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Neopets Poems

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Quiggle Day Special

Flycatcher Quiggle
by myncithemonkey

A serene breeze in the air,
The sun shining from above,
A Quiggle begins to prepare,
For a pastime he'll always love.

By the shores of a large lake,
With crystal clear waters blue,
A dark line shaped like a snake,
Zigzagging through the air it flew.

The sight will abhor many,
But not for this pink Quiggle,
Delighted for snacks aplenty,
He lets out a giggle.

Of excited anticipation,
Glancing left and right with sharp eyes,
His tongue flitting in motion,
As he gobbles up all the flies.

Island Quiggle Dance
by xrainydayx

Say hello to Francis,
He’s an Island Quiggle.
You should see him dance,
He can really wiggle.

Swish, swish,
He makes his leafy skirt jiggle.
Swish, swish,
When you see it, you can’t help but giggle.

The Island Quiggle Dance
Is a rare but awesome sight.
Our amphibious friend Francis
Can Quiggle-wiggle all night!

Join the Quiggles!
by pnaylala24

Quiggles are happy today
It's a reason to stop and laugh with them and play.
There's a celebration for this species
Comes once a year on June thirteen
For a moment in time let your troubles fade
Be kind to one another in every way
Eat the food that is prepared
Have thirds if you dare!
You'll be full on that second plate
But if you want more, dig in mate!
The tables filled with Neopets from all over
Eating all the food, come devour!
Enough about the food let's talk about these Quiggles
And how year long they make us giggle
Happiness in the air
Joy to be shared
Let us all be united for some time
Life sure is fine!
Come one come all!
Create memories let's have a ball!
See you there!
Or be square!

The Flycatcher Quiggle
by therainbowsheep

This hungry Quiggle is more recognizable than most,
Of his excellent fly-catching skills he boasts.
You can catch him putting together a simple lunch,
Via chasing flies and eating a bunch.

He calls them delectable and yummy,
Always seeking more to fill his tummy.
In fact, he claims he's providing a service;
Getting rid of flies so those outdoors do not get nervous.

Sometimes the Quiggle mistakenly munches a flower,
Never discouraged, that too he devours.
But sometimes the flies get too close,
Knocking him right off his toes!

Or even worse, coloured bees also swarm,
If he does not aim right, it can cause alarm.
But most of the time he secures his tasty snacks,
His tongue extends long and whack!

Happy Quiggle Day to this hungry water loving creature,
In the game of Flycatcher may he forever feature!

The Ballad of Morris
by precious_katuch14

A Quiggle green, a friend true
Came to Meridell with his crew,
Stumbled upon a land forgot,
Soon beset by famine and rot.

Morris and his fake Lupe ears,
Faced the dangers and fears
Of the land by time forgot,
Helped battle Darigan's lot.

Though young and inexperienced,
And perhaps a little dense,
Morris took up his wooden sword
Helped face the spectre Lord.

Because he continued to inspire,
He then became a Meridell squire,
But as he began to train,
The kingdom was in danger again.

He and Boris soon hatched a plan
To help the valiant Jeran.
They followed him to the Citadel,
Only to watch as his hero fell.

Poor Morris! Jeran saved him
From a fate so terrible and grim,
All because of an honest mistake,
The path Morris chose to take.

Still, all was well,
Jeran was safe, so was Meridell.
Morris was honoured, that little scamp,
With his very own rare stamp!

The Most Adventurous Quiggle
by darkhound45

Bored and need something to do?
A Quiggle has the thing for you!

Borri’s his name, and he is red.
He is a wizard, don’t be misled.

Stories are his favourite thing.
Creating adventures, the fun he’ll bring!

He may be fun, but please be careful.
He has some traits that make him fearful.

You can create an adventure if you wish,
Just be prepared or your story he’ll squish.

Borri likes to mock a few.
Be careful or that could be you.

Of all the mockings, there is one line,
“I bet your story isn’t as great as mine!”

He might like to mock, but he isn’t all bad.
He can be persuaded if your adventure is rad.

Practice makes perfect, it’s the thing to do.
So if you practice enough, he might teach you!

Fun-loving quiggles
by annikkiadepp_

Today is a very important day,
all the Quiggles come out to play

This little frog-like Neopet,
feels most at home where it’s wet

He likes to splash in puddles,
have fun and give good cuddles.

He is always up for a joke, 
he’ll make you laugh until you choke.

Healthy food is his absolute favourite,
whether it’s carrot or asparagus, he’ll savour it. 

Quiggles have giant eyes,
and long tongues to eat flies. 

They may not be the most rare,
but they’ll love you to the core

Everyday you’ll have to giggle,
if you go ahead and get a Quiggle.

Quinn the Quiggle
by ennyra

I have a friend named Quinn,
She's the best Quiggle out there.
We always love to go to the lake,
She'll splash and play with no fear.

Quiggles are great to have around,
Whenever you need a laugh.
They bounce and joke all day,
Your fun is never cut in half!

Quinn loves to be around friends,
And will always be on your team.
There's just one thing to remember,
Never give her cream!

It's strange that cream will make her sick,
Having Neezles is no fun.
But as long as no cream is involved,
Quinn will be teammate number one!

All the Quiggles love today,
It's a great excuse to play.
Let's all bounce around with them,
Eat cake, and shout hooray!

Leeroy the Devious Quiggle
by frankie8492

At the deserted fairground, there are many games,
All of which are fair, as each owner claims.
The most popular one is owned by Leeroy the Quiggle,
Who stands by his coconut stand with a giggle,
As many people try to win his coconuts that are in flames.

The objective of the game is to make a coconut soar,
By throwing a ball at it to knock it onto the floor.
But, even with strong throws, the coconuts just jiggle,
And surprisingly, they don't fall but only wiggle.
This anomaly would be hard for anyone to ignore.

The truth is that Leeroy keeps them steady with glue,
Which is completely unfair, if only people knew.
The last thing Leeroy wants is for people to win,
But he hides his ulterior motives behind his grin.
Don't bother playing his game and just pass through.

The Most Bouncy Neopets
by shutianlei3333

Quiggles love to bounce all around,
Both in water and on the ground.
Puddles let them make a big mess,
Which they do when they have stress.

They are fun and love to tell jokes,
And if they like it, they'll give a loud croak.
They also like to look and explore,
And swim all the way to the ocean floor.

People think they love eating insects, like ants,
But they actually much prefer eating plants.
And make sure not to feed them any cream,
Because they're allergic and they'll scream.

Quiggles like living in places that are wet,
So if you have one, make sure you don't forget.
Each Quiggle is as precious as a gem.
Let's bounce around along with them!

Happy Quiggle Day!

Wheel of Monotony Quiggle
by tallydepp

Hello! Hello!
Are you here to play
The Wheel of Monotony?
Don't be shy - I've got all day.
Come on, let's spin this rickety old wheel,
Pull up a chair, 
The wait is unreal.
It won't take seconds
Or even minutes.
We're talking hours
If you're wanting to win it.
If I sound bored or despondent 
Or a bit fed up,
It's because I'd rather be watching
The Altador Cup.
Or having a laugh,
Some fun and a giggle.
Manning this wheel is no life for a Quiggle!
As each hour passes, I'm just getting old,
Every turn of the wheel is depressing my soul.
Round and round
And round some more,
This job of mine is such a chore.
You won't even win a prize that is great
After all the hours you've had to wait.
What's that in your hand?
A card and a gift?
Are you trying to bribe me?
To make the wheel swift?
It's for Quiggle Day? 
Oh! That makes me feel
A whole lot happier 
Spinning this wheel!
Thank you kindly
Sit down, there's no rush
You never know ...
You might win that paint brush!

Quiggle Day Yay!
by xghoul447

What is green with big eyes?
So honest, it tells no lies. 
A friend to all and shaped like a ball
With a super long tongue
Of course, I'm talking about the Quiggle!
It's the day of the Quiggle
Neopia's most beloved frog
We love you so dearly, please have some fun today. 
Maybe have some fun under the sun?
Or enjoyed the freshly baked cake. 
Today is your day!

The Quiggle Jiggle
by scottiegerm

They're fun and they're round, our small froggy friends
They dance all day long until eventually it ends
The move they make famous is the Neopian wiggle
I am of course speaking of our friend, the Neopet Quiggle

They hop around on their webbed feet to move
A Quiggle seizes the day like they've nothing to lose
They love to tell jokes and are the first to giggle
There is no creature more fun than the Quiggle

Splashing around in a big pond for hours
A Quiggle loves water and any treat tasting sour
An art fan at heart, especially with squiggles
This is a day to celebrate the Quiggles

So everyone come out to giggle and wiggle
It is now time to wriggle and jiggle
Whether you're big or rather liggle
It is the day for our friends Quiggles

The UC Plushie Quiggle: A Jolly, Colourful Companion
by _brainchild_

The UC Plushie Quiggle, so
Enchanting, will make all hearts glow!
The pose is very whimsical;
The hues are vivid, never dull.

Sweet indigo and sunshine yellow
Pair with light red, oh so mellow.
Eyes are bright green buttons, and
The tongue of stripes so blue is grand.

The pompoms on the hands and feet
Are so creative, very sweet!
I'm sure they're fluffy and quite plush.
They're sure to make excitement rush!

If you don't have a Quiggle yet,
You'll love this UC plush, I'll bet!
This jolly frog will brighten days
By melting gloomy thoughts away.

The Heart of a Quiggle
by flufflepuff

In daily life, on placid pond,
Where flies are gobbled and respawned,
And when they step on land beyond, 
A Quiggle's heart still beats.

When seasons churn like fickle wave,
And ice doth sprawl, o'er meek and brave,
The only neighbour, silent grave,
A Quiggle's heart still sleeps.

Upon the banishment of snow,
To greet the coming spring, they'll go,
For joy, they'll frolic to and fro--
A Quiggle's heart still leaps.

And even if, should it be fate,
Their skin turns cold, to metal plate,
Beneath, it matters not the date:
A Quiggle's heart still beeps.

A summer evening (Five Quiggle haiku)
by wendydewijze

Hot summer evening
Quiggles calling out, asking
For the rain to come

In the night I hear them croak
Here and there a SPLASH
It echoes and goes

Sat next to the pond
I see them quickly wriggling
Searching for shelter

In the dark water
Their backs glisten like the moon
The wind approaches

Like them I retreat
The rain washes the world clean
To begin anew

I Like to See You Quiggle, Quiggle
by i_lovee_icecream

My Neopoints don't jiggle, jiggle; they fold.
I'd like to see you Quiggle, Quiggle; for sure.
My Petpet is a Blibble, Blibble; you know.
Riding my Usuki Dream Boat,
You really have to float.

Six foot two on the poop deck;
No wreck, but luckily the mast goes back.
I've got a knack to relax, on the sea;
Sipping some Carrot Fizz Achyfi.

Shepherd's win,
A Kacheek named Samrin.
Flexing on Balthazar,
Dream Boat going far,
With a Petpet repertoire.

But not today,
Because I gotta say.
"Let's visit Leeroy;
Not 'cause it's shy,
Knock that coconut high!"

As a matter of fact,
A coconut cracked.
With flames and horns,
Coconuts lookin' angry and forlorn.
I'm tryna get mine,
Get that avvy, neoshine.

Jiggle, jiggle;
I like to see you, Quiggle, Quiggle.
Jiggle, jiggle;
I like to see you, Quiggle, Quiggle.

The Quiggle Wiggle Song
by erroneous

Steppin’ into the Neopian Bazaar
Feelin’ like a real pop star
Clickin’ my fingers to the beat
Heads turning as I dance in the street

What moves are those?
I imagine they are thinking
Do a quick pose
Leave them in my wake blinking

It’s the Quiggle Wiggle, yeah!
The Quiggle Wiggle!

It goes step to the front
Throw your arms wide
Wiggle those hips
And step to the side
Turn around here and blow a kiss
Cause you know no one’s going to want to miss this!

Moves of my invention
Deserving of your attention
One day they’ll be famous
And you’ll know what the name is

It’s the Quiggle Wiggle, yeah!
The Quiggle Wiggle!

They’ve never seen this before
They don’t know the score
Moves so out of control
Gonna give them a show
No need to pay
Cause it’s your lucky day!

The Quiggle Wiggle, yeah! 
The Quiggle Wiggle!

Famous Quiggles
by jotty346

In the pond a Quiggle lives,
Dashing through the water,
A silly grin, he has to give,
That will fill you up with laughter.

Many kinds have been known,
Throughout the lands that Quiggle roam.

Morris helped fight Lord Darigan,
Armed only with a wooden sword,
Some call Leeroy a hooligan,
For a game that does not award.

Royal, robot, and even quiguki,
They will tell you they aren't rip off Usuki.

Leirobas waits in Neoquest One,
A spellcaster in Swamp Edge City,
Quiggle Warlord and the battles he's won,
Though the Skeith he's tamed looks a little iffy.

These are the famed, the ones for the ages,
There are many more that could turn pages.

Ealyn Hawkshanks it's time to shine,
The Altador Cup is your centre stage,
Quiguki Warrior with his nifty design,
Quiguki dolls are all the rage.

So look upon their silly smile,
Those big eyes, they do beguile,
Quiggles from across the land,
Why not adopt one and see first-hand.

My Studious Quiggle
by venusflyrap

I love my Quiggle yes that I do,
that’s something I bet you already knew.

His funny face and nice demeanour,
I just wish he was a bit more keener.

And so I had an awesome plan,
that’s how this whole thing began.

I’ll read him something every night,
And teach that Quiggle how to write!

I just love the way he looks,
as I read to him my books.

Eyes full of wonder about the world unknown,
that belong to him and him alone.

Make Your Quiggle Day the Best It Can Be!
by frostiepompom

If you yourself are a Quiggle connoisseur,
Let me present you with a few activities to do today with him, them, or her!
These ideas are tailored to make your Quiggle day the best it can be
And the first of many is to buy your Quiggle some broccoli!

You heard me right- it turns out Quiggles' palates are indeed quite refined
So when you next quell their hunger, keep their unique tastes in mind

To all you Quiggle owners out there,
This one's for you:
Another food beloved by the Quiggle is asparagus, it's true!
Consider investing in an Asparagus Chocolate Cupcake today
To take your Quiggle's special day from good to great

The species is also quite fond of carrots,
And a Strawberry Carrot Cake for their special day would do
To show your Quiggle that you love them- today and every day- 
They deserve it because they love you!

Moving on from cuisine- let's talk activities and fun!
You need ideas, you say?
No problem, here's one: 
See who, 
between your Quiggle and you,
can tell the better joke!

You must know, as the owner of a Quiggle
Some of their favourite things to do are to laugh and to giggle
So don't be shy, show your Quiggle you care
And ensure that, all throughout Quiggle day
There's laughter in the air!

Have a spectacular Quiggle day, Neopians c:

Rainy Day Quiggle Outfit
by indulgences

The day is rainy, grey and bleak.
The rainfall drizzles, pours.
The sky is lit with lightning now.
The thunder cracks and roars.

The clouds are dark and ominous.
They’re desolate and grim.
Their downpour is a torrent stream.
They’re liquid to the brim.

There does exist an outfit that
Befits this stormy day.
The outfit is for Quiggle pets
For whom the storm’s okay!

The Quiggle that adorns these clothes
Is quite a sheltered soul.
It wanders through a fierce monsoon,
And thinks it’s just a stroll.

The Hat and Wig are golden strands
Topped with a purple hat.
The hat is silk that’s waterproof,
Impregnable to splats.

The Jacket’s also purple silk
Where raindrops cannot soak.
It’s treated to resist the rain,
A truly lovely cloak.

The Dress is such a cute affair,
With skirt that’s short and neat.
It will not gather any mud
Because it’s so petite.

The sleek Umbrella, when unfurled,
Will shield the Quiggle’s self.
The rain, though cold, will roll right off,
And guard the Quiggle’s health.

And finally, we have the Shoes
That shine with glossy sheen.
They stomp through muddy puddles, and
They keep the feet quite clean.

This outfit really takes the cake!
It fills our pets with bliss.
No flood or shower can annoy
The Quiggle wearing this!

The Wheel of Monotony
by howlsmovingc4stle

Wandering around the Tyrannian Plateau, there's plenty to explore!
A Giant Omelette, the Concert Hall; in the distance there's one thing more...

Behold the Wheel of Monotony! Around and round it goes.
It spins and spins and spins and spins while your excitement grows...

Yawn! It's been going a while now; I'm starting to get tired.
How, if I leave this great Plateau, will I win what I desire?

And so, I wait and wait and wait... the wheel spins and spins and spins...
When finally, some hours later, the Quiggle turns to me with a grin. 

"You've been waiting for some time," he says, "and thanks for the 150 bucks..."
The wheel lands on NOTHING! "Maybe tomorrow you'll have better luck."

Frustrated and disappointed, I give the wheel one last long look.
Ah, shucks, I'll come back tomorrow, and I'll bring a snack and a book!

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