trip
Over the Fire Pit with a Spit.
Want something simpler? Here's a tip.
Just get a regular old fire pit.

Wait, don't go yet!
I've still got a bone to pick!
That is, a Bone writing Desk!
I guess my spiel's making you sick.

I hope you enjoyed your visit
To Tyrannian Furniture today.
I hope you would consider it
As no one else buys them anyway!

Tyrannian War Chant (used by the defenders during the invasion)
by frankie8492

Put on a smile and be proud and brave.
Our duty is to protect and save.
This is the path that we chose,
And we will take down all of our foes.
Let's give our family one last wave.

We will succeed and we won't fail.
Everyone knows good will prevail.
Who cares if they outnumber us?
We're better, so don't make a fuss.
In the future, our heroics will be told in a tale.

Our foes will tremble when they see our gear.
Maybe they will even run away in fear.
Keep on striking them down one by one,
We won't stop until our work is done.
Victory is near...victory is near.

A Busy Tyrannian Victory Day!
by honorrolle

Tyrannian Victory Day what to do? 
First grab a Tyrannian water Negg, blue. 
Visit the ticket booth, M*YNCI in town, 
Paint at the caves, palette of brown. 

Oops, forgot breakfast, omelette sounds great, 
Big hungry crowds, empty omelette, have to wait.
Tyrannian Mini Golf, now that’s a game, 
Can’t wait to join, beginner sounds tame.

Need to pump the muscles, destruct-o-match it is!
I’ve been practising on zen, not to brag, but I’m a whiz. 
Oh no! What is chasing me, Pterattack is upon me, 
Not as good at that game, almost ran into a lava tree.

Need to upgrade equipment after that volcano disaster, 
Turned tooth searching, lots of fire, no blaster,
A little bit of native language practice, not sure I’m doing it right,
Ugg Ugga Acka, I’m not feeling too bright…

Long busy day, full of fun celebration, 
Tyrannian victory day- let us honour this Neopian nation!

Tyrannian Victory Day
by shutianlei3333

Let's all give a round of applause and cheer,
Because Tyrannian Victory Day is here!
Some people might not know what happened though;
This war occurred about twenty years ago.

It started with a shake in the ground,
That led to a tunnel being found.
Thick leaves stopped people from going through it,
Until a Chomby ate all the leaves bit by bit.

Tyrannia was discovered, which was great,
But then invaders arrived at the gate.
Waves and waves of them came to fight,
But slowly fell to the defenders' might.

Even the evil Monoceraptor was defeated, 
and then the rest of its army retreated.
As you see, there's much to celebrate today,
So let's all get together and say,

Happy Tyrannian Victory Day!

The Wheel of Monotony
by profebest

Time is Gold in Tyrannia,
Gold is the time you waste waiting,
A Quiggle is the host of a known wheel,
The Wheel of Monotony that is,

This wheel costs 150 NP to spin,
You can only spin this wheel once per day,
It can take between about 2 hours and 9 hours,
After you finish you get a prize and even an avatar,

If you come back after the spin,
The Quiggle will tell you a message,
Wow, you must be really bored if you want to spin again,
Maybe you should go watch some grass grow for a while and then come back,

That's a weird response,
Next time bring some pillows and go to sleep,
Because this will take hours to finish,
It's boring but worth it,

Happy Tyrannian Day!

Tyrannian Day Yay!
by xghoul447

Tyrannia is loved by many!
Today is a day to celebrate. 
Full of stone
And a lot of fossils and bones,
Grab the freshly baked cake and get ready to celebrate
Oh Tyrannia, we love you so dearly
For all you've done
So let's relax under the sun
Tyrannia is the best place to be
It's a place where you can be free
Tyrannia, thank you for all you have done
Now, let's party! And have some fun.

Tyrannian Concert Hall
by therainbowsheep

We celebrate the Concert Hall this Tyrannian Victory Day,
The place where all the best local bands love to play!
Capable of seating tens of thousands of spectators, 
The Hall's crowd sizes grow greater and greater!

Tyrannians even sneak onto the roof or nearby trees,
Determined to see their favourites like M*YNCI) with glee!
In fact, the demand for tickets is always quite high -
Though the prices are outrageous, fans still buy.

In fact, Skalpo has a monopoly on all Tyrannia shows,
Yet tickets still sell out! Why? No one truly knows.
Is it because all the concert excitement creates extra demand?
Maybe Tyrannian citizens are genuinely excited for the bands!

Or is it because of the rare and coveted souvenirs? 
The price one can get for re-selling them deserves a loud cheer.
No matter the reason, the result is concertgoers attempting to sneak in -
But since the arrival of Mynci and Sons Event Security, these problems have thinned. 

Regardless of the rumoured scandal, no one can deny
The importance of the Tyrannian Concert Hall ranks quite high.
A valued venue in one of the finest Neopian lands,
It is dedicated to music and thrives in Tyrannia's capable hands.

Happy Victory Day
by cinnabonski

Remember, remember 
On this fine day
That good hath triumphed
And evil held at bay

In an ancient land
Of plateau and cave
That once was threatened
But heroes did save

Against scouts and bombers
The brave army fought
Opposed to the hordes 
It would not be for naught

With courage and strength
To guide on their path
No Grarrl battle master
Was safe from their wrath

With victory in sight
An end to this chapter
There appeared a new menace
The vile Monoceraptor

The battle resumed 
Teeth and claws gnashed
Chaos ensued
As sides anew clashed

When hope was all lost
And defeat was at hand
A Lupe arose
For one final stand

In one mighty strike
One closing blow
That Lupe did end
The reign of their foe

A cheer now rang out
Across all the field
The battle was over
Their victory was sealed

Though at its last breath
A warning was made
While minion had failed
A return would be paid

So come celebrate
And all make merry
But keep watchful eye
Of a return, be weary.  

Happy Tyrannian Victory Day!!

Tyrannia - A Rocky Monument
by dollsuki

Tyrannia is the origin of everything,
Then the Monoceraptor attacked this area with no king!
The peace prevailed when the adventurers defeated his army! 
The Tyrannian Victory Day was created, as the fighters continued their endless journey. 

Tyrannia, a land marked by earthquakes, 
And by warriors whose hearts never break
An Obelisk was revealed after an earthquake on the plains, 
And six factions started to battle for gains!

Tyrannia is a land of plenty! 
The Giant Omelette can feed many! 
You can pull a chair and spin The Wheel of Monotony
While you are mesmerized by the Lair of the Beast's geology. 

Maybe in the Tyrannian Petpets Shop is where you will find a friend to your pet! 
Here you can even find a dinosaur that purrs, you can bet! 
The Tyrannian Concert Hall is the right place for the talented musicians!  
You should hurry and grab your ticket to guarantee a good position!

O Tyrannia!
by i_lovee_icecream

O Tyrannia!
Our home and native land!
True plateau love in all of us command.

With a giant omelette, we all together rise,
The True Prehistoric strong and free!

From far and wide,
O Tyrannia, we spin the Wheel of Mediocrity for thee.

Monoceraptor, keep our land glorious and free!
O Tyrannia, we stand on guard for thee.

O Tyrannia, we stand on guard for thee.

An Acrostic Tyrannian Celebration
by lesslynope

The beat of drum with bone
You celebrate amongst stone
Raucous laughter fills air
Ancient voices everywhere
Near they come from far away
Neo celebrates, hip hip hooray!
I spun a wheel so monotonous
All in spotted toga, cottonous
Now I braved the lair of beast

Very scared, I return to feast.
I see omelet galore everywhere
Care to have a slice? I'll share! 
Tyrannian paintings in a cave
Offer a glimpse of an era brave.
Rock formations form a giant dome
You wonder at them, far from home.

Don't fret too much, you will return
Away from the sun that does burn,
You first of ancient lands did learn!

Yelling, "Happy Tyrannian Victory Day!"
The first letter of the above does say.

Tyrannian Victory Day!
by she_chose_love

We are so close,
the end is near.
Victory will soon be ours,
there will be no more fear.

We are so close,
I can taste it I swear.
It is the end of an era,
we are almost there.

We are so close,
to sweet victory.
This is exactly,
how things should be.

We are so close,
and when we reach it you will say.
That today will forever be declared,
Tyrannian Victory Day!

Tyrannia's Terrific Variety of Petpets
by _brainchild_

Tyrannia's ol' Petpets, grand,
Are very sure to please.
O'er vast and prehistoric land,
Their happiness won't cease.
Regardless of the rarity
Or price to buy a friend,
These pals will leave you filled with glee---
They're charming to no end!0

Woolypapith, a mammoth of
Pink hues, has tusks that shine
When sunlight dazzles. Plumes I love
From Skrees are so divine
In rays so warm. There also are
A lot of dinosaurs,
Along with serpents, near and far---
A sly Reptillior!

There are so many, so I shouldn't
Rob you of surprise.
When I went to the shop, I couldn't
Stop my mesmerized
Obsession with these Petpets. Each
Has merits of its own.
Much fun and joy is in your reach
If you just take one home.

Homage to the Haunted Tyrannian Tar Pits
by exanomaly

The tar is thick with old bones,
detritus of ravenous Tyrannians
submerged, hidden from time,
their armoured breastplates crushed
by hot earth, molten wings
fossilized mid-flight –
a dark miracle. 
The land’s wound 
unsutured and festering,
bubbling breaths, the turgid belly 
of the pit groans, burps up 
the fallen, both hero and villain,
and the tyrant’s corpse has petrified,
a monster turned monolith, 
they that strode like giants
now sink as stones,
lost but not silenced:
when the wind blows
their bony hollows 
howl eerily, singing
themselves down
with such force 
as to rise, rise
from collision, 
like a voice torn
from a throat,
I will return!

(Note: to find out more about this bizarre burial site, grab a copy of “Haunted Tyrannian Tar Pits” today!)

The Lost Victory
by flufflepuff

In times when feet of Crokabeks
Did ring not the majority’s
Deep windows to their inner selves,
Monoceraptor’s wicked cries
Had echoed with invaders’ shouts.
Through blade and flame, tenacious acts,
Intruder and beast both succumbed.
The year’s reminders rise again,
As Sillie Daisies from the earth.
Each one doth bear a hero’s name:
Kyruggi, Plesio, and Bob.
Below, the lost, who’ve never touched
The comb of vict’ry to their lips.
The bravest, who, today, shall shine,
Of bone unseen that glows moon-white.
In preservation of their home,
They’d borne the cost of victory,
And in exchange, they, lost, remain,
Remembered not, as wisps of chaff:
Unless we do.

Tyrannian Usul from Ugga Drop
by roxanna203

Jumping from heights as a kid was a delight,
If I wasn't jumping, something wasn't right,
Time of day did not matter - day or night,
Sun or moon shine, it is always a sight!

Naturally, I had to choose a life of fun,
One where I can jump without being shun,
Ugga Drop the game -- that's the one!
Able to join the team, my life had begun.

Being the only girl was an honor for me,
Being a Tyrannian Usul made it easy,
Many players picking me made me glee,
For once they did, a win was guaranteed.

But it isn't always about competition,
It is pure joy with my lovely addition,
Tyrannian Day is when we have recognition,
Making it fun for others is our mission!

Celebrate Tyrannian Victory Day with Some Omelette!
by erroro

Tyrannia is surely a magnificent place,
In all of its prehistoric glory
The greatest attraction of them all
Lies cooking, greater than any story 

The Giant Omelette of Tyrannia,
Mysterious as it is delicious.
And it’s all for the best price; free,
For omelette so nutritious!

Thank you, honourable Sabre-X,
Keeper of this magnificent place.
It is he who puts on the toppings,
He has eggcelent taste. 

The Soup Kitchen kept me destitute,
To feed my beloved Kacheek.
Meanwhile I took a slice from the fabled site
No one into my wallet would peak! 

So happy Tyrannian Victory Day!
Let’s celebrate its greatest feat,
Come on down to Tyrannia!
At the Giant Omelette we’ll meet!

Scrap Taggert
by treeword

The countdown begins
For the next Altador Cup,
And Scrap Taggert
Is cheering right up.

He waits patiently all year
For this special chance,
To play for Team Tyrannia,
An underdog at first glance.

He is missing the cheers,
The thrum of the crowds,
The chants of his name
That puts his head in the clouds.

So he practices and waits,
He prepares for the game,
This Moehog wishes Yooyuball
Will bring him to fame.

Every night before bed
In the depths of his dreams
He stands first on the podium
Amidst the rest of the teams.

For one day he hopes
To tell his kin the story
Of how he brought Tyrannia
Just a bit more glory.

Mighty Monstrous Monoceraptor
by magyk4

On this day we remember the great victory that Tyrannia beholden,
Back long ago they defeated evil as the sun shone above bright and golden.

But what was the name of such evil? So terrible that it began this great chapter? 
A chapter that started and ended of course, by one only named the Monoceraptor!

This beast controlled a great army... which he sent to fight just before him,
However, their strength and power were no match for Tyrannia... and so they all fell to the ground right before them.

Mighty monstrous and magnificent this evil was, as it journeyed towards the battlefield,
All the Tyrannian Neopets were scared and fearful, but also unwilling to yield.

They saw it as it approached them.. with its humongous claws and scar-covered hide,
"What a sight to behold!" some said, as their voices trembled and eyes opened wide.

Could this be the end? many thought as the ground started to shake right beneath them,
But not all considered doom or the end but instead looked around at the mayhem.

They'd already fought so hard and got so far.. with this beast the last stand in this war,
The sky above dark and filled with tar.. but inside them they were ready to fight to the core.

So prepared to battle they were.. that most didn't notice a brave Lupe had already began to charge,
And so here begins the curtail call for this vicious monster so great and large.

This Lupe was a hero in the making as he sprinted forward blade in paw,
As all around Neopets began witness this act they couldn't help but to stare in awe.

This leathery beast was one hundred times stronger as well as a hundred times bigger!!,
But no fear was had by this Lupe as he raised his sword above him with all of his haste and his vigour. 

"You'll never defeat us!!" he cried out as he thrust his sword towards his foe,
Such strength and will this Lupe had that he won with just a single killing blow.

But that's not the end of this story as this beast still had one more secret to share,
They muttered something strange.. "That puny creature of mine has failed." as the Neopets around became aware...

This creature might not be the end of their troubles as although they won they didn't defeat,
But instead maybe the first in a string of foes they would have to fight in this desert heat.

Who was this villian that wanted Tyrannia destroyed as the creature whispered "I will return"...
Many were scared even though that was the creatures last breath.. they were still filled so much concern...

That ends the story of the Monoceraptor as he was destroyed in Tyrannia's sprawling desert,
Rejoice rang around and the day was named Tyrannian Victory Day which is still in effect at the present,

And that mysterious foe who threatened more war,
Became a distant memory to even those that saw,
As they hailed the Lupe a hero with his great paw,
As it had been valiant to the end and was the reason for battle no more!

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