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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Fyora Day Special

Fyora's Assistant
by dudeiloled

It would be simple enough to look at her
Be one of the admiring crowds
She frequents them so often, after all,
Public events
Where they flock to her, cheering and crying
Crying for joy, that is
Emotional responses
She's so magnetic, how can they help themselves?
To look, to perhaps even gain a smile
Oh, what a treat that would be
They go home, they say to their family --
"She smiled at me! Queen Fyora smiled at me!"
And all is well, a memory forever.

One step further, not content with a look
I had to be near her every day
Simple blue Tonu that I am, not a vision with wings,
Not even an Aisha
But when she smiled at me in the crowd as a child,
I knew I had to be there for her in everything
Help her, in fact
Become her assistant, so I could be with her in each moment
And be part of that procession, behind her, following close
Looking out at the crowds
And smiling at others too
(Not that they were looking at me).

The Hidden Tower Dilemma
by magyk4

Fyora Fyora oh what can I buy?
Your Hidden Tower sells treasures high up in the sky,
For all my Neopoints are in this bag I did bring,
Maybe I'll buy that strange object, a Rainbow Swirly Thing?

Perhaps instead I'll get myself a sword, 
Fire, air, and water, they're all fit for a lord.
Those grimoires give avatars but gosh are they pricey..
Instead I could buy that scorchstone over there it looks icy?

My eyes keep getting drawn to this sword made of light,
Its power surely must be good in a fight...
I heard sometimes items here retire and go up in price.
But choosing the right one sounds harder than those deadly dice.

Most in this shop are all local faeries who fly,
What's that over there? A toy of the tombola guy!
"So many wonders to choose from, I can't buy them all.."
I ponder as I look deeply at Jhudora's Crystal Ball.

I could go safe and get myself a nice paint brush,
How long have I been here? I'm now in a rush!
Baby or Royal, I'm down to my final choice, 
I can't buy them both I think, then I hear a voice.

"Maybe this coupon will help you decide"
Fyora hands me the coupon, my eyes open wide.
"10 percent off!" I gasp as I quickly look down,
I look inside my bag, not enough and I frown.

"You missed off a zero" Fyora smiles as she glides away,
Now I can get both, oh it must be my lucky day!
Quickly I grab both brushes and head off to pay,
Now my Neopets will no longer be grey!

An Ode to Fyora Day Cupcakes
by precious_katuch14

It's Fyora Day once again,
And I know what I'll make.
A treat no feast should be without,
A batch of Fyora Day Cupcakes!

Take a bowl and a dash of magic,
Flour, butter, eggs, and sugar.
Mix them together to create
Cupcakes worthy of Fyora!

But no cupcake is complete
Without its head of frosting,
And if you've got some glitter,
They could use some dusting.

They're purple and pink,
Lavender and turquoise hues.
Perfectly baked and soft,
Sweet and creamy, too.

And each cupcake is topped
With Fyora's favourite things.
Her sceptre, her crown,
Her majestic faerie wings.

Spun from sugar and fondant,
Beautiful queenly decor.
The perfect finishing touch
For the cupcakes we all adore.

It's Fyora Day once again,
Time for Fyora Day Cupcakes!
I should stop making poetry,
Roll up my sleeves, and bake.

Fyora's Secret
by frankie8492

After Faerieland's reconstruction was complete, 
Fyora realized the wraiths' return could repeat.
She checked on the strength of the barrier spell, 
And noticed that it wasn't holding on too well.
So she gathered all the faeries to have a meet.

Fyora reported that their magic is now weaker,
And she had a suggestion, being their speaker.
She felt that faeries and Neopets had a connection,
And improving it would help with the protection
Of the spell and make its power deeper.

The way to do this is through acts of kindness,
Which will augment the barrier spell's brightness.
So every year, at the faerie queen's behest,
Each faerie hosts her own faerie quest.
Hopefully, the wraiths' event will stay behind us.

Fyora Is So Much More
by darkhound45

Many think Fyora’s all looks,
But have they read the history books?

She is also very brave and strong,
And tries to never do any wrong.

Is she really that strong one might ask.
Has she ever completed a challenging task?

In fact she has achieved this challenging feat.
She showed the Darkest Faerie can be beat.

Fyora imprisoned her in a prison of stone.
The Darkest Faerie was imprisoned alone.

So when you think of the faerie queen,
Please look past her glistening sheen.

She does so much more in every season.
She is the faerie queen for a reason.

Ode to Fyora
by therainbowsheep

On glittering purple wings, she glides.
The Faerie Queen, Fyora, handling all conflict in stride.
She protects Faerieland and beyond -
Of all Neopian lands, she has grown fond!

Though patient and tolerant, Fyora knows when to take a stand.
If anyone threatens her kingdom, they are quickly banned!
Recall the Darkest Faerie and her bold threats;
Fyora imprisoned this dark force without breaking a sweat.

While she prefers to rule in harmony and peace,
She does not let danger persist, it must cease. 
There is a reason she has ruled for as long as we can recall -
She governs with determination and grit; Faerieland will never fall!

In addition to her strength and tremendous power,
She runs a shop of magical artefacts - the Hidden Tower.
And her busy schedule does not stop there, far from it.
She also sponsors a line of grooming items, go buy a makeup kit!

Committed to beautifying Neopia, she herself does not seem to age,
Though her longtime experience as monarch has made her quite sage.
But what we value most is her unwavering kind soul,
She rules with empathy and has mastered the queen role.

Happy Fyora Day to our favourite magical queen!
We thank her for making all her citizens feel seen.

Fyora's Blessing
by miraday

The quest is almost insurmountable;
The item too rare, too niche, unbuyable—
The asker, the Faerie Queen herself,
Tasked this challenge for myself.

How does one so preoccupied in mind 
Maintaining peace across Neopetkind
Have time to hand out quests?
I search and search without rest.

Finally— hidden in an old cranny—
I find the item she’s expecting.
I spend the afternoon in her court
Waiting, waiting for my turn.

Then I’m expedited to the front of queue;
Other questers line behind and follow suit.
Rare potions, oddities and curios
Fill her table until it overflows.

Fyora arrives with all the gravity
Of an omnipresent, omniscient being—
Though truthfully, it couldn’t be true,
Seeing as Neopets do some of her dues. 

She inspects each item with a pleased smile.
“Great work, everyone,” she says after a while.
She whisks the aggregate of objects away
With a flick of her staff in a dazzling display.

“With the quests fulfilled, I am now expressing
My gratitude through my very own blessing.”
Light ascends each Neopet; I feel the tingling
Like sunlight dancing straight into my own being. 

“When you need something, just call out,”
Fyora winks, bestowing us this stored power. 
I get cheeky and decide to use mine right away:
“I want to know what those items are for anyway?”

Fyora brings me forward, lowers her voice to say,
“Keeping Neopets busy keeps the Darkest Faerie away.
Idling minds can wander to darkness; I can attest
A healthy Neopia collectively helps with quests."

Fyora's Hidden Tower
by shutianlei3333

Fyora is known as the Faerie Queen,
And Faerieland is where she is seen.
Because of her royal status,
She resides in her pink palace.

Within its walls lies a hidden tower,
That's filled with mystique and power.
Fyora is the owner of that shop,
Where many visitors go to make a stop.

Some people may be apprehensive,
Because the items are all expensive.
But those weapons will help win many fights,
And take your pet's skills to new heights.

There are also a few paintbrushes there,
All of which are exclusive and rare.
Affording them is harder than it seems,
But you'll eventually achieve your dreams!

Happy Fyora Day!

A Recipe for Faerie Royalty
by exanomaly

Not only is her hair to dye for, 
and her magic legend-making, 
the leader of the Faeries is
also the Queen of baking. 

The pillow that she dreams upon
is soft as whipped vanilla cream,
the purple robes she glides around in
rich as her berry glaze’s sheen. 

The chilly gusts she flies through
set the chocolate of her crown,
the rose hue of her cheeks as warm as
crisp dough golden brown.

It’s no use to dance around
the hunger in your gaze
she’ll just magic you a cupcake
to ward off all malaise.

With the crack of candied toffee
her glassy wings take flight:
a dusty trail of colored sprinkles
makes even her departure a delight.

All Hail Fyora - An Acrostic Poem
by i_lovee_icecream

Ageless in her beauty
Laborious with her duties
Lovable and never snooty

Headstrong as a decision-maker
Always with benevolent rule
Instinctually a risk-taker
Leading without ridicule

Fiery attitude when need be
Yielding to no enemy
Only just in her decrees
Ruling with true empathy
A queen to rightfully envy

Non-Deluxe Fyora Day Cake, Every Time
by rawbeee

Gather your ingredients
The fresher, the better
Plenty of room for deviance
Don’t bother to measure

Flour ground in Altador
A little bit will do
Neggs of any pinkish colour
A lot will see you through

Kau Kau milk at hand
One nice and hearty pour
Sugar and spice from the land of sand
Less is always more

Splish and splash
Wet into dry
Mix and mash
Minutes go by

Pour the batter into pans
Toss into an oven alight
Take some time for other plans
Wait, you preheated it, right?

Once all have risen nicely
It’s time for them to cool
But we aren’t doing this precisely
So let’s throw out that rule

From the pans remove the cake
Stack them how you choose
Give your buttercream a shake
Bring on an icing deluge

Once decorated to your liking
It’s time to take in the sight
What you’ve made is surely striking
A non-deluxe Fyora Day delight!

**Eat at your own risk**

Fyora Day!
by she_chose_love

Head down to Faerieland,
to join the celebrations and the fun.
As we honour our queen,
who truly is number one.

Head to the castle,
where the ceremony will start.
There will be an unveiling of a bunch of new items,
and of course a new Fyora themed piece of art.

There are goodie bags,
and lots of fancy things to eat.
There are games with prizes,
and even a fun themed treat.

All hail Fyora,
the best queen of them all.
Tonight we will continue celebrating her,
with a very fancy ball.

Happy Fyora Day!

Celebrate Queen Fyora!
by ennyra

If there was ever one day,
More special than the rest,
I believe that day is today,
Let's see if you can pass the test.

There is a special someone we celebrate today,
Who is the nicest being of them all?
She helps out others however she can,
So ethereal and so tall?

We see her fly all around,
blessing Neopians as she passes.
If you complete a quest for her,
Your stats go up in masses.

Dressed all in purple,
Looking magical every day of the year.
Why it's Queen Fyora of course,
When you see her have no fear!

The good ruler of the faeries,
She's always willing to lend a hand.
Today is for her, so let's toast,
Cheer, and celebrate across the land!

Celebrating Fyora
by _forever__unbroken_

Over the mountains and into the clouds
A tower, prestigious, that magic enshrouds
The place where the Faerie Queen dwells
Looking out of the window and over the town

Serving justice in Neopia is how she spends her days
Making sure to cast out evil and all of decay
Being queen isn’t easy but she does it well
Keeping all of her sanity through every craze

When the Queen calls upon you to answer her quest
Get up on your feet, it’s no time for rest
She rewards one ever so generously
Your Neopet will end up being so blessed

This is one day to celebrate
For it isn’t easy to behold powers so great
Let’s give our respect and homage to her 
I hope you have the loveliest Fyora Day

Simple Words to The Faerie Queen
by andrehmf98

How could I simply describe
Her grandeur in simple words
But here are some samples
Simplistic rhymes as examples

Her smile reveals a familiar face
She's welcoming as a warm embrace
Known by all as Faerie Queen
She bestows Neopia her gleam

Her wings, sublime in the skies
In pink hues she reaches new highs
Wings bright as the morning sun
Yet cosy, burning no one

One couldn't do her justice in simple words
Since she's the saviour of our worlds
She commands all fauna and flora
All salute our Queen Fyora!

Fyora Voodoo Doll Handheld Plushie: A Creepy Beast
by _brainchild_

This plush, though it resembles Queen
Fyora, makes me want to scream,
Since now, she is a voodoo doll.
That isn't very nice at all!

Two button eyes boast grim allure;
The stitched-up smile is sinister.
The hair is ragged---brush it now!
Such tangles shouldn't be allowed.

The doll is full of voodoo pins
To hurt Fyora---points pierce skin.
How ghoulish! It had better not
Have an effect. This plush should rot.

I toss it out the window, yet
It has returned somehow. I fret---
How can I throw away this beast?!
It's never fun, not in the least!

The real Fyora saves the day
By sending this mean brute away.
It's better to just not create
A doll in such a wretched state.

The Queen's Ballad
by angul888

All hail Fyora, for of the faeries she is queen,
And all those she blesses, they shall surely glean,
That her kindness knows no bounds,
And within her wisdom, clarity is found.

For all whom she loves, and all whom she cares,
The queen will guide you, and always be fair.
She rules with honour, she rules with grace,
And she helps each new faerie find their place.

As she is strong, she is true,
Fyora's courage will always shine through.
She protects her people, she defends her lands,
Lest they fall once again to nefarious plans.

In the face of adversity, queen Fyora shall fight,
So her people may never again know such plight.
Generous and warm, with a heart pure and bright,
We praise Fyora, Faerieland's most radiant light!

On Fyora Day, We Wear Pink
by tallydepp

On Fyora Day, we wear pink
To honour our favourite queen,
The fairest of them all,
The one who's never mean.

With grace, with poise, with beauty,
Over Faerieland she doth rule.
Like glitter, her kindness sparkles,
Our faerie is never cruel.

Do you remember when we nearly lost her?
When Xandra plotted our fair queen's demise?
Or when the Wraiths attacked her?
Oh how we wanted to cry!

But Fyora has never relented,
Forever she will stand her ground.
She reigns supreme, our faerie queen,
Fair and kind and proud.

On Fyora Day, we wear pink,
Whether it be dress, trousers, or hat.
Some would say it's more like purple,
But Fyora would laugh at that.

She's a faerie fashionista,
On trend, on point, on cue.
So on Fyora Day, we wear pink,
It's the least that we can do.

To Fyora, from Xandra
by erroro

Happy Birthday Queen Fyora,
Neopians surely are crying with glee
But there will be no celebrating,
Not now, not for me. 

To you, I was your speckled Xweetok
Brimming with power like no other. 
I was your most promising pupil.
To me, you were like a mother.

I admired your grace, your power,
That crown perched high upon your head.
But as I got older, all I could see
The crumbling pedestal I put you on instead. 

When I was a kid, I felt so free.
The stars shined when you were around.
But now all I see is fire and brimstone
As Faerieland burns on the ground

An explanation about the wraiths,
You owed me that, at least.
But instead now you keep me locked away,
As your favourite garden piece. 

So happy birthday Fyora,
I will not partake in the celebration.
And I bet you won’t think of me,
The monster of your own creation.

Across Neopia, Within the Sway
by flufflepuff

The sun, as pale and fair as she,
Doth greet with rosy glow.
It rises, as she does, to rule
The faerie folk below.
On Fyora Day, her virtues great,
From many lips shall flow.
Indeed, as on her days of yore,
They all shall sing her praise.
With volumes of her kindness writ
By those who love her ways.
And yet, upon her darker deeds,
There drifts a faerie haze.
What of the subterfuge of “friends”?
What of the land’s collapse?
What of the bedrock judgment that,
Not once, but twice, did lapse?
What of the efforts of her guards
To keep it under wraps?
I dare say that you may have heard
Of pools and pestilence:
The former of a haunted source,
Its drinkers ill and tense.
The latter, I may yet, perhaps,
Pen journals thick and dense.
The queen possesses halo not,
Yet mysteries abound.
The eyes that we have everywhere
Can tell you what we’ve found.
I pray you do what must be done.
Is Fyora to stay crowned?
As you well know, a ripple may
Not yield the swiftest bunce.
This article and note will shield:
You shan’t remain a dunce.
One final charge, aft you peruse:
Ignite them both, at once.

The First Fyora Day
by andypopo

The queen of the faeries ruled far and wide, 
without batting an eye nor breaking her stride.
Her work is exhausting, she never complains, 
she tells herself weakness, would be such a shame. 

One day she decided to take a break, 
she decreed that her subjects her time may not take. 
She wondered how to make her mind a clear,
how about a day at the races, those Poogles so dear.

But when she arrives the track is silent, 
no fans no Poogles, where could they have went?!
She wanders to the bluff of her friendly old foe, 
"Jhudora, Jhudora, will you your face show?"

The springs, the fountain, the wheel all empty, 
she starts to ponder where could they all be. 
Fyora slinks to her knees for her friends she does long, 
"A day alone, how could I be so wrong?"

Just then in the distance chatter she hears, 
she stands and towards the sounds she nears. 
The sounds lead to the faerie caverns, just round the bend, 
to her surprise it's all of her friends. 

"Fyora, Fyora it's your special day", 
"for you let's celebrate in the most special of ways." 
There was Nuria, Illusen and Psellia to name a few, 
and of course the discarded magical Grundo plushie too!

"Fyora, Fyora, for us you do so much",
"our hearts so sweetly you touch."
There was cake, entertainment and many a game,
"the perfect way to spend such a day", she said with exclaim!

Now every year after, on the very same day, 
all Neopets spend this day in the very same way!
We call it Fyora day!

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