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Neopets Poems

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Lupe Day Special

Baby Lupe’s Day Off
by stefsea

Hello, I’m a Lupe, and today is my day;
I am usually busy, but today I can play!
Take a day off from everything I do,
And spend some time celebrating with you!

By nature I’m playful, so c’mon, throw the ball!
I can play fetch all day, so please don’t stall.
With all of this energy, there’s a pep in my step;
And with so much to do, it’s a good thing to prep!

Next up, an adventure; and there’s plenty to see,
I am spunky and curious, sniffing every tree!
Be it beach, field, or forest, I love to explore;
And I’ll make sure this Lupe Day isn’t a snore!

Last but not least, we of course have to eat;
Some people think my big appetite is a feat!
There’s Lupe Treats galore, many flavours too;
I promise to save some, and share them with you!

The day comes to a close just as quick as it began;
And I hope after today, you become a Lupe fan!
I really loved spending this day off with you,
And wishing you a Happy Lupe Day too!

Neoquest Lupe Adventure
by profebest

It's a normal day on Neoquest,
A shiny sun gives light to your way,
A Lupe it's the host of this game,
Its mission is to beat the last boss,

However the quest is too long - must say insane,
A lot of monsters on the way through the last boss,
Wise and Powerful it's the one in the caves you must seek,
They say a Clouded Gem given to Erick rewards an avatar,

Rumours say Erick is the so-called Wise and Powerful,
A secret door was found but no one knows the way around,
Such mystery will never be revealed,

Travelling through Caves,
Wandering through Mountains,
Going through the Jungle,
Walking in a Spooky Forest,

Finally we have found the way to the last bosses,
Jahbal is very powerful, 
Mastermind the name says its own, 
Xantan Reborn a Monster has reborn,

Lupe the Neoquest Hero has 50 levels and has managed to beat all these monsters, 
Congratulations now you are a Neoquest Master,
Happy Lupe Day!

The Duty of Sabre-X
by neopiantownsman

long time after we have all moved on
a soldier who lived a thankless pawn
mostly forgotten to everyone
his duty is finally done

his history: strategizing soldier serving
the plateau of Tyrannia is not deserving
the years of battle and planning wasted
as now he guards what everyone has tasted

but as time moves sorely on,
the time will come for this thankless pawn,
to retire and rest as he so needs
surely nobody will notice these deeds

and yet, without him, a void in formation
omelettes omitted from our observations
this once proud soldier demoted to guard dog
his job was more important than anyone realized.

where once a large greasy egg mass stood,
now lays empty and will stay so for good.
because there was no one there to say
"hey! you can only take one slice per day."

Old King Coltzan
by precious_katuch14

King Coltzan was a kind soul,
The Desert's most important role,
He was good and stalwart and wise,
Up until his untimely demise.

Yet Coltzan could find no rest,
Four adventurers he was to test.
Deep in the ruins of Akhten-Ka
Lurked this ancient king warrior.

He waited, a ghostly sentinel,
Waited to be released from his spell
Which kept him bound to the sand
'Till the heroes made their stand.

Old Coltzan fought against his will,
Though his fury was never real.
He fought for the Medallion of Wind,
Only for a trinket, to his chagrin.

This old Lupe's spirit raged on,
In the Lost Desert ruins, alone
In the midst of the undead,
Where his spirit had been led.

When at last opportunity knocked,
It was Coltzan's stroke of luck.
Though what he tasted was defeat,
Defeat never tasted so sweet.

Old Coltzan's ghost was free at last,
His magical shackles a thing of the past.
A prisoner of Akhten-Ka nevermore,
Thanks to those adventurers four.

by therainbowsheep

The first thing Tomos ever stole was a glittering locket,
Cementing his place in the Desert Scarabs as prime pickpocket.
Swiping treasures since the tender age of three,
He has always been an expert on how to flee.

Always dreaming of a life of luxury, one fit for a king -
He steals from the pockets of the unsuspecting. There goes another ring!
So effortless to be mesmerized by riches and jewels,
Visions of opulence and wealth is his strongest fuel.

Lurking in the shadows of the largest marketplaces, Tomos is quite bold
He and his dear friend Nabile knows how to obtain all gold.
Forever priding himself on being the perfect partner in crime,
Relentless Tomos never leaves behind a dime.

A more clever, quick-witted thief you'll never find.
Although impulsive, Tomos can get out of any bind.
He is legendary amongst all Lupes, of that you can be sure.
Should your paths ever cross, make sure your trinkets are secure.

Happy Lupe Day!
by she_chose_love

You can feel the excitement,
miles away.
If all of the wagging tails,
did not already give it away.

Laughter fills the air,
and you can feel the cheer.
On the most loyal Neopets,
favourite day of the year.

I am talking about the Neopet,
with a fluffy tail and a wet nose.
The one who is always happy,
and loves to run through meadows.

A loyal Neopet,
Loved by all.
Who is always ready,
to play with a ball.

Have you guessed it yet,
the one we celebrate today?
Today is Lupe day,
hip, hip, Hooray!!

The Loyalty of Lupes
by flusia

Lupes are extremely loyal
It is known throughout the land
If they see you as their own
They'll always lend a hand

They travel in a pack, as one
With bonds extremely strong
They'll always have your back, bar none
Unless you do them wrong

In order to gain their trust
You need to prove your worth
If you meet their requirements
It matters not your species of birth

If you're lucky enough to befriend a Lupe
You'll have a partner for life
The most loyal of the Neopets
Forever at your side

The Ghost Lupe's Tale
by frankie8492

The Ghost Lupe once had a family of three,
And being with them made him happy as can be. 
He was a sailor and had to travel a lot, 
But during his travels, he never forgot
Them and yearned to return back from the sea. 

One day, he found them having passed away, 
And in anger, he vowed to make everyone pay.
It wasn't long until he became a ghost, 
And terrorized Mystery Island from coast to coast. 
His wrath against the world was on full display. 

Eventually, Judge Hog captured him and asked, 
"Can't you move on and let the past be the past?" 
The Ghost Lupe thought long and hard and decided 
That perhaps, all along, he was misguided 
And so he toned down on his rage at last.

The Mighty Tormund
by oomp

Tormund is easily my favorite Lupe.
For bravery like his, 
there is no equal dupe.
His ruffled, golden fur a beacon
Of hope and spirit,
that cannot weaken.

A master wielder of his sword
His sharpened blade
has magic stored.
Imbued inside the steel is strength,
The glowing aura swirls
from mighty motes, he casts at length.

A hero of our great Neopian world
Tor takes on quests and challenges,
With soul and passion furled.
Keen to be of service, super fierce.
With a cool and calm demeanour,
He conquers foes with a single pierce.

Prowling for justice, he keeps us safe
Confronts hordes of evil monsters
Lends a helping hand to any waif.
Though born in Meridell, Tormund is a national treasure
And when I echo tales of his heroic deeds, it is my pleasure.

Thrown For A Lupe
by florg95

They say a Lupe is the best kind of pupper,
but the one I adopted is a real fixer upper. 

He's loyal and brave, a companion so true, 
but he tears up his toys, and chews every shoe.

He's oh so smart, but does not come when called, 
and mysteriously now all my plushies are bald.

The chairs in my NeoHome are now lined with fur, 
I call it chic, but my friends don't concur. 

When we go on a walk, it's more of a chase, 
my Lupe out in front and me in last place. 

He refuses free omelette, a bit of a foodie, 
any food under r96 makes him quite moody. 

Like legends before him, he can be wild, 
truly he acts like Balthazar's child. 

I even tried training at Mystery Isle, 
but even Ryshu wasn't up for the trial.

My spirited pup truly brightens all rooms, 
chaotically howling as he frolics and zooms. 

If you're visiting he would love to see ya, 
but you should be careful if you are a Chia. 

I thought it would be easy, but had to regroup, 
One might even say, I was thrown for a Lupe.

The Most Loyal Neopets
by shutianlei3333

Have you considered owning a Lupe?
They often travel together in a group.
They are very social and love to play,
Especially on Lupe Day, which is today!

Nowadays, many choose to live in towns,
Having regular jobs and owning gowns.
But some still choose to be in the wild,
Which isn't too hard if the weather is mild.

They can see very well at night,
Especially when there's a full moon in sight.
This allows them to be great hunters,
And some consider their prowess as wonders.

The friends that they have they'll keep forever.
When asked for favours, they never say never.
They'll always help you if you're in need,
Which makes them such great friends indeed!

Happy Lupe Day!

by i_lovee_icecream

Lift your, lift your, lift yourself
Lift, lift your, lift your,
Lift your, lift your; lift, lift
Hard to see, ooh
The hang ups we have today,
But they don't really realize, though
This next verse, this next verse though
These bars-
Watch this, some neorhymes, go:

Lupey-di scoop
Whoopity-scoop, whoop-Lupe
Lupe-diddy, whoop-scoop
Lupe, Lupe
Whoop-diddy-scoop, Lupe

Favourite Friendly Flatmate
by inland

My new roommate is the best,
We met in the Haunted Wood.
At first I had some hesitance
But his manners are quite good!

Fyora, what big teeth you have!
I told him at first sight,
But he took it with good humour
And never as a slight 

He is a Lupe with grizzled fur,
So courteous is he!
As long as we have shared a room
He’s always made me tea.

He always does the dishes,
He always sweeps and mops,
He always takes the trash out,
He always goes to shops

We love to watch the cooking shows,
He has a taste for meat.
He collects a lot of chia toys,
Which I find very neat!

In fact, the only thing negative
That I can think to say,
He disappears once every month
On one specific day 

I believe that day is coming up
The night of the full moon,
He never tells me where he goes
But I hope he comes back soon!

Envy the Lupe from the Order of the Red Erisim
by roxanna203

The Battle of Obelisk has come to an end,
Can our foes make amends and become friends?
My name is Envy, and I represent the Order,
Can friendship happen with Greed the hoarder?

Every one of us emerging from the depths,
We all waited for the right moment to intercept,
It was not until our faction needed strength,
Which we provided with impeccable length.

Throughout the tedious and fortitude war,
Many Neopians gathered rounding up the score,
Envy seen for those of the opposing teams,
Wrath and Pride heard throughout the screams.

My name is Envy, and I represent the Order,
We seek strength and a plethora of disorder,
My faction has the strongest weapons,
Creating Envy from others, leaving an impression.

Buck Cutlass, The Lupe Who Seldom Loses
by _brainchild_

Buck Cutlass is a pirate so
Competitive, from what I know.
This Lupe is seldom known to lose---
His enemies will feel the blues.

Today, he's facing very strong
Ol' Gooblah, so let's not prolong
The match. Let's go! Oh, who will win?
Anticipation makes me grin.

The meats that Gooblah loves aren't here,
And slushies plague his plate. Oh, dear!
Buck chows down candy; never seen
Are vegetables so gross and green.

The Lupe has won! Poor Gooblah frowns.
His bettors think they've been let down!
Buck's fans cheer and collect their loot,
Since he has won. There's no dispute.

The Best Bone for Lupe Day
by darkhound45

There was a very happy Lupe
That sat and ate his bowl of soup.

This Lupe was happy and barked Hooray!
It was of course the great Lupe Day!

The Lupe knew what he had to do.
He picked the best bone that he could chew.

As he went towards the best bone’s case,
A frown started to form on his face.

The case was empty, no bone in sight.
Now what would the Lupe have to bite?

He looked up and down, side to side.
Had he taken the bone to try and hide?

He scratched his head and let out a bark!
He remembered he buried it in the park!

The Lupe ran to the park and found the spot,
Now smiling because he remembered this thought.

He started to dig with a smile on his face. 
He found the bone that he buried in this place!

The Loyal Lupe
by crowbarcake

Oh Lupe,
Adventurous in nature;
Leaping forward with large paws
headed toward a new adventure.

And how dependable they are,
Always staying loyal;
In any time of desperation
the Lupe is ready for action.

Stumbling on large feet,
Bravely bound with boundless bravery;
Always exploring unmarked trails,
find them prowling around Neopia!

Customized in different ways,
Found throughout in different shades;
Not a single Lupe stays the same,
each given a characteristic to claim.

Today’s the day we get to say,
Our thanks to the Lupe and their ways!
So, thank you Lupe for your devotion
and we wish you well without commotion!

Joyeuse fête des Lupes (French)
by nahimae

Viens avec moi, je t'invite dans un pays magique,
Laisse toi transporter par la musique, 
En ce jour de fête féerique,
Célébrons les Lupes, cette espèce unique.

Ils sont merveilleux et téméraires,
Courageux et un poil frileux,
Adorant les mystères et les jeux,
Mais les câlins, sont ce qu'ils préfèrent.

Voici l'épopée d'une espèce magnifique,
Darigan, Étoilé ou bien Maraquan,
Toutes les parures lui vont comme un gant,
Pastel, Bébé au bien encore maléfique.

Célébrons ensemble ce jour de fête,
Sans oublier les gâteaux et les paillettes,
Que brille les étoiles au-dessus de Neopets,
Qui donna naissance à ce merveilleux pet.

Seeking A Mysterious Lupe
by mindella

My boat hits the beach
I step onto the sand
Seeking a legend
Known through the land

I walk to the jungle
As sun disappears
I wind through the trees
And swallow my fears

I get to a clearing 
Step out of the trees
The jungle is silent
And I feel a cold breeze

Suddenly anxious
I slowly turn back
And come face to face
With the one that I track

Despite my intentions 
To find out his name
My fear takes control
I abandon my aim

I turn and I dash
Through the trees to the beach
Leap into my boat
And take off with a screech 

I wish I was brave
I wish I had stayed
I wish I had managed
To not be afraid

If I had endured
I might have uncovered
The name of the Ghost Lupe
That remains undiscovered.

What now?
by flufflepuff

Among the dwellers, one white Lupe
elected by the rest,
without companion, friend, or troop,
was sent, put to the test.

Through jungles, deserts, undead bands
and more, did he traverse
to rid the tattered, tainted lands
of vengeful warlock's curse.

He smote: an Eyrie on the first,
the next, a Mastermind,
and last, unknowing, faced the worst,
with whom he'd intertwined

his fate, since answering the call.
Not mirrored, at first glance--
Distended Xantan took his fall,
with Lupe in battle stance.

And yet, both vanquished and the Lupe
were joined, as want with lack.
Complete exhaustion made him droop:
How was he to get back?

No hero's welcome he'd await,
nor sight as curse did lift.
The tower's seal would not abate,
white paws would never drift.

His calls for help were all in vain,
no more did voice allow.
One feeble question did remain
within his mind:

What now?

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