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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Moehog Day Special

The Moehog Forest Guardian
by myncithemonkey

Beneath the starry skies,
Under lush forest canopy,
A shadowy figure spies,
Harbinger of calamity.

Unsuspecting pets walk by,
The danger unbeknownst,
But for one piercing cry,
The night's calm shattered.

The Shadow Usul strikes,
Her thieving antics flare,
A sudden rain of spikes,
Almost catches her unaware.

A gallant presence emerges,
The stalwart forest guardian,
"Begone at once!" he urges,
"You are no kind Neopian."

The Usul felt the Moehog's might,
And towering did the guardian loom,
Knowing it is a lost fight,
The thief darted out of sight.

The Moehog surveyed the land,
Calmness spread once again,
No evil acts shall stand,
Under the guardian's reign.

by precious_katuch14

Clop two three, clop five six,
How long has it been? Days, weeks?
Clop seven, eight, nine, ten,
Time to play Cellblock again.

Clop once for yes,
He's not always the best.
Clop twice for no,
Sometimes Cellblock is slow.

This Moehog's hooves go clop,
As he taps and he stomps,
He doesn't have much to say,
'Specially about his dungeon stay.

What is he imprisoned for?
Was he Darigan's traitor?
No, Clop just tapped twice
Like giving friendly advice.
Or perhaps to return to Cellblock,
Where this Moehog is suddenly stuck,
One two three, one two three,
Master Vex just grins with glee,
Four five six, four five six,
Poor Clop can't match his tricks.
Seven eight nine, seven eight nine,
Clop doesn't seem to be doing fine.
As Master Vex wins on move ten,
Time for Clop to play Cellblock again.

It's a Fine Moehog day
by profebest

Monday noon staring at the sun,
It's so bright it's letting me blind,
Blind is the feeling I have for this day,

A Shadow Moehog walks by trying to ruin my day,
I say NO go away - be gone,
It's gone like the red moon we saw yesterday,
In the end everything turned into a fine day,

The evening approaches and I must go home,
My home which is on the Neolodge, 
The Neolodge Hotel that is,
Don't worry - it is not the cheapest one,

I must sleep and rest so I can be a strong Moehog,
In the end - it was such a fine Moehog Day,
Hoping when I wake up it will be better,
And with this I close my eyes until tomorrow,

It's a Fine Moehog Day,
Happy Moehog Day!

Mor Gollog, Goalkeeper
by swordlilly

Being a relic Moehog can be tiresome.
You can't sprint or jump. You're slow,
And anything that requires some
Agility, you basically have to let go.

But none of this stopped Mor Gollog
From wanting to play Yooyuball.
Day after day he did his slow jog
Around the court, from wall to wall.

Clank, clank, his heavy hooves went,
While others nipped past without
A second glance. He was unfazed; he bent
His head to the trail, grinding it out.

And patience paid off in the end.
Team Moltara was the first to say:
You're big and strong. We can depend
On you to keep the enemy goals at bay.

A rock he looked like, and a rock
He was to the members of Team Moltara.
He suffered many a push and knock.
Everyone basked in his aura.

Then Team Tyrannia came along
With a kinder, better offer. And so
Mor Gollog, who once felt wrong
In his skin, at last had room to grow.

The Epitome of a Moehog
by hectic_haley

Us Moehogs love making friends,
so if you're way of us then let's make amends.
Don’t let our tusks scare you,
We mean no harm and don't like when troubles brew.

While our hooves allow us to climb,
All we want to do with our time
Is jump and play in the mud,
With all of our best buds.

We don’t carry for those lazy Skeiths anymore,
It just became too much of a chore.
We moved on and settled elsewhere,
And now we spend time hanging in our village square.

Our young complete in snorting contests,
While our elders just enjoy a good rest.
These contests judge the loudest noise and biggest dust cloud,
all in front of a very big crowd.

The Moehug, A Pal so Merry and Precious
by _brainchild_

Who wouldn't want a Moehug? Sweet,
The creature is divine.
Her beauty sweeps me off my feet!
I'd love to make her mine.

Her coat is softer than the fur
Of bunnies far and wide.
The softness shall exude allure---
Through bliss my fingers glide.

Her colour, gentle lavender,
Is pleasing to the eye.
No other soul compares, for sure---
They shouldn't even try.

She makes me feel some joy again
When sadness leaves its mark.
I'm cheerful like I've never been---
Once more, I feel a spark.

I love this little angel. She
Is welcome in my arms.
This carrier of certain glee
Can never do me harm.

Morguss The Witch
by therainbowsheep

Happy Moehog Day to one and all!
Gather round to hear a tale that enthralls. 
Remember Morguss the Moehog? 
A talented scheming witch, she did slog.

Always busy, she was the most formidable witch!
Her powerful spells could even make some twitch.
She zombifyed peasants and petpets alike,
It was impossible to predict when she'd strike.

She even created Nova Storms to hassle Meridell troops,
Her dangerous antics caused trouble for her enemies in one fell swoop.
She is best known for working with the Court Dancer, her very own daughter
Together they planned to hypnotize King Skarl, two ultimate plotters.

Though not all her schemes ending up working,
You should still beware; she is known for her lurking.
Member of the Order of the Red Erisim, Morguss's wrath holds true,
This Moehog Day we remember her skill, and stay clear of her witchly brew.

I Came Upon Her Hoofprints (A Moehog Sonnet)
by exanomaly

I came across her hoofprints in the sand, 
astounded by how far she was from home,
with dainty steps she’d pranced from land to land,
what fantasies had stirred her mountain heart to roam?
How rare her nature, both bold and sweet as honeycomb, 
adorned with tusks which sharpened to a pretty point,
yet childlike she darted twixt the waves, splashing seafoam,
so gentle and ferocious, as if a spirit out of joint. 
To all she met with her sunny warmth she did anoint, 
as she wandered farther than could be seen with clearest eyes,
I wondered what she sought: haven, home, or endpoint, 
yet it was her spirit I sought through verse to immortalize. 
If any gem you take from this earnest monologue, 
let it be the love I bear for the fair Moehog.

Morguss the Most Malevolent Moehog
by magyk4

There once was a putrid green Moehog,
Who smelled like she lived in a bog,
Her magic gave fears,
To all of her peers,
One wrong look, you'll be turned to a frog.

Her allegiance is clear and that is with darkness,
A master of evil, her plans have a sharpness,
Her Lord's name is Kass,
Also evil.. alas,
As she plots from her hovel, bare with starkness.

For she is a wicked scheming necromancer,
Mother of a wily hypnotic Court Dancer,
A powerful witch,
Magic may cause a stitch,
But her daughter's tricks are the answer.

For her daughter tricked King Skarl into confusion,
With a sly sweet smile, she created delusion,
Meridell almost fell,
Until Skarl did but yell,
"There's an invasion, this was just an illusion!"

But that is not the end of this story,
Though the plan failed, she still wanted glory,
Back to work,
And with a smirk,
She planned to conquer all territory.

For villainy was a path she could not refrain,
To all those with joy she wanted to cause pain,
"This world will burn!",
"Unless they all learn...",
"To stay out of my way!" she hissed with disdain.

"For I live in the great Darigan Citadel!",
"Any that cross me, I have just the spell...",
"I could cast a shroud!",
"A dark thundering cloud!",
"But I'll wait till I hear the Victory Bell..."

For now though this is where it all ends,
Always choosing war over making amends,
You may now discuss,
The one named Morguss,
As you celebrate Moeday Day with your friends!

Cloud Moehog Kite
by inland

My heart is blooming with delight 
On this dark and windy night 
An open field within my sight 
I’m flying my cloud Moehog kite 

A crisp chill is in the air
I wear short sleeves without a care
The breeze combs tangles in my hair
And nearby flowers smell of pear

Above me looms my friend, so stout 
A carefree grin upon her snout 
We fly along our windy route 
I call to her and laugh and shout 

It is no burden to spend my time
With a Moehog so sublime 
Up and up I watch her climb
And she only cost a dime 

Though made of fragile paper she
Holds lots of personality 
Soaring bold and strong and free
Bringing me inordinate glee

Once the wind has finally downed
Gravity spins her round and round 
As she torpedos toward the ground 
And lands lightly without a sound

Desert Flower on Desert Flowers
by flufflepuff

When you
Think of a
Desert, what
Do you see?
An endless,
vast expanse                      of sand?
A curse of sameness through all the land?
A single color locked in eternal combat against the sky?
You couldn’t be more wrong! Here now, let’s shift your mind’s eye:
imagine cacti, tiny spheres to stalwart spiny trees
a sole branch of yucca, a-swaying in the breeze.
The landscape’s peppered with hardy foliage
Breathing in the sun                       breathing out such color
That forest flowers                            fail to replicate.
A desert holds                                      a pharmacy,
a feast, and                                          much magic

An Ode to Moehog
by xghoul447

What's so kind to all? 
But clumsy, and sometimes falls. 
Something that oinks in the face of fear
You might even mistake it for a deer!
Of course, I'm talking about the Moehog.
Today is your day, oh dear friend
So enjoy it, and pig out on the freshly baked cake!
Grab the balloons and let's have some fun
Because we are here to celebrate the Moehog under the sun 
Today is your day, we say hooray!

An Ode to Famous Moehogs
by lesslynope

There is called Moehog, 
of which many have fame. 
In case you don't know, 
I present you their names.

Agent 00 Hog sits with
cards up his sleeves. 
When caught cheating, 
So angrily he leaves. 

Far away Judge Hog
catches the bad guys. 
A true hero he is
strong as he is wise.

Onstage, in spotlight, 
Moehawk wails out a tune. 
The crowds cheers stoke
his ego like a balloon. 

Morguss makes zombies
out of neopian peasants. 
I hope not to meet him, 
a moehog so unpleasant. 

"Scrap" Taggert plays
youyuball accident prone.
Yet even when injured, 
his skills he does hone.

Opposite Scrap, Mor Gollog
bravely guards his goal. 
When he is in play, 
defense has no hole. 

Still more moehog players, 
we have Nitri Cassale. 
She guards other players, 
who score without fail.

Clop plays cellblock, 
cutting off all hope. 
It will be hard to win, 
You see he's no dope.

Those are the stories
of moehogs, its true. 
I hope that you all
learned something new!

Happy Moehog Day!
by x_mystichorse_x

A pig with tusks or a boar,
They have large eyes to see the land.
Fur on the body they have no more,
They bite apples and even your hands!

Discovered in the warm July sun,
Neopians got in line to own a Moehog,
We celebrate them in May for fun,
In Neopian Central far away from bogs. 

Being larger than most pets,
Allows them to carry larger loads.
Their hooves are hard, sturdy and set,
To carry stuff to their humble abodes.

They enjoy goofing around town,
And playing in thick, heavy mud.
Never upon their face you'll see a frown,
Their threats and bad mood a dud.

Working hard or playing games,
They're cute and like to snore.
A lot of Moehogs have reached fame,
Their adventures never bore!

Happy Moehog Day!

An Ode to Bringer of Night
by andrehmf98

Gather 'round Neopian folk
Can you see the night afar?
For I am about to tell you
A tale forever so bizarre

As the light became darkness
Leaving destrucion in his wake
Did the Bringer of Night
Begin his senseless rampage

Icy soldiers by his side
Wrecking havoc by moonlight
Not a single soul was safe
Against his mighty strike

Some say he was defeated
Some say he turned to ice
Some say he still roams
Some say he will sufice

But what do I tell you?
Beware of the long night
For the Bringer is upon us
Suddenly waking us in fright!

The Gathering of Moehogs
by sunshinebaking

Do I hear snorting and rumblings of hooves?
Sounds like Moehog day is afoot!
They hoot and they holler as they stomp on by
Joined by their friends waving Moehog flags high

Mischievous grins and tusks are aplenty
They’ve gathered around, there are ever so many
A rainbow of hogs from across Neopia
Mutant to Faerie, it’s Moehog utopia

Somebody calls for an impromptu toast
After all, Moehogs deserve it the most!
“I volunteer,” says one painted Cloud
Clearing their throat, they look awfully proud

“When I was created, I was one of the first
5th day of Swimming, way back in Year Two
Once limited edition, we were hard to find
And slowly our numbers grew over time

Should you adopt us kind-hearted creatures?
Yes, as long as you cherish our features!
From tusk to hooves to smarts to snout
There’s so much to be obsessed about!”

Mes amis les moehogs
by moufle

Dans les contrées lointaines de Neopia
Tout au sommet des montagnes nuageuses
Vivent des créatures qu'on appelle ici bas
Les moehogs aux allures chaleureuses

Ils sont des plus amicaux 
Et peuvent transporter de lourdes charges
Mais malgré leurs atouts impériaux 
Ils préfèrent s'amuser au large

Fidèles, loyaux et rigolos
Sont quelques unes de leurs qualités
Il va s'en dire que de tous les maux
Leur plus grande préoccupation est de s'amuser 

Si lors d'une soirée tu t'ennuies 
Ou que tu as besoin d'un coup de main
N'oublie pas que l'un des plus grand héros est Judge Hog
Et que tu peux toujours compter sur tes amis les moehogs

Of Cellblock and Clop
by peacelovebliss

If you have ever played
the unfriendly game of Cellblock
then I’m sure you have met
a certain mysterious Moehog
Confined in a dark prison
this pet has a darker past
Nobody knows when he came, 
or how long the sentence
will actually last. 
Defeating opponents
in his favorite game
brings him a wicked pleasure
one simply cannot measure
Even without hearing
a spoken word from him,
you just know you’ve badly lost
when you see Clop’s 
unsettlingly evil grin.

Maraquan Moehog Music Box
by indulgences

This Music Box is lovely stuff!
You wind it with a key.
The Moehog swims, goes round and round.
It’s something you must see!

The music tinkles, soft and clear.
The kelp waves to and fro.
The coral is a gorgeous pink,
And has a tropic glow!

The amber sands shift up and down,
In keeping with the tune.
Enjoy the music while you can…
You’ll have to wind it soon!

The scene’s contained with a shell
Of gorgeous turquoise blue.
Enjoy the animated scene!
Enjoy the pretty view!

This Music Box is lovely stuff!
It’s delicate and fine!
It’s crafted with such love and care.
It’s dazzling and divine!

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